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January 1, 2013

2012 Year-End Online Music Lists Update - January 1st

As "best of 2012" year-end music lists appear online I will aggregate them as I have in past years, updating the master list daily.

If you post or see an online 2012 music list on a blog, newspaper, magazine, or other media site that isn't listed, please feel free to e-mail me the link or leave a comment.

The Master List of 2012 Year-End Online Music Lists
Daily updates to the master list

Revisit the lists for 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009, 2000-2009 (best of the decade lists), and 2010, and 2011.

Today's updates to the 2012 Year-End Online Music Lists:

Absolut Noise (favourite albums and songs)
Abysmal Hymns (top metal albums)
Bloody Disgusting (best albums)
C Notes (best jazz albums)
Cicero Mode (top hip-hop albums)
CitySound Inertia (jazz albums)
A Classic Big Boy - With Cheese (favorite albums)
Country Weekly (top albums)
Craven Hermit (best albums)
Cubicle Post (favorite albums)
Donewaiting - Wes Flexner (albums)
Familia Wanderlust (top songs)
Folkways Magazine (favorite albums)
Gibson (albums)
Good Rocking Tonight (best albums)
Headphone Commute (best albums)
Holden Richards (top albums)
The Jivewired Journal (top songs)
Jon Wilks (best songs)
Kyle Bloom (top albums)
Lefebvre on Media (top albums)
Little Falls Times (top albums)
The Magic Critique (best albums)
Music Makes the World Go Round (best songs)
My Life in One Place (best albums)
Nibbishment (top albums)
The Nicsperiment (top albums)
Noosa News (best pop and rock albums)
Off the Record (best albums and singles)
PhotogMusic (best Canadian albums)
Pithy Title Here (best albums)
The Polaris Effect (top albums)
Popcorn Noises (favorite albums)
Pratt Tribune (top albums and singles)
Predictably Me (best albums)
The Relevancy Group Blog (top albums)
Rochester Democrat and Chronicle (top albums)
Rocks Off (Texas albums)
Songs Save Lives (albums)
Splice Today (top hip hop albums)
Stereo Subversion (top albums)
Tales of a 28 Year Old Nothing (top albums)
Tedknows (top albums)
Teen Link (top indie bands)
Telegraph (roots albums)
Time to Play B-Sides (top albums)
Totally Unauthorized (albums)
View from the Potting Shed (albums)
WDGAB (best gospel albums)
Weekly Tape Deck (favorite albums)
The Whiteboard (best metal albums)
Why Are There So Many Records in My Life? (favorite albums)
Zoiks! (best albums)

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daily updates to the master list

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