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August 11, 2005

A to Z Guide To Online Music Downloads

One day at work I was thinking about my favorite music download sites (okay, I admit, I do that every day). I started a list in my head from A to Z, then decided to post it here and share the love. I purposely left off the paid download sites, choosing to list only sites with freely available (and often legal) downloads.

Feel free to add your favorite sites in the comments.

A - April Winchell - Musical oddities are the specialty of this long-standing favorite.

B - Better Propaganda - Providing streaming and downloadable mp3's and videos.

C - Cocaine Blunts & Hip Hop Tapes - My favorite hip hop mp3 blog.

D - Dimeadozen - The place to find a varied selection of live shows and rarities in lossless formats.

E - - An mp3 blog aggregator, listing recent posts to music blogs.

F - Fluxblog - A Perpetua motion machine of insightful commentary and interesting downloads.

G - gabba.pod - mp3 download community with lively discussion.

H - The Hype Machine - MP3 blog aggregator that lists mp3's featured on music blogs.

I - Insound - A leading online indie record store, Insound is also home to a copious amount of downloadable mp3's.

J - Jazz and Conversation - A jazz mp3 blog that is as informative as it is enjoyable.

K - Kiddie Records - Takes us all back to our youth with a different children's album every week.

L - The Live Music Archive - An archive that truly lives up to its name with live shows and net label album releases across musical genres.

M - Myspace - Download and/or stream music from many up-and-coming and established artists.

N - No Love For Ned - This weekly internet radio show is my favorite online stream, and often offers in-studio guests to go with an intelligent, eclectic playlist. Not a download source, but a download inspiration.

O - OverClocked Remix - If video game remixes are your thing, this is the place to find them.

P - The Puzzling Music Archive - For the collection of Deerhoof tracks alone, this is a personal favorite.

Q - La Blogoteque - I practice my French while reading this excellent mp3 blog (yes, I know I cheated on this one, but La Blogoteque at least has a "q" in it).

R - ready rock moe rex (Moebius Rex) - My current favorite mp3 blog, Moe Rex is always opening my ears to something new.

S - Said the Gramophone - One of the original mp3 blogs, and still one of the best.

T - The Tofu Hut - Not only the leading prophet for music blogs, The Tofu Hut is also home to wonderfully diverse music downloads and the most comprehensive blogroll of music blogs in the world.

U - Us Kids Know - Arcade Fire fan site with a bittorrent tracker for the band's live shows as well as a lively forum.

V - John Vanderslice - The singer/songwriter/producer extraordinaire makes much of his past discography available for download.

W - Women Folk - An mp3 blog of female artists' works.

X - XTC4U - Many live shows and rarities from the seminal English band, XTC.

Y - You Ain't No Picasso - YANP has been blowing up recently, whether posting indie cover collections or live shows, the content is always fresh and interesting.

Z - Zenguin - An independent artist collective with many free downloads available.