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April 3, 2006

This Week's Interesting CD & DVD Releases

Two music legends have releases this week, The Flaming Lips' At War With The Mystics and Morrissey's Ringleader Of The Tormentors. I haven't been horribly impressed with either from what I have heard already, but will pick up both in the hope that they will grow on me. My preorders were Magneta Lane's Dancing With Daggers (if it is half as good as their debut EP I will be happy).

I have already been sent the following from bands, labels, and PR machines, and can in varying degrees recommend them:

The Concretes: In Colour [cd]
DJ Olive: Heaps As [cd]
Irving: Death in the Garden Blood on the Flowers [cd]
Placebo: Meds [cd]
Tapes 'n Tapes: The Loon [cd]
Various Artists: See You on the Moon: Songs for Kids All Ages [cd]

In particular, several friends with small children will be getting copies of See You on the Moon to give them a break from Kidz Bop and Barney (and hopefully save their sanity).

The big DVD releases this week are The Chronicles of Narnia - The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe and Brokeback Mountain. I'll rent these and pick up Patton Oswalt's No Reason to Complain instead, and ponder the Mel Brooks box set and two Who-related discs, Pete Townshend's Psychoderelict and The Who: The Moon Years.

I was sent New York Doll, and was pleasantly surprised by the film. I've never been much of a New York Dolls fan, but the focus on bassist "Killer" Kane (along with the Morrissey and Mick Jones interviews) makes it a must-see for anyone with even a passing interest in the band.

50 Foot Wave: Free Music EP [cd] (available free as well)
Aereogramme: Seclusion [cd]
The Alarm: Best of the Alarm [cd]
Ani DiFranco: Carnegie Hall - 4.6.02 [cd]
Belle & Sebastian: Blues Are Still Blue (import single) [cd]
Blue October: Foiled [cd]
Bubba Sparxxx: The Charm [cd]
Candi Staton: His Hands [cd]
Cassandra Wilson: Thunderbird [cd]
The Concretes: In Colour [cd]
Daft Punk: Musique 1: 1993-2005 [cd]
Daft Punk: Musique 1: 1993-2005 (with bonus DVD) [cd]
Devics: If You Forget Me [cd]
DJ Olive: Heaps As [cd]
Envelopes: Demon [cd]
Eric Lindell: Change in the Weather [cd]
Fell: Fell [cd]
The Flaming Lips: At War With The Mystics [cd]
Flaming Lips: At War With the Mystics (with bonus DVD) [dvd]
Flower Kings: Paradox Hotel [cd]
Georgia Anne Muldrow: Worthnothings EP [cd]
I Am Robot and Proud: Electricity in Your House Wants to Sing [cd]
Irving: Death in the Garden Blood on the Flowers [cd]
Keith Fullerton Whitman: Lisbon EP [cd]
Lacuna Coil: Karmacode [cd]
Liars: Other Side of Mt Heart Attack [cd]
Magneta Lane: Dancing With Daggers [cd]
Massive Attack: Collected [cd]
Matt Nathanson: At the Point [cd]
Mellowdrone: Box [cd]
Morrissey: Ringleader Of The Tormentors [cd]
Morrissey: Ringleader Of The Tormentors (with bonus DVD) [cd]
Nine Inch Nails: Every Day Is Exactly The Same EP [cd]
Placebo: Meds (with bonus DVD) [cd]
Placebo: Meds [cd]
Rahim: Ideal Lives [cd]
Rainer Maria: Catastrophe Keeps Us Together [cd]
Soul Asylum: Closer to the Stars: Best of the Twin Tone Years [cd]
Soul Position: Things Go Better With RJ And Al [cd]
South: Adventures In The Underground Journey To The Stars [cd]
Tapes 'n Tapes: The Loon [cd]
Tom Brousseau: Empty Houses Are Lonely [cd]
Various Artists: Alligator Records 35x35 [cd]
Various Artists: Caroline Now! The Music of Brian Wilson [cd]
Various Artists: See You on the Moon: Songs for Kids All Ages [cd]
Various Artists: Strange Folk [cd]
The Vines: Vision Valley [cd]

2005 Houston Astros: The Championship Season [dvd]
3 the Hard Way...Again [dvd]
3rd Rock from the Sun: The Best Episodes in the Universe, Really [dvd]
The A-Team - Season Four [dvd]
Acting Out [dvd]
Africa Live: The Roll Back Malaria Concert [dvd]
American Masters: Grateful Dead [dvd]
Be Still [dvd]
The Beatles: Intimate Scrapbook [dvd]
Bee Season [dvd]
The Big Question [dvd]
Blue Thunder (Special Edition) [dvd
Bob Dylan - 1975-1981 Rolling Thunder and The Gospel Years [dvd]
Bongidae! First Annual Silverback Music Festival [dvd]
Brokeback Mountain (Widescreen Edition) [dvd]
Bustin' Bonaparte [dvd]
Category 7: The End of the World [dvd]
The Chronicles of Narnia - The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (Widescreen Edition) [dvd]
The Chronicles of Narnia - The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (Special Two-Disc Collector's Edition) [dvd]
Classic Albums: Cream - Disraeli Gears [dvd]
Crash (2-Disc Director's Cut Edition) [dvd]
Dalai Lama on Life and Enlightenment [dvd]
Dawson's Creek: The Complete Sixth Season [dvd]
Dirty [dvd]
Einsturzende Neubauten: On Tour with [dvd]
Far Side of the Moon [dvd]
Full House - The Complete Third Season [dvd]
Garbage Pail Kids - The Complete Series [dvd]
Gorillaz: Demon Days - Live At Manchester [dvd]
Inu Yasha, Vol. 40 - Divine Malice [dvd]
Knight Rider - Season Four [dvd]
Kung Faux, Vol. 2 [dvd]
Kung Faux, Vol. 3 [dvd]
Little Manhattan [dvd]
The Long Good Friday [dvd]
Lupin the 3rd - For Larva Or Money (TV Series, Vol. 14) [dvd]
Magnum P.I. - The Complete Fourth Season [dvd]
Mel Brooks Box Set Collection (Blazing Saddles / Young Frankenstein / Silent Movie / Robin Hood: Men in Tights / To Be or Not to Be / History of the World, Part 1 / The Twelve Chairs / High Anxiety) [dvd]
Mona Lisa [dvd]
Morrissey: Who Put the "M" in Manchester? [dvd]
Munto 2: Beyond the Walls of Time [dvd]
Mythical Detective Loki Ragnarok, Vol. 4: Destiny's Children [dvd]
New York Doll [dvd]
Nocturne [dvd]
The Nun's Story [dvd]
Patton Oswalt - No Reason to Complain [dvd]
Pete Townshend: Psychoderelict [dvd]
Pink Floyd: Reflections and Echoes [dvd]
The President's Last Bang [dvd]
The Rocky Jones Space Ranger Collection [dvd]
Russell Simmons' Higher Self Series: Hip-Hop Laws of Success [dvd]
The Shoes of the Fisherman [dvd]
Star Trek Fan Collective - Time Travel [dvd]
Strange Fruit [dvd]
Take Me [dvd]
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Original Series (Volume 4) [dvd]
Tripping the Rift - Season Two [dvd]
Umphrey's McGee/Keller Williams/The Disco Biscuits/Particle: Jam in the Dam [dvd]
Ushpizin [dvd]
The Who: The Moon Years [dvd]