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December 23, 2006

2006 Year-end Music Lists (N-S)

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the master list of 2006 online music lists

2006 Year-end Music Lists (A-D)
2006 Year-end Music Lists (E-M)
2006 Year-end Music Lists (N-S)
2006 Year-end Music Lists (T-Z)

n0s0ap (top albums, artists)
naivepixel (songs)
Nani Lea-hi (favorite albums)
Narrative Landscape (top albums)
Nashua Telegraph (albums)
National Public Viking: (top albums)
Neiles Life (top albums)
Nerd Litter (best singles)
Nerd Report (top albums, ongoing)
New Dad Balancing Act (top albums)
The New Dark Ages - B. Miller (albums)
The New Dark Ages - Jeff Fernengel (albums, singles, live shows)
The New Dark Ages - Kevin Elliott (albums, singles, live shows)
The New Dark Ages - Matt Wagner (albums, live shows)
The New Dark Ages - Sam Craighead (albums, singles)
The New Heathens (top albums)
New Slang (top albums)
New York Post (best songs to download)
New York Times (classical albums) (albums)
News Blog (albums)
Newsday (best albums)
neyasith (top albums)
Nialler9 (best albums)
Nialler9 (best Irish albums)
NME (top acts)
No One Here Is Asking (best albums)
No Ripchord (top albums, ongoing)
no_good_news (top albums)
Nojesguiden (albums)
NorthSpace (best albums)
Northwest Herald (top albums)
Nosquare (top albums)
Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost (albums)
Not Out Loud (albums)
Nothing But Green Lights (top albums)
Nothing But Green Lights (top songs)
NOW - Sarah Liss (top albums)
NOW - Tim Perlich (top albums)
NOW (top Toronto albums)
Now What? (best albums)
NPR - Stephen Thompson (best albums)
NPR's Shadow Classics (overlooked albums)
NPR - Will Hermes (top albums)
nowheresville (best albums)
NUVO - Indianapolis music personalities (top albums)

O Frabjous Day! (albums, ongoing)
Obscure Sound (best albums)
Observer Music Monthly (best albums)
ObviousPop (best albums)
OC Register (best albums)
OC Register (best local releases)
OC Weekly (albums)
Oceans Never Listen (best albums)
Oceans Never Listen (best songs)
Oh No! Oh My! (songs and albums at Harmonium)
Old Sun, New Sun (top albums)
Olympus Mons (albums)
On a Long Piece of String (best albums)
On the Trail of the Great (top albums)
One Louder - Paul (favorite albums, singles)
OnMilwaukee (albums, concerts)
OnMilwaukee - Julie Lawrence (albums, concerts)
onthetracks (top albums)
Open Roads of Eucalyptus (favorite songs)
Orangejello Lemonjello (top albums)
orbestoffer (top albums)
The Original Pretty Boy (top albums)
Orlando Sentinel (albums)
Orlando Sentinel - Jim Abbott (concerts, albums)
otakugeekboy (favorite tracks)
Ottawa Sun (albums)
Our Sleepless Forest (top albums)
out the other... (favorite songs)
Outside Looking In (albums, singles, Arabic albums, Arabic singles)
An Overture of Constant Debacle (best albums)
Owen Ashworth (Casiotone for the Painfully Alone) for Harmonium (favorite albums)
Owen Pallett of Final Fantasy at Grizzly Bear's blog (top albums)

Palm Beach Post (almost-best album)
Palm Beach Post (pop, country albums)
The Panic Manual (songs)
Papermag blog (top albums, ongoing)
Papyrophobia (favorite albums)
Parasol Records staff (albums)
Parkerla (best album)
Pascal Likes Emo (best albums)
The Passion of the Weiss (underrated albums)
Passion of the Weiss (best debut albums)
Passion of the Weiss (best hip hop albums)
Passion of the Weiss (overhyped albums)
pato_g27 (top albums)
Paul's Blog Space (albums)
Pause It (albums)
Peanut's Playground (albums)
Pedro's Notebook (albums, songs)
Penticton Western News (top albums)
A Perfect Vacuum (top albums, ongoing)
Perfume for Cologne (albums, ongoing)
The Perm & the Skullet (top albums, ongoing)
Persipicacious Tom-Foolery (top albums)
A Personal Miscellany (albums)
Philadelphia Inquirer - Dan DeLuca (albums)
Philadelphia Inquirer (jazz albums)
Philadelphia Inquirer (local albums)
Philadelphia Inquirer - Dan DeLuca (singles)
Philadelphia Inquirer - Nick Cristiano (country/roots albums)
The Philips Curve (top albums0
Phillyist (top albums)
Phish & Chips (best albums)
Piccadilly Records (top albums)
Piccadilly Records (top compilations)
Piccadilly Records (top reissues/collections)
Picking Up the Signal (top songs)
Piero Scaruffi (best rock albums)
Pilchgirls (best songs)
Pink Is the New Blog (top albums)
Pissing in the Wind (albums)
The Pitch (Kansas City albums)
Pitchfork (top albums)
Pitchfork staff (top albums)
Pitchfork (top music videos)
Pitchfork (top tracks)
Pitchfork (various musicians) (best albums)
Pitchfork (worst album covers)
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (best pop albums)
Play for Shelter (favorite albums)
Playlouder (top albums)
Playlouder (top songs)
Please Take Your Time (albums, songs)
Podbop (best albums, ongoing)
Podbop - assorted music bloggers (shows)
Podbop - Keith (shows)
Podbop - Liz (shows)
Podbop - Taylor (shows)
Pointlesswaltz (albums)
Pomoxian (favorite albums)
Pomoxian (female vocal albums)
Pop Culture, reviewed (best albums)
Pop Culture, Reviewed (top shows)
Pop Licks (best songs)
Pop Tarts Suck Toasted (top albums, ongoing)
Pop 'n Cherries (French-speaking pop)
Pop Syndicate (top songs)
Pop with a Shotgun (music)
Popbytes (favorite albums)
Popjournalism (best albums)
PopJunkie (top albums)
Popmatters (best albums)
Popmatters (best country albums)
Popmatters (best electronic music)
Popmatters (best metal albums)
Popmatters (best reissues)
Popmatters (folk albums)
Popmatters (best jazz albums)
Popmatters (best reissues)
Popmatters (best singer-songwriter albums)
Popmatters (hip hop)
Popmatters (indie pop albums)
Popmatters (R&B albums)
Popmatters (best world music albums)
Popmatters (shows)
Portland State University Daily Vanguard (top albums)
Post-cocious (top albums)
The Post-rockist - Amy (albums)
The Post-rockist - Joshua & Bryan (albums)
The Post-rockist - Kim & Dan (albums)
The Post-rockist - Scotter (top albums)
Pour Out (favorite albums)
Pretentious Music Society (albums)
Pretentious Prattle (best singles)
Prefix magazine (best albums)
Prefix magazine - staff (best albums)
Prefix (best songs)
Press-Enterprise (best albums)
Probably Smug (top albums)
Product Shop NYC (top albums)
Project 76 (top albums)
Protrade (top songs)
Puddlegum (albums, songs)
Punknews - Jesse (top albums)
PURGe (top albums, ongoing)

The Q Speaks (best songs)
Que es eso (top albums)
a quick word from the far side of the galaxy (top songs)

R.A.M.O.N.E. (best music)
Radio Petenyi (best songs)
Radio Randy (best albums)
RadioMagnetic (top albums)
Rainy Days (top albums)
Raleigh News & Observer (albums, viral music)
Ramblings of a Former... (favorite albums)
Ramblings of a Swashbuckling Funambulist (albums)
Random Brainwave (top albums)
Random Meanderings of an Oregonian Trapped on the East Coast (best albums)
Random Thoughts (albums)
Random Thoughts and other Haphazard Ideas... (favorite albums)
Random Types (best albums)
Random Types (top Portuguese albums)
Rant-a-Bit by Scott Hudson (best albums)
The rantings and ramblings of Jonathan Potts (top albums)
Rap Dungeon (top albums)
The Rapture for Filter (top albums)
rated_r: (top shows, singles, albums)
The Rawking Refuses to STOP! (best albums)
The Rawking Refuses to STOP! (best songs)
Razing the Bar (albums)
Rebel With a Cause (singles)
The Rebirth of Slick (best albums)
Reck Recommends (best albums)
Record Jerk (top albums)
recordonline (top albums)
recordonline (top songs)
Records I Buy (best albums)
Refinery29 (top albums)
Regulate the Voice (best albums, EPs, reissues)
A Reminder (albums, ongoing)
Rescue Me (favorite albums)
RetroLoFi (assorted music)
Rewriteable Content (best albums)
RH3TTSP3TT (best albums)
Ricardo's Hearing Aid (best albums)
The Rich Girls Are Weeping (albums)
Richie Head's Stuff (albums)
Rick Gebhart (top albums)
Rick Lee (best albums)
ridethesainted (albums)
RiverRio (top albums)
The Rob Blog (top albums)
Rob Crow (Pinback) for Filter (top albums)
rob ronanea (best albums)
Rob's Blog (albums)
Rock Insider (top albums)
Rock Music Review (top albums)
Rock Music Review (worst albums you must hear)
Rockbotle (favorite albums)
Rockbotle (favorite songs)
Rolling Stone (top albums)
Rolling Stone (top songs)
Rough Trade (top 100 albums by staff & sales)
Ruminations! (top songs)
Russ Crandall (top albums)
Ryan of Division Day (best albums, songs)

Sad Paradise (favorite albums, songs)
sadasdostoeyevsky (best albums)
SafeAsMilk (albums)
Said the Gramophone (best music, albums, etc.)
Said the Gramophone (songs)
The Salem News (top albums)
Salt Lake Tribune (best albums)
Sam Coomes of Quasi for Harmonium (top albums)
Sam's Blog (top albums)
San Francisco Bay Guardian - local musicians (best albums)
San Francisco Music Calendar (best albums)
San Jose Mercury News (top albums, shows)
Sand Is Overrated (best albums)
Sand Is Overrated (tracks, concerts)
Sasha Frere-Jones (top songs, albums)
Satan Get Thee Behind Me (albums)
sayer_june (best albums)
Scatter O' Light (top albums)
Scattermish (albums)
Scattershot (top music moments)
Scooter McGavin's 9th Green (best albums)
Scooter McGavin's 9th Green (worst albums)
Scoring at Home (favorite albums)
Scott (best albums)
Scott Evans (albums)
Scott Freeman (best albums, ongoing)
scum (albums)
scumbagstyle (albums)
The Search for a Good Story (top albums)
Seattle Gay Blog (albums, singles)
Self Indulgent Blog (albums)
Self-Proclaimed Expert (worst albums)
Sentimental Case (best albums)
Sessions of Breakfast (top albums)
SF Gate (albums)
SF Station (best albums)
Shake Your Fist (favorite albums)
Shake Your Fist (favorite songs)
shakinghandscut (best albums)
Shaun Dewberry (best South African rock tracks)
The Sigla Blog (best albums)
Silence Is a Rhythm Too (best albums)
Silence Is a Rhythm Too (best reissues)
silverback gorilla (top hip hop albums)
silverback gorilla (techno albums)
silverboymi (top albums)
simo (top albums)
Simon Reynolds (favorite individual pieces of music)
*Sixeyes (favorite album) (favorite songs)
Skatterbrain (best albums)
Skeleton Party (top albums)
Slate (albums you may have missed)
Slate (best jazz albums)
The Sloppy Dog (best albums)
The Sloppy Dog (best singles)
The Sloppy Dog (worst singles)
Slurry Beta (best albums)
Slutty Fringe (albums, tracks)
Smear the Year - Kelly (albums)
SnoopS' hoekje (albums)
SOHH Houston (top albums)
SOHH Left Coast (best hip hop albums)
Solid Waste (top albums)
Some Velvet Blog (best albums)
Some Velvet Blog bloggers poll (top albums)
Something Glorious (top albums)
Somewhat Cool (top albums)
Somewhere I Have Never Travelled (favorite songs)
Sondre Lerche for Filter (top albums)
A Song For You (albums, ongoing)
Sonorant Conglomerate (top albums) (albums)
Sound Bites (best albums)
Sound Generator (top albums)
soundjudgement (albums, Portland artists)
The Sound of Musique (best albums)
Sound on the Sound (best northwest albums)
Sound on the Sound - Abbey (top albums)
Sound on the Sound - Josh (top albums)
The Sound Opinion - Dave (top albums)
The Sound Opinion - Ryan (best albums)
Sound Opinions (best albums)
SoundtrackNet (top soundtracks)
South Side Of The 5 (top albums)
Southcoasting (best albums)
Sparced (top albums)
Spatula Forum (top albums)
A Special Way of Being Afraid (top songs)
Spectacular Views (favorite albums)
Speech of My Hammer (top major label albums)
Speed of Dark (best songs, ongoing)
Spin (top albums)
Spin (top songs)
Sputnikmusic (top albums)
Stacy Speaks (best country albums)
Standard Lipsum (best albums, ongoing) (top albums)
The State - Otis Taylor (favorite albums)
The State of Pop Music in America (best albums)
The Static Void (overrated albums)
Stephen King (music)
Stereogum (readers poll)
Stereoscope (top songs)
StereosForGeeks (notable albums)
Steve's Blog (top albums)
Still Talking Shit About (top albums)
STLtoday (best jazz albums)
Stop Going to Shows (albums) (albums)
Stranger to Sanity (best albums, ongoing)
Streethawk (favorite albums)
Streethawk (favorite songs)
Stuart P Gardner (albums)
Stuff You Put on Toast (top albums)
Style in Philly (top albums)
stswithinsday (top albums, ongoing)
Stylus (top albums)
Stylus (top reissues)
Stylus (top singles)
Subinev (favorite EPs)
Suicide Dies (top albums)
Sunset Over Slawit (favorite albums)
Super Minerals & th' Potted Plant (favorite albums)
SuperDee's House (top albums)
Suspect Drawings - Ian (albums)
Suspect Drawings - Chris (best albums, songs, remixes)
Suspect Drawings (disappointing albums)
Swarthmore College's Phoenix (best music)
Sweeping the Nation (albums, ongoing)
Sweeping the Nation (best MySpace bands)
Swimming with Dolphins (top albums, concerts)
Sydney Morning Herald (top albums)
The Syndicate - Dan Rodriguez (top albums)
The Syndicate - Graham Rothenberg (top albums)
The Syndicate - Matt Kleinschmidt (top albums)
The Syndicate - Pat Shillenn (top albums)

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