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December 23, 2006

2006 Year-end Music Lists (T-Z)

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the master list of 2006 online music lists

2006 Year-end Music Lists (A-D)
2006 Year-end Music Lists (E-M)
2006 Year-end Music Lists (N-S)
2006 Year-end Music Lists (T-Z)

T A P E (top singles, ongoing)
T's Blog About Everything (favorite albums)
Tadow (top albums)
Taisetsu na kimochi (top Japanese albums)
The Taming of the Blog (best albums)
Tapeworthy (best music)
Technoslacker (best albums)
Telegraph (best jazz albums)
Telegraph (top world music albums)
Tempus Fugit (best, worst albums)
The Test Pilot (albums)
Text Is the New Audio (top albums)
Textura (record labels)
Textura (more record labels)
Textura (top albums, EPs)
A Textured Self (top albums, ongoing)
Theft Liable to Prosecution (favorite albums)
theInconsistent (top albums)
Theme Park Experience (2005 releases enjoyed this year)
Thepunkguy (music)
There's Always Someone Cooler Than You (albums, ongoing)
Theresa K. for Scenestars (best albums)
Thermostat - Emmy Hennings (music)
Thighs Wide Shut (albums, concerts, songs)
The Thin White Duke (top albums)
Things I'd Rather Be Doing (best albums)
This Blog Will Self-Destruct in Five Seconds (albums)
This Is a Concept (albums, songs)
This Is London (stand-out albums)
THIS magazine (top albums)
This Month in Music (best album)
This One Bird Didn't Leave You (top albums)
This Place Is Dead (best albums)
This Twilight Garden (top albums)
Thomas J. Stein (top albums)
Thompson's Bank of Communicable Desire (albums, ongoing)
Thoughts on Music (best albums)
A Thousand Apologies (favorite albums)
thoughtxriot (top albums)
Three Imaginary Girls (best northwest releases, readers poll)
Thus Spake Drake (2005 albums)
Thus Spake Drake (best albums)
thwalker [albums)
The Ticket (best albums)
Time (best albums)
Times Online (albums)
Times Online (songs)
Time, Space, Repeat (top albums)
Tingle's Blog (favorite albums)
Tiny Mix Tapes (2006-defining albums)
Tiny Mix Tapes (best album covers)
Tiny Mix Tapes (esoteric albums)
Tiny Mix Tapes (songs)
to die by your side (favorite albums)
Toiling in Perpetuity (top albums)
Too Much Awesome (favorite albums)
The Tool Box (top albums)
Top 40 Music Sucks (favorite albums)
Tornado Slide (albums, lyrics)
Toronto Star (albums)
Toronto Star Anti-Hit List (songs)
Torontoist (best albums, concerts, record stores)
Torr (fav albums)
Tosy and Cosh (albums)
Totes...Probs...Maybs... (top albums)
TractorFacts (albums, singles)
Tracyanne Campbell (Camera Obscura) for Filter (top albums)
Travelers Diagram (favorite albums)
Travis Pants of Please Step Out of the Vehicle for Harmonium (best albums)
Treble (top albums)
Treble (top songs, ongoing)
Truth Comes in Blows (best albums)
The Truth Hurts (favorite albums)
Truth in a Fable (best albums)
The Truth There Lies (top albums)
Tufts Observer (albums)
Tunetourist (top albums)
Turbo Croutons Unite! (favorite albums)
Turn Up the Sun (favorite albums)
Twangville (alt-country and Americana songs)
Twangville (folk songs)
twilightmushroomsessions (top albums)
Twisted Thoughts (albums)
twoheaded_boy (albums, singles, reissues, songs, shows)
twowaymonologues (best albums)
tyler-blog (best albums)

uberblee (top albums)
UCLA Radio (favorite albums)
Udanti (favorite albums)
The Ugly Fourum (best albums, ongoing)
Ultimate Metal Forum members (best albums)
Under the Rock (and Then Some) (top albums, singles)
Underground Bee (best albums)
The Underrated Blog (top albums)
The Underrated Blog (top songs)
The Underrated Blog (best EPs)
Unimpressive Stuff (favorite albums)
UNLV's Rebel Yell (best albums)
unpopular (favorite albums)
Until the Train Stops (top albums, ongoing)
Untitled (favorite albums)
The Upstate Life (top albums)
Useless Entertainment (albums, ongoing)
Useless Film Snob Reviews (best albums, ongoing)

Verbum Ipsum (top albums)
Vermont Guardian (Vermont-connected albums)
Vibe (best songs)
Vic Spanner for Boring Machines Disturbs Sleep (best albums)
Victoria Times Colonist (albums)
Views from Life on a Bench (top songs)
Vincent Lane's Way of Thinking (top hip hop albums)
Virgin Digital (best pop & rock albums)
Viviano (top albums)
vlee (best albums)
Voguing to Danzig (albums)
VUE Weekly (albums)

wackoboy749 (top songs)
Waking Up With Morning Song (albums, ongoing)
WALT 1601 am (best hip hop albums)
WardensWorld (criminally overlooked albums)
Warp Records (favorite albums)
Washington Post (top albums)
Washington Times (top albums)
Water All Around (songs)
We Are Scientists (top albums)
We Make the Life Easier (top hip hop albums)
We Shot J.R, {top albums)
The Web Pen Blog (favorite albums
WeblogMusic (albums)
Westwash Forever (top albums)
WFMU - Bob Brainen (favorite albums)
WFMU - Doug Schulkind (favorite albums)
WFMU - Hatch (favorite albums)
WFMU - Joe Belock (top albums)
WFUV staff (best albums)
WFUV - various musicians (top albums)
WHAS (best Latin albums)
What Do You Think, Smart Guy? (best albums)
What, No Beer? (top albums)
What To Wear During an Orange Alert (best albums, onging)
What We Talk About When We Talk About Love (top albums)
What We Talk About When We Talk About Love (top albums)
What Would Jesus Blog (albums)
whatsaybanjer (albums, ongoing)
Where Words Fail... Music Speaks (top albums) (top albums, ongoing)
WHIO (top albums)
whitebiydancefloor (worst albums)
whotouenthrall (albums)
WHUDAHeXUP (best albums)
WHUDAHeXUP (best songs)
A Widget I Have Got (albums)
Wilcox vox (favorite album)
Wildfiring (top albums)
Will and Ben's Record Room (best albums)
Will and Ben's Record Room (best country albums)
Will and Ben's Record Room (best hip hop albums)
Wilmington Star-News (best albums)
Winnipeg Sun (top albums)
Wiredset staff (music)
The Wireless (albums, ongoing)
A Wizard Arrives Precisely When He Means To (top albums)
Wolf Notes (albums)
Wolf Notes (stellar songs) (albums, songs)
woodenskeleton (best albums, ongoing)
The Word on the Street (top albums)
The Words of Tall Pants (favorite albums)
World Cafe (top albums)
The World Famous Scooter Nix (albums)
World of Johnny (best albums)
World of Motion (favorite albums)
WOXY - Joe Long (albums)
WOXY - Mike Taylor (albums)
WOXY - Matt Shiv (albums)
WOXY (best albums)
Wrong Angle (albums)
WRPI - Ambient Signals (top albums)
WRPI - Emilie (top albums)
WTMD - The GM (top albums)
WTMB - Melissa (top albums)
WVFS (top albums)
WXPN - Roger LeMay (top albums)

XLR8TR (best albums)
XXL (best rap albums you didn't hear)

Yellow Stereo (EPs)
Yellow Stereo (favorite albums)
Yellow Stereo - Chandler (favorite albums)
Yer Mam! (top albums, ongoing)
Yes, Starlings, Yes! (unlistened to while acknowledged to be pretty good records)
Yeti Don't Dance (favorite albums)
Yeti Don't Dance (top albums for social and peer approval)
You Can Call Me Betty (albums)
You Gotta Serve Somebody (top albums)
You Set the Scene (Hipster/Music Snob Records that Didn't Resonate With Me)
You Were Wrong Cabinet Sanchez (top albums)
You're a Blog (top albums)
You're Not Your Khakis (best albums)
Your Own Personal Jesus (best albums)
Youth Group for Filter (top albums)

Zilla Says (best hip hop albums)
Zine -O- Phonic (best albums)
zmase (best albums)
Zoilus (top albums, singles)
Zoogobble (favorite children's novels)

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