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December 23, 2006

2006 Year-end Music Lists (E-M)

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the master list of 2006 online music lists

2006 Year-end Music Lists (A-D)
2006 Year-end Music Lists (E-M)
2006 Year-end Music Lists (N-S)
2006 Year-end Music Lists (T-Z)

Each Note Secure (favorite albums)
Each Note Secure (favorite concerts)
Each Note Secure (favorite songs)
Each Note Secure (top EPs)
Ear Farm (top albums)
early next year (top albums)
Easily Fooled (top albums) (top albums)
East Valley Tribune (best local albums)
Ed Droste (Grizzly Bear) for Filter (top albums)
ederBlog (favorite albums)
Eddie Argos (Art Brut) for Filter (top albums)
Edmonton Sun - Fish Griwkowsky (top albums)
Edmonton Sun - Yuri Wuensch (top albums)
Einsamkeit (bands, albums, songs)
Eisley for Filter (top albums)
Ekballo (top albums)
El Blog de Georgie (albums)
Elastic Heart (albums)
Elastic Heart (EP's)
Elastic Heart (reissues)
The Electric Goose (top albums)
Electric Goose (top tracks)
Electronic Voice Phenomenon (top albums, ongoing)
eLucid (Patented Guide To Creating A Best-of 2006 Music List That Music Snobs Won't Take A Crap On)
emoglasses (top albums)
eMusic (top albums)
energyface (top albums)
The Engine community (albums)
Entertainment Weekly (top singles)
Enjoy and Exciting! (albums)
Es Flamenco (best albums)
ETonline (top albums)
Eureka Times-Standard (best albums)
Evanston Review (best albums)
Ever Free (top J-Pop singles)
every artist is a cannibal every poet is a thief.. (top albums, songs)
Everybody Cares, Everybody Understands (best albums)
everything (favorite music videos)
Everything Is (best albums, EPs, cover art)
Excavated (top albums)
Exclaim! (electronic albums)
Exclaim! (experimental and avant-garde albums)
Exclaim! (folk, country and blues albums)
Exclaim! (funk, soul and outernational albums)
Exclaim! (hip hop albums)
Exclaim! (metal and hardcore albums)
Exclaim! (pop and rock albums)
Exclaim! (punk albums)
Exiled in Guyville (best albums)
The Existence Machine (favorite albums)
Exitfare (favorite albums)
the expatriated (top albums0
Exploding Now (best albums)
Exploration of Music (top albums)
The Explosive Generation (best albums)
exprohound (top albums)
Extrawack! (top albums)
Eyewear (top albums)
EZ Snappin's Crackle & Pop (top albums)

Fabulist (favorite albums)
FACT (best 12" releases)
FACT (best 7" releases)
FACT (best albums)
The Factual Opinion (best albums, ongoing)
Fader (music)
fages1 (top albums)
Fake Palindromes (top albums)
Fallen not Broken (albums)
Fallen Through the Cracks (top albums)
False 45th (albums, songs)
Faronheit (top albums, ongoing)
Fat Bobby of Oneida for Harmonium (music)
the fattest bees sting the least (music)
Feed Me Good Tunes' (songs)
Feldheim (top albums)
feuders (best album)
Fids and Kamily (best kids and family albums)
File Transfer Complete (best albums)
File Transfer Complete (best shows)
File Transfer Complete (best songs, ongoing)
Fimoculous (albums)
Finding New Music (top albums)
the fine line (best record labels, ongoing)
The Finest Kiss (best albums)
Firesideometer (best albums)
Fish Not Fried (top albums)
Fits and Starts (favorite albums)
Flannel Enigma (albums, ongoing)
Flashes & Cables (top albums)
The Flint Journal (favorite albums)
FlippanPancakes (top albums)
The Flux Capacitor (top albums)
Flux-Rad (top albums, ongoing)
Folk Alley (top 10 CDs)
FolkBlog (top albums)
Folly of Youth (top albums)
The Forty-Nine Percenter (best albums)
Frank's Favorite Records of the Year (albums, songs)
freddo files (no-brainer albums)
Free Time at Work (top albums)
Freedom Camp (best albums)
FREEwilliamsburg (top albums)
from a voice plantation (albums, shows)
From the Mind of Manxom Vroom (favorite albums)
fueled by coffee (albums)
funfunfun (favorite albums)
Funtime OK (top albums)
Futancy (favourite albums)

The Gathering and Elsewhere (top albums)
Gay Men Rule (best albums)
GENT (albums)
Girls Can Tell (albums)
Glam-Racket (albums)
Glide (albums)
Glide (essential songs)
Global Thermonuclearblog (favorite albums)
The Globe and Mail (best albums)
Glorious Noise (albums, singles, events)
Gold Soundz (top albums)
Gomad361 (top albums)
The Good, The Bad, and The Unknown (albums most likely to be nominated for a Grammy)
The Good, the Band, and the Unknown... (best albums)
The Good, The Bad, and The Unknown (best new artists)
The Good, The Bad, and The Unknown (hip hop albums)
goodnightcigarettes (best albums)
Gorilla vs. Bear (favorite albums)
Gorilla vs. Bear (best songs)
Gorilla vs. Bear (reissues & compilations)
Gothamist (New York music)
Government Names (best Baltimore hip hop albums, mixtapes)
The Grates for Filter (top albums)
Great Lakes Lesser Cities (top albums)
Gridface (top albums, singles/EPs)
Guardian critics (top albums)
Guardian - Jude Rogers (top albums) (top albums)
Green Clothes (top albums, shows)
Gridface (top albums)
Guerilla Newspaper Review (best albums)
Guitar Media (top albums)
The Gun Show (best albums)

Hardcover Overhead (albums)
Hardest Walk (favorite albums)
Harmonium (best album booklets)
Harmonium (best albums)
The Harvard Crimson - Celebrity Lists (music, etc.)
Hate Something Beautiful - Staff and band lists (albums)
Have to Explode (top songs)
Headless Ponch (best boxset)
Heads On Sticks & Ventriloquists (best albums)
Heart on a Stick (aggregated top album results)
Heartless Bastard (top rap albums)
HearYa (best albums)
Heavy Metal Librarian (top metal albums)
Heinously Awkward in Ann Arbor (top songs)
hello.words (best albums)
Hemophrenia (top albums)
Hey Andy... (top singles)
High in the Tower Under the Sea (top albums)
Highway 290 Revisited (best albums)
Hip Displeasure (top albums, ongoing)
Hip to Be Square (albums, ongoing)
Hipcat Yo Boy (honorable mention albums)
Hipcat Yo Boy (top albums) (top underground R&B/soul and rap/hip-hop artists)
Hipsteradio (top albums)
Hit Chaser (best pop albums)
Hit Chaser (best, worst artists)
Hits in the Car (best albums)
Hits in the Car (best songs)
Hot Patriot Action (top albums, ongoing)
The Hotstuff Files (albums)
The Hotstuff Files (personalities)
The Hotstuff Files (singles) - Brendan Murphy (top albums)
Houston Chronicle (best local albums) (top country albums)
how's your bell curve? (best albums)
Howard Who? (albums)
Huntsville Times (best albums)
hyperrealandsupercool (top albums)

I Am a Walking Disaster (best albums)
I Am Fuel, You Are Friends (favorite albums)
I Am Fuel You Are Friends (12 bloggers' consensus albums)
I Am Pernell (top albums)
I Am Spartacus (top albums)
I Came Here for a Party and What Do I Get? Nothing (favorite albums)
I Can Blog Music Too (best albums, ongoing)
I Do Not Play No Rock 'n Roll (favorite albums)
I Dreamt I Was an Architect (favorite albums)
I Guess I'm Floating (best albums)
I Guess I'm Floating (best songs)
I Heart Music (top Canadian bands)
I Heart Music (best EPs)
I Heart Music (best songs)
I Rock Cleveland (top albums)
I Rock Cleveland (top singles)
I Was Saying Boo-urns (top albums)
I Will Dance for You (top albums)
I Work at Initech (top albums)
I've Got a Match (top albums)
Ian's Little Corner of Hyperspace (top albums)
iayeeye (top albums)
iFilm (music videos)
IGN (music awards)
Illuminate (albums)
IMArobot for Filter (top albums)
Imhotep - musicians (best albums)
In House Radio (rock 'n roll/pop singles)
In House Radio (roots/Americana singles)
In House Radio (top albums)
In House Radio (top roots/Americana albums)
In League with Paton (popular song)
Incongruent-Affect (top albums)
The Independent (albums)
Indie MP3 - Tom (albums, songs, live acts)
The Indie Rock Review (top albums)
Indie Surfer Blog (best indie albums, hip hop albums, EPs)
indiechristoph (best albums, ongoing)
Indiefolkforever (best albums)
Indiefolkforever (best reissues)
Indiefolkforever (best songs)
indieLondon (best albums)
Indietastic (top albums, songs)
Indoor Fireworks (top albums)
industrial_grrl (music)
Information Leafblower (top bands in America)
information travels faster... (top albums)
Insomnia Radio (top albums)
International Geographic (favorite albums)
InTheNews (top albums)
Invetigata (top Creative Commons albums)
Invisible Oranges (top albums)
Invisible Thoughts (top albums, ongoing)
Ironies of Distraction (albums)
Isobel Campbell for Filter (top albums)
Isthmus (favorite albums)
Isthmus (best vinyl finds)
Isthmus (top Madison albums)
It's a Celebration, Bitches! (best, worst albums)
It's a Long Trip Alone (top songs)
It's a Trap (top albums)
It's Only Rock and Roll (top albums)
iTunes (songs, staff picks)
izadnhana (albums)

The J Train (best albums, ongoing)
The J Train (live albums, reissues)
The J Train (songs)
j1m! (best Japanese music)
Jack Death (top albums)
Jake Wins (top albums)
Jam of the Year (top albums)
JAM! (top albums)
JAM! - John Williams (top albums)
James Madison University Breeze (must-have albums)
Jamie Zawinski (music)
Jared's Blog (best albums)
Jinx the Monkey:: Drip! (favorite albums)
Jazz Journalists Associations (jazz albums)
Jazz News (albums, breakout artists)
Jeff Shaw's Okinawa Blog (favorite albums, songs)
Jeffrey Hayes (favorite albums)
Jeremy Enigk for Filter (top albums)
Jerry Dannemiller (albums, shows)
Jim Parker (top albums)
Jim Stanley Has Opinions (best albums, ongoing)
Jo-Tel (best albums)
Joe Ayling (top albums)
Joe's Blog (top albums)
John Darnielle of the Mountain Goats for Harmonium (favorite albums)
John O'Laughlin (top albums)
Jon C's Weblog (top albums)
Jop's Blog (concerts)
The Joplin Globe (best albums)
Jordan Minnesota (best albums)
Joshua Zamrycki (best albums)
Junior Pony (best songs, albums)
Just a Load of Rubbish Really (best songs)
Just Gimme Indie Rock (best songs)
Just Keep Bloggin' (top albums)
Just My Opinion (top albums)
Justin Greaves of Crippled Black Phoenix for Boring Machines Disturbs Sleep (albums) (pop albums)
JVO (best albums)

k-punk (top albums, singles)
Karmakaze (top albums)
Kane County Chronicle (best albums)
Kane County Chronicle (disappointing albums)
katertot (top albums)
kAy blog (top albums)
Ken McGuire (great albums)
Kenneth Bonner (top albums)
Kevin Barnes (of Montreal) @ Harmonium (best albums)
KEXP's Alex (top albums)
KEXP's Chilly (favorite albums)
KEXP's Don Yates (albums)
KEXP's Kevin Cole (debut albums)
KEXP's Lisa Wood (albums)
KEXP's Riz (albums)
KEXP's Troy Nelson (top albums)
Kick Start My Punk Rock Heart (tracks)
KICK this! (best albums, songs)
Kicking at the Darkness (best albums)
The King's Bizarre (top songs)
Kingblind (top albums, ongoing)
kissCut (top albums) (top albums)
Knoxville News (albums)
Kulturblog (best albums)
Kurt Swinghammer (top albums)
Kwaya Na Kisser (top albums)
Kwaya Na Kisser (top songs)

La Bodega (favorite albums)
LAist (best electronic albums)
LAist (top LA hip hop albums)
Lamerslame (albums)
Largehearted Boy (favorite albums)
Last Night a DJ Saved My Life (top albums)
The Late Greats (top albums, ongoing)
The Late Greats (top songs)
The Laws Have Changed (top albums, ongoing)
Lazy Blogger (top albums)
Le Affront to Decency (albums)
le son de faBu (top albums)
Leaky Sparrow (top albums)
The Leaky Sparrow (singles)
leemo83 (top albums, ongoing)
lefauxmiroir (albums)
Left of the Dial (best albums)
LeftyBrown's Corner (favorite albums, ongoing)
LeMouton (best albums)
Let's Blog It Out You Little Bitches! (top songs)
Let's Sexy Fighting (top albums)
A Letter for the Stars (best albums)
A Letter for the Stars (best electronic anthems)
A Letter for the Stars (best videos)
Lexington Herald-Leader (best albums)
Lexington Herald-Leader (best Christian albums)
life & style (top albums)
Life Is Too Ugly to Dance with Short Men (top albums)
linesthroughlines (top songs)
Listen, I've Come To Rock This Boat (albums)
The Listening Booth (albums)
A Little DMX Under a Full Moon (top hip hop albums)
A Little Song and Dance (top albums)
Little White Earbuds (top albums)
Little White Earbuds (top songs)
Livin the Jules Life (albums)
lizbarker (best albums)
Lizzyville (top albums)
Lizzyville (best songs)
lljunglefever (top albums)
Local Cut (best Portland albums)
Loconotion - Hayden (overlooked albums)
Loconotion - Hayden (top songs)
London Free Press (local albums)
Lonesome Music (albums)
The Long Cut (best albums)
Look What Chad Did (favorite albums)
The Loop (top albums)
Loose Staff (albums)
Los Angeles Times (worst music)
Loudersoft (most listened-to albums)
Louisville Courier-Journal (best albums)
Love and Destruction (top albums)
The Lovely Mrs. Davis (kids and family albums)
Low Noise (songs)
Lucas Mire (favorite albums)
Luciano Metzia (best albums)
Lumino (best concerts)
Lust for Life (albums)
Lycanthropy (top songs)

Mac McCaughan for Filter (top albums)
Machines Against the Rage (top albums)
Machtdose (albums)
Magomra (favorite albums)
Mainstream Isn't So Bad...Is It? (albums)
Making Flippy Floppy (best albums)
Manchester Evening News (singles)
Mancubist (top albums) (best albums)
mapsadaisical (top albums)
Marathonpacks (guest lists)
Marathonpacks (top albums)
Marathonpacks - two proxy lists (albums)
MARC (top albums)
Mark and His Little Space (top albums)
Mark Tiddy's Blog (top albums)
markmcg (favorite albums)
markro311 (top songs, ongoing)
markthehorizon (top albums) (top albums)
Marmiteboy on Toast (songs)
maskedyodeler (top albums, singles)
The Massachussetts Liberal (best liberal albums)
Masutology 101 (albums)
Matt Pond PA (top albums)
Matthews the Younger (favorite albums, ongoing)
Matthiesen (top albums)
MC Atzilut (Jewish albums)
MC Atzilut (studio albums)
The McGill Tribune (best albums)
mcgoody (best albums, reissues, shows)
The Meathead Diaries (top albums)
The Meathead Diaries (top bimbo albums)
The Meathead Tribune (top albums)
Medialoper (top albums)
mediocresau (best, worst albums)
MEEPr (top albums)
Merapu Rapu Rapu (top albums) (favorite albums, songs)
Merry Swankster (best albums)
Metacritic (aggregated reviews of albums)
Metric for Filter (top albums) (top albums)
MIC Norway (best album)
Michael Fraiman (top albums)
the middleCoast (best albums)
Midwest Mindset (top non-hip hop albums)
theMikeDubose (top albums) (top albums)
Miles Rausch (best albums)
Minding My Own Business - Think Different Events (favorite albums)
minimal robot (favorite albums)
Minneapolis City Pages (albums)
Minnesota Public Radio personalities (best albums)
Minneapolis Star Tribune (albums)
Minneapolis Star Tribune (songs)
miss_bex (top albums)
misscatastrophe (top albums)
Mix Me a Molotov (top albums)
MK in Motion (best albums, ongoing)
MM Art Blog (top albums, ongoing)
MM Art Blog (top Irish albums)
Mocking Music (best albums)
Mocking Music (best songs)
Modsuperstar (favorite albums)
Modern Fabulousity (best albums, songs)
Modern Music (best indie rock albums)
Modern Music (melancholic albums)
Modern Music (striking rock albums)
modernlife now! (top albums & singles)
modifiedbear (favorite albums, songs)
MOG community (favorite albums)
Molly Ringwald Blues (top albums)
Moment Slice (top albums)
Monte's Gauntlet (top albums)
The Monterey Herald (top albums)
Montreal Gazette (albums)
Moo Pare! (top albums)
Moon Traveller Herald (top songs)
Mordant Orange (top albums)
More Cowbell (top albums)
More Cowbell (top local albums)
Motel De Moka (top albums)
Motel De Moka - Bubbachups (top albums)
Movies of Myself (favorite albums)
mp3hugger (top songs)
mrshake (top albums) (best albums)
muhnipul8ta (best albums)
The Mule News (best albums)
Mundane Sounds (albums by older artists)
Mundane Sounds (best albums)
Mundane Sounds (bliss-out records)
Murder by Death for Filter (top albums)
Muruch (top albums)
Musecology (best albums)
The Music Box (top albums)
Music, etc. (albums, ongoing)
Music for Kids Who Can't Read Good (best albums)
Music For Kids Who Can't Read Good (best blogs)
Music For Kids Who Can't Read Good (favorite live shows)
Music For Kids Who Can't Read Good (top songs)
Music for Steve (top songs)
The Music Nazi (albums)
The Music Room (disappointing albums)
Music Towers (musical moments)
Music-versity (best albums)
musings/music/misc (favorite albums) (albums)
My Citrus Sarcophagus (top albums)

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