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December 5, 2006


2006 best music lists:

The 9513 (best albums)
Ain't superstitious, but these things I've seen... (best albums, ongoing)
Aropax Nation (best albums, ongoing)
Bag of Songs (great singles, ongoing)
Blahg! (top albums)
Broken Horse (best albums)
Chu On This (best albums & songs)
Chromewaves (albums)
Colin Meloy for Filter (top albums)
Cross Rhythms (best albums)
Deaf Indie Elephants (best albums & songs)
The Dial Tone (favorite albums)
Eddie Argos (Art Brut) for Filter (top albums)
Gorilla vs. Bear (favorite albums)
Heavy Metal Librarian (top metal albums)
Hey Andy... (top singles)
indiechristoph (best albums, ongoing)
Kingblind (top albums, ongoing)
MC Atzilut (studio albums)
Minnesota Public Radio personalities (best albums)
Mocking Music (best songs)
Modern Music (melancholic albums)
More Cowbell (top local albums)
nowheresville (best albums)
Owen Ashworth (Casiotone for the Painfully Alone) for Harmonium (favorite albums)
Random Brainwave (top albums)
San Francisco Music Calendar (best albums)
Satan Get Thee Behind Me (albums)
The Sound Opinion (best albums)
Super Minerals & th' Potted Plant (favorite albums)
Suspect Drawings (best albums, songs, remixes)
UNLV's Rebel Yell (best albums)
World Cafe (top albums)
Voguing to Danzig (albums)

NYU's Washington Square News interviews Joel Gibb of the Hidden Cameras.

Do you consider yourself an activist?

Not in [a political] sense, but some of my songs — playing them is kind of political. But I don’t mean it to be necessarily. Songwriting’s kind of a personal thing; I don’t really think of it as being political. But everybody contributes to the politics of art — the culture that we’re in — depending on what you want to say. If you want to say nothing, it still affects the politics.

The Lexington Herald-Leader examines the two types of Charlotte's Web fans, and recommends children's books.

The Philadelphia Inquirer reviews recently released music box sets.

Comics artist and letterer Chris Eliopoulos discusses the label "comic books" at Comic Book Resources.

The label “comic books” is so bad now that movies will label their adaptation of a comic book as “From the graphic novel work of…” so that it isn’t considered cheesy and scare off potential viewers. There is a perception out there that makes everyone within the industry want to scream at the top of their collective lungs that we’re so much more than what they think we are. And no matter how many times we try to tell people that comic books aren’t always what they think, you’ll get a polite nod as they make their way to the bar.

NPR recommends "ungoofy, nonphony and just plain fun" CDs for chldren.

The trailer is online for the film adaptation of Jhumpa Lahiri's The Namesake.

The Sweet Science examines the literature of boxing, focusing on recently released books.

Leite's Culinaria lists its top food books for 2006.

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