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December 23, 2006

2006 Year-end Music Lists (A-D)

With "best of" 2006 music lists popping up every day, I decided to compile all the links I've posted in one entry, and will be adding to this master list as long as these yearly recaps trickle in. I will post new additions to this list every morning in a separate daily post while adding the lists to this master list as well. Please feel free to e-mail me links to any lists not already noted.

see also:

the master list of 2006 online music lists

2006 Year-end Music Lists (A-D)
2006 Year-end Music Lists (E-M)
2006 Year-end Music Lists (N-S)
2006 Year-end Music Lists (T-Z)

updated January 5th

-30-music (top albums)
() (best albums)
1, 2, 3... Jamboreee! - Cary (best albums)
1, 2, 3 ... Jamboree! - Paul (top albums)
1545 W Pratt Blvd #103 (top hip hop albums)
17 Seconds (songs)
24 Hours Vancouver (best albums)
27 & Counting (top albums)
2pt3 (top albums)
33/45 (albums, ongoing)
33/45 (reissues, rediscoveries)
3rd Baseline (top albums)
411mania (top albums)
5 Acts (favorite albums)
The 9513 - Brody (best albums)
The 9513 - Jenna (best country albums)

A.M. 180 (top songs)
A/V Buzz (albums)
The A.V. Club (best albums)
A.V. Club (least essential albums) (annoying pop songs) (best new releases from "old" artists) (best punk albums) (top salsa albums)
Absolut Noise (favorite punk album)
Abstract Boy (albums)
AchtungBB (best albums)
Acid Bird (best albums)
Adam Arcuragi for Harmonium (top albums)
Adam S (top albums)
Adjustafresh (best albums)
Adtunes (top ad music)
Ain't superstitious, but these things I've seen... (best albums, ongoing)
Airwave Blog 2 (best albums)
Al Kooper (best 50 tracks)
Albany Times Union (concerts, albums)
Albuquerque Tribune (albums, concerts)
Alex Ross (albums, songs, shows)
All About Jazz (best jazz recordings)
All About Jazz (best albums)
All About Jazz - John Kelman (best albums)
All About My Movies (favorite albums)
All The Trees of The Field Will Clap Their Hands (favorite albums)
All Songs Considered (best albums)
All That She Surveys (best songs)
All That She Surveys (non-favorite albums)
All Things Considered (listeners' favorite albums)
All You Need Is Hops (top albums)
allmusic (most crushworthy bands)
alltimetop_5 (best albums)
Almighty Ryan (top albums)
Almost Cool Music Reviews (favorite albums)
Amazon editors (top albums)
American Poetry Perspectives (favorite albums)
Amsterdambloggen (songs)
Analog Giant (albums)
and I just hate these fluorescent lights (top albums, ongoing)
Andrew (favorite albums)
Andrew's Drivel (albums)
Andrew Taylor Recommends (favorite albums)
Andrew Taylor Recommends (songs)
Annette's Notebook (songs)
Another Piece of Shooflypie (albums)
The Anti-Hit List (best mash-ups)
appears (albums, ongoing)
Applied Debauchery (favorite albums)
Aquarium Drunkard (assorted topics)
Aquarium Drunkard (favorite albums)
archGFX (top albums)
Argus Leader (favorite albums)
ario (favorite albums)
Arizona Daily Star (top concerts, albums)
Aropax Nation (best albums, ongoing)
Artforum (best albums)
Associated Content - John Lindsey (top alternative rock albums)
Associated Content - Lee Andrew (top Christian albums)
Associated Content - Nick Schurk (best singles)
Associated Content - Nick Schurk (top albums)
Audio Deficit Disorder (favorite album art)
Audio Deficit Disorder (top songs)
Audio Overflow (top albums, ongoing)
audiology (top albums)
Audiosport (songs)
Austinist (top albums)
Autopoietican (top progressive albums)
Autorock (top albums)
Awesome Until Proven Guilty (albums)

B-side Records (best albums, shows)
Baby, You Got a Stew Goin! (best albums)
badspelling (best albums, singles)
Bag of Songs (great singles, ongoing)
BAGeL Radio (top albums, songs)
Baltimore City Paper (best local albums)
Baltimore City Paper (best national albums)
Baltimore City Paper (top singles)
Bandages a Cone Dog (top albums)
Barbelith Underground community (albums)
Barbelith Underground community (songs)
Baseball, Music and Other Good Stuff (top albums)
Basement Patter (best reissues)
The Battering Room (favorite albums)
Baxterblog (best albums)
BBC Collective (best albums)
Be Your Own Pet - Nathan (top albums)
The Bearded One (top albums)
Beckley Works (best bands)
Bekentenissen van een canard (best albums, ongoing)
Bella Union (top albums, shows)
Ben Winbolt-Lewis for Boring Machines Disturbs Sleep (top albums)
Benny (albums)
Berkeley Place (top albums)
Berkeley Place (top artists, ongoing)
Berkeley Place (top mixtapes)
Beta (best albums)
Between the Lines (top albums)
Between Thought and Expression\ (favorite songs)
The Bicameral Mind (favorite albums)
biggi (top albums)
Billboard (top critics' albums)
Biloxi Sun Herald (best albums)
Birmingham News (best albums)
Bismarck Tribune (favorite albums)
Bite Your Zombie! (favorite albums)
BKLYN Song of the Day (top albums)
Black Metal Martha (best albums)
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club (top albums)
The Black Swans for Donewaiting (top albums)
Blahg! (top albums)
Blar! It's Brad's Blog! (top albums)
Blog del JalapeƱo (best albums)
Blog, Etc. (favorite albums, songs)
Blog of Stavros (top albums)
Blog on the Motorway (albums)
Blogcritics - Randy H. (best albums)
Blogcritics (best reissues)
bloggedy blog (favorite albums)
Blogging Solo (best music)
Bloomberg (American albums)
Bloomberg (top albums)
blu-j-station (top albums)
Blue Republic (music)
bluespaceradio (best albums)
The BM Rant (favorite albums)
The BM Rant (favorite songs)
Bob Dollop (albums, singles)
Bon Ton (top albums, ongoing)
bonesjones (albums)
Boo Goo Doo Boom (albums)
Books Written for Girls (top albums)
Boom Bip for Filter (best albums)
Boomkat (top albums)
Boomkat (top singles)
Boring Machines Disturbs Sleep (top albums)
Boring Machines Disturbs Sleep (top albums)
Boston Globe (best albums)
Boston Herald - Al Kooper (best tracks)
Both Sides of the Mouth (best albums)
Bows + Arrows (best songs)
The Boy Least Likely To (top albums)
Bradical Mindspew (best albums)
Brainwashed readers poll (albums, singles)
The Brandeis Hoot (albums)
Brandon Kuptz Band (top albums)
Briggins Was Here (top albums, ongoing)
bright stupid confetti (favorite albums)
Brisbane Courier-Mail (top albums)
Britt Daniel (Spoon) for Filter (top albums)
Broken Horse (best albums)
Brooke Hogan for LAist (top singles)
Brooklynvegan (favorite albums)
Bryan Richie (the Sword) for Filter (top albums)
Bubba-Rocks (favorite albums)
Burning Oak (best albums)
butterbox (ace albums)
BuzzSugar (top albums, ongoing)
Byron Crawford (best rap albums)

Cable & Tweed's buddies (best albums)
Caleb Was Here (albums)
Can You See the Sun from the Southside? (top albums, ongoing)
Canard Music (most awesome albums) (albums)
Canton Repository (albums)
The Capital and the Civilian (top albums)
Carlo Wolff (top albums)
Carlski's Gig Blog (top albums)
Catbirdseat (handy music-blogger "best of 2006" cheat sheet)
Catch You Later (top albums)
CDReviews (top albums)
CD Times - John Donnelly (albums, tracks)
CD Times - Simon Reuben (best albums)
The CDP (top albums, ongoing)
Cebus Apella (top albums)
Chapter 3 (best albums, songs)
Charlantric (top albums)
charmingmanatee (albums, songs, ongoing)
Chartattack (overlooked albums)
Chattanooga Pulse (top albums)
Chattanooga Pulse (top local albums)
Chattanooga Times Free Press (top albums)
Cherry Coloured (albums)
Chet Sparks' Electrobank (top albums)
Chewy's Matters of Music (best albums)
Chicago Maroon - Emale Gray (best albums)
Chicago Maroon - Eric Benson (best albums)
Chicago Maroon - Ethan Stanislawski (best albums)
Chicago Maroon - Oliver Mosier (best albums)
Chicago Maroon - Rose Schapiro (best albums)
Chicago Tribune (top local albums, shows)
Chico Vs. the World (best albums)
Chris Walker Versus (top albums)
Christianity Today (Christian albums)
Chromewaves (albums)
Chromewaves readers (best albums)
chromiumsix (top albums)
The Chronicles of Michael Christopher (best albums)
Chu On This (best albums & songs)
The Church of Me (top albums, ongoing)
Cincinnati Post (regional albums)
Cinequesting (music)
Circles of Concrete (top albums)
Clap Your Hands and Away We Go (top albums)
Clark County Columbian (top albums)
Clive Davis (albums)
Close Readings (top albums)
Closed Captioned (best albums)
CMT (favorite bluegrass albums)
CMT (overlooked albums)
CMT (top country albums)
Cobain in a Coma (top albums)
Colin Meloy for Filter (top albums)
Colin Meloy for LAist (top albums)
The Collective Podcast (top albums)
Columbus Ledger-Dispatch (albums)
Come Closer and I'll Tell You (top albums)
Confessions of a Music Addict (top albums)
Confessions of a Pop Fan - Jamie S. Rich (top albums, singles)
Contactmusic - Ben Davis (top albums)
Contra Costa Times (best albums)
Contraversion (songs) (best albums)
The Courier-Mail (top albums)
Covalent Bond (best indie albums)
Crackers United - Justin (favorite albums)
Crazy Talk! (favorite albums)
Cross Rhythms (best albums)
Cross Rhythms (best songs)
Crossed Fingers & Headphones (top songs)
crow_winters (top albums)
CRUeZiN' (best albums, somgs)
Crushed By Inertia (albums)
cuadra tecnica (albums)
The Cubicles Are Killing Us (top albums, EPs)
Cuddlefish (favorite albums)
Cult Iconic (top albums)
Culture Bully (favorite mash-ups)
Cyan Bane's Hall of Bouncing Souls (top albums, ongoing)

D. Derek Online (notable albums)
D-Notice (albums)
D'este viver aqui (best albums)
The Daily Californian (top albums)
The Daily Cardinal (albums)
The Daily Growl (top albums, ongoing)
Daily Nebraskan (top albums)
The Daily Record (top acts for 2007)
The Daily Texan (top albums, ongoing)
Dallas Dance Music community (best albums)
Danganet Blogspotting (top albums)
Danny Seim of Menomena for harmonium (top YouTube videos)
Dark Woods Casino Party (top albums)
The Darren Larson Blog (best albums)
Darren O'Brien of Esque for Scenestars (best albums)
DASHBLANKDASH's blog (best albums)
dave (albums)
Dave Heaton for The Big Takeover (music)
Dave's Slice (top albums)
David Jones (favorite albums, songs)
David A. Cobb for Donewaiting (favorite albums)
The Dawn Chorus (top albums)
DCist - local artists (music)
dd music (top albums)
dddannyy (top albums)
Dead Flowers (best songs)
Dead Flowers (discoveries)
Deaf Indie Elephants (best albums & songs)
Decibel Magazine (top albums)
Decomposing Trees (top albums)
DecoyMusic (top albums)
A Deeper Shade of Soul (top albums)
Definitely Maybe (best reissues)
Theft Liable to Prosecution (favorite albums)
The Deli SF (local & out-of-town albums)
Denver Post (best albums)
Dermot (top albums)
Des Moines Register (top albums)
Desperate Hours Production Blog (top albums)
Destination... Nowhere (best songs)
Detroit Free Press - Brian McCollum (top albums)
Detroit Free Press - Kelley L. Carter (top albums)
Detroit News (best albums, songs)
Devendra Banhart for Filter (top albums)
Dexter, Daisy and Miss Beaux, too (top albums)
The Dial Tone (favorite albums)
Dirty B (top albums)
Dirty Liberal Words (top albums) (top albums)
Dividing By Zero Will Get You Nowhere (best albums)
DJ Rob Gordon (top albums)
djouls (best albums)
Do You Want New Wave or Do You Want the Truth? (best albums, ongoing)
DoCopenhagen (band)
DoCopenhagen (top music videos)
Doctor of Prog Rock (albums)
doctorpop (best albums, songs)
Doing Nothing So You Don't Have To! (best albums, ongoing)
Dolph Chaney (top albums)
Dominic Hemy (top albums)
Don't Call Me Ishmael (top albums)
Donewaiting (favorite albums)
Donewaiting (top Houston albums)
down Dixon (favorite albums)
Dr. Dog for Filter (top albums)
Dream Ethereal Noise (top albums)
Driftwood Singers Present (top albums)
Drinking Liberally in Cincinnati (top albums)
Driven Far Off (best albums)
Driver2165 (best albums)
Drowned in Sound - Colin Roberts (musical moments)
Drowned in Sound - readers' poll (top albums)
Drowned in Sound (top tracks)
Dr's Blog (best albums)
The Dude Abides (top singles)
Duffbeers (albums)
Dummy (top albums)
Dummy (top albums you may have missed)
Dummy (top compilations)
Dunkfu (worst albums)
Dusted (albums)
Dusted - Matthew Wuethrich (favorite albums)
Dusted - Rob Hatch-Miller (favorite albums)
Dusted (sac-ripping cassettes)
The Dwarf's Musings (top albums)

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December 23, 2006

2006 Year-end Music Lists (E-M)

2006 Year-end Music Lists (N-S)

2006 Year-end Music Lists (T-Z)