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April 16, 2007

This Week's Interesting DVD Releases

Forest Whitaker's unforgettable performance as Idi Amin in The Last King of Scotland makes that film the standout DVD release this week.

The two Criterion releases, La Haine and Brute Force, caught my eye this week and were added to my preorder list, along with the first season of The Larry Sanders Show and the second season of Cartoon Network's Venture Brothers.

What new DVD releases can you recommend?

This week's DVD releases:

Age Old Friends [dvd]
Ai Yori Aoshi: Enishi - Complete Brick Shrink Set [dvd]
Alien Invasion Arizona [dvd]
Attack Force Z [dvd]
Bloodline [dvd]
Blur [dvd]
Brute Force (Criterion Collection) [dvd]
Bye Bye Brazil [dvd]
The Chocolate War [dvd]
Deadlands: The Rising [dvd]
Double Happiness [dvd]
Forgiving Dr. Mengele [dvd]
Freedom Writers [dvd]
Gate Keepers: Complete Brick Shrink Set [dvd]
The George Eliot Collection (Middlemarch / Daniel Deronda / Silas Marner / Adam Bede / The Mill on the Floss) [dvd]
George Lopez - The Complete First and Second Seasons [dvd]
hack//ROOTS, Vol. 1 (Limited Edition Boxed Set with T-Shirt, Soundtrack, Art Box, Game Demo) [dvd]
Happy Days - The Complete Second Season [dvd]
Highlander - Ultimate Collection (Best of the Best) [dvd]
The History Boys [dvd]
The Image [dvd]
Kraken - Tentacles of the Deep [dvd]
La Haine (Criterion Collection) [dvd]
The Larry Sanders Show - The Complete First Season [dvd]
The Last King of Scotland [dvd]
Laverne & Shirley - The Complete Second Season [dvd]
Le Chevalier d'Eon, Vol. 2: Agen Provocateur [dvd]
The Marsh [dvd]
Masters of Horror - Family [dvd]
Mork & Mindy - The Complete Second Season [dvd]
Murder, She Wrote - The Complete Sixth Season [dvd]
MXC: Most Extreme Elimination Challenge Season 2 [dvd]
National Lampoon's Pucked [dvd]
Noein, Vol. 3 [dvd]
Not Just the Best of the Larry Sanders Show [dvd]
Notes on a Scandal [dvd]
Off the Black [dvd]
Overlord (Criterion Collection) [dvd]
Pulp [dvd]
Rancid [dvd]
The Rival [dvd]
Screen Door Jesus [dvd]
Shadow Warriors - The Complete First Season [dvd]
Smokin' Aces [dvd]
Solty Rei, Vol. 3 [dvd]
Spider-Man 2.1 - Unrated, Extended Cut (Two-Disc Deluxe Edition) [dvd]
Spongebob Squarepants - Friend Or Foe [dvd]
State of Emergency [dvd]
Team Baby: Red Sox Baby [dvd]
Thieves Like Us [dvd]
The Third Wish [dvd]
True Confessions [dvd]
The Venture Bros. - Season Two [dvd]
The Venture Bros.: Seasons One and Two [dvd]
Verdict on Auschwitz [dvd]
Wilderness Survival for Girls [dvd]
Young Soul Rebels [dvd]
Zoo [dvd]