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June 25, 2007

This Week's Interesting DVD Releases

The Criterion collection release of La Jetee/Sans Soleil was my only preorder this week, but I plan to head out tomorrow and pick up the Elvis Costello live DVD, A Case For Song, and Mystery Science Theater 3000 Collection Vol. 11. The rest of this list will be added to my Netflix queue..

What new DVDs can you recommend this week?

This week's interesting DVD releases:

AC/DC: Back In Black (The World's Greatest Albums) [dvd]
The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3: The Complete Series [dvd]
Agatha Christie's Poirot - The Classic Collection, Vol. 2 [dvd]
The Beach Boys: Videography (w/ Book) [dvd]
Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon [dvd]
Best of Casper, Vol. 1 [dvd]
Best of Casper, Vol. 2 [dvd]
Black Snake Moan [dvd]
The Clash: Music in Review [dvd]
Climates [dvd]
Cult Camp Classics 1 - Sci-Fi Thrillers (Attack of the 50 Ft. Woman 1958 / Giant Behemoth / Queen of Outer Space) [dvd]
Cult Camp Classics 2 - Women in Peril (The Big Cube / Caged / Trog) [dvd]
Cult Camp Classics 3 - Terrorized Travelers (Hot Rods to Hell / Skyjacked / Zero Hour!) [dvd]
Cult Camp Classics 4 - Historical Epics (The Colossus of Rhodes / Land of the Pharaohs / The Prodigal) [dvd]
The Cure: Rock Case Studies [dvd]
Darwin's Nightmare [dvd]
Dead Silence [dvd]
Dog the Bounty Hunter: Best of Seasons 1, 2 and 3 [dvd]
Echo & the Bunnymen: Dancing Horses [dvd]
Elton John: Rock Case Studies [dvd]
Elvis Costello: Live - A Case For Song [dvd]
Film School [dvd]
Going Under [dvd]
Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C. - Second Season [dvd]
Green Day: Rock Case Studies (w/ Book) [dvd]
Haunted Forest [dvd]
Inu Yasha, Vol. 55 - The Bond Between Inu Yasha and Kagome [dvd]
Iria - Zeiram The Animation - The Complete Collection [dvd]
Isolation [dvd]
Jerry Lee Lewis: Live From Austin Texas [dvd]
Keillers Park [dvd]
La Jetee/Sans Soleil (Criterion Collection) [dvd]
The Last Confederate: The Story of Robert Adams [dvd]
Last Days on Earth [dvd]
The Last Hunter [dvd]
The Law and the Fist [dvd]
Lola [dvd]
Louis C.K. - Shameless [dvd]
Madonna - The Performance Review [dvd]
Masai: The Rain Warriors [dvd]
Miami Vice: Season Five [dvd]
Monk - Season Five [dvd]
Mystery Science Theater 3000 Collection Vol. 11 [dvd]
Naruto, Vol. 13 [dvd]
The New Adventures of Batman [dvd]
The New Adventures of Superman [dvd]
The New Statesman - The Complete Series [dvd]
Noein, Vol. 4 [dvd]
Peaceful Warrior [dvd]
Penny Dreadful [dvd]
Porterhouse Blue [dvd]
Pride [dvd]
Psych - The Complete First Season [dvd]
Queen: DVD Collector's Box [dvd]
Reno 911! - The Complete Fourth Season [dvd]
Shooter [dvd]
Something to Cheer About [dvd]
The Spaghetti West - An IFC Original Documentary [dvd]
Standing Still [dvd]
A Tale of Two Pizzas [dvd]
This Is Tom Jones [dvd]
To Heart, Vol. 3: Bonds of Friendship [dvd]
Tokko, Vol. 2 [dvd]
Twisted Sister: The Video Years [dvd]
U2: Popmart Live from Mexico City [dvd]
UFO Ultramaiden Valkyrie: Season 1 [dvd]
Vandread and Vandread the Second Stage: Complete Collection [dvd]
Waking Up Dead [dvd]
Who Can Kill a Child? [dvd]

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