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July 30, 2007

This Week's Interesting DVD Releases

The film adaptation of Frank Miller's graphic novel, 300, is available on DVD this week.

Science fiction fans will enjoy the releases of Babylon 5 - The Lost Tales and the Space 1999 30th Anniversary Edition Megaset. Television seasons released this week include the seventh season of Dallas, the second season of Hawaii Five-O, and the second season of Sabrina the Teenage Witch, and old-timers might enjoy The Archie Show: The Complete Series.

The music DVD releases are plentiful but lacking in quality. James: Fresh As A Daisy - The Videos is the lone music DVD I can truly recommend, unless you have been waiting for Ratt - Videos From the Cellar: The Atlantic Years.

What new DVD releases can you recommend? Have I left anything worthy of consideration off the list?

This week's interesting DVD releases::

20 Million Miles To Earth (50th Anniversary Edition) [dvd]
300 [dvd]
Affair [dvd]
Afghan Knights [dvd]
Angel of Death [dvd]
The Archie Show: The Complete Series [dvd]
Babylon 5 - The Lost Tales [dvd]
Bleach, Volume 5: The Substitute (Episodes 17-20) [dvd]
Bloodlines [dvd]
Blue Water, White Death [dvd]
The Clash: Music in Review [dvd]
The Cradle [dvd]
Creature [dvd]
A Crude Awakening - The Oil Crash [dvd]
Dallas: The Complete Seasons 1-7 [dvd]
Dallas - The Complete Seventh Season [dvd]
David Bowie The Glass Spider [dvd]
David Bowie: Up Close & Personal [dvd]
Dead Clowns [dvd]
Ebola Syndrome [dvd]
Edward Hopper: A National Gallery of Art Presentation [dvd]
Elton John: Rock Case Studies [dvd]
Elvis: The Last 24 Hours [dvd]
England, My England - Tony Palmer's Film About Henry Purcell [dvd]
Everything's Gone Green [dvd]
Firehouse Dog [dvd]
Frenchman's Farm [dvd]
Get A Life [dvd]
Hand Maid May Box Set [dvd]
Harvest of Sorrow - Tony Palmer's Film About Sergei Rachmaninoff [dvd]
Hawaii Five-O - The Second Season [dvd]
Hikaru No Go, Vol. 9 [dvd]
The History Channel Presents Last Stand of the 300 - The Legendary Battle at Thermopylae [dvd]
Hot Fuzz [dvd]
James: Fresh As A Daisy - The Videos [dvd]
Jumong Vol. 3 [dvd]
The Kids in the Hall, Vol. 2: The Best Of [dvd]
The Kids of Degrassi Street Series [dvd]
The List [dvd]
Lonely Hearts [dvd]
Looking for Langston [dvd]
Madonna: Music in Review [dvd]
Mission of the Shark: The Saga of the U.S.S. Indianapolis [dvd]
Mr. Conservative: Goldwater on Goldwater [dvd]
Mushi-Shi, Vol. 1 [dvd]
Naruto, Vol. 14 [dvd]
Night Junkies [dvd]
Novel Romance [dvd]
On the Waterways [dvd]
Pathfinder [dvd]
Popeye the Sailor: 1933-1938, Vol. 1 [dvd]
Pulp Fiction Art - Cheap Thrills and Painted Nightmares [dvd]
Ranma 1/2, Season 2-Anything Goes [dvd]
Ratt - Videos From the Cellar: The Atlantic Years [dvd]
Rebus: Set 2 [dvd]
The Rhinemann Exchange [dvd]
Rock the Bells [dvd]
Roving Mars [dvd]
Sabrina the Teenage Witch - The Second Season [dvd]
Sins Within the Family [dvd]
The Situation [dvd]
Space 1999 30th Anniversary Edition Megaset [dvd]
The Spike Jones Story [dvd]
Starter for Ten [dvd]
Terrorstorm: 2nd Edition [dvd]
Whole New Thing [dvd]
Yellow [dvd]

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