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November 15, 2007

2007 Year-End Online Music Lists

2007 is winding down, and as "best of" music lists appear online I will post them here. Please feel free to e-mail me links to any lists you find (or leave a comment), I aim to make this list as comprehensive as possible. I will update the list daily, so check back often.

The size of the list has forced me to break it up into four sections: A-C, D-J, K-O, and P-Z.

daily updates to this list

@EASE (top albums)
/dev/random (top albums)
/Film (best soundtracks)
(red) chardonnay (top albums)
1, 2, 3,... Jamboree (albums)
17 dots (albums)
17 Seconds (favorite songs)
3and4 (best albums)
3B (best albums)
5 Acts (favorite albums)
The 9513 (most disappointing albums)
The 9513 (top country albums)

a4play (favorite albums)
A.M. 180 (top songs) (best & worst albums)
The A.V. Club (best albums)
The A.V. Club (worst band names)
A Is for Awesome (favorite albums)
Aaron Axelsen (top albums)
Aaron Dessner of the National (best albums)
ABC News (top albums) (best country albums) (best R&B albums) (top jazz albums)
About the Music (top albums)
Acoustic Cafe (best in-studio performances)
ad hoc. (worst albums)
Adam's World (top albums)
Adtunes (top ad music)
Adventures in a Strange and Distant Land (favorite albums)
Adventures in Tweed (best albums)
Afropop (top albums)
agaitis_byrjun (top albums)
The Age Blogs - Noise Pollution (albums)
Airborne Confessions (best albums) - Get On With Our Nightlife (best albums)
Alaskafox (top instrumental albums)
Alcoleptic (top albums)
Alex's blog (best albums)
alexbirch (top albums)
All of a Sudden I Miss Everyone (best songs)
All Songs Considered (songs)
All The Trees of The Field Will Clap Their Hands (fave albums)
All You Need Is Hops (top albums)
AllAboutJazz - Budd Koppman (best albums)
Allaboutjazz - Dan McClenaghan (top albums)
Allaboutjazz - Samuel Chell (best reissues & new releases)
AllMusic (best metal albums)
Allmusic (favorite albums)
Allmusic (favorite jazz albums)
AllMusic (favorite R&B albums)
Allmusic editors (top albums)
Almost Cool Music Reviews (favorite albums)
Aloha (favorite albums)
Allan's World Music (top albums)
Already & Not Yet (top albums) (top albums)
am I crazy, or what? (top albums) (best children's albums) (best classical albums) (best folk albums)
Amazon editors (best music) (best pop albums) (best soundtracks) (customer favorites)
Amazon MP3 Store (best songs)
Amber Waves of Twang (best albums)
Amie Street (best albums)
Amsterdam News (best albums)
The Anachronist (most listened to albums)
Analog Giant (best albums)
Analog Giant (best singles)
And The Hits Just Keep On Comin' (best albums)
Andrew Hime (best music videos)
Andrew Taylor Recommends (top albums)
Andrew W.K. (top albums)
andykhouri (best album covers)
Anejo Mockingbird (best albums)
Another Beautiful Day (best albums)
another_dime (top songs)
Anthony's World (top albums)
Antidisingenuousmentarianism (best albums)
antiMusic (music) (top music videos)
anyone's guess (favorite albums)
The Apiary News (top albums)
APM (great classical voices)
Aquarium Drunkard (albums)
Arcane Gazebo (favorite songs)
Are You F*cking Serious - Vinnie (favorite albums)
ario's digital detritus (favorite albums)
Arizona Republic (best albums)
Arizona Republic (top albums)
Artforum (best music)
Artforum - David Byrne, Kim Gordon, Marissa Nadler (via Stereogum) (top albums)
arubberdoor (top albums)
Asleep on the Compost Heap (top songs)
Asphalt Eden (favorite albums)
Associated Press - Jake Coyle (top albums)
AT&T (bestselling ringtones)
The Atheocracy (top albums)
Atlantic East Music Awards (best albums)
Atomic Trousers (favorite albums)
Audio Deficit Disorder (best album art)
Audio Deficit Disorder (best music videos)
Audio Overflow (top albums & songs)
Audio Deficit Disorder (best songs)
Audio Overflow (top songs from bad albums)
audiography (favorite albums)
audiography (top albums)
audiography (top songs)
Augusta Metro Spirit (albums)
Austin Chronicle (music)
Austinist (top albums)
autopoietician (top prog albums)
Autorock (top albums)
Avoid Self Deception (top albums)
Awesome Levels of Awesomeness (albums)
AZLTRON (top albums)

Baby, You Git a Stew Goin'! (best albums)
Backbeat Sandbar (top albums)
The Badger Herald (best hip hop albums)
badlydrawnjeff (top albums)
Baeble Music (top albums)
Bag of Songs (best live shows)
Bag of Songs (top albums)
Bagel Radio (music)
Bama Hipsters (top albums)
Bandwagon (top albums)
Banquet Records staff (top albums)
Barcode (albums)
Baseball, Music and Other Good Stuff (top albums)
Baseball Toaster (best albums)
Baseball Toaster - The Juice Blog - Scott (top albums)
Battle of the Midwestern Housewives (best albums)
Be Hear Now (top albums)
Beachbum's Daily Diversions (best albums)
Bear Like Blog (best albums)
The Bearded Cephalopod (top albums)
Bearded Magazine (best independent albums)
beastmario (best albums)
bedlamborn (top albums)
beetlebum (top Canadian albums)
Ben Braman (top albums)
The Bend Bulletin (best songs)
The Berg Sans Nipple (top driving albums)
The Berkeley Beacon (best albums)
Berkeley Place (best & worst record distribution plans)
Berkeley Place (best cover concepts)
Berkeley Place (best EPs)
Berkeley Place (biggest disappointments)
Berkeley Place (top indie debut albums)
Berkeley Place (top political songs)
the best of all (top albums)
Best Week Ever (least essential albums)
Beta (best albums)
Beta (best singles)
Beta (worst albums)
Bethanne Siettas (favorite albums)
Better Chatter (top albums)
Better than DISCO - Sara (top albums)
Between Thought and Expression (favorite albums)
Between Thought and Expression (favorite songs)
BiBaBDi (best mainstream independent tracks)
BiBabDi (best undiscovered tracks)
The Big Picture (best music)
Billboard - Critics Poll (best albums)
Billboard (year in charts)
Biomusicosophy (best albums)
Biomusicosophy (best concerts)
Biomusicosophy (best guitar solos)
Biomusicosophy (best music videos)
Biomusicosophy (best tracks)
Bismarck Tribune (top albums)
Bitch, Please (top albums)
Bitter Defeat (top albums)
Black Lips - Cole Alexander (top albums)
Blackberry Belle (top albums)
Blar! It's Brad's Blog (top albums)
Blar! It's Brad's Blog (top songs)
Bleep Newsletter (best albums)
Blend Music (top albums)
Blender (best albums)
blindpilot (top albums)
Blissblog (music)
Blitz (best albums)
Blitz (best songs)
Blitz (best DVDs & reissues)
Blog del Jalapeno (best albums)
The Blog of Eternal Stench (top albums)
Blog of Sound (top albums) (best pop & rock albums)
Blogcritics - A.L. Harper (top albums)
The Blogglebum Cage (best albums)
Blogs Are for Dogs (favorite albums)
Blogs Blow Dot (best albums)
BlogTO (top Toronto songs)
Blooming Din (top tracks, albums)
The Blue in the Air (top albums)
blush response (favorite albums)
BobFromBrockley (best albums)
Bob's Bloggery (albums)
Boise Weekly (albums)
Bollywood Spice (top musical treats)
Bollywood Spice (top songs)
Bon Ton (albums)
Boo Goo Doo Goom (best albums)
Boomkat (top albums)
Boomkat (top singles)
Boomkat Campaign (best albums)
The Boogie (best albums)
Bostas (favourite albums)
Bostas (favourite songs)
Boston Globe (top albums)
Boston University Daily Free Press (top import albums)
Boulder Daily Camera (top albums)
Bout That (best albums)
Bows + Arrows (favorite albums)
Boxing Metropolis (songs)
Bradical Mindspew (best albums)
Bradley's Almanac (music)
Brainwashed - Readers Poll (music)
brak55 (favorite albums)
Bravewords (best albums)
Brett Gurewitz of Bad Religion (best albums)
brianmaru (top albums)
Bring Everything (top albums)
Britt Daniels of Spoon (top albums)
Broken But Still B-Rad (top albums)
Broken Dial (top albums)
BruWinchester: BroFo (top songs)
budscorner (top albums)
Built on a Weak Spot (top albums)
Bullet Points (worst hit songs)
Bumpshack (top Britney Spears moments)
bunny say boo (albums)
Bury Me Not (favorite albums)
Bury Me Not (songs)
buster (best albums)
Butch Slap (top albums)
Buzzgrinder (best albums)
Buzzgrinder - Jake (best albums)
Buzzgrinder - Jay (best albums)
Buzzgrinder - Josh (best albums)
Buzzgrinder - Sean (best albums)
Buzzgrinder - Seth (best albums)
Buzz Sugar (best soundtrack songs)
Bwank! (top albums)
The Bygone Bureau (best albums)

Cable & Tweed (favorite albums)
Calmsong (best albums)
Can You See the Sunset from the Southside (favorite albums)
CancerMan (top albums)
cap guns and unicorns (top albums)
The Capstone's Connections (favorite albums)
Captain's Dead (top albums)
Carl Sandburg Visits Me In A Dream (top albums)
Carry Like Mariah (favorite non-rap albums)
Carry You Away (top albums)
Castledoor (top albums)
Casual Listening (best albums)
Catbirdseat ("best of 2007" list cheat sheet)
Catbirdseat (top albums you didn't hear)
catproblems (favorite albums, biggest letdowns)
CD Times - Jon Kane (top albums) (most disappointing albums)
The Celebrity Cafe (top albums)
Central and Remote (top albums)
Central Connecticut State University Recorder (top albums)
Central Village (best songs)
cfbgoespop - Allyson (favourite songs)
cfbgoespop - Claire (favourite songs)
Charbarred (top albums)
Charleston Post and Courier (albums, concerts)
ChartAttack (overlooked albums)
check this out (top albums)
Cheaper than Therapy (top albums)
Chelsea Guitar (favorite albums)
chessbooth (top musical artists)
Chewy's Matters of Music (must hear tracks)
Chicago Sun-Times - Jim DeRogatis (top albums)
Chicago Tribune (best live shows)
Chicago Tribune - Greg Kot (best albums)
Chicago Tribune (top Chicago indie releases)
The Chicagoer (top albums)
Chinese Ending (favorite songs)
chinese restaurant in the forest* (top albums)
Chocolate Bobka (music)
Chris Walbert (top albums)
Chris Walker Versus (favorite albums)
Christian Music Central (best albums)
Christianity Today (best Christian albums)
Chromewaves (albums)
Chunklet (music)
Cinematically Correct (top albums)
Circle. Square. Triangle. (albums)
Circus Beckman (best albums)
City Pages (top rap)

City Pages - Culture To Go (top albums)
Clash Music (best albums)
classicrockfan1 (top albums) (fave albums)
Clavicles (top albums)
cLAy TV (top albums)
Cleveland Free Times (albums)
Clicky Clicky Music Blog (best albums)
CMT (top albums you might have missed)
CMT - Nashville Skyline (top albums)
CNN producers (albums, songs)
The Coast (top albums)
Coaties!!! (top albums)
Cocaine Blunts (best rap)
Colossians Three Sixteen (favorite albums)
Columbia City Paper (top albums)
Columbia College Chicago's Reservoir (overlooked albums)
Columbia Free Times (best local albums)
Columbia Free Times (disappointing albums)
Columbus Ledger-Enquirer (best albums you never heard)
Comfy in Nautica (best albums)
Communist Dance Party (favorite songs)
Confessions of a Dangerous Pig (favorite songs)
Confessions of a Music Addict (top albums)
Confessions of a Naca (top albums)
Confessions of a Would-Be Hipster - ako (favorite albums & songs)
Confessions of a Would-Be Hipster - l.m.s. (best albums, songs, & shows)
Confessions of a Would-Be Hipster - m.a.b. (favorite albums, songs, & shows)
The Congregation of Taste-Making Aficionados (top albums)
Connect the Dots (top albums)
Consequence of Sound (top albums)
Consequence of Sound (top songs)
Contemporary (top albums)
Contra Costa Times (teen music)
Contra Costa Times (top jazz concerts)
Controlling_Chaos (top albums)
Cor's Briljante Weblog (top albums)
Cougs On-line (top albums)
The Counting The Beat Alternatuis (best New Zealand releases)
Country Caravan (top albums)
Country Stars Online (top albums)
Country Universe (best country albums)
Country Universe (best reissues and compilations)
Coverville (best cover albums)
Crackers United (favorite albums)
Craig Werdren (top albums)
Crawdaddy! (music)
crazymonk (top albums)
The Creature Speaks (top albums)
Criminal Records - Lillian (music)
Criticize This! (top albums)
Cross Rhythms (best albums)
cross_scars (top albums)
Crow's Blog (best albums)
Crucial Minutae (best albums)
Crushed By Inertia (favorite albums)
Crushed by Inertia (favorite songs)
crustcake (top albums)
A Cry for Help (top albums)
CubikMusik (music & blogs)
Cuddlefish (favorite albums)
Culture Bully (albums that should have been good but weren't)
Culture Bully & DJ MDSB (best albums)
Culture Bully (best mashups)
Culture Bully (late night television performances)
Culture Bully (top music videos)
The Cure for Bedbugs (albums and singles)
Cutting & Witty - Chuck (top albums)
Cutting & Witty - Mark (top albums)
Cutting & Witty - Matthew (top albums)
Cynicism of the Day (top albums)

D - J

K - O

P - Z

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