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January 22, 2008

Try It Before You Buy It (January 22nd CD Releases)

Try It Before You Buy It features free and legal music downloads and album streams from the week's CD releases.

MP3 Downloads and Full Album Streams from CDs Released This Week:

Aster: Some Things Seldom Heard Of
full album stream

Baby Dee: Safe Inside the Day
"The Only Bones that Show" [mp3]

Barton Carroll: The Lost One
full album stream
"Pretty Girl's Going To Ruin My Life (Again)" [mp3]
"Brooklyn Girl, You're Going To Be My Bride" [mp3]

Biirdie: Catherine Avenue
full album stream
"Him" [mp3]
"Estelle" [mp3]

Black Mountain: In The Future
"Tyrants" [mp3]

Bodies of Water: Ears Will Pop & Eyes Will Blink
"I Guess I'll Forget The Sound, I Guess, I Guess" [mp3]

Cat Power: Jukebox
full album stream

Collections of Colonies of Bees: Birds
"Flocks III" [mp3]

Drive-By Truckers: Brighter Than Creation's Dark
full album stream

Evangelicals: The Evening Descends
"Skeleton Man" [mp3]

Fleshtones: Take a Good Look
full album stream
"Jet-Set Fleshtones" [mp3]

Hello, Blue Roses: Hello, Blue Roses
full album stream
"Shadow Falls" [mp3]
"Sunny Skies" [mp3]

Hunters, Run!: Forgotten Souvenirs of the Modern Age
full album stream
"Forgotten Souvenirs of The Modern Age" [mp3]
"It's Gonna Be a Dark, Dark, Dark Night“ [mp3]

Instruments of Science & Technology: Music From the Films of R/Swift
"Shooting a Rhino Between the Shoulders" [mp3]

Jack Penate: Matinee
full album stream
"Second, Minute or Hour" [mp3]
"Spit At Stars (Solo Electric Version)" [mp3]

Jason Ringenberg: Best Tracks and Side Tracks 1979-2007
full album stream
"Shop It Around" [mp3]

Liam Finn: I'll Be Lightning
full album stream
"Second Chance" [mp3]

Matt Costa: Unfamiliar Faces
full album stream

MGMGT: Oracular Spectacular
full album stream

Natasha Bedingfield: Pocketful of Sunshine
full album stream

Steve Aoki: Pillowface & His Airplane Chronicles
full album stream

Super Furry Animals: Hey Venus
full album stream

Team Robespierre: 88th Precinct
"88th Precinct" [mp3]

Whigs: Mission Control
full album stream
"Right Hand on my Heart" [mp3]

Whitsundays: Whitsundays
"Sorry James" [mp3]
"It Must Be Me" [mp3]
"Loralee" [mp3]

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