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April 7, 2008


Five Chapters is serializing new short fiction by Marshall Klimasewiski this week.

New York magazine offers the New York canon of pop music. A similar collection of seminal NYC jazz albums is also listed.

The New Yorker features new short fiction by T. Coraghessan Boyle, "The Lie."

The Sun Studio Sessions kicked off with a video performance by Grace Potter and the Nocturnals in the historic Memphis recording studio.

Reuters lists the 25 greatest guitar riffs of all time, ranked by students of the London Tech Music School.

Dave's Blog About Movies and Such lists Westerns that act as allegories for the present.

Fantastic Blognanza is an indie t-shirt blog.

OMG, Cosmogirl's The Daily Kiss blog lists the top ten bands "not on the radio (yet!)."

Telegraph readers offer romantic advice for dating book snobs.

Another, in the tones of bitter experience, counsels wariness of "the Beats, especially Jack Kerouac. Not only does he have bad taste but he will justify cheating on you philosophically."

Southern Shelter offers mp3s of a March performance by Harvey Milk.

Salon interviews Moby.

Has the backlash from "Play" run its course?

At this point, I don't read my own press because I just assume people are going to hate me. The backlash was really intense and disturbing, but when I looked at it objectively, it made sense to me. I realized, if I wasn't me, I'd hate me too. Like, "Would he just shut up, would he just go away for a while -- it's become annoying." So I understood why people were annoyed with me, but it still hurt my feelings. I'm sure that there are some people out there who are just going to hate me forever. It's bizarre being loathed by people I've never met. And usually for weird reasons. I recognize that there just isn't much that I can do about that, except for hang out with my friends and make spaghetti and watch "Family Guy."

Singer-songwriter Kathy Mattea talks to USA Today about her new album, Coal.

The songs Mattea found ring with hardship and hope, with an attachment to the land for better or for worse, and with an inescapable intimacy with danger and early death. "It's such a basic expression that we all resonate with it," Mattea says. "The struggle to be heard, the struggles against injustice."

Robert Thompson, co-author of Baseball's Greatest Hit: The Story of Take Me Out to the Ballgame talks to the Houston Chronicle.

He also points to its unique status among sports songs — particularly football with its marches — as being a waltz. "I love to see fans singing it," he says. "Because it's a waltz, they always start to sway."

This Flickr group shares photos of Penguin book covers old and new.

Nina Simone's brother talks to NPR's Weekend Edition about the singer's tribute song for Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr, "Why? (The King of Love is Dead)."

"We learned that song that (same) day," says Waymon. "We didn't have a chance to have two or three days of rehearsal. But when you're feeling compassion and outrage and wanting to express what you know the world is feeling, we did it because that's what we felt."

On a Bad Trip is a new music blog sharing mp3s of Chicago shows. Recent posts include shows by the Black Lips and Black Moth Super Rainbow.

Author Maya Angelou talks to NPR's Weekend Edition, which also offers an excerpt from Maya Angelou: A Glorious Celebration.

"Angelou says author James Baldwin, whom she considers a brother, had a covert hand in getting her to write "I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings." Acting on Baldwin's advice, Angelou's editor tried a little reverse psychology and told her that writing an autobiography as literature was "almost impossible" and she shouldn't even attempt it.

"I said, 'Well, hmmm, maybe I'll try it.'" Angelou recalls. "The truth is that he had talked to James Baldwin, my brother friend, and Jimmy told him that 'if you want Maya Angelou to do something, tell her she can't do it.'"

Normal Bias is an mp3 blog devoted to "radio shows, demos, and out-of-print music living on cassette in my basement."

Yesterday's additions to the list of 2008 SXSW streaming and downloadable music performances:
An mp3 download of a performance by Alejandro Escovedo.

A bittorrent download of a Does It Offend You, Yeah performance.

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