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April 1, 2008

Try It Before You Buy It (April 1st CD Releases)

Try It Before You Buy It features free and legal music downloads and full album streams from the week's CD releases.

MP3 downloads and full album streams from CDs released this week:

Annuals: Wet Zoo
"Sore" [mp3]

Apples in Stereo: Electronic Projects for Musicians
full album stream
"Stephen Stephen" [mp3]

Astrid Williamson: Boy for You
"I Am the Boy for You" [mp3]

The Billionaires: Really Real for Forever
"The End of Summer Song" [mp3]
"Eighties Movies" [mp3]

Bryan Scary and the Shredding Tears: Flight of the Knife
"Imitation of the Sky" [mp3]

Camphor: Drawn to Dust
"The Sweetest Tooth" [mp3]
"Confidences Shattered" [mp3]

Colour Revolt: Plunder Beg and Curse
full album stream
"A Siren" [mp3]
"Naked and Red" [mp3]

DJ Dolores: 1 Real
full album stream

Hilotrons: Happymatic
full album stream
"Domika" [mp3]
"Emergency Street" [mp3]

King of Spain: Entropy
"Animals (Part One" [mp3]
"Decades" [mp3]

Kylie Minogue: X
full album stream

Los Campesinos!: Hold on Now, Youngster...
full album stream

Moby: Last Night
full album stream

Murdocks: Roar!
"Playhouse Down" [mp3]
"Die Together" [mp3]

The Quarter After: Changes Near
"See How Good It Feels" [mp3]
"Turning Away" [mp3]

Unwed Sailor: Little Wars
"Little Wars" [mp3]
"Aurora" [mp3]

Willie Nelson: One Hell of a Ride (box set)
full album stream

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