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October 15, 2008

Why Obama, by Jesse Elliott (These United States)

Why Obama is a series of guest essays by musicians and authors, where they share their support for Democratic United States presidential nominee Senator Barack Obama and offer arguments why he needs to be elected president of the United States.

Jesse Elliott is the frontman for These United States. The band recently released Crimes, their latest album.

The band is playing an Obama fundraiser tonight in San Francisco at the Independent with John Doe.

In his own words, here is Jesse Elliott's Why Obama essay :

I trust someone who’s been around the world a few times, had to plant his feet in different dirt and stay standing over seasons, even gone so far as to grow things in those shifting soils, scooped them up, sifted through fingers, let fall back down to ground – seems he would know the weight of things, and how weight changes with place, and place with people, people with weather, weather with the things we put into the earth or take from it, cities we raise up from the corn, families we feed or let starve, children who grow up with hope or with hatred, the way we treat each other on the playground, the games we laugh, the end of the world every day, the new light following dark, cycles, calendars, time, the tie we proudly tie around our neck, a saving grace maybe, a noose maybe, a fist-fight, arms racing, someone searching for someone else to touch, heart as far out as it can stretch – he’s no saint, he’s been around, and so I trust him in our search together, all of us.

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