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November 11, 2008

2008 Year-End Online Book Lists

With 2008 drawing to a close, book lists are popping up online with increasing frequency. Just as I have done in 2006 & 2007 with online music lists, I will be aggregating 2008 year-end online book lists in this post and updating the list daily as new lists are added.

These year-end lists are one of my favorite things about the end of the year... I am constantly reading, but it seems like the more I read, even more books are published that look interesting. "Best of 2008" lists often introduce me to wonderful books or remind me of those lost in the shuffle of my hectic reading life. Please feel free to e-mail me any lists you post or see online.

17 dots (best books)
3:AM (books)
5B4 (best books)

AbeBooks (most expensive book sales)
Abilene Reporter-News (top Texas books)
About Everything (best books) (books of the year) (best cookbooks) (debut fiction) (best cookbooks) (best manga) (top books)
Access Asia (best & worst China books)
An Accidental Blog (best books)
The ADD Blog (comics & graphic novels)
AdHouse Books (comics)
AKOMISMO (books)
All Wrong (great programming books)
Already & Not Yet (top books) (bestselling books) (bestselling art & photography books) (bestselling audiobooks) (bestselling biographies & memoirs) (bestselling business & investing books) (bestselling comics & graphic novels) (bestselling cookbooks) (bestselling current events books) (bestselling entertainment books) (bestselling gay & lesbian books) (bestselling history books) (bestselling literature & fiction books) (bestselling mystery & thrillers books) (bestselling outdoors & nature books) (bestselling romance books) (bestselling science books) (bestselling science fiction & fantasy books) (bestselling teens books) (bestselling picture books) editors (best books) editors (best arts & photography books) editors (best audiobooks) editors (best biographies and memoirs) editors (best book covers) editors (best business & investing books) editors (best comics & graphic novels) editors (best cookbooks) editors (best current events books) editors (best entertainment books) editors (best gay & lesbian books) editors (best history books) editors (best literature & fiction) editors (best middle readers books) editors (best mystery & thriller books) editors (best picture books) editors (best outdoors & nature books) editors (best romance books) editors (best science books) editors (best teens books) editors (most polarizing books)
American Library Association (best books for young adults)
American Library Association (best teens books)
Amy's Book Nook (best books)
Answer Girl (favorite books)
Antiblurbs (books)
Antilles (books of the year)
Arkansas Democrat-Gazette (best books)
Associated Press ("sleeper" books)
Atlanta Journal-Constitution (local authors' favorite books)
The Atlantic (books of the year)
AudioFile (best audiobooks)
Autrey (best books)

Baby Got Books (Dr J) (best books)
Baby Got Books: Shaft (best books)
Baby Got Books: Tim (favorite books)
Baltimore Sun (books)
Bart's Bookshelf (year in review)
Bay Area Reporter (books)
Bellabell Soundings (best books)
bibleeohfile (best books)
Bibliomania (best books)
Black Men in America (top black non-fiction books)
Bloomberg (non-fiction)
blurb it (favourite books)
Boneville (best comics)
Book a Week with Jen (best books)
The Book Catapault (notable books)
Book Chase (top books)
The Book Chick (best books)
Book Design Review (favorite book covers)
Book Patrol (best looking books)
BookBrowse (favorite books) (top out of print books)
Bookgasm (best sci-fi books)
Bookish Blather (favorite books)
Booklist (top arts books)
Booklist (top craft and hobby books)
Booklist (best sci-tech books)
Bookmarks (best books)
Bookpusher (best books)
Books and Cooks (best books)
Books Fall Open, You Fall In (favorite books)
Books in 140 (best books)
Bookspot Central (favorite books)
Bookworm (best books)
Boston Herald (best kids' books)
Bostonist (year in review)
Boyd's Blog (best comics)
Bradenton Herald (award-winning children's books)
The Bradford Bunch (favorite books)
Brand Autopsy (books)
Brian Keene (top books)
Brian Nicholson's Blog (best comics)
Business Pundit (best business books)
Business Standard (best fiction)
Business Week (best business books)
Business Week (best innovation books)
Buzzard Blog (best books)

cadwell (top webcomics)
California Literary Review (best books)
California Writer (best books)
Capital City Weekly (best books)
Celebrity Dish (best books)
Challies (top books)
ChannelWeb (top books)
Chapel Hill Comics (favorite comics)
ChessPub forum (chess books)
Chicago Tribune (art books)
Chicago Tribune (best books by Chicagoans)
Chick Lit Teens (top books)
Chicken Spaghetti (children's books lists)
Children's Corner (children's books)
The China Beat (best books about Chinese women)
Christian Science Monitor (best children's books)
Christian Science Monitor (best nonfiction books)
Christian Science Monitor (best novels)
Christian Science Monitor (best short fiction collections)
Christianity Today (favorite books)
Citizen Reader (worst books)
Civil War Memory (best books)
Cleveland Plain Dealer (best books)
Cleveland Plain Dealer: Karen Long (year in books)
Columbus Dispatch (top children's books)
Comic Book Resources (best comics)
Comic Fodder (top comics mini-series)
Comic Fodder (best comics series) (top comic book character deaths)
Comicology (comics poll)
Comics Should Be Good: Billicus Awards (comics)
Comics Should Be Good (top comics)
Comics Should Be Good (top moments of comic-related happiness)
Comixology (top comics)
Concurring Opinions (privacy books)
Cool Hunting (top books)
CoolMarketingStuff (top marketing books)
Contra Costa Times (best graphic lit)
Cottage Girl (favorite books)
Couch Trip (best books)
Creative Loafing: Charlotte (favorite books)
Creative Writing Corner (favorite books) (best books)
The Cultural Gutter (comics)
A Cup of Tea and a Wheat Penny (best books)

The Daily Beast (books)
Daily Cross Hatch (best comics chosen by artists)
Daily Sound (best books)
Dallas Morning News (literature year in review)
Dayton Public Library (most popular books)
Dear Author: Janine (best books)
The Dharblog (best comics)
The Daily Vanguard (top graphic novels and comics)
Dance to the Music of Time (books)
Dead in the South (favorite books)
Detroit Metro Times (best music books)
The Dharblog (best comics)
Distractions (favorite books)
Dr. Norris Chumley Satisfied Life (books)
Drawn!: John (art books)
Drawn!: Matt (comics & art books)
Dylan Thomas Prize (author under 30)

The Economist (best books)
Edward Champion's Reluctant Habits (top books)
Elliott Crane (books)
Encyclopedia Britannica Blog (must-have reference books)
Enjoy Every Sandwich (best books)
Enter Stage Right (best books)
Entertainment Realm (favorite books)
Epicurious (best cookbooks)
Epuni Months (favourite books)

Family Security Matters (best national security books)
Fast Company (best business books)
FEARNet (top comics and books)
Fierce and Nerdy (favorite books)
The Fifty Books Project (best books)
file under other (minicomics and webcomics)
Fimoculous (list of lists)
Financial Times (architecture & design books)
Financial Times (art & photography books)
Financial Times (business books)
Financial Times (business and society books)
Financial Times (children's books)
Financial Times (critic's choice books)
Financial Times (fashion & gifts books)
Financial Times (fiction)
Financial Times (food books)
Financial Times (teens books)
Financial Times (history books)
Financial Times (music books)
Financial Times (poetry books)
Financial Times (politics & religion books)
Financial Times (science books)
Financial Times (sports books)
Financial Times (teens books)
Financial Times (travel books)
finitum non capax infiniti (books)
The Forge (favorite books)
Fret Soup (best books)

Galleycat (year in publishing)
Ghost Word (best books)
Gingers Is the Watchword (best books)
Global Dashboard (top books)
Globe and Mail (best books)
Globe and Mail: Jim Bartley (top books)
gnomicutterance (best books)
Good Morning America (favorite coffee table books)
Goodreads (best books)
Gothamist (year in food books)
Grand Rapids Press (books)
Granta (authors' books of the year)
Green Cotton (top green books)
Grist (best environmental book)
The Guardian (best music books)
The Guardian (travel books)
The Guardian (year in books)

Harvard Book Store: The Harvard Hundred (books)
Hero Spy (best in comics)
Horn Book Fanfare (best children's books)
Hudson Booksellers (best books)
Hyphen (best Asian American books)

I Will Dare (best books)
I Will Dare (worst books)
Ian Rankin (comics & graphic novels)
IGN (comics)
Ignatius Press: Authors (best books)
In a Green Shade (best books)
In Training for a Heroine (best books)
The Independent (best books)
The Independent (best gardening books)
The Independent (best graphic novels)
The Independent (best military history books)
The Independent (books of the year)
The Interpreter: Allen Gyngell (books)
The Interpreter: Mark O'Neill (books)
io9 (best and worst SF comics)
io9 (best science fiction books)
Isak (best books)

Jan-ken-pon (favorite comics & graphic novels)
January Magazine (best books)
January Magazine (best children's books)
January Magazine (best crime fiction)
January Magazine (best fiction)
Javalobby (best books)
Jaybird's Jottings (favorite books)
Jim Hanley's Universe (best comics)
The Johnny Bacardi Show (best comics)
Josephine Damian (best books)
Josephine Damian (best mystery/crime books)
the journey (favorite books)
Judd Street Blog (best books)
Julie's Health Club (great health books)

Kanlaon (books)
Kansas City Star (noteworthy books)
Kethylia (top US manga)
KEXP (best books about music)
Kid Lit Kid (best books)
King County Library System (best books)
KinoSport (top books)
Kirbside (favorite books)
Kirkus Reviews (PDF link) (best children's books)

L-Dawg Has a Blog (best books)
lacunae (best book-length comics)
LAist (rock books)
Largehearted Boy (favorite graphic novels)
Largehearted Boy (favorite nonfiction)
Largehearted Boy (favorite novels)
Largehearted Boy (favorite short story collections)
Leading Blog (best leadership books)
The Leaky Cauldron (year in review)
Librarilly Blonde (favorite books)
Library Journal (best audiobooks)
Library Journal (best books)
Library Journal (best teen fiction for adults)
The List (books)
Literary License (best books)
Little Ms. Bossy (best books)
A Liverpool Thing (best books)
Living Between Wednesdays (best books)
...Living Imperfectly (best books)
Living with Joy (best books)
Los Angeles Times (favorite children's picture books)
Los Angeles Times (favorite crime fiction)
Los Angeles Times (favorite fiction & poetry)
Los Angeles Times (favorite nonfiction)
Los Angeles Times (favorite nonfiction)
Los Angeles Times (favorite young adult books)
Louisville Courier-Journal (authors' books of the year)
Louisville Courier-Journal (books)
Lower Hudson Journal (books of the year)

Man Asian Literary Prize (Asian literature in English)
Manga Recon (favorite manga) (best books)
Mark Athitakis’ American Fiction Notes (favorite books)
Mark Sayers (favorite books)
Martha's Vineyard Times (top books)
Mary & Lis Travel Blog (favorite books)
Matt Compton (best books)
Maureen Corrigan (best books)
Media Mouse (books)
MetalSux (best metal books) (best film books) (best fiction) (best memoirs) (best music books) (best sports books)
Miami Herald (best books)
Miami Herald (year in review)
Michigan Notable Books (books by Michigan authors)
Michael Patrick Brady (favorite books)
Midtown Manderley (best books)
The Millions: A Year in Reading (favorite books)
The Millions: Ed Champion (literary essays)
Mindless Ones (comics)
Minnesota Reads: Ben Kimball (top books)
Minnesota Reads: Christa (top books)
Minnesota Reads: Kelly (best books)
Mobtown Shank: Joseph Rybandt (comics)
Mobtown Shank: Pat Coleman (best comic series)
Molly Ringle (best books)
momaroo (best fiction)
momaroo (best children's books)
momaroo (best non-fiction)
MOMformation (great picture books)
The Mookse and the Gripes (best books)
Moonbeam Awards (independently published children's books)
Mrs. Loudshoes (favorite books)
The Mumpsimus (books of the year)
Muruch (top books)
My Friend Amy (best books)
My Life In... (favorite books)

Napa Valley Register (favorite books)
Nashua Telegraph (best cookbooks)
National Book Awards (U.S. books)
National Outdoor Book Awards (books)
National Post (best value books)
Nerdage (best graphic novels)
New Statesman (books of the year)
New Statesman: Ian Irvine (books of the year)
New West (best books set in the West)
New West (best Western books)
New York Daily News (authors' picks for best Latino books)
New York Magazine (top graphic novels)
New York Times (best books)
New York Times (best illustrated children's books)
New York Times (notable books)
New York Times (notable children's books)
New York Times (notable crime fiction)
New York Times: Janet Maslin (favorite books)
New York Times: Michiko Kakutani (favorite books)
New York Times Art Critics (favorite books)
The New Yorker: The Book Bench (books)
New Yorker: James Wood (favorite book)
New Zealand Listener (best books)
News Blaze (best black non-fiction books)
Newsarama (best comics)
Newsarama (superhero comics)
Newsday (favorite books)
No Tells (best poetry books)
not a kid and not that friendly (best books)
Not a Slave to Vanilla (best books)
NPR (best collections of literary letters)
NPR (best foreign fiction)
NPR (best gift books)
NPR (best graphic novels)
NPR (best mystery novels)
NPR (best political & current affairs books)
NPR (best superhero graphic novels)
NPR (top cookbooks)
NPR (top migration books)
NPR (under the radar books)
NPR: Alan Cheuse (top fiction)
NPR: Nancy Pearl (books under the radar)

The Observer (top novels)
Of Books and Bicycles (best books)
Omnivoracious (best debut from a 53-year-old author)
Omnivoracious (best wine books)
Omnivore Atlanta (best cookbooks)
On the Verge (favorite books)
The Oregonian (books)
The Oregonian (favorite comics and graphic novels)
The Oregonian (top national books)
The Other Side of the River (top books)
OUPblog (favorite books)
OUPblog: Kristy (best books)
Out of Line (best comics and graphic books)
Overnight at Thistletonthwaite Castle (best books) (best fiction)
Paperback Pirate (favorite books)
The Paramus Post (fashion gift books)
Paste (authors' favorite books)
Paste (best kids' books)
PCU (best pop culture books)
PDN (photography books)
The Penguin Blog (book designs of the year)
Penultimos Dias (best Cuban books)
Periscope Depth (best books)
Peter Murphy's Blog of Revelations (books)
Pickle Me This (top books)
pigatschmo (best books)
Pioneer Press (best cookbooks)
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (best books)
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (year in books)
Planetizen (best planning books)
Poetry Foundation (favorite books)
Poison From A Pen (top books)
Pop Candy (best comics)
PopMatters (best fiction)
PopMatters (best non-fiction)
Project Foodie (top cookbooks)
Project Foodie (top baking cookbooks)
Publishers Weekly (best audiobooks)
Publishers Weekly (best books)
Publishers Weekly (top manga)
Pulp Fictions (best comics)

The Quackometer (best books)
Queerty (top books that belong on a gay's bookshelf)
The Quest for a Million Words (best books)

Random Jottings of a Books and Opera Lover (books of the year)
"Read My Lips" Project (top fiction titles)
"Read My Lips" Project (top non-fiction books)
The Reader's Advisor Online Blog (best romance novels)
The Readers Advisor Online Blog (best speculative fiction)
Reading Is Breathing (best books)
Reading Rants! (top books)
Real Vail (best books)
Reason Magazine (year in books)
redheadedali (top books)
Reflections from a Small College Library (best books)
Robot 6 (best comic book covers)
Rocky Mountain News (memorable books)
Romance Vagabonds (best books)
Russ (best books)
RyHopeWood (best books)

Salon (books)
Salon (books by noted authors)
Salt Lake Tribune (year in books)
San Antonio Express (best books)
The San Fernando Valley Sun (cookbooks)
San Francisco Bay Times (best fiction)
The San Francisco Chronicle (best fiction & poetry books)
Saudi Gazette (best fiction)
Savannah Morning News (best mysteries)
The Savvy Reader (books for musicians)
SB4 (best books)
School Library Journal (best adult books for high school students)
School Library Journal (best books)
Scott Freeman (best fiction)
Seacoast Online (best cookbooks)
The Search (best books)
Seattle Mystery Bookshop (best paperbacks)
Seattle Mystery Bookshop: Gretchen (top books)
Seattle Mystery Bookshop: Janine (best books)
Seattle Post Intelligencer (top fiction)
Seattle Times (best books)
Seattle Times (best mystery books)
Seattle Times (top fiction books)
SEED (best books)
Sequential Tart (graphic novels)
Semicolon (best children's fiction books)
SF Signal (author's favorite SF/F books)
SF Signal (author's favorite SF/F books)
SF Weekly (Bay Area books)
Shakespeare and Co. (favorite books)
Shana writes! (favorite books)
Shenanigans (best books)
Shop Talk (best business books)
Shrink Blog (best books)
Signs of Life (favorite books)
Slap Shot (hockey gift books)
Slate (best books)
Smithsonian Magazine (notable books for children)
So the Devil and a Circus Walk into a Bar (best books)
Some Strange Ideas (favorite books)
Some Velvet Blog (best books)
The Sound of Silence (favorite books)
South Florida Sun-Sentinel (best books)
South Florida Sun-Sentinel: Chauncey Mabe (best books)
Spatula Forum (top books)
Speak Up (books)
The Spectator (books of the year)
Speed of Light (best books)
Spoiled for the Ordinary (top books)
St. John's Telegram (best Canadian cookbooks)
St. Petersburg Times (best audiobooks)
Stephen King (best books)
stevereads (best books)
Strategy & Business (best business books)
Sunset Over Slawitt (top books)

Take Your Vitamin Z (favorite books)
Tales from the Reading Room (best books)
Talking Union (labor books)
Teen Book Review (best books) (favorite books)
The Telegraph (biography books)
The Telegraph (classical music books)
The Telegraph (gardening books)
The Telegraph (history books)
The Telegraph (knowledge books)
The Telegraph (photography books)
The Telegraph (politics books)
The Telegraph (pop music books)
The Telegraph (sports books)
thinking about poetry (books of the year))
Three Percent (best translated books)
Tim 'Gonzo' Gordon (best books)
TIME (best book)
TIME (top children's books)
TIME (top fiction)
TIME (top non-fiction)
The Times (top South African books)
Times Literary Supplement (authors' books of the year)
Times Online (audiobooks)
Times Online (books about America)
Times Online (art books)
Times Online (biography and memoir)
Times Online (celebrity memoirs)
Times Online (children's audiobooks)
Times Online (children's books, ages 2-10)
Times Online (childrens books, ages 11+)
Times Online (crime books)
Times Online (fiction)
Times Online (film & theatre books)
Times Online (food books)
Times Online (gardening books)
Times Online (graphic novels)
Times Online (memoirs)
Times Online (money books)
Times Online (music books)
Times Online (photography books)
Times Online (poetry)
Times Online (sci-fi/fantasy books)
Times Online (sports books)
Times Online (thrillers)
Times Online (travel books)
Time Out Chicago (year in Chicago books)
Time Out Chicago (top books)
Time Out Chicago (weirdest books)
Time Out New York (best & worst books)
Toronto Public Library (best Canadian children's books for children from birth to five)
Torque Control (top books)
Tragedy of the Age (best books)
Tulsa World (year in books)

U Krakovianki (best books)
Unattended Baggage (top comics)
USA Today (bestselling comic books & graphic novels)
USA Today (business books)
Utne Reader's Great Writing blog (must read books by publishers)

Vail Daily (best books)
Vail Daily (best young adult books)
The View from Here (books)
Village Voice (best books)
Village Voice (best comics) (favourite novels)
Virginia Quarterly Review (top poetry books)
Voice of America (best books)

Wall Street Journal (best books)
Warrington Children's Book Club (best books)
Washington Post (best books)
Washington Post (best kids books)
Washington Post: Jonathan Yardley (best books)
WCRB (best children's books)
The Week (fiction)
The Week (nonfiction)
Weekly Comic Book Review (best & worst comics)
Welcome to the Nubbery (best books)
What Is Eric Doing? (favorite books)
What News from the North (best books)
When Worlds Collide (best collected editions of comics)
White Noise of Everyday Life (favorite books)
Wichita Eagle (favorite books)
William Hill Sports Book of the Year shortlist (best sports books)
The Windsor Star (naughty & nice in publishing)
Wisdom of a Goddess (best books)
Wizard Magazine (comics)
World of Royalty Blog (best books)
Wrinkled Notes (favorite books)
A Writer's Desk (best books)
Writers Voice (best books)
The Written Nerd (books)

Yeas & Nays (Washingtonians' favorite books)

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