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November 13, 2008

2008 Year-End Online Music Lists

Continuing a tradition started in 2006 and continued last year, I will be aggregating "best of 2008" music lists in this post. This post will be updated daily as new lists pop up online. If you see a list that is not posted, please feel free to e-mail me or leave a comment.

092589 (best songs)
10 Cool Tips (albums)
10 Cool Tips (songs)
17 Dots (best albums)
2 Blog or not 2 Blog (top albums)
2 U I Bestow (best songs)
20 Times Around the Block (best songs) (top albums)
2sparrows (top albums)
3hive (top albums)
3 News (best albums)
5:4 (best albums)
500 Words (best albums)
505 Hudson Ave (best albums)
8/1 (best albums)
88 Days in My Veins (top albums)
94.7 The Globe (classic rock)
The 9513 (most disappointing albums)
The 9513 (overlooked albums)
The 9513 (top country albums)
The 9513 Staff (top albums)

The A.V. Club (worst band names)
The A.V. Club (best albums)
The A.V. Club (least essential albums)
a4play (top albums)
Aberdeen News (albums) (annoying pop songs) (best albums) (best country music) (best hip-hop albums) (best R&B albums) (best rock songs) (breakout acts) (great debut albums) (killer under the radar albums) (Top 20 country music songs)
Above the Fold (top tracks)
Accent Feed (most innovative concert visuals)
the accidental wisconsinite (top albums)
action-squad (top albums)
adamchase (top albums)
Adele (music)
Adem with an E (top songs)
Adult Alternative (top albums)
Advertising Age (ad songs of the year)
Adweek (top branded music initiatives)
Africa Is a Country (top albums)
AfricanLoft (best Nigerian musicians)
Afropop Worldwide (top albums)
AfterEllen (celebrity's top albums)
Afterglow (best albums)
Againstthegrainblog (albums)
The Age (year in music)
The Age of Consent (overrated/underrated albums)
The Age of Consent (top albums)
The Age of Consent (top songs)
The Agit Reader (music)
AKOMISMO (songs)
Akron Beacon Journal (best albums)
alanwhelan (albums)
Album (best albums)
The Album Project (best albums)
All About Jazz (jazz year in review)
All About Jazz: C. Andrew Hovan (top jazz albums)
All About Jazz: C. Michael Bailey (best albums)
All About Jazz: Dan McClenaghan (top albums)
All About Jazz: David Orthmann (best albums)
All About Jazz: Jeff Dayton-Johnson (best albums)
All About Jazz: John Kelman (best albums)
All Scandinavian (best albums)
All Shook Down (top metal albums)
All Songs Considered (overlooked albums)
All Songs Considered (year in music)
All The Songs We Never Heard Before (favorite albums)
Allergic to Love (top albums)
Allez! Allez! (favorite albums)
Allmusic (favorite blues albums)
Allmusic (best holiday albums)
Allmusic (favorite Americana music)
Allmusic (favorite classical albums)
Allmusic (favorite electronic albums)
Allmusic (favorite jazz albums)
Allmusic (favorite jazz reissues)
Allmusic (favorite mixes)
Allmusic (noise albums)
Allmusic (favorite pop albums)
Allmusic (favorite pop/rock reissues)
Allmusic (favorite reggae albums)
Allmusic (favorite videos)
Allmusic (favorite world music albums)
Allmusic (Tim Sendra) (best albums)
Ally Marcus (top albums)
The Alphabetic Order (best albums)
Almighty Alrighty (best albums)
Alphabet Soup! (top albums)
Already & Not Yet (top albums)
Alterdestiny (best albums)
alterNate (best albums) (best music) (bestselling albums) (bestselling songs) editors (best albums) editors (best alternative albums) editors (best alternative & indie rock songs) editors (best blues albums) editors (best Broadway & vocalists albums) editors (best children's albums) editors (best Christian and gospel albums) editors (best Christian & gospel songs) editors (best classical instrumental albums) editors (best country albums) editors (best country songs) editors (best dance & DJ albums) editors (best dance & electronic songs) editors (best folk albums) editors (best Latin albums) editors (best Latin albums) editors (best Latin songs) editors (best new age albums) editors (best opera and vocal albums) editors (best pop albums) editors (best pop songs) editors (best R&B albums) editors (best R&B songs) editors (best rap & hip-hop albums) editors (best rap & hip-hop songs) editors (best rock albums) editors (best rock songs) editors (best songs) editors (best soundtrack albums) editors (best world music albums)
American Music Awards (music)
The American Scene (best unmade albums)
American Songwriter (top albums)
Amie Street (favorite albums)
anakzaman (best albums)
Analysis Digitalis (favorite albums)
...And Mediocrity Held Sway (best songs)
...and music will set you free (top albums)
And So It Came to Pass (top albums)
Andrew Tholl (top albums)
Andrew's Blog (best albums)
Andy. Stop it. (top albums)
Anglophenia (best British songs)
Angry, Young, and Poor (best and worst metal and punk albums)
Animal Noises Music Blog (best albums)
The Animal Show (top albums)
The Animal Show (top songs)
anitamartini's lounge (top albums)
Annoyingly Boring (top albums)
Ant's Music Blog (best albums)
Anthem (music)
Anthony's World (top albums)
Anti-Gravity Bunny (top albums)
Ants in My Trance (best albums)
Ants in My Trance (best singles)
antville (best music videos)
Any Major Dude with Half a Heart (top albums)
Apple iTunes store (bestselling albums, songs)
Aquarium Drunkard (albums)
Aquarium Drunkard (songs)
archGFX (top metal albums)
The Architectural Dance Society (top albums)
Are the Hills Going to March Off? (best albums)
aresultofboredom (best albums)
Ario's Digital Detritus (favorite albums)
Arizona Star (albums)
The Arizona Star (Arizona albums)
arjanwrites (favorite songs)
Arkansas Democrat-Gazette (overlooked albums)
Armed with a Mind (top albums)
Art Vinyl reader poll (best vinyl cover art)
Art's Strange World (inconsequential album releases)
Aspen Times (top albums)
The Associated Press (top rock albums)
At the Station (top albums)
Athens66 (top albums)
Attention Bloggers, This Is Your Captain Speaking: Austin (top albums)
Atrocity Exhibition (songs)
Atticus' Blogimus (top albums)
An Attitude Exhumed (best albums)
Atypical Spirituality (favorite albums)
Audio Muffin (top indie Christmas albums)
Audio Overfow (top songs)
Audiopleasures (best albums)
auditory discourse (favorite albums)
Aufhebung (favourite albums)
The Audio Muffin (top albums)
Audiotorium (top albums)
Augusta Chronicle (top albums)
Austin Kleon (best albums)
Austin Town Hall (albums)
Austin Town Hall (disappointing albums)
Austin Town Hall (top songs)
Autopoietican (progressive albums)
Aversion (best albums)
The Awkward World (best albums)
AWmusic (best categorial songs)
AWmusic (hottest Canadian bands)
AWmusic (overrated acts)
AWmusic (top albums)
AWmusic (top post-rock albums)
AWmusic (top powerpop albums)
AWmusic (top unknown artists)
AWmusic (worst albums)
AWmusic: Aaron Long (best albums)
AWmusic: Jon Pinkus (top albums)
AZLTRON (top albums)

The B-J Happy Hour (best albums)
The B-Log (best albums)
Baby, You Got a Stew Goin'! (top albums)
Back At It (top albums)
Back in 15 Minutes (top albums)
Backstreet Records (top albums)
Backseat Sandbar (top albums)
Backseat Sandbar (top monthly albums)
Backwords (favorite hip hop albums)
Bacon and Blastbeats (top albums)
badlydrawnjeff (best albums)
Bag of Songs (best live shows)
BaGel Radio (top songs)
The Bait Shop (favorite albums)
Baltimore City Paper (top albums)
Baltimore City Paper (top songs)
Bandwagon (songs)
Bandwagon (top albums)
Bandwagon (worst albums)
Bangor News (best Maine albums)
Baptized in Gin (best albums)
Barb Designs (top albums)
barkingstars (top albums)
Baseball Toaster (top albums)
The Baseball Project: The Juice Blog (top albums)
Basement Galaxy (best albums)
bassresistance (albums)
The Bastardizer (best albums)
The Bathysphere (albums)
Battle of the Midwestern Housewives (best albums)
BBC Sound of 2009 (breakthrough acts)
Be Easy, Save the World (top albums)
Bear Like Mouse (top albums)
The Bearded Cephalopod (top songs)
TheBearProject (best tunes, remixes, albums)
Bears Eat People: JRAW (best albums)
Beat Poetry (top albums)
Beatportal (top albums)
Beats & Eats (best albums)
Beats Per Millennium (top albums)
Beats So Fast (best live shows)
Beats So Fast (favorite albums)
Ben's Blog Roll (top albums)
The Bend Bulletin (top local & national tracks)
The Bend Bulletin (top local albums)
The Berg Standard (top albums)
Berkeley Beacon (best albums)
Berkeley Place (top debut albums)
Berkeley Place (best albums)
Berkeley Place (best EPs)
Berkeley Place (best mixtapes)
Berkeley Place (covers)
Beside the Queue (music)
Best Week Ever (top songs)
BET: Sound Off (best songs)
beta (best albums)
betterPropaganda (top albums of the decade)
betterPropaganda (top artists of the decade)
Beware of the Blog (best & worst albums)
Beware the Sax Solo (top albums) (top albums)
biblioklept (best albums)
Big Apple Music Scene (top NYC concerts)
The Big Takeover: Staff Lists (albums)
bigmouth strikes again (top albums)
Billboard (critics choice albums)
Billboard (top tours)
Billboard (year in music)
Biloxi Sun Herald (top albums)
Binghamton Democrat & Chronicle (favorite albums)
Biomusicosophy (best albums)
Biomusicosophy (best music videos)
Biomusicosophy (best shows)
Biomusicosophy (best tracks)
Biomusicosophy's mom (favorite albums)
Birmingham News: Scene Blog (Alabama acts)
Bits of Nonsense (best albums)
Bjorn Yttling (top albums)
Black Plastic Bag (top albums)
blackfolk (best albums)
Blah Blah Blah (artists of the year)
Blar! It's Brad's Blog! (top songs)
Blender (top albums)
blissblog (albums)
the blisslist (best albums)
BLITZ Portugal (albums)
A Blog Named Mega (favourite albums)
The Blog of Gus (best albums)
The Blogglebum Cage (top albums)
blogofchampions (top albums)
Blogs N' Roses (top albums)
Blood Inside (best albums)
Blood On My Vans (top albums)
Bloomberg (best albums)
Bloomberg (best American albums)
BMer on Music (best albums)
Bmore Musically Informed (top Baltimore albums)
Bob's Bloggery (top albums)
Bob Edwards (overlooked music)
Boingy Boingy (albums)
Bollocks! (best songs)
Bollynewz! (worst Bollywood albums)
Bollywood Spice (albums)
Books and Blood (best albums)
Boomkat (favourite albums)
Boomkat (favourite singles)
The Boot (best country albums)
Bootie (best mashups)
Bored at Work? (most awesome music lists)
Boston Globe (local albums)
Boston Globe: Christopher Muther (top albums)
Boston Globe: James Reed (top albums)
Boston Globe: Joan Anderman (top albums)
Boston Globe: Jonathan Perry (top albums)
Boston Globe: Sarah Rodman (top albums)
Boston Globe: Siddhartha Mitter (top albums)
Boston Herald (music)
Boston Music Spotlight (Boston music)
Boston Music Spotlight (favorite albums)
Both Bars On (top albums)
Bottom of the Glass (best songs)
Bottom of the Glass (top albums)
Bourbon Milk Punch (best albums)
Bows + Arrows (favorite albums)
BoxSetGo (best songs)
Brad Matthew (top albums)
Brad Wilson (albums) (top albums)
Brain Pickings (best album art)
Breakfast For The Block (top albums)
Breakfast on Tour (top albums)
Breakfast on Tour (top shows)
Breakfast on Tour (top songs)
Breaking More Waves (albums)
Brendan McNulty (top albums)
brett//andrew//miotti (best albums)
Brian & The Biz (favorite songs)
The Bringer of Songs (best albums)
Broadcast Beach (top albums)
The Brock N' Roll Blog (top albums)
brokenbranches (albums)
brokenbranches (songs)
The Brokest Writer You Know (top hip-hop albums)
Brown Mastodon: Brawlodon (top albums)
Built on a Weak Spot (top albums)
A Bunch of Us (favorite albums)
The Burger (top albums)
Burgersmoke (top albums)
Burkey's Blog (top albums)
Burning Wood (best import albums)
Burning Wood (top albums)
Burnt Waffles: Alex (albums)
Busdriver (top albums)
But We All Know (best albums)
Butch Slap (best albums)
Butch Walker (top albums)
Buzz (top albums)
The BUZZ (top albums)
Buzzbands.LA (favorite albums)
Buzzgrinder: Blake (top albums)
Buzzgrinder: Jay (top albums)
Buzzgrinder: Jess (top albums)
Buzzgrinder: Josh (top albums)
Buzzgrinder: Matthew Putman (top albums)
Buzzgrinder: Travis Turner (top albums)
Buzzin Music Blog (best albums)
Bygone Bureau (best albums)
Bygone Bureau (best Austin, Boston, Chicago albums)

Cable & Tweed (favorite albums)
Cadell Insight Group (best albums)
Cafe Eclectica (top shows)
Cahl's Juke Joint (best albums)
Cale's Corner (top albums)
Calgary Herald (albums)
Can You See the Sunset (favorite albums)
Can You See the Sunset (favorite EPs)
Cannibal Cheerleader (top songs, albums)
Cape Cod Times (best pop music)
Captains Dead (top albums)
Cardeo Design Blog (best albums)
Cargo Records (best albums)
Cargo Records staff (favourite albums)
Carry Like Mariah (favorite non hip-hop albums)
Carry You Away (best albums)
Carry You Away (best new artists)
Casual Listening (best albums)
A Catfish Blog (top albums)
Catfish Vegas (best albums)
Cats Are Grey (best albums)
CAUSE=TIME (best albums)
Cawleyblog (favorite albums)
CCM (Christian albums)
CD Times (best albums)
CelebStoner (top high tunes)
CenLamar (top albums)
Century of Slang (top songs)
Certain Songs (favorite covers)
Certain Songs (song titles of the year)
Certified Banger (top UK albums) (top albums)
Charleston City Paper (top albums)
Charleston Post and Courier (best albums)
Check the Availability (top albums)
CheersByeBye (top songs)
Cheztune (favorite albums)
Chicago Daily Herald (great albums)
Chicago Sun-Times: Jim DeRogatis (best albums)
Chicago Tribune: contributing writers (top albums)
Chicago Tribune: E. Jason Wambsgans (top local & indie albums)
Chicago Tribune: Greg Kot (top albums)
Chicago Tribune: Greg Kot (top local indie albums)
Chicagoist (best local albums)
Chicagoist: Tankboy (best local music)
Chico News and Review (year in review)
Chris Hacault (top metal albums)
Chris Walker Versus (top albums)
Christian Music Today (reader's choice awards)
Christian Schneider (favorite albums)
Christianity Today (favorite worship albums)
Christine Soundclash (top albums)
Chromewaves (favourite albums)
Chronic Cerebral Evacuations (top albums)
Chrumblr (top albums)
Cincinnati Enquirer (pop songs)
Cinema Blend (overlooked albums)
Cinematically Correct (albums)
Circles of Concrete (best albums)
Circles of Concrete (best and worst album covers)
Circles of Concrete (best EPs)
Circles of Concrete (best songs)
Citizen Ghost Town (best albums)
Citizen of the Planet (best albums)
Citizendick (notable albums)
Clapham Blog (best albums)
Clarity 2008 (top songs)
Class Act (favorite albums)
Cleveland Free Times (top albums)
Cleveland Plain Dealer (top albums)
click opera (Momus) (best albums)
Clicky Clicky (top albums)
Clicky Clicky (top songs)
The Clovenhoof Society (top black metal albums)
Club Fonograma (best non-Latin albums)
CMT (favorite bluegrass and folk songs)
CMT (favorite concert moments)
CMT (top country albums)
Cockroach Music (albums)
Cokemachineglow (top albums)
Colorado Daily (best albums)
Columbia Free Times (top songs)
Come Fly With Me (top albums)
ComfortComes (best music videos)
ComfortComes (top albums)
Common Terry (top albums)
COMMOT!ON (top albums)
Condemned to Rock 'N Roll (best albums)
Confessions of a Music Addict (albums)
Confessions of a Would-Be Hipster (favorite albums & songs)
The Congregation of Tase-Making Aficionados (top metal albums)
Consequence of Sound (top albums)
Contra Costa Times (best albums)
Control Yourself (top albums)
Cookblog (top albums)
The Cookie Crumbling Creation Company (best videos)
Coqblog (albums)
Corpus Christi Caller-Times (top albums)
Cosmic Disco (best albums)
The Couch (most disappointing albums)
The Couch Sessions (most annoying songs)
Cougs dot Org (favorite albums)
Count Me Out (favorite shows)
Country Music Central (top albums)
Country Music Central (top songs)
Country Standard Time (best albums)
Country Universe (top albums)
Country Caravan (best albums)
The Courier-Mail (best albums)
Cover Me (best cover songs)
Covert Curiosity (best videos)
Crave (top albums) (top albums)
crimson_ghost (best albums)
Critical Noir (songs)
Crossfade (top dance albums)
Crossfade (best Latin music albums)
Crushed by Inertia (top albums)
Crustcake (best albums) (year in music)
The Cuff (best albums)
Cultivated Nonsense (best albums)
cultura zeelandica (best albums)
Culture Bully (best albums)
Culture Bully (best songs)
Culture Bully (most overlooked albums)
Culture Bully (most overrated musical moments)
Culture Bully (top concerts)
Culture Bully (top mashups)
Culture Bully (top Twin Cities albums)
Culture Bully (top videos)
Culturedeluxe (top albums)
A Cup of Tea and a Wheat Penny (favorite songs)
Curb Crawlers (best remixes)
Curb Crawlers (best singles)
Cutting and Witty (favorite albums)
cvilleMUSE (top Charlottesville music scene stories)
Cyclic Defrost: Seb Chan (albums)
Cyclic Defrost: Shaun Prescott (favourite albums)c

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