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October 28, 2009

Best of the Decade (2000-2009) Online Music Lists

The decade is winding down, and lists of the best albums and songs of the 2000s are increasingly popping up. As these lists appear online, I will daily aggregate the links in this post. If you post or see a link on a blog, newspaper, magazine, or other media site that isn't listed, please feel free to e-mail me the link or leave a comment.

Read the daily updates to this list.

The 100 Best Records of the Decade (best albums)
100 Greatest Songs of the Noughties (greatest songs)
11 Points (most embarassing songs)
17 Tracks (best albums)
17 Tracks (best songs)
2 U I Bestow (top Irish albums)
23/7 (best albums)
29-95 (favorite Houston albums)
50 Songs, 10 Years (songs)
8 and a Half Radio Show (top albums)
The 9513 (top country albums)
The 9513 (worst country singles)
The 9513 - Paul W. Dennis (best country albums)

The A.V. Club (best albums)
The A.V. Club (best comedy albums)
The A.V. Club (best electronic albums)
The A.V. Club (best metal albums)
a-Tunes (top Asian American songs)
AAH's Online Antihero (albums) (top albums)
Abandoning Eden (top albums) (best punk albums) (best R&B songs) (best rock albums) (top indie band name cliches) (top pop albums) (top rock songs)
Absolute Radio (songs)
Acclaimed Music (top albums & songs)
Action-Squad (favorite albums)
Advance-Titan - Charles Greenley (top albums)
The Aging Hepster (best songs)
Aiming to Misbehave (songs of the decade)
The Album Project (best albums)
Alex's Daily Blog (songs)
Alien Blogato (best songs)
All Manner of Thing (best albums)
All Manner of Thing (best popular songs)
All the Young Punks (best albums)
All Things Awesome (top songs)
Alphaville (best albums)
Alternative Press (best songs)
Amalgamblog (best songs)
The Ambiguities (top songs)
American Songwriter (best songs)
The American Sun (albums)
Amores Perros (soundtracks)
Amused to Life (top albums)
Ancillary Adams (favorite albums)
And the Ash (favorite albums)
andee's world (best albums)
Andrew Ennals (best songs)
Ange's Blog (best albums)
Angry Young Man (best punk albums)
Animal Noises Music Blog (best albums)
Animal Noises Music Blog (most prolific artists)
Another Kind of Mind (top albums)
Antiquiet (best albums)
Antville (best music videos)
Anu Kirk (top albums)
AOL Radio Blog (top alternative songs)
AOL Radio Blog (top metal songs)
AOL Radio Blog (top rap songs)
The Appalling Strangeness (best songs)
Aquarium Drunkard (favorite albums by individual writers)
The Arizona Daily Wildcat (best albums)
The Arts Desk (electronica)
As I Run and Run, Happiness Comes Closer (top albums)
ASCAP (top holiday songs)
Associated Content (best albums)
Atlanta's A-List (best albums)
atysbooks (top albums)
Aught Music (best songs)
The Augusta Chronicle (albums)
Aurelle in Accidental Position (top cover songs)
Author's Blog (best Christian music albums)
The Awards Psychic (top artists)
Awesome with a Side of Sweet (albums)
Aylward's Home Truths and Interests (best albums)

The B-J Happy Hour (best albums)
Backbeat Online (top indie rock songs)
Backstage Press (top singles)
Bad Idea Blue Jeans (songs)
Bandwagon (artist)
Bandwagon (songs)
Bandwagon (top albums)
Bang Potential (top albums)
The Bank (albums)
Barbara (best albums)
BardsWorld (albums)
Barnesy's Blog Party (top albums)
the_bastard_son (worst music acts)
BBC Music (best albums)
BBC - Wales Music (top albums)
Beach Music and Boat Shoes (best albums)
Bearded Jive (top albums)
Beat the Indie Drum (most essential albums)
Before It's News (top albums)
Before the Deluge (top albums)
Being There (best albums)
BenLog (best concerts)
Benny Caine (Cocaine) (favorite albums)
Berkeley Place (best independent hip-hop albums)
Berkeley Place (best independent rock albums)
Berkeley Place (best rappers)
Best Ever Albums (best albums)
betterPropaganda (best record labels)
Big Other (top albums)
Billboard (artists)
Billboard (no. 1 songs)
Billboard (no. 1 albums)
Billboard (one-hit wonders)
Billboard (top touring artists)
bise-en-scene (albums)
A Blog Supreme (most important jazz albums)
Blog-tales (best albums)
Blogging About Architecture (top albums)
Blogtastic (top albums)
The Blogwin (top albums)
The Bloog (worst songs)
Blowin' in the Wind (best albums)
Blue Calx Music (albums)
The Blue Hoodie (albums)
The Blue Whale Blog (top Birmingham UK bands)
Blurred Clarity (best albums)
Board of Hi Five (top albums)
The Bob and Abe Show (favorite albums)
Bodyspace (best singles)
The Bollard (best Portland albums)
The Boombox (artists)
The Boombox (best albums)
The Boombox (best songs)
The Boot (best albums)
The Boot (best songs)
Born Under Punches (best rappers)
Boston Phoenix (worst alternative rock albums)
Bottomless Chips (albums)
Boulder Daily Camera (best albums)
The Boy Kicked Out at the World (songs that defined the decade)
The Boy with the Thorn in His Side (top albums)
The Boy With the Thorn in His Side (top songs)
The Brainfart (top albums)
The Brannan Blog (favorite songs)
breakfast, lunch-n-dinner (top albums)
Breakfast on Tour (top albums)
Brian Currin (favourite albums)
Brian Currin (favourite songs)
BrightestYoungThings (most underrated albums)
Britishknee (favorite albums)
Broken Mic (most influential music figures)
Broken Stories of My Life (top songs)
BSCReview (best albums)
Buffalog (top albums)
Built on a Weak Spot (top albums)
Burn the Hive (favorite albums)
Buzzsugar (favorite albums)
The Bygone Bureau (best songs)

The Cabinet of Prof. Kitty (top albums)
Can You See the Sunset? (favorite albums)
Canberra (best songs)
Cape Cod Online (best albums)
Captains Dead (top albums)
Carolina Lifestyles (top albums)
Cave 17 (top remixes)
CD Ratheden (albums)
The CDP (top concerts)
The CDP (top music videos)
Cerebral Debris (albums)
Chalkdust (best mainstream songs)
Change the Rotation (best albums)
Chart Watch (bestselling albums)
Cheeky Sounds (top albums)
Chef Diesel (albums)
Cherwell (albums)
Chicago Reader (songs)
Chicago Tribune (key rock events)
Chico News & Review (Chico bands)
Chop's Top Fives (top albums)
Chris Besinger (STNNNG) (favorite albums)
Cinema Blend (top music moments in film)
Cinematical (best musicals)
Cirrostratus Blog (favorite albums)
City of Angels to Charm City (favorite albums)
CKTK (top albums)
ckYoungMusicBlog (music)
Clagnut (top albums)
Claptrapped (top albums)
Claptrapped - G$ (top albums)
Claptrapped - Kolmin (top albums)
Classical Geek Theatre (favorite albums)
Clicky Clicky Music Blog (top albums)
Close to the Edge (top albums)
CLUAS (best Irish albums)
Club Fonograma (best albums)
Club Fonograma (best regional Mexican songs)
Club Fonograma (best songs)
Columbus Alive! (top albums)
Comedy So Black (top albums)
Completement Rate (best albums) (best mixtape albums) (best music videos) (top albums) (top guilty pleasure songs) (top music video girls)
Computer OK (best artists)
Concert Chris (favorite albums)
Condominium (favorite albums)
Consecrated Soup (best albums)
Consequence of Sound (albums)
Consequence of Sound (greatest album closers)
Consequence of Sound (top songs)
The Conservative Journal (best Christmas albums)
The Contrarian (best albums)
The Cookblog (best albums)
Cool Music Central (best albums)
The Corsair (top albums)
Count Me Out (favorite albums)
Country Universe (greatest albums)
Crawdaddy! (favorite albums)
crazier than shirttails (best songs)
The Crazy Go Blog (top albums)
Credit to the Girl Next Door (most influential albums)
The Crossed Pond (best albums)
Cru Jones Society (favorite music acts)
Cultural Current (best albums)
Cultural Minefield (best songs)
Culture Blues (top albums)
Culture Bully (best albums)
The Daily Loaf (best albums)
Culturethoughts (most offensively annoying "new rock" bands)
Cup O' Joel (top albums)
CWG (top albums)
CWG (top bands)
CWG (top indie bands)
CWG (top rap artists)

D-Notice (best albums)
Da Morgue - Colin (top albums)
Da Morgue - John (top albums)
The Daily Californian (top albums)
The Daily Californian (worst collaborations)
The Daily Deuce (top rock bands)
The Daily Deuce (top songs)
The Daily Iowan (top albums)
The Daily Loaf (best albums)
The Daily Loaf (forgotten albums)
The Daily Loaf (Tampa music)
Daily Mail Online (best albums)
Dallas Observer (best Dallas albums)
Dance Music Digest (music)
Dane101 (favorite Madison albums)
Dani Rosenoer (top albums)
Dave/Avenue (top albums)
David Katznelson (top albums)
DayBowBow (top albums by female solo artists)
The De Mello Theory (top cover songs)
De Mundi Systemate (albums)
Decibel (greatest albums)
Deckfight (top albums)
DeKalb Scene (best & worst music)
Delicious and Nutritious (top albums)
Delicious and Nutritious (top songs)
dennisdcfc (top albums)
Denver Westword (best soundtracks)
Dessa (favorite albums)
Detroit Metro Times (favorite albums)
Detroit News (top songs)
Deutschland, na klar! (albums)
/dev/random (top albums)
Devastating the Obvious (top albums)
Diablogue (top songs)
The Diamondback (top albums)
Diary of Musical Thoughts (top remixes)
Dimes for Nickels (favorite songs)
Discorder (best Vancouver bands)
DJ Jojo (favorite albums)
DK Presents (songs)
DKS (top hip-hop albums)
Dollop of Solipsism (songs)
Don't Fear the Mainstream (favorite songs)
Don't Stay Up Too Late (top songs)
The Donnybrook Writing Academy (top overrated albums)
dragstripGirl (besten songs)
The Drink Up, Honey (best albums)
Droidzone (top albums)
Dropkick's Kiosk (greatest albums)
Drowned in Sound (songs)
Dryvetyme Onlyne (best albums)
Dublin Opinion (favourite albums)
The Dumbing of America (albums)




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