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November 2, 2009

Online "Best of 2009" Book Lists

Just like last year, I will be aggregating every online "best of 2009" book lists I find in this post. As the lists appear online, I will add them to this master list. Please feel free to leave a comment or e-mail me with a blog, magazine, newspaper, or other online media list I have missed.

Read daily updates to this list.

3:AM Magazine (books)
44-Diaries (best books)
The 48 Files (top books)
4thletter! (comics)
5 Minutes for Parenting (best books)
5B4 (best books)
777 Peppermint Place (favorite books)

AAAS (science books for children and young adults) (bestselling signed books) (best literary books) (best manga) (best poetry books)
Absolutely No Spin (top books)
Adventures in the Writing Life (favorite books)
The Afterword (best books)
Ahab's Quest (top books)
ALA (top books)
Alpha Reader (favorite books)
Already & Not Yet (best books)
Alstin Communications (fiction)
Always Listen to Your Pig-Puppet (favourite books)
The Amateur Gourmet (best cookbooks) (best book covers) (bestselling books) (bestselling art & photography books) (bestselling audiobooks) (bestselling biographies & memoirs) (bestselling business & investing books) (best children's middle reader books) (best children's picture books) (bestselling comics & graphic novels) (bestselling cookbooks) (bestselling current events books) (bestselling entertainment books) (bestselling food lit books) (bestselling gay & lesbian books)"> (bestselling history books) (bestselling home & garden books) (bestselling literature & fiction books) (bestselling mystery & thrillers books) (bestselling outdoors & nature books) (bestselling romance books) (bestselling science books) (bestselling science fiction & fantasy books) (bestselling short story collections) (bestselling teens books) editors (best books) editors (best arts & photography books) editors (best audiobooks) editors (best biographies and memoirs) editors (best business & investing books) editors (best children's middle readers books) editors (best children's picture books) editors (best comics & graphic novels) editors (best cookbooks) editors (best current events books) editors (best entertainment books) editors (best food lit books) editors (best gay & lesbian books) editors (best history books) editors (best home & garden books) editors (best literature & fiction) editors (best mystery & thriller books) editors (best outdoors & nature books) editors (best romance books) editors (best science books) editors (best science fiction and fantasy) editors (best short story collections) editors (best teens books)
American Book Center (biggest books)
The American Book Center (favorite books)
Amused By Books (top books)
Amy's Library of Rock (favorite books)
AnAvidOpinion's Blog (best books)
Andalucy (favorite books)
Andy Wolverton (best Christianity & culture books)
Andy Wolverton (best collection)
Andy Wolverton (best fiction)
Andy Wolverton (best mystery & suspense books)
Andy Wolverton (best non-fiction)
Andy Wolverton (best YA & j-fiction)
AnimeGirl's Bookshelf (favorite books)
Anis Shivani (best books)
Anne Gorick (best poetry books)
Anne's Food (favorite books)
Annette J. Dunlea (best crime books)
Antiblurbs (favourite books)
Anything and Everything (best books)
Arbor Books (best books)
Arizona's Own Espresso Pundit (books)
Arlington Public Library (top books)
Armchair Audience (favorite books)
Art MoCo (top books)
artfuldodger (best books)
Ascplpop's Blog (best fiction)
Ascplpop's Blog (best nonfiction)
ASCPLTeens (best books)
Asian Art Museum Blog (notable Asian books)
Associated Content (top poetry books & chapbooks)
ASU News - Patricia Etter (best Southwest books)
Asylum (books)
At Home With Books (best books)
At Pemberly (best & worst books)
The Atlantic (books of the year) (audiobooks)
AudioFile (best audiobooks)
Austenprose (favorite Austenesque books)
Austin American-Statesman (coffee-table books)
Austin Kleon (best books)
The Australian (best books)
Author Exposure (favorite books)
An Awfully Big Blog Adventure (books)

Baby Got Book - Nicole (books)
Bananalog Girl (best books)
Band of Thebes (writers' favorite LGBT books)
Barnes & Noble Review (best art & illustration books)
Barnes & Noble Review (best biographies)
Barnes & Noble (best books)
Barnes & Noble Review (best books in translation)
Barnes & Noble review (best graphic novels)
Barnes & Noble Review (best historical fiction)
Barnes & Noble Review (best literary nonfiction)
Barnes & Noble Review (best mysteries & thrillers)
Barnes & Noble Review (best poetry books)
Barnes & Noble Review (best politics & policy books)
Barnes & Noble Review (best science & nature books)
Barnes & Noble Review (best historical fiction)">Barnes & Noble Review (best short story collections)
Band of Thebes (best LGBT books)
Barbara Fister's Place (top crime fiction)
Barnes and Noble (best paranormal fantasy books)
Barnes and Noble's Heart to Heart Blog (best romance fiction)
Barnes and Noble Review (best mysteries and thrillers)
Baroque in Hackney (poetry books)
Baseball America (best books)
Bay Windows (LGBTQ family books)
BearPond Books (top books)
Beau Manor (children's books)
Bedside Table (favourite books)
Beside the Norm (books)
Best Day of Life (best books)
Better World Books (top non-fiction)
Beyond Encounter (top books)
Beyond Her Book - Reader's Choice (best books)
Biblical Foundations (best biblical/theological books)
Bibliokept (best books)
Big Other (best books)
Bits and Books (best books)
Bivocational Ministry (favorite books)
Black By Popular Demand (best books)
The Black Letters (books)
Blog Making Media Sensation (top fiction)
Bloggin' Beav (best books)
Book Addiction (favorite books)
A Book Blog of One's Own (best books)
Book By Its Cover (best books)
The Book Case (best middle grade books)
The Book Case (best picture books)
The Book Case (top cookbooks)
The Book Catapault (notable books)
The Book Design Review (favorite book covers)
Book Examiner (best book club books)
The Book Lounge (books)
Book Obsession (best books)
Book Patrol (best books about books)
The Book Maven (bottom books)
The Book Owl (best books)
The Book Shopper - Atlanta/Decatur (top books)
The Book Smugglers - Amy (My Friend Amy) (books)
The Book Smugglers - Harry (Temple Library Reviews) (books)
The Book Smugglers - Kristi (books)
The Book Studio (top books)
Bookalicious (top books)
Bookalicious (top books)
BookBath (best books)
BookBrowse (favorite books)
Bookconscious (overlooked books)
Bookgasm (top crime fiction)
Bookgasm (top sci-fi books)
BookGeeks - Simon P (books)
The Bookish Bent (books)
Booklist (top arts books for youth)
Booklist (top first novels)
Booklist (top religion books for youth)
Bookmarks (kids' picks for best books)
Bookpuddle (top books)
Books and Movies (top books)
Books, Books, Books (favorite books)
Books for Kids (top YA/MG books)
Books Obsession (best books)
Books - Sliced & Diced (top books)
The Books, Time, and Silence (top books)
Bookstore People (literary gems from small presses)
Bookworm Readers (top books)
Boston Bible Geeks (favorite books)
Boston Globe (best fiction)
Boston Globe (best nonfiction)
The Boy with the Thorn in His Side (favorite books)
Brandon Shimoda (best poetry books)
Breezy Mama (top parenting books)
Brenda Loves Books (top books)
Brian Keene (top books)
Brian Sholis (favorite books)
The Brian Sullivan Blog (best books)
Brian's Life (favorite books)
Bringing Brands to Life! (top books)
Brooke Reviews (worst books)
BSCReview (best mystery/crime fiction)
BuKuKu Review (top kid's books)
Burbank Library Blog (best books)
Business Standard (best books)
Business Week (best innovation & design books)
Buzzard Blog (best books)
By: Aaron Steinberg (favorite books)

C-Dawg's World (top books)
California Literary Review (best books)
Candy-Coated Scorn (best books)
Carol Bradley (dog books)
Carolyn Kellogg (favorite books)
Carrie Ryan (books)
Casa Camisas (favorite picture books)
The Casual Optimist (favourite books)
Cati Porter (best poetry books)
Caustic Cover Critic (best books)
CG (best animation books)
A Chair, A Fireplace & A Tea Cozy (favorite books) (top books)
Chamber Four (best books)
Chapman/Chapman (best books)
Charles A. Tan (best books)
Charles Jensen (best poetry books)
Charlotte's Library (books)
Chester County Books and Music (best books)
Chicken Spaghetti (list of children's book lists)
Chicago Tribune (best gift books)
ChinaTimes Online Diary (best books)
Chosen for Grace (top books)
Christian Science Monitor (best fiction)
Christian Science Monitor (best nonfiction)
Christchurch Libraries Blog (best & worst books)
Christinapomoni's Blog (best books)
Christine Fonseca (favorite books)
Citizen Reader (underrated books)
Cleveland Plain Dealer (best books)
Clio Muses (best books)
Closetwriter (favorite books)
CNNGo - Chris Wood (Asia Literary Review) (best books)
The Coast (best books and comics)
Coffee Tea Books and Me (favorite books)
The Columbus Dispatch (best children's alphabet & counting books)
The Columbus Dispatch (best children's biography & history books)
The Columbus Dispatch (best children's books)
The Columbus Dispatch (best children's fiction picture books)
The Columbus Dispatch (best children's graphic novels)
The Columbus Dispatch (best children's historical fiction books)
The Columbus Dispatch (best children's non-fiction picture books)
The Columbus Dispatch (best children's poetry books)
The Columbus Dispatch (best children's pop-up & novelty books)
The Columbus Dispatch (best children's realistic fiction books)
The Columbus Dispatch (best children's science books)
The Columbus Dispatch (best young adult novels)
Comic Book Resources (top comics)
Comics Should Be Good (best comics reprint collections)
Comics Worth Reading (best graphic novels)
ComicsAlliance (best comics)
ComicsAlliance (best webcomics) (best comic book covers)
Conscientous (best photo books)
Conversational Reading (notable books)
Conversations with Dead People (favorite books)
Coram Deo (top books)
Cosmic Coincidence (favorite books)
Count My Stars (books)
Creaking Bar Stools (best books)
Creative Loafing - Charlotte (books)
Critically Yours (best books)
The Crooked Shelf (top books)
Crossroads (best books)
Crosswalk (top books)
cucullus non facit monachum (favorite books)
The Culbin Trail (favourite books)
The Culbin Trail (most annoying books)
Cultural Pilgrim (best books)
Cuture Surfing - Wyatt Williams (best books)
Culture Surfing - Collin Kelley (favorite books)
Culture Surfing - Joe Davitch (favorite books)
CultureLab (best books)
Customers Are Talking (best business books)

Dad Cooks Dinner (favorite cookbooks)
The Daily Beast (best art books)
The Daily Cross Hatch - Artists' Choices (best comics)
Daily Dish (wine books)
A Daily Dose of Architecture (gift books)
A Daily Dose of Architecture (favorite books)
Daily Mail (hilariously naff celebrity books)
Dallas Morning News (books)
Dan Humphrey (Gossip Girl character) (best books)
Dan Shanoff (best sports books)
Daniel H. Pink (favorite books)
Daredevilry (top books)
Davenport Library Info Cafe (favorite books)
David Sedaris (books)
David Wolach (best poetry books)
The Day (best books)
Dear Author - Jane (top romance books)
Dear Author - Janet (top romance books)
Dear Author - Janine (top romance books)
Dear Author - Jayne (top romance books)
Dear Author - Jennie (top romance books)
Dear Author - Jia (top books)
Dear Author - Sarah Frantz (top romance books)
Deborah Ager (best poetry books)
Deborah Poe (best poetry books)
Deckfight (favorite books)
Deep Dish (best books)
Delancey Place (notable books)
Delgal's Book Reviews (favorite books)
Dennis Cooper (favorite books)
The Denton Public Library (favorite romance books)
Denver Post (best cookbooks)
Design Observer (books)
Desposyni (top books)
Detroit Metro Times (grooviest rock literature)
Detroit News (best books for cooks)
The Dewey Divas and the Dudes (favorite books)
Diane's Training and Weight Loss Journal (top books)
The Dirigible Plum (best books)
Discover (best books)
Disco Demolition Night (favorite books)
The Discomfort Zone (best books)
Dispatches from Hawaii (top books)
Dog-eared and Well-read (top books)
Donald Ilitch (best poetry books)
Dooce (gift books for women)
douglascuba (best books)
Drawn! - John Martz (favourite comics and art books)
Drawn! Matt Forsythe (favourite comics & art books)
A Dribble of Ink (favourite books)
Drunk Writer Talk (best & worst books)
Dwight Friesen (top books)




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