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November 5, 2009

2009 Year-End Online Music Lists

As "best of 2009" year-end music lists appear online I will aggregate them in this post as I have in past years (see the lists for 2006, 2007, and 2008).

If you post or see a 2009 music list on a blog, newspaper, magazine, or other media site that isn't listed, please feel free to e-mail me the link or leave a comment.

Read the daily updates to this list.

#1 Hits from Another Planet (top albums)
1, 2, 3...Jamboree! - Brendan (top albums)
1, 2, 3...Jamboree! - Tom (top albums)
10 Cool Tips (albums)
14 Tracks (best songs)
17 Dots (top songs)
2 Blog or not 2 Blog (top albums)
20jazzfunkgreats (best albums)
206-UP! (top Seattle hip-hop albums)
211 Crew (top albums)
23/7 (best albums)
25 Hour Watch (albums)
3hive (top albums)
30 Helens Agree (top albums)
31st&Chi (top albums)
4 Girls, 4 Lives, 4 Ever (top albums) (favorite albums) - Alistair McGeorge (top albums)
5 Acts (favorite albums)
5:4 (best albums)
5:4 (best EPs)
7x7 (best albums)
7x7 (top Bay Area albums)
8/1 (best albums)
The 89 Vision (top albums)
The 9513 (best country songs)

A.M. 180 (top songs)
The A.V. Club (least essential albums)
The A.V. Club (top albums)
The A.V. Club - Individual Writers (top albums)
Aaron's Adventures (top songs)
Aaron's Blog (top hip-hop albums)
About a Girl Music Blog (top albums) (best folk albums) (best kids' albums) (best punk albums) (best R&B and soul albums) (best rap songs) (best rock albums) (best rock songs) (great debut albums) (top albums) (top country songs) (top breakout acts) (worst rock albums)
Above and Beyond Mag (best albums)
Absolut Noise (favorite albums)
Ace to Ace (favorite albums)
According to G (top albums)
Adam Hann's Blog (top albums)
Adam Sherwood's Writings (favorite albums)
Adam's World (top albums)
Addict Music (best albums)
Adrian Mule (top songs)
Adrian Sol (top albums)
Adtunes (top ad music)
The Advance-Titan - Charles Greeney (top albums)
The Advance-Titan - Jay Spanbauer (top albums)
Adventures of an Audio Diva (top albums)
Adventures in Sigh Fi (top albums) (top albums)
Agit Reader (best albums)
Aireeland (top albums)
Airport Through the Trees (music)
Al's Music Rant (best & worst albums art)
Alan's Corner (best movie soundtracks)
Albion Love Den's Musical Interludes (top albums)
The Album Project (best albums)
Albums of the Year (list of albums lists)
Alex Garcia in Seattle (top albums)
Alex V. Cook (top albums)
All About Jazz - C. Michael Bailey (best albums)
All About Jazz - Dan McClenaghan (top albums)
All About Jazz - David A, Orthmann (top albums)
All About Jazz - J Hunter (best jazz albums)
All Metal Resource (best & worst albums)
All Scandinavian (best albums)
All Scandinavian (best Danish albums)
All Scandinavian Music (best Norwegian artists)
All Songs Considered (best album covers)
All Songs Considered - Listeners' Poll (best albums)
All Songs Considered (top cover songs)
All the Young Punks (best albums)
All Things Go (top songs)
The Allmusic Blog (favorite electronic albums)
The Allmusic Blog (favorite folk albums)
The Allmusic Blog (favorite hip-hop albums)
The Allmusic Blog (favorite indie albums)
The Allmusic Blog (favorite jazz albums)
The Allmusic Blog (favorite Latin albums)
The Allmusic Blog (favorite metal albums)
The Allmusic Blog (favorite pop albums)
The Allmusic Blog (favorite R&B albums)
The Allmusic Blog (favorite rock albums)
Almost Four Stars (best albums)
Alpha Primitive (best albums)
The Alphabetic Order (best albums)
Already & Not Yet (best albums)
Alt Rock Now! (best albums)
Alter the Press! - Kevin Devine (albums)
The Alternative Ulster (best albums) (bestselling CDs) (bestselling mp3 albums) editors (bestselling songs) editors (best albums) editors (best albums you might have missed) editors (best alternative & indie rock albums) editors (best alternative & indie rock songs) editors (best Christian albums) editors (best Christian songs) editors (best classical albums) editors (best comedy albums) editors (best country albums) editors (best country songs) editors (best dance & electronic albums) editors (best dance & electronic songs) editors (best Latin albums) editors (best Latin songs) editors (best pop albums) editors (best pop songs) editors (best R&B albums) editors (best R&B songs) editors (best rap & hip-hop albums) editors (best rap & hip-hop songs) editors (best songs) editors (best soundtrack albums)
American Songwriter (best albums)
Amie St. (best albums)
Amoeblog (top albums)
Amoeblog - Black Light District (top dark music albums)
Amplified (best albums)
Amplifier (top albums)
AnAvidOpinion's Blog (best albums)
AnAvidOpinion's Blog (best songs)
...And Everyone's a DJ (top albums)
And I'll Never Be the Same... (favorite albums)
And Pluck Your Strings (best albums)
And Pluck Your Strings (best songs)
Andrew Craighan (My Dying Bride) (top albums)
Andrew ex Machina (favorite albums & songs)
Andrew Keenan-Bolger's Blog (top songs)
Andrew Killick (artists)
Andrew Martin Dotson (top albums)
AndrewM138 (top albums)
Andy Barlow Blog (top albums)
Animal Noises (best albums)
Animal Noises (best debut albums)
The Animal Show (best albums)
anneonymity (best albums)
Annoyingly Boring? (top albums)
Another Day at the Office (favorite songs)
Another Sucker on the Vine (top albums)
Antennas to Heaven (favorite albums)
Anti-Gravity Bunny (top drone albums)
Antiquiet (best albums)
The Anxiety of Influence (top albums)
Any Colour You Like (best albums & concerts)
Any Decent Music? (aggregated best albums list)
Any Major Dude with Half a Heart (albums)
Any State of Mine (most disappointing albums)
AnyaOtaku (top albums)
AOL Radio Blog (top alternative songs)
AOL Radio Blog (top indie rock songs)
AOL Radio Blog (top metal songs)
AOL Radio Blog (top R&B songs)
Aphera Music (top albums)
Appears (disappointing albums)
Appears (top albums & songs)
Aquarium Drunkard (albums)
Arbitrary Judgment (best albums)
Arcane (top albums)
Archipel-a-gogo! (top albums)
Art Hates You (best nonmetal albums)
Art Hates You (top metal albums)
Art Nouveau (best albums)
Art Nouveau (best songs)
Art Vinyl (album artwork)
Artforum (music)
Artful Misanthrope (best albums)
The Artful Misanthrope (best songs)
Artrocker (top albums)
Arts: It's What's for Blog (best songs)
The Aspen Times (best albums)
The Associated Press (best rock albums)
At the Sinema (top albums)
Atlanta Journal-Constitution - David O'Brien (best albums)
Atlanta's A-List (favorite songs)
Atlanta's A-List - Alex (best albums)
Atlantic City Weekly (favorite albums)
Atomic Ned (favorite albums)
An Attractive Ugly Man (top albums)
Audio Drums (best albums)
Audio Muffin (top albums)
Audio Overflow (most overrated albums)
Audio Overflow (top debut albums)
Audio Overflow (top male albums)
Audio Overflow (top party jams)
Audio Overflow (top songs)
Audio Overflow (top songs from bad albums)
Audioholic Media (favorite albums)
Auftouren (top albums)
Aught Music (best albums)
augustcool (top albums)
Ausgrind (top albums)
Austin Public Library Blog (albums)
Austin Town Hall (album covers)
Austin Town Hall (top albums)
Austin Town Hall (top Austin albums)
Austin Town Hall (top songs)
Austinist (top albums)
Auxiliary (music videos)
The Avenging Unicorn (favorite songs)
Aversion (best albums) (hottest Canadian bands)
Aye Tunes (top albums)
Azltron (best albums)

B. Scott (favorite albums)
The B-Log (best albums)
The B3nson Recording Company- Mike C. (favorite albums)
Backbeat Online (best dance albums)
Backbeat Online (best songs)
Backbeat Online (top metal albums)
BackForty Presents (best songs)
Backseat Sandbar (top albums)
The BAcksliders (music)
The Bait Shop (favorite albums)
Baltimore City Paper (albums)
Baltimore City Paper (Baltimore music)
Band Names from my Spam Folder (favorite albums)
Bandmill (best metal/hard rock album covers)
Bandwagon (favorite albums)
Bang Potential (top albums)
(Bark + Bite) (best albums)
Barnes & Noble (best music)
Barnesy's Blog Party (top albums)
Barnesy's Blog Party (top songs)
Battle of the Midwestern Housewives (best albums)
The Bay Bridged (best metal albums)
The Bay Bridged (great San Francisco Bay Area albums)
Beach Kuchi Kaiai (best songs)
Bears Eat People (top albums)
The Beat Frequency (top albums)
BeatCrave (top albums)
Ben McCrow (The Rotted) (top albums)
Ben Ward (Orange Goblin) (top albums)
Beneath the Castle (favourite albums)
BenLog (top albums)
Berkeley Place (albums)
Berkeley Place (best EPs)
Berkeley Place (best independent albums)
Berkeley Place (cover songs)
The Best Albums of 2009 (best albums)
Best Albums of 2009 (best metal albums)
Best of the Year Collection (best albums)
Best Week Ever (top albums)
betterPropaganda (favorite albums)
betterPropaganda (top mp3s)
Between Every Rib (top albums) - Austin (top albums) (top songs)
Beyond Beyond Is Beyond (best albums)
Biff Bam Pop (favourite albums)
Big Hollywood (top power pop albums)
The Big Lead (top albums)
Bigger than the Sound (best songs)
Bigmouth Strikes Again (top albums)
Biomusicosophy (favorite albums)
Biomusicosophy (favorite music videos)
The Bird List (albums)
Biscuits, Triscuits... (top albums)
Blac Lilacs (favorite albums)
Black Eyed Dog (best songs)
BlackBook (hip hop mixtapes)
Blah! Blah! Blah! (top albums)
Blar! It's Brad's Blog! (music)
Blare (top albums)
The Blast from the So Called Past (top albums)
Blazing Swarm (top songs)
BLEEP (best albums)
Blending with Machinery (best albums)
blissblog (albums)
Blisspop (best songs)
Blo's Blah Blah Blog (top albums)
Blog, Blog, Blog (top albums)
Blog in Lo-Fi (best songs)
The Blog of Jim Graham (albums)
Blog of mArS (top songs)
Blog on the Motorway (top albums)
Bloggeth Me (top albums)
Blogging About Architecture (favourite songs)
Blogronaut (albums)
Blogs Don't Need Titles (best songs)
Blue Air (top albums)
The Blue Indian (top songs)
Bluegrassish (best albums)
Blurred Clarity (best albums)
Blurt (top albums)
Bmore Musically Informed (favorite Baltimore shows)
Bmore Musically Informed (top Baltimore albums)
Bob Dylan Wrote Propaganda Songs (top songs)
The Bob Edwards Show (best albums)
Bob's Music Place (top albums)
Bogart Scwhadchuck (favourite albums)
Bold as Love (best albums)
Bollocks! (favorite albums)
Bolster Your Holster - Kris (best albums)
Bolster Your Holster - Kristyn (best albums)
Bonnie Baxter (Shadowboxer) (best albums)
The Boom Box (top albums)
The Boombox (best songs)
The Border Between Greece and Albania (best albums)
Boston Band Crush (favorite songs)
Boston Globe (best overlooked albums)
The Boston Globe - James Reed (top albums)
The Boston Globe - Joan Anderson (top albums)
The Boston Globe - Julian Benbow (top hip-hop albums)
The Boston Globe - Sarah Rodman (top albums)
Boston Herald (albums)
Boston Herald (music)
Boston Music Awards (Boston music)
Boston Music Spotlight (favorite albums)
Boston Phoenix (top songs)
Bottom of the Glass (top albums)
The Boy on the Bike (best albums)
Brad Frenette (best indie rock Christmas songs)
Brad Moist (top albums)
Bradley's Almanac (favorite songs)
Brainarrhea (favorite albums)
Breakfast for the Block (top albums)
The Breeze (top overlooked albums)
Bret Phillips (favorite albums)
Brett Younker (songs)
Bridging the Atlantic (hottest bands in Canada)
Brigitte Bijoux (Creative Commons songs, netlabels, albums)
The Broad Set Writing Collective (albums)
Broadcast Beach (albums)
Broadcast Beach (top album covers)
Brock Lindow (36 Crazyfists) (top albums)
Broken Mic (best albums)
brokenbranches (best albums)
BrokenTV (top remixes)
Brotherherm's Blog (top R&B albums)
The Brown Tweed Society (favorite albums)
browneyedwoman (top albums)
Budakid (songs)
Buddyhead (best & worst albums)
Built on a Weak Spot (top albums)
Bunkin (top albums)
Burgersmoke (top albums)
Buried Pleasure (top albums)
Burlington Free Press (noteworthy Vermont albums)
The Burning Ear (best remixes)
Burning Wood (best & worst albums)
Burnt Out/Still Glowing (top albums)
BurnTheJukebox (best albums)
Bust Your Ear Drums (top albums)
But Kid, I'm a Pilot (best albums)
But Now Is That The Case? (favorite albums)
Butch Slap (best albums)
The Bygone Bureau (best albums)

C76 Blog (best albums)
Ca Va Cool (best albums)
Cahl's Juke Joint (best albums)
Caipirinha Lounge (top Lusophone albums)
The Cajun Tomato (favorite albums)
The Cajun Tomato (favorite songs)
California Chronicle - The Riff Report (top songs)
Callers (best albums)
Cam Hoff - Worksonpaper (best albums)
Can You See the Sunset? (favorite albums)
Cancer Bats (top albums)
Canyon News (top songs)
Captain Ahab (favorite songs)
Cargo Records (albums)
Carry You Away (best albums)
Carry You Away (best new artists)
Carry You Away (best songs)
Castanet Clap (best Christmas songs)
Casual Listening (best albums)
Casual Listening (best kids music)
Catfish Vegas Presents... (best albums)
CBC News (favourite albums)
Cereal Robots (favorite albums)
Central and Remote (top albums)
Central Target (top albums)
Centricity - Rebekah Marlowitz (favorite albums)
Cerebral Core Meltdown (favorite albums)
Cerebral Pop (top albums)
Chainsaw Justice (top albums)
Chaos Times Infinitely Many (best albums)
Chaperone[!] (top albums)
Charleston City Paper (best albums)
Charleston Post & Courier (best albums)
charz2k (favorite albums)
Chattarati (top albums)
Cheat to Win (best songs)
chestysite (favorite albums)
Chewing Gum for the Ears (best albums)
Chewing Gum for the Ears (best debut albums)
Chordstrike - Robert Arambel (favorite metal albums)
Chicago, P.Q. (albums)
Chicago Tribune (best jazz box sets)
Chicago Tribune (top Chicago indie releases)
Chicagoist - Tankboy (albums)
Chipped Hip (top albums)
CHIRP - Mike Gibson (best albums)
Choke on Your Pop Culture (best albums & songs)
Chosen for Grace (top albums)
Chris Adler (Lamb of God) (top albums)
Chris Begg (top albums)
Chris Jeffries' Blog (top albums)
Chrisfucious aka The Lone Wolf (top hip-hop albums) (top albums)
Christian Grasse (Creative Commons music)
Christian Music Songs (top Christian albums)
Christianity Today (albums)
Christianity Today (Christmas albums)
Christopher Burke (Beach Fossils) (best albums)
Christopher Dudley (Underoath) (top albums)
Christopher Owens (Girls) (favourite albums)
Chromewaves (favourite albums)
Chronicles of a Londoner Groupie (best albums)
Church Going (top albums)
Circle of Fits (best albums)
Circles of Concrete (best EPs)
Citizen Dick (best albums)
Citizen Ghost Town (best albums)
Citizen X Reviews (top albums)
CKTK - CK (top albums)
CKTK TK (top albums)
Clash Magazine (albums)
Classical Greek Theatre (favorite albums)
Cleveland Music Scene (best albums)
Cleveland Scene (top albums)
Clicky Clicky Music (top albums)
Clicky Clicky Music (top songs)
Cliff's Cabin (favorite songs)
The Clink (top albums)
Close to the Edge (top albums)
The Clumsy Tuba (best albums)
CMSpin (top albums)
Cocaine Blunts (best rap songs)
Cokemachineglow (albums)
A Cold Sweat (most bafflingly well-received albums & songs)
A Cold Sweat (top country albums)
Colorado Springs Independent (songs)
Colour (favourite albums)
A Colourful Life of a Gay Kenyan (favourite albums)
Columbia Tribune (best albums)
The Columbian (best albums you haven't heard)
Come Aboard This Lunatic Express (top songs)
Comics and More (favorite songs & albums)
Common Folk Meadow (albums)
The Commonwealth Times (greatest albums)
Concert Chris (favorite albums)
Condemned to Rock 'n Roll (top albums)
Confessions of a Software Developer (best albums)
Confessions of a Would-Be Hipster (favorite albums)
Confounded Fret Buzz (top albums)
Congress Matters (music)
Consequence of Sound (top albums)
Consequence of Sound (top songs)
The Cookblog (favorite albums)
Cool Music Central (debut albums)
Cool Music Central (top songs)
Corey Taylor (Slipknot) (top albums)
Corpus Christi Caller-Times - Alan Sculley (top albums)
Corpus Christi Caller-Times - Jesse De Leon (top albums)
The Corvus Noir Blog (top albums)
Cosmic Disco (best albums)
Counterfit (top albums)
Countpopula (best songs)
Country Music Chicago (top albums)
The Courier of Montgomery County (top live shows & albums)
Courier-Mail (songs)
Cover Me (best cover albums)
Cover Me (best cover songs)
Crap for Genius (favorite albums)
Crawdaddy! (worst albums)
Creative Review (vinyl art sleeves of the year)
Crib Notes (favorite albums)
Criminal Damage (albums)
Critical Outcast (top albums)
Critically Speaking (top albums)
Criticism as Inspiration (best albums)
Cross Rhythms (best albums)
Crustcake - Sean (best albums)
Crustcake - Van Damned (best albums)
Cugerock (top albums)
Cult of Garcia (favorite albums)
The Cultural Contrarian (top albums)
Cultural Pilgrim (best rock albums)
Cultural Zero (top albums)
The Culture of Me (music)
Culturebully (best mashups)
Culturebully (biggest flops)
Culture Bully (top albums)
Culturebully (top music videos)
Culturebully (top songs)
Culturebully (top Twin Cities albums)
CultureCatch (best new rock & electronic albums)
Culturedbenton's Blog (favorite albums)
Culturedeluxe (top albums)
CultureMap Houston (favorite albums)
The Culturephiles (top albums)
The Culturephiles - Greg (top albums)
A Cup of MooKoo Joe (favorite albums)
Cuppytalk (best albums)
The Current (songs of "home")
Curt's Jazz Cafe (best jazz albums)
Cymbals Eat Guitars (top albums)

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