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November 30, 2009

Best of the Decade (2000-2009) Online Book Lists

The decade is winding down, and lists of the best books of the 2000s are increasingly popping up. As these lists appear online, I will daily aggregate the links in this post. If you post or see a link on a blog, newspaper, magazine, or other media site that isn't listed, please feel free to e-mail me the link or leave a comment.

Read the daily updates to this list.

17 Dots (best audiobooks)

The A.V. Club (best books)
The A.V. Club (best comics)
The A.V. Club (best short story collections)
AbeBooks (favorite books) (most collectible books) (best art books)
Abra Ebner (best books)
Accidental Akronite (top books)
All Manner of Thing (best books)
Andrew Kelly (books)
Andy Beckett (books)
Ange's Blog (best books)
Anime News Network (bestselling Japanese comics)
Anna Staniszewski (most influential books)
Asian American Giving (top philanthropy books)

Berkeley Place (comics)
bise-en-scene (books)
Blackwell (favourite books)
Blackwell (paperbacks)
A Blog About a Lot of Things (best books)
The Book Cover Archive Blog (top book covers)
Book Rapper (best books)
The Book Studio (top books)
BookFox (best short story collections)
Boston Globe (best books)
Boston Globe (unforgettable books)
The Brannan Blog (books)
The Brown Tweed Society (best books)
BSCreview (favorite novels)
Burton's Bardo (top comic books)

The Canadian Press (authors' favourite books)
The CDP (top books)
Chicago Tribune (books)
Christopher Potter (books)
Cine + Octo = Boo (best & worst comic book films)
Cleveland Plain Dealer (books)
CNNGo (best books)
CNNGo (best South Asian books)
The Comics Chronicles (top comic books)
ComicsAlliance (worst comics)
A Commonplace Blog (best English-language fiction)
Count My Stars (books)
Cup O' Joel (best books)

The Daily Cross Hatch (artists' best comics)
The Daily Iowan (top books)
The Daily Kos (best books)
The Daily Oklahoman (top graphic novels)
Deckfight (favorite books)
Deep Dish (best books)
Directly Under the Earth's Sun...Now (best books)
Dirty/Realistic (best books)

Eat Me Daily (best cookbooks)
Elizabeth Speller (favourite books)
The End of All Things (best books)
Entertainment Weekly (best books)

Fairfield County Weekly (top novels & comic books)
Family Matters! (best novels)
The Faster Times (favorite comics)
Fieldwork (favourite books)

The Globe and Mail (books)
GOOD (books)
Goodreads (best books)
Guardian (best unread books)
Guardian (book sales by author)
Guardian (books)
Guardian's Word of Mouth Blog (best food books)

The Halifax Reader - David (best books)
The Halifax Reader - Jocelyn (best books)
The Halifax Reader - Jocelyn (best young adult books)
The Halifax Reader - Kristina (best books)
The Halifax Reader - Lauel (best books)
The Halifax Reader - Maureen (best books)
The Hindu (books)
HTMLGIANT (important books)
Huckleberries Online (best books)
Huffington Post (worst celebrity books)

I Will Dare (most forgettable books)
I'm OK, I'm All Write (top books)
Indigo Books & Music (books)
io9 (amazing comic covers)
io9 (best science fiction books)
io9 (best SF comics)
io9 (overrated science fiction)
Irish Times (important books)
Ivan Goddard (best books)

Jamie's Joys (best books)
Jezebel (awesome books by women)

Katy Derbyshire (books)
Keith Kahn-Harris (books)
Kirsten Ellis (favourite books)

Lev Grossman (best books)
Life2gether (top books)
Litterateur (best books)
Lizzy's Literary Life (best fiction)
Louise Foxcroft (favourite books)
Louisville Courier-Journal (books) (top Canadian books)
The Mad Professah Lectures (favorite books)
Maria's Bookshop (top-selling books)
The Mark - Julie Wilson (books)
The Mark - Mark Leslie Lefebvre (best books)
The Mark - Michael Listsa (best books)
Mark Vernon (books)
The Millions (best books)
The Millions (best fiction)
Montana Kaiman (books)
Multiversity Comics (best artists)
Multiversity Comics (best ongoing comics series)
Multiversity Comics (best original graphic novels)
Multiversity Comics (best comics writer)
Muruch (best books)

Nathan Hobby's Blog (favourite novels)
The National Post (best books)
Nerdage (best comic book series)
Nerdage (best graphic novels)
Network News (pro-liberty books)
New Statesman (top books)
New York Magazine (major works of counterintuitive thought)
New Zealand Herald News (top New Zealand books)
News from the Boston Becks (greatest novels)
TheNinthDragonKing (favorite books)
No Pun Intended (nonfiction)
Not a Homemaker (worst books)

Omaha World-Herald (books)
The Only Living Dead Boy in New York (top moments in the comic book world)

Page Turners (top books)
Paste (best books)
Paste (best debut novels)
Paste (best graphic novels)
Paste (best music books)
Paul Magrs (novels)
Peter Sillem (books)
The Phantom Country (books) (top books)
The Poetry Blog (best books)
The Prosblogion (best PR books)

Reactionary Century (best books)
Read Street (top breakout authors)
Reverse Direction (best comics - archives & collections)
Reverse Direction (best graphic novels)
Richard LeComte's Life at the Keyboard (top novels)
Robot 6 (most important comics)
Roger Luckhurst (books)
Roland Chambers (books)

The Sandman Chronicles (best comics)
Savidge Reads (books)
School Library Journal (best children's literature)
Seb Patrick (comics)
The Secret Sun (books)
SEE (books)
South Coast Today (best books)
Steve Lake (books)
Stumbling Virtue (best books)
Sunday Independent (books)

Taylor Bright (worst books)
Techland (best comics)
Ted Burke (best books)
Teh '09er (comics of the decade)
Telegraph (books that defined the decade)
Times Online (best books)
Times Online (worst books)
Tin House Blog (best book club books)
Tin House Blog (best debut albums)
Tin House Blog (best essay collections)
Tin House Blog (best literary biographies)
Tin House Blog (best New York art-show catalogues)
Tin House Blog (best NYRB Classics)
Tin House Blog (best stories haunted by creepy little girls)
Tony Bruce (books)
Town Full of Losers (favourite books)
True/Slant (best music books)

U.S. News & World Report (good books)
Ultrabrown (nonfiction)

The Village Voice (best books)
Virtual Vellum (best food books)
Visions of Paradise (best science fiction)
Vue Weekly (best books)
Vue Weekly (best graphic novels)

Weekend (books)
Worlds in a Grain of Sand (best books)
A Writer's Life (books)
The Writer's Notebook (best books)

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