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November 15, 2010

2010 Year-End Online Music Lists

As "best of 2010" year-end music lists appear online I will aggregate them in this post as I have in past years, updating the list daily.

If you post or see a 2010 music list on a blog, newspaper, magazine, or other media site that isn't listed, please feel free to e-mail me the link or leave a comment.

Read daily updates to this list.

Revisit the lists for 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009, and 2000-2009 (best of the decade lists).

100 Greatest Jazz Albums (best jazz albums)
100 Greatest Songs of the Noughties (top albums)
1055 Triple M (top albums)
1055 Triple M (albums)
2 U I Bestow (best songs)
20/ten (best albums)
20/TEN (top songs)
20,000 Leagues Under the Radar (best albums)
29-95 (favorite Houston albums)
2Dcolvics (best albums)
2FATCREW (top albums)
20jazzfunkgreats (best albums)
3 Minus 3 (top running songs)
30 Days Out (favorite albums)
31st&Chi (albums)
3:AM Magazine (albums) (best albums)
4 to the Floor (top albums)
The 405 (top EPs)
4x4=12 (top albums)
5 Score Pachyderm (favorite albums)
65 Degrees Music Cafe (top albums)
7x7 (best San Francisco albums)
70 Miles to Empty (best albums)
77 Square (best albums)
92.3 NOW (top cover songs)

A.V. Club (best albums)
The A.V. Club (best comedy albums)
A.V. Club (least essential albums)
The A.V. Club (top Milwaukee albums)
Aaron Whitaker (top albums)
Abolish Confusion (albums) (best jazz piano albums) (best R&B and soul albums) (best rap albums) (best rock albums) (favorite alternative albums) (most disappointing rap albums)
Abundant Ramblings (favorite albums)
Ace to Ace (best albums)
Acoustic Guitar (best acoustic albums)
Action Recon (best albums)
Ad Fontes (albums)
Adam Eck (top albums)
Adam Hann's Blog (top albums)
Adam Sherwood's Writings (favorite albums)
Addict Music (top albums)
Adopted (best albums)
Adore More (songs)
Adrift and At Peace (top albums)
Adrift in Space (top albums)
Adversaria (top goth albums)
Aeroplane (top club tracks)
The Afropop Blog (top African albums)
Afternposten (critics' favorite Norwegian albums)
The Age (top albums)
Ages 3 & Up! (children's albums)
Agit Reader (best albums)
Ain't It Cool News - Quint (music)
Al's Music Rant (top albums)
alanwhelan (albums)
Albion (best & worst albums)
The Album Project (best albums)
Aled Chivers (top albums)
Alibi (worst albums)
All About Jazz (best big band albums)
All About Jazz (best female instrumentalists' albums)
All About Jazz - John Kelman (best jazz albums)
All Is Relative (songs)
All Metal Resource (top albums)
All Scandanavian (best albums)
All Songs Considered (best cassettes)
All Songs Considered (best cover songs)
All Songs Considered (best metal and outer sound albums)
All Songs Considered - Bob Boilen (top albums)
All Songs Considered - Robin Hilton (top albums)
All Songs Considered - Stephen Thompson (top albums)
All Songs Considered Readers' Poll (best albums)
All the Trees of the Field Will Clap Their Hands (top albums)
All the Way Live (top albums & mixtapes)
All the Young Punks (best albums)
All Things Country (best albums)
All Things Entertainment! (top albums)
All Things Go (top albums)
Allan Gates (top songs)
Allez, Allie! (favorite songs)
The Allmusic Blog (favorite electronic albums)
The Allmusic Blog (favorite folk albums)
The AllMusic Blog (favorite indie pop & rock albums)
The AllMusic Blog (favorite metal albums)
The AllMusic Blog (favorite pop albums)
The AllMusic Blog (favorite rock albums)
The AllMusic Blog (favorite world albums)
The Alphabetic Order (best albums)
Already & Not Yet (albums)
Already & Not Yet (songs)
Alt.Latino (top Latin alternative albums)
Altered Zones (music videos)
Altered Zones (albums)
Altered Zones (songs)
The Alternative Culture Corner (favorite albums)
Alternative Ulster (best albums)
Alvaro, Cristina, Barcelona (favorite albums)
Always Alive (favorite albums)
Amalgamation (favorite music moments)
Amazon (albums you might have missed)
Amazon (best albums)
Amazon (best alternative & indie rock albums)
Amazon (best alternative & indie rock songs)
Amazon (best blues albums)
Amazon (best blues songs)
Amazon (best Broadway & vocalists albums)
Amazon (best Broadway & vocalists songs)
Amazon (best children's albums)
Amazon (best Christian albums)
Amazon (best Christian songs)
(best classical albums)
Amazon (best comedy albums)
Amazon (best country albums)
Amazon (best country songs)
Amazon (best dance & electronic albums)
Amazon (best dance & electronic songs)
Amazon (best folk albums)
Amazon (best folk songs)
(best gospel albums)
Amazon (best gospel songs)
Amazon (best hard rock & metal albums)
Amazon (best hard rock & metal songs)
Amazon (best jazz albums)
Amazon (best jazz songs)
Amazon (best Latin albums)
Amazon (best Latin songs)
Amazon (best new age albums)
Amazon (best pop albums)
Amazon (best pop songs)
Amazon (best R&B albums)
Amazon (best R&B songs)
Amazon (best rap & hip-hop albums)
Amazon (best rap & hip-hop songs)
Amazon (best reissues & rediscovered albums)
Amazon (best rock albums)
Amazon (best rock songs)
Amazon (best songs)
Amazon (best soundtrack albums)
Amazon (best world music albums)
Amazon (best world music songs)
Amazon (bestselling albums)
Amazon (bestselling mp3s)
Amazon UK (best music)
American Aftermath (best albums)
American Noise (top country music albums)
American Songwriter (best new Christmas albums)
American Songwriter (top albums)
AnAvidOpinion's Blog (best albums)
andrewdsweeney (favourite albums)
The Andrew Blog (top songs)
Annoyingly Boring? (top albums)
Antivenin (top albums)
Ants in My Trance (best albums)
Ants in My Trance (best ambient albums)
Any Colour You Like (best albums, songs, concerts)
Any Major Dude with Half a Heart (albums)
Anything or Everything (top albums)
AOL Radio Blog (top songs)
Apeshit (top metal albums)
Are.Oh!Why? (top albums)
Are the Hills Going to March Off? (favorite albums)
Art Hates You (top metal albums)
The Art of Fiction (albums)
Artist Direct (top albums)
The Arty Semite (albums)
As Air Grows Thin, Our Minds Grow with Wonder (best albums)
As Soon Go Kindle Fire with Snow (best albums)
ASCAP (most played holiday songs)
The Ash Gray Proclamation (favorite albums)
Asheq (best albums)
The Ashtray Says (favorite songs)
AskOmar (best albums)
Aspen Times (albums)
Associated Content (best new Christmas albums)
Astral Headspace (top free albums)
Astrid Swan (albums)
At the Expense of the Listener (top albums)
Atlanta's A-List - Alex (top albums)
Atlantic City Weekly (albums)
Audio Muffin (top albums)
Audio Muffin - Bootsy (top albums)
Audio Overflow (top albums)
Audio Overflow (top pop albums)
Audionugs (top albums)
Auditor Records (best albums)
Auftouren (albums)
Austin Town Hall (top album covers)
Austin Town Hall (top albums)
Austin Town Hall (top Austin albums)
Austin Town Hall (top songs)
Autumn Souvenir (top albums)
AUX (top punk albums)
Awesome Sound (best albums)
Awesome Sound (best loud albums)
Awesome Sound (best Vancouver & B.C. albums)
The Awl (albums)
(top metal albums)">AWmusic (top songs)
AZLTRON (top albums)

Background Music (top albums)
Backseat Sandbar (top albums)
Bad Education (albums)
Baeble Music (concerts, albums, music videos, songs)
BAGeL Radio (best albums)
BAM's Blog (top albums)
Banal Leakage (top albums)
Band-Aid (best albums)
Bang Potential (top albums)
Baroque, Bleak, Brutal (top metal & non-metal albums)
Barrelhouse (best albums)
Barrelhouse - Dave Housley (best albums)
Basement Galaxy (best albums)
Battery in Your Leg (top songs)
Battery in Your Leg (top videos)
Bawley (albums)
The Bay Bridged (Bay Area songs)
Bazookaluca (best albums)
BBC 6 Music (top songs)
BBC Music - David Stubbs (best albums)
BBC Music - Garry Mulholland and Chris Roberts (best albums)
BBC Music - Gideon Coe (best albums)
BBC Music - Huw Stephens (best albums)
BBC Music - John Doran & Matthew Bennett (best albums)
BBC Music - Jude Rogers (best albums)
BBC Music - Kevin Le Gendre (best albums)
BBC Music - Mike Harding (best albums)
BBC Music - Paul Lester & Martin Aston (best albums)
BBC Music - Rob da Bank and Gilles Peterson (best albums)
BBC Music - Stuart Maconie (best albums)
BBC Music - Wendy Roby & Natalie Shaw (best albums)
BBC Radio Blog (best albums)
Beached Miami (top South Florida songs)
bearlikemouse (top albums & EPs)
The Beat (best albums)
Beat Surrender (best EPs)
Beat the Indie Drum (albums)
Beautiful Buzz (top albums)
A Beaver County Times (best albums)
Bedwetting Cosmonaut (best albums)
Beef Jerky Blog (top albums)
Beefer Blog (albums)
Beefer Blog (top albums)
Bedwetting Cosmonaut (best songs)
Been There, Dunne That (top albums)
Behind Punk (top albums)
Behind the Music (albums)
Being Ryan Bird (best albums)
Bellowhead (best albums)
Ben Lovett (Mumford & Sons) (top albums)
Bend Bulletin (best folk/twang albums)
Bend Bulletin (best hip-hop/soul albums)
Bend Bulletin (best indie/pop albums)
BenLog (best albums)
Benzi (top songs)
Berkeley Place (top EPs)
Berkeley Place (top independent rock & rap albums)
Berkeley Place (top mixtapes)
Berkeley Place (worst albums)
Best Ever Albums (aggregated list of albums)
Best New Bands (best albums)
"Best of the Year" Collection...Online (best songs)
Beta Music (albums)
Between the Lines (top albums)
Beyond Beyond Is Beyond (best albums)
Beyond Robson (top songs by Vancouver bands)
BIFF BAM POP! (top albums)
Big Sexy Reviews (top albums)
Big Sexy Reviews (top songs)
Big Ugly Yellow Couch (best albums & songs)
Bigblog (top albums)
Biggryan04's Blog (top albums)
Biglobe (top anime songs)
Bigmouthery (best albums)
Bilan (top albums)
Billboard (most viral music artists)
Billboard (top music moments)
Billboard Readers' Poll (music)
Binge Cringe Whinge (top albums)
Biomusicosophy (favorite albums)
Bismarck Tribune (top albums)
Black Youth Project (top albums)
The Blair Blog Project (best albums)
BLEEP (top albums)
BLEEP (top artists)
BLEEP (top compilations & reissues)
BLEEP (top labels)
BLEEP (top songs)
Blissblog (albums)
BLITZ (albums)
Blog du CDI (albums)
A Blog Supreme (jazz reissues)
A Blog Supreme (top jazz albums)
Blog-O-Fun (top albums)
Bloggerhouse Hip Hop (top albums)
Blogging About Architecture (top albums)
Bloggity Blog (favorite albums)
blogTO (top songs from Toronto bands)
blogTO (top Toronto breakout artists)
A Blonde, a Brunette, and a Redhead (top albums)
Blonde on Blonde (top songs)
Bluegrass Notes (best bluegrass albums)
Blurred Clarity (best albums)
Bmore Musically Informed (top Baltimore albums)
Board of Hi Five (top albums)
A Bob Baker Fish Blog (best albums)
Bob's Bloggery (favorite albums)
Boise Weekly (best albums)
Bollywood FEVER! (top Bollywood songs)
The Book of Linda (albums)
The Boombox (top albums)
The Boombox (top songs)
The Boot (top country albums)
Boston Band Crush (top songs made in or around Massachusetts)
Boston Globe (best albums you probably didn't hear)
Boston Globe (box sets)
Boston Globe (holiday albums)
Boston Globe - James Reed (top albums)
Boston Globe - Jeremy Eichler (best classical albums)
The Boston Globe - Julian Benbow (top hip-hop albums)
Boston Globe - Michael Brodeur (top albums)
Boston Globe - Sarah Rodman (top albums)
Boston Globe - Siddhartha Mitter (top world music albums)
Boston Globe - Steve Greenlee (top jazz albums)
Boston Herald (best songs)
Boston Phoenix (best Boston rap albums)
Boston Phoenix (essential hip-hop tracks)
Boulder Weekly (best albums)
Bourbon Milk Punch (best albums)
Bowlegs (top albums)
Boycotting Trends (favorite albums)
Bradley's Almanac (favorite songs)
Brain Pickings (best albums)
Brand New Kind of Photography (top albums)
Brand X Daily (best free & paid albums)
Brave New Toy (top albums)
Breakfast for the Block (top albums)
Breaking New Waves (best albums)
Brian's Life (favorite albums)
Bridging the Verse (top albums)
A Brief Pitt Stop (top albums)
Brokenbranches (best albums)
Brendan Canning (best albums)
The British Metal Scene (top albums)
brokenbranches (best songs)
broganjane (best albums)
The Broken Speaker (top Canadian albums)
Bron-y-Aur Stomp (favorite albums)
Brook Buchanan (best albums)
Brutalitopia -Jack (top albums)
Brutalitopia - Mick (top albums)
Bubblegum Cage III (albums)
Bucketfull of Brains (top albums)
buffaBLOG (top Buffalo bands)
Bugs (top songs)
Building International Coalitions Through Beer and Pavement (best albums)
Built on a Weak Spot (top albums)
Bullz-Eye (albums)
Bunyip Voodoo (best albums)
A Burdz Eye View (top Scottish albums)
Burger with Relish (best albums)
Burgersmoke (top albums)
Burgo's Music Blog (top albums)
But Seriously with Alec Kerr (favorite songs)
Buttons and Unbuttons (favourite albums)
Buttons in a Jar (top albums)
Buzzlegoose - Alexandra Fletcher (top albums)
Buzzlegoose - Heather Schwartz (top albums)
Buzzlegoose - Victor Koressel (top albums)
by osmosis (top albums)
The Bygone Bureau (best albums)

C. Matthew Brewer (albums)
The Cabinet of Prof. Kitty (songs)
Caleb Barber Blog (best albums)
Calgary Herald (best albums)
Call Me DB (best albums)
Cam's Blog (top albums)
Campus Times (best albums)
Canadian Christianity (best albums)
Cannonball (top albums made by women)
Cans of Rainwater (top albums)
Capital New York (top jazz & rock albums)
Captain Obvious (favorite EPs)
Captains Dead (top albums)
Carrie Brownstein (top albums)
Casket Crash Vigil (favorite albums)
Casket Crash Vigil (favorite songs)
The Castlegar Source (top albums)
Casual Safety (top songs)
Catalyst (top albums)
Center Your Health (best albums)
Centuries (top albums)
CEOL (top Christian albums)
Cerebral Core Meltdown (favorite albums)
Cerebral Pop (best albums)
Chase March (top albums)
Check Minus (top songs)
Chi-Tunes (favorite albums)
Chicago Independent Radio Project (members' best album lists)
Chicago Jam Scene (top albums)
Chicago Reader (best albums)
Chicago Reader (best jazz albums)
Chicago Sun-Times (albums)
Chicago Tribune (best jazz albums)
Chicago Tribune (top Chicago indie albums)
Chicago Tribune (top pop & rock albums)
Chicago Tunes (top albums)
Chief Commie Music Blog (top albums)
Chinoisdead (albums)
Chris Sisson (best albums)
Christ and Pop Culture (favorite albums)
Christian Rock (top Christian rock albums)
Christian Rock 20 (top albums)
Christian Science Monitor (music)
Chromatist (favorite albums)
Chromewaves (albums)
Chromewaves (hottest Canadian bands)
Chunklet (top albums)
Circle of Fits (best albums)
Circles in My Head (top albums)
Citizen Ghost Town (best albums)
Citysearch Sydney (best albums)
CKTK - CK (top albums)
CKTK - TK (top albums)
Clash (newcomers)
Clash (top albums)
Cleveland Plain Dealer (best albums)
Cleveland Plain Dealer (boxed sets)
Cleveland Plain Dealer (classical albums and DVDs)
Click & Dagger (top albums)
The Click of a Light (best songs)
The Click of a Light (top albums)
Click Track (top songs)
Clicky Clicky (top albums)
Club Fonograma (best albums)
COED Magazine (indie albums)
Collapse Board (top albums)
The Collegian (top albums)
The Colours of Me (favourite singles)
Columbia Tribune (favorite albums)
The Columbian (albums)
Comics-and-More (best albums)
Confounded Fret Buzz (top albums)
Consequence of Sound (top albums)
Consequence of Sound (top songs)
Construx Nunchux (top albums)
Contemplations of the Modern Rudeboy (best albums)
Contraindicator (best albums)
The Cookblog by Brian Cook (favorite albums)
Cool Kids Belong Together (best albums)
Corn-Fed Critic (comedy albums)
Cosmic Foxhole (greatest songs)
The Couch Sessions (top remixes & covers)
Countpopula's Blog of Truth (best albums)
Cover Lay Down (favorite songs)
Cover Me (best cover albums)
Cover Me (best cover videos)
Cover Me (top cover songs)
The Cover Up (top albums)
Cozy Catastrophes (favourite tracks)
Crave (best albums)
Crave (top metal albums)
Craven Cottage Newsround (top albums)
Crawdaddy (best songs)
Crawdaddy (breakout bands)
Crawdaddy - Howard Wyman (top albums)
Critic Under the Influence (songs)
Critical Outcast (bands)
Critics at Large (best albums)
Critiqulous (songs)
Crossfade (Miami's best albums, EPs & mixtapes)
Crossroad Radio (top albums)
Crustcake (best albums)
The Crux of the Biscuit (top albums) (albums) (favorite Irish albums)
Culture Bully (top albums)
Culture Bully (top mashups)
Culture Bully (top music videos)
Culturedeluxe (best albums)
CultureMob (top blues songs)
The Culturephiles (favorite albums)
CultureMap (best albums)
CultureMob (best albums)
Curiosity Killed the Brat (top songs)
CWG Magazine (top indie bands)
CWG Magazine (top rap artists)
CWG Magazine (worst songs)
Cyanide Breathmint (best albums)
Cypherz (top videos)

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