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November 4, 2010

Online "Best of 2010" Book Lists

For the third straight year, I will be aggregating every online "best of 2010" book lists I find in this post. As the lists appear online, I will add them to this master list, updating daily.

Please feel free to leave a comment or e-mail me with a blog, magazine, newspaper, or other online media list I have missed.

Read daily updates to this list.

Revisit the 2009, 2008, and 2000-2009 (best of the decade) online book lists.

27 gen (favorite books)
3:AM Magazine (books)
50 Books for 2010 (best & worst fiction & nonfiction books)
5B4 (best books)

A.V. Club (best books)
Abbey's Bookshop (favourite books)
AbeBooks (most expensive book sales)
AbeBooks (top signed books)
Abilene Reporter-News (best books) (best books) (best poetry books) (top books) (top paranormal books)
Africa Book Club (books)
The Africa Report (best African books)
AfterEllen (books)
Ain't It Cool News (books & comics)
Algonquin Books Blog (favorite books)
All Things Considered (best guilty reads)
All Things Historical Fiction (favorite books)
am New York (favorite books) (bestselling books) (bestselling art & photography books) (bestselling audiobooks) (bestselling biographies & memoirs) (bestselling business & investing books) (best children's middle reader books) (best children's picture books) (bestselling comics & graphic novels) (bestselling cookbooks) (bestselling crafts books) (bestselling debut fiction) (bestselling entertainment books) (bestselling food lit books) (bestselling gay & lesbian books) (bestselling history books) (bestselling home & garden books) (bestselling literature & fiction books) (bestselling mystery & thrillers books) (bestselling nonfiction books) (bestselling outdoors & nature books) (bestselling romance books) (bestselling science books) (bestselling science fiction & fantasy books) (bestselling teens books) editors (best books) editors (best arts & photography books) editors (best audiobooks) editors (best biographies and memoirs) editors (best business & investing books) editors (best children's middle readers books) editors (best children's picture books) editors (best comics & graphic novels) editors (best cookbooks) editors (best crafts books) editors (best debut fiction) editors (best entertainment books) editors (best food lit books) editors (best gay & lesbian books) editors (best history books) editors (best home & garden books) editors (best literature & fiction) editors (best mystery & thriller books) editors (best nonfiction books) editors (best outdoors & nature books) editors (best romance books) editors (best science books) editors (best science fiction and fantasy) editors (best teens books)
Amazon Canada (best books)
Amazon UK (bestselling books)
Amazon UK editors (best audiobooks)
Amazon UK editors (best biography books)
Amazon UK editors (best business, finance, and law books)
Amazon UK editors (best children's books)
Amazon UK editors (best crime, thrillers & mystery books)
Amazon UK editors (best fiction)
Amazon UK editors (best fiction)
Amazon UK editors (best graphic novels & manga)
Amazon UK editors (best history books)
Amazon UK editors (best humour books)
Amazon UK editors (best science & nature books)
Amazon UK editors (best science fiction)
Amazon UK editors (best sports, hobbies, and games books)
American Book Center Blog Readers (favorite books)
Amy Greene (top books)
Andalucy (favorite books)
Andrea Constantine (top books)
Andrea Zak (favorite books)
Andrew McConnell Scott (books)
Anne Riley (favorite books)
Another Lost Shark (poetry books)
Antibacterial Pope (top books)
Antiblurbs (books)
Antimoderate (most important books)
Architizer (top design/architecture books)
ArchNewsNow (best architecture books) (best books)
The Arty Semite (poetry books)
Asheville Citizen-Times (best books)
Associated Content (best Kindle edition e-books)
Asylum (books)
At Home With Books (best & worst books)
Athenaeum Boekhandel (best American literature)
The Atlantic (books of the year)
Audible (audiobooks)
Audiofile (best audiobooks)
Austin American-Statesman (best comics and graphic novels)
Austin Kleon (books)
Austin Public Library (notable books)
The Australian (best books)
Author Exposure (most memorable debut books)

Baby Got Books (best non-fiction)
Baby Got Books (favorite books)
Band of Thebes (authors' favorite LGBT books)
Barnes & Noble (best books)
Barnes & Noble (best children's books)
Barnes & Noble (best fiction)
Barnes & Noble (best fiction and nonfiction)
Barnes & Noble (best nonfiction)
Barnes & Noble (best teen fiction books)
Barnes & Noble (bestselling books)
Baseball America (best baseball books)
be.inspired (favorite novels)
beaucopkevin(dot)com (comics)
Berkeley Place (reasons to love comics)
Berkeleyside (Berkeley books)
Bernina Blog (favorite sewing books)
Beth's Blog (nonprofit books)
Biblical Foundation (best books)
Bibliognome (best series books)
Bibliokept (best books)
Bibliokept (noteworthy books)
Big Think (best art books)
Bio Break (best books)
Bite the Book (top books)
BittenbyBookLust (favorite books)
Bivocational Ministry (favorite books)
bklynbiblio (books)
Black by Popular Demand (best books)
Black Heart Magazine (books)
Blake Butler (favorite books)
The Blanket Fort (best books)
Blind as Day (top books)
Blogger News Network (books)
Bloggers Heart Books (favourite books)
The Blood Sprayer (books)
Bloomberg (best dog books)
Bloomberg (top business books)
Blue Truck Book Reviews (best books)
Boing Boing (books)
Bon Appetit (favorite cookbooks)
Book Aunt (best books)
The Book Depository (books)
Book Diary (top books)
Book Gazing (favorite books)
Book Group Buzz (books)
The Book Lady's Blog (best literary fiction)
The Book Lady's Blog (best genre-busting fiction)
The Book Lady's Blog (best memoirs)
The Book Lady's Blog (best nonfiction)
Book Marks (best books)
The Book Maven (top books)
The Book Shopper (top books)
The Book Smugglers (favorite books)
Bookalicious (best YA & MG books)
Bookforum (authors' favorite books)
BookGerms (best graphic novels)
Bookish (best books)
Bookish Bent (best books)
Booklist (notable nonfiction and fiction books)
Booklist (top art books for youth)
Booklist (top biographies)
Booklist (top biographies for youth)
Booklist (top first novels)
Booklist (top inspirational fiction)
Booklist (top religion and spirituality books)
Booklist (top religion books for youth)
BookPage (top books)
Books & Culture (favorite books)
Books and Movies (favorite children's fiction)
Books and Movies (favorite mystery books)
Books and Movies (favorite speculative fiction)
Books and Movies (favorite YA fiction)
Bookshelves of Doom (favorite books)
BookSpin (favorite books)
Booktrust Early Years Awards (children's books)
Booktrust Teenage Prize (teen books)
Boris Kitty (best anipal books)
Boston Globe (best fiction)
Boston Globe (best nonfiction)
Boston Globe (top kids' books)
Boston Phoenix (graphic novels & comics anthologies)
Brain Pickings (best art, design, and photography books)
Brain Pickings (best business, life & mind books)
Brain Pickings (best children's books)
Brian Conn (top books)
Braintasia (best book covers)
Brandon Michael Sloterbeek (top books)
Brenda Halpin (top books)
Bret Blog (best books)
Brian J. Elizardi's Blog (favorite books)
Brian Spears (favorite poetry books)
Brian's Life (top books)
Brilliant-looking by Candlelight (top books)
The Brissioni Blog (favorite books)
Brooklyn Based (authors' & booksellers' favorite Brooklyn books)
Broomfield Enterprise (best books)
Buried Under Books (favorite books)
The Burton Review (books)
By the Book Reviews (books)
The Bygone Bureau (best books)

CADL Weblog (favorite nonfiction books)
Caleb J Ross (top books)
California Literary Review (best books)
Canadian Toy Testing Council (great books for children)
Candy-Coated Scorn (best books)
Carve Your Name Comics (favorite comics & graphic novels)
Catherine Arnold (books)
Cels Jansink (top YA books)
Cem's Book Hideout (best YA books)
Center for Authentic Self Development (favorite books)
Challies (top books)
Chamber Four (best books)
Chamber Four (best graphic novels)
Chamber Four (best nonfiction)
Chamber Four (best poetry books)
Chamber Four - David Duhr (best books)
Chamber Four - Sean Clark (best books)
Chapters Indigo (best books)
Chapters Indigo (best science books)
Charlotte Observer (favorite books)
Charlotte Observer (best children's picture books)
The Chestertown Spy (best books)
Chicago Magazine (favorite cookbooks)
Chicago Reader (best books for cooks)
Chicago Sun-Times (favorite books)
Chicago Tribune (favorite books)
Chicago Tribune (top books)
Chick With Books (best books)
Chicken Spaghetti (list of children's book lists)
Children's Book Review (best books for children)
Children's Book Review (children's animal books)
Children's Book Review (children's Christmas books)
Children's Book Review (children's classic literature & fairy tale books)
Children's Book Review (children's Hanukkah books)
Children's Book Review (children's science & sports books)
Chosen for Grace (top books)
Christian Historical Fiction (top Christian historical fiction)
Christian Science Monitor (best children's books)
Christian Science Monitor (best fiction)
Christian Science Monitor (best nonfiction books)
Christchurch City Libraries (best books)
Christchurch City Libraries (best older fiction book & young adult book)
Christchurch Kids Blog (best young adult books)
Cicely Loves Books (best YA covers)
City of Tongues (best books)
Clarksville Online (best books)
Cleveland Plain Dealer (best children's picture books)
Cleveland Jewish News (Jewish children's books)
Cleveland Plain Dealer (stellar books)
Cloud Computing (business books)
Codex (favorite books)
Columbus Dispatch (top children's books)
Columbus Dispatch (children's alphabet & counting books)
Columbus Dispatch (children's biography & history books)
Columbus Dispatch (children's fantasy books)
Columbus Dispatch (children's graphic novels)
Columbus Dispatch (children's historical fiction)
Columbus Dispatch (children's fiction picture books)
Columbus Dispatch (children's nonfiction picture books)
Columbus Dispatch (children's poetry books)
Columbus Dispatch (children's pop-up & novelty books)
Columbus Dispatch (children's realistic fiction)
Columbus Dispatch (children's science books)
Columbus Dispatch (young adult novels)
Comic Book Resources (best comics)
Comic Book Resources (favorite female comic creators)
Comics Alliance (worst comics)
Comics-and-More (best manga)
Comics-and-More (best superhero comics)
A Common Reader (best books)
Concurring Opinions (privacy books)
Confessions of a Bookaholic (favorite books)
Confessions of a Science Librarian (lists of science books)
Confessions of an Idiosyncratic Mind (favorite crime novels)
Conor's Commentary (books)
Conversational Reading (favorite books)
Core77 (best inspiration & design books)
Couchtime (favorite books)
Crooked Timber (best books)
Cryptomundo (top cryptozoology books)
Culture Mulcher (books)
The Current Reader (books)

Daemon's Books - Jose (top books)
Daemon's Books - Kristen (top books)
Daily Beast (best books)
The Daily Cross Hatch (artists' favorite comics)
Daily Cup of Yoga (yoga books)
Daily Express (non-fiction books)
The Daily Green (green books)
The Daily Loaf (top books)
Daily Mail (literary fiction)
The Daily News Egypt (books)
Daily Shot of Coffee (coffee books)
Daisy Chain Book Reviews (top books)
Dallas Morning News (top books)
A Daring Adventure (best self development books)
David Lebovitz (favorite cookbooks)
Dead End Follies (books)
Dead of the Day (best art books)
Deadly Pleasures (best mystery/crime novels, British novels, thrillers, & paperback originals)
Dean Rader (best poetry books)
Dear Author (best books)
Delicious Magazine (best books)
Dennis Cooper (favorite fiction & poetry books)
Denver Post (best cookbooks)
The Devil's Accountant (top books)
The Dewey Decimalist (best books)
Dexter Palmer (top books)
The Diaz Family - Alex (favorite children's picture books)
A Different Place (best books)
Digital Library Blog (top novels)
Digital Tonto (books)
The Dirt (best books)
Disciple Magazine (top books)
Domestic Fuel (best books)
Douglascuba (best books)
Dr. Toy (children's books)
Drawn - John (favourite books)

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