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December 14, 2010

2010 Online Year-End Music Lists Update - December 14th

I am aggregating 2010 year-end online music lists again this year, and updating the list daily.

If you post or see a 2010 music list on a blog, newspaper, magazine, or other media site that isn't listed, please feel free to e-mail me the link or leave a comment.

daily updates to this list
main list of 2010 year-end online music lists

Revisit the lists for 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009, and 2000-2009 (best of the decade lists).

Today's updates to the 2010 Online "Best Of" Music Lists:

1055 Triple M (top albums)
Agit Reader (best albums)
The Allmusic Blog (favorite electronic albums)
The Allmusic Blog (favorite folk albums)
Already & Not Yet (albums)
Autumn Souvenir (top albums)
Banal Leakage (top albums)
Berkeley Place (top independent rock & rap albums)
Beyond Beyond Is Beyond (best albums)
Bigblog (top albums)
Biglobe (top anime songs)
The Broken Speaker (top Canadian albums)
Brook Buchanan (best albums)
Bunyip Voodoo (best albums)
Buzzlegoose - Victor Koressel (top albums)
Captain Obvious (favorite EPs)
The Daily Record (top albums)
Dusted (year-end music lists)
Each Note Secure - Joe Long (favorite albums)
The Echo Seduction (favorite songs)
FACT (best compilations)
Folk Hive (albums)
Funwater (top albums)
Guardian (albums)
Gigwise (best album covers)
Gigwise (worst album covers)
Glasswerk Blog (top albums)
Gypsies with Knives (top albums)
The Hand That Feeds (top alternative songs)
The Hardest Button to Button (best new artists)
A Heart Is a Spade (top albums)
Herohill (favorite Canadian EPs)
The Hollywood Gossip (most memorable songs)
Indie for Bunnies (top albums)
inrainbowshoes (best albums)
InRevu (best albums)
Junkie Pop - Ghibo (top albums)
Junkie Pop - Pistakulfi (top albums)
KEXP (new African bands)
Kickin' Out the Jams, Mofo! (favorite archival albums)
Kids Like You & Me (best & worst albums)
Little Fascist Panties (top albums)
Magnet (best reissues/collections)
The Man in the Grey Flannel Suit (best albums)
Metal Injection - Gruhamed (top albums)
MPC (favorite songs)
Multitracking - Melissa (top albums)
My Poproks (top albums)
The Nagging Sense of Infancy (albums)
Nialler9 (best remixes)
Octopus Windmill (best albums)
Off the Record (best albums)
One Chord to Another (albums)
PopMatters (best reissues)
PopMatters (most disappointing albums)
Prefix (best albums)
Prefix (best guest appearances on songs)
Quit Mumbling (favorite albums)
Raging Against the Dying of the Light (best songs)
Riverfront Times (top St. Louis singles & EPs)
Rocman Design (top pop & electronic EPs)
six hundred three score and six (best albums)
Sound Bites (favorite EPs)
State (albums)
Sound on the Sound - Abbey (favorite non-Seattle albums)
Speakers in Code (best albums)
Spin (best albums you might have missed)
Spinner (best songs)
Swear I'm Not Paul (best Irish EPs)
Swear I'm Not Paul (lists by Irish music bloggers & writers)
Thought for Food (favorite songs)
Together in Digital Dreams (top albums)
Underdog of Perfection (top albums)
Unity Is Powerful (top songs)
A View from the Underground (best hip-hop albums)
Warehouse Songs and Stories (best albums)
Web in Front (best Los Angeles albums)
When Words Attack (favorite albums)
Zoinks! Online (top albums)

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daily updates to this list

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