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December 26, 2010

2010 Online Year-End Music Lists Update - December 26th

I am aggregating 2010 year-end online music lists again this year, and updating the list daily.

If you post or see a 2010 music list on a blog, newspaper, magazine, or other media site that isn't listed, please feel free to e-mail me the link or leave a comment.

daily updates to this list
main list of 2010 year-end online music lists

Revisit the lists for 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009, and 2000-2009 (best of the decade lists).

Today's updates to the 2010 Online "Best Of" Music Lists:

77 Square (best albums)
Adore More (songs)
Apeshit (top metal albums)
Audionugs (top albums)
(top metal albums)">AWmusic (top songs)
AZLTRON (top albums)
Been There, Dunne That (top albums)
Behind the Music (albums)
Berkeley Place (worst albums)
BIFF BAM POP! (top albums)
Capital New York (top jazz & rock albums)
Chicago Sun-Times (albums)
Chief Commie Music Blog (top albums)
Chris Sisson (best albums)
Citizen Ghost Town (best albums)
Cleveland Plain Dealer (best albums)
The Click of a Light (best songs)
The Click of a Light (top albums)
The Columbian (albums)
Crawdaddy (best songs)
Crawdaddy (breakout bands)
Crawdaddy - Howard Wyman (top albums)
CWG Magazine (top indie bands)
The Dadada (top albums)
DBF (top albums)
Death By Vinyl (top albums)
Denver Post (top jazz albums)
Detroit Free Press (top albums)
Dominion (albums)
A Doubting Thomas (top albums)
Eclectically Challenged (top albums)
Emotional Drumming (favorite albums)
End-to-End Burner (best albums)
Evigshed (favorite albums)
FemaleFirst (top indie songs)
For the Records (favorite songs)
Forward Music (albums)
Golden Bloggen (top albums)
Guerrilla Candy (biggest disappointments)
Guerrilla Candy - Brent (favorite songs)
Guerrilla Candy - Lori (favorite albums)
Heartbreak Trail (best albums)
Heavens To Purgatory (favorite songs)
Holy Moly! (best songs)
Hotcakes (albums)
Inarguable Review (top albums)
Ignorant Review (best albums)
Indianapolis Star (top albums)
Introspective and Other Analyses (favorite albums)
John Kell vs Satan (top albums)
kDamo (favorite albums)
Kill Rock Music (best albums)
KRJB's Music Blog (top country albums)
Le Monochrome (top albums)
Life By Wandering (favorite songs)
Light Sound Dimension (best albums)
linesthroughlines (favorite albums)
Lost in the Sound (songs)
The Misadventure of Sean Moore (top albums)
Mixtape Music (top albums)
MP3s Don't Spin (top albums)
Music Dump (top music articles)
Music2LiveBy (best albums)
MyFox Boston - Jeff Israel (top albums)
MyFox Boston - Maraithe Thomas (top albums)
MyFox Boston - Mike Cloherty (top albums)
New Earth Music (top albums)
Not Just Movies (top albums)
NOW - Joshua Errett (top albums)
The Number of the Beast - Billy Mays (top albums)
The Number of the Beast - Lady_Siara (top metal albums)
The Number of the Beast - Reilig (top albums)
omgnyc (albums)
Pop & Hiss (songs you may not have heard)
Pretty in Paisley (top albums)
Protestant Blog Ethic (best albums)
Punk Till I Die (best albums)
Punknews (staff best album lists)
Radical Normality (favorite songs)
Radio Free Chicago - Clay (top albums)
Radio Free Chicago - Shani (top albums)
The Real Christi Kay (top albums)
Real Horrorshow Tunes - Lewi (top albums)
redefine (notable album covers)
Rocks Off (best music videos)
RoundLetters (top EPs)
rurikid85 (top albums)
Salt Lake City Weekly (top albums)
San Jose Mercury News (best world music)
Say What? (top songs)
The Sentient Deli (favorite albums)
Sexy Gypsy (best albums)
SF Station (best albums)
Spinner (best Canadian albums)
Sports Casualties (best songs)
The Sports Juice (top albums)
This Is Book's Music (best albums)
Thwacked (favorite albums)
Tom's Insomnia Blog (top albums)
Too Much Music (best albums)
Trust Me on This (top albums)
Ultimate Guitar (top metal albums)
Untitled Records (favorite albums)
UTG Review (best albums)
Volantes de Privados (albums)
We All Want Someone to Shout For (best albums)
What a Wonderful World (favorite albums)
Where Do You Think These Stairs Go? (best albums)
Whiskey Teeth (top free albums/mix tapes)
williamlee_v01 (best albums)
The Wounded Jukebox (best songs)
The Yellowbird Project (top albums)

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daily updates to this list

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