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November 21, 2011

2011 Year-End Online Music Lists

As "best of 2011" year-end music lists appear online I will aggregate them in this post as I have in past years, updating the list daily.

If you post or see an online 2011 music list on a blog, newspaper, magazine, or other media site that isn't listed, please feel free to e-mail me the link or leave a comment.

Read daily updates to this list.

Revisit the lists for 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009, 2000-2009 (best of the decade lists), and 2010.

#1 Hits from Another Planet (top albums)
/dev/random (favorite albums)
100 Albums. 100 Words. (favorite albums)
14tracks (best songs)
24/7 (best albums)
29-95 (best albums)
3 Minus 3 (top running songs)
32 ft/sec (top songs)
411mania (top disappointing albums)
40oz. Robot (favorite albums)
50% Hipster (favorite albums)
666 ABC Canberra (songs)
92.9 Dave FM (albums)

A.V. Club (band names)
A.V. Club (best albums)
A.V. Club (best comedy albums)
The A.V. Club (least essential albums)
A.V. Club editors (music)
A.V. Club (songs)
Abaddon's Metal Shop (top albums) (top alternative albums) (top pop holiday albums)
Abracadabra Zer0 (best albums)
Absolut Noise (favorite songs)
Accidental Music (favorite albums)
According to G (top albums)
According to G (top songs)
Action Recon (top metal albums)
The Active Listener (top albums)
Acuvi (best music videos)
Ad Fontes (favorite albums)
AdemWithAnE (albums)
Adiek84's Blog (favourite albums)
The Adventures of Dusky Panther (favorite albums)
Against the Odds (songs)
Agit Reader (best albums)
Airwaves (best electronic dance songs)
Airwaves - Melissa (top albums)
Alex Hilhorst (best albums)
Al's Music Rant (best and worst album art)
Al's Music Rant (music)
All Around Sound (favorite albums)
All Shook Down (best songs)
All Songs Considered (best metal albums)
All Songs Considered (best outer sound albums)
All Songs Considered (favorite cover songs)
All Songs Considered (songs)
All Songs Considered - Ann Powers (favorite albums)
All Songs Considered - Bob Boilen (favorite albums)
All Songs Considered - Listeners' Poll (favorite albums)
All Songs Considered - Stephen Thompson (favorite albums)
All the Young Punks (best albums)
All Things Considered (gift albums)
Allez, Allie! (favorite songs) (top albums)
AllMediaNY (best music videos)
Allmusic (favorite indie pop and rock albums)
Allmusic (favorite jazz albums)
Almost Gonzo (top albums)
Alphabet Bands (albums)
Already & Not Yet (best albums)
Altered Zones (albums)
Altered Zones (songs)
The Alternative Culture Corner (favorite albums)
America's Flop Culture (best albums)
American Aftermath - BariAnn (top albums)
American Aftermath - Ross Gnarly (top hip-hop albums)
American Karaoke Group (top karaoke songs)
American Songwriter (top albums)
Ami's Blog (albums)
AnAvidOpinion's Blog (best albums)
And Pluck Your Strings (top albums)
And Pluck Your Strings (top songs)
Andrew Keenan Bolger's Blog (best songs)
Antiquiet (top songs)
Anthony Valdez (top albums)
Aquarium Drunkard (albums)
Art for Art's Sake Radio (top albums)
The Artful Misanthrope (best albums)
The Artistree (favorite albums)
The Ash Gray Proclamation (top albums)
Aspen Times (best albums)
Atlanta's A-List - Alex (best albums)
Atlanta's A-List - Erik (best albums)
Atlanta's A-List - Matt (best albums)
Atlanta's A-List - Richard (best albums)
The Audio Perv (top albums)
Ausjazz Blog (favourite albums)
austin life, (un)edited (top albums)
Austin Town Hall (top songs)
Austin Town Hall (top Texas albums)
Austinist (top albums)
Autostraddle (albums)
Autumn Souvenir (top albums)
Auxiliary Magazine (top albums)
Awkward Sound (best albums)
Awkward Sound (best songs)
Awkward Sound (cassettes)
The Awl (great songs)
AWmusic - Alexander (top albums)
Awya Ngobrol (top albums)
Awya Ngobrol (top songs)
Aye Tunes (best albums)

Backpackers Delight (favorite albums)
BAGeL Radio (top songs and albums)
Baltimore Citypaper (albums)
Baltimore's Very Own (favorite mixtapes/albums)
Banal Leakage (top albums)
Banana 101.5 (best rock songs)
Bangkok Post (best albums)
Bangstyle (best experimental electronic albums)
The Bark (best albums)
Bark + Bite (best albums)
Bark + Bite (best songs)
Barricades Rise (best albums)
barrygruff (albums)
barrygruff (top new artists)
barrygruff - Johnny Feeney (albums)
Bass Bottom Feeder (top albums)
BBC Music Writers (2012 acts to watch)
BBC Music Writers (top albums)
BBC Radio 1 (artists' favorite songs)
Beards etc. (top metal albums)
The Beat Control (favorite albums)
Beatnik (top albums)
Beaver County Times (best albums)
Becky Sprinkles (favorite albums)
Bedwetting Cosmonaut (best albums)
Bedwetting Cosmonaut (best songs)
Berkeley Place (best indie albums)
Berkeley Place (cover songs)
Berkeley Place (top indie EPs and singles)
Best Ever Albums (best albums)
Best of the Year (best songs)
Bevemeister's Blog (top albums)
The Big Beat (top albums)
Big Green Beats (top songs)
Big Hollywood (best terrible songs)
Bigger Splashes (favorite albums)
Bigger Splashes (favorite songs)
Billboard (music)
Billcs Is Tuned On (top songs)
Bing (most searched musicians)
Birmingham Mail (most surprising albums)
Bits and Pieces (best Victorian albums)
The Black Converse (top albums)
Blake on Wax (favorite albums)
The Blanket Reviewer (best albums)
Blasts from the Past (top songs)
Bleep (top artists)
Bleep (top compilations)
Bleep (top labels)
Bleep (top EPs)
Blinded By Sound (best albums)
Blinded By Sound (best songs)
Blog Name Pending (albums)
The Blog of Scott Hansen (most refreshing albums)
Blog on the Tracks (best albums)
Blog Rocking Beat (top albums)
A Blog Supreme (best jazz albums)
Blog-O-Fun (top songs)
Blogski (favorite songs)
Blonde on Ponde (favorite albums)
The Blue Indian (top albums)
The Blue Walrus (favourite albums)
Bluegrass Notes (best bluegrass albums)
Blues Rock Review (top albums)
Boaz Sez (best songs)
Bob Clowrey (best albums)
The Book of Linda (best albums)
The Boombox (hest hip-hop and R&B albums)
The Boombox (best hip-hop and R&B songs)
The Boot (top country albums)
A Bored Pessimist (top albums)
Bourbon Milk Punch (best albums)
Boston Globe (top classical albums)
Boston Globe (top hip-hop albums)
Boston Globe (top jazz albums)
Boston Globe (top world music albums)
Boston Globe - James Reed (top albums)
Boston Globe - Michael Brodeur (top albums)
Boston Globe - Sarah Rodman (top albums)
Boston Herald (top songs)
Both Bars On (top albums)
Boulder Weekly (albums)
Bowlegs (top albums)
Boxing Uwe Boll (top albums)
Breaking Copy (best songs from commercials)
Breaking More Waves (albums)
Breaking More Waves (top songs)
The Breeze (top albums)
Brian Currin (best classic rock songs released in 2011)
Britscene (best British breakout bands)
Brooklyn Hater (albums)
BrooklynVegan (favorite albums)
BrooklynVegan - BBG (favorite albums)
The Brown Noise (best albums)
Browntails (albums)
Brutalitopia (top albums)
bss (best albums)
Bubblegum Cage III (albums)
Building International Coalitions Through Beer and Pavement (top albums)
Built on a Weak Spot (top albums)
Bums Logic (top albums)
Burgo's Music Blog (top albums)
The Burning Ear (top cover songs)
Business Insider (best albums)
Butch Slap (top albums)
Buzz Bands LA (favorite albums)
Buzz Bands LA (favorite LA albums)
The Bygone Bureau (best albums)

The C.S. Perspective (best albums)
The Cabinet of Prof. Kitty (favorite songs)
Californiality (top California songs)
Cam-Fu (top albums)
Campus Times (best albums)
Can You See the Sunset? (favorite albums)
CancerMan (top albums)
Capital (best jazz albums)
Capps Lock (top albums)
Captain Obvious (favorite albums)
Captain's Dead (top albums)
Carl Gregg (best albums)
Carry Like Mariah (favorite songs)
Cassette Musique (top albums)
The Casual Music Observer (favorite albums)
Central Michigan Life (unsung albums) (top albums)
Chaos Troubador (favorite albums)
Chapman/Chapman (favorite tracks)
Charleston City Paper (top albums)
Charlotte Observer (best Charlotte music)
CHARTattack (favourite albums)
CHARTattack (favourite artists on Twitter)
CHARTattack (favourite live acts)
CHARTattack (favourite songs)
Chase March (top albums)
Check Your Mode (greatest songs)
Chef Diesel (songs)
Chicago Now (best albums)
Chicago Reader (favorite music)
Chicago Sun-Times (best albums)
Chicago Sun-Times (best pop songs)
Chicago Sun-Times (holiday albums)
Choler Magazine (favorite songs) (top albums)
Christian Bangin' Blog (best albums)
Christian Rock (top Christian rock albums)
Chromatist (favorite albums)
Chromewaves (favourite albums)
The Chuckness (best albums)
Chybucca Sounds (top albums)
City Sound Inertia (top albums)
City Sound Inertia (top jazz albums)
CKCU (top albums)
CKTK - TK (top albums)
Clash Music (best debut albums)
Clash Music (top albums)
Click Track (best DC albums)
Click Track (indie rock albums)
Clicky Clicky (top albums)
Clicky Clicky Music (top songs)
Cliffbuzz (must-have albums)
Clobot (favorite albums)
The Clock (top albums)
Club Fonograma (best albums)
Club Fonograma (best songs)
Clutch Blog (best comedy albums)
CMT (overlooked albums)
Coda (best albums)
Cokemachineglow (albums)
Collapse Board - Everett True (favourite songs)
The Columbian (box sets)
Columbus Alive (top songs)
CMT (best music books)
Coffee and the Paper (best albums)
Coffee for Two (top albums)
Columbia Daily Tribune (favorite albums)
The Columbian (best albums)
Combo Breaker Kid (favorite remixes)
Come2whereimfrom (best albums)
Comics-and-More (best songs and albums)
Common Breath Media (top hip hop songs)
Common Folk Music - April (best albums)
Common Folk Music - Andrew (best albums)
A Commonplace Book (favorite albums)
Consequence of Sound (best albums)
Consequence of Sound (top holiday songs)
Consequence of Sound (top live acts)
Consequence of Sound (top music stories)
Consequence of Sound (top music videos)
Consequence of Sound (top songs)
Coolsville (top albums)
Copenhagen Post (best albums)
Copenhagen Post (best Danish acts)
Cornell Daily Sun (top albums)
Cosy Catastrophes (favourite songs)
Country Caravan (best unheard albums)
Country Music Is Love (favorite albums)
Country Universe (top albums)
Cover Lay Down (best covers collections and tribute albums)
Cover Lay Down (best cover singles)
Cover Me (best cover albums)
Cover Me (best cover EPs)
Cover Me (best cover music videos)
Cover Me (best cover songs)
Critical MAS (top songs)
Critical Mass (top albums)
Critiqulous (albums)
Cross Rhythms (best albums)
Crustcake (best albums)
The Cult Jar (favorite songs)
Culture Cache (favorite albums by Connecticut artists)
Culture Catch (best albums)
Culture Shock (best albums)
CultureMap Austin (best Austin albums)
CultureMap Austin (best Austin songs)
CultureMob (best "best of 2011" music lists)
Curt's Jazz Cafe (best jazz albums)

D. Gribbin (favorite albums)
The Daily Athenaeum (best alternative and indie albums)
The Daily Beast (best albums)
The Daily Cardinal (top albums)
The Daily Growl (up and coming artists)
Daily Mirror (best albums)
Daily Tar Heel (top Triangle and national albums)
Dancing Astronaut (top artists)
Daniel Pecoraro (favorite albums)
Dark Cafe Daze (best albums)
The Dark Stuff (top albums) (best Pakistani songs)
Daymix (most underrated albums)
Dazed Digital (top songs)
DC Metal Review (favorite non-metal albums)
DC Metal Review - Chris (top albums)
DC Metal Review - Dan (top albums)
DC9 at Night (top Dallas and national albums)
DC9 at Night (best Dallas country songs)
Deceptive Cadence (classical albums)
Deceptive Cadence (top classical albums)
Deceptive Cadence (top classical albums)
Decibel (top albums)
Death and Taxes (top songs)
DeckFight (favorite albums)
Defcee (top hip-hop albums)
Defective Yeti (favorite albums)
Denouements (best albums)
Deranged Diaries (top albums)
The Diamondback (best albums)
Dirty Impound (favorite albums)
Divanee (top Bollywood songs)
DJ Cull (best albums) (albums)
Don't Talk, It's Easier This Way (top albums)
Donewaiting - Chip Midnight (favorite albums)
Donewaiting - Jill Ebenezer (albums)
Donewaiting - Joel Oliphint (favorite albums)
Donewaiting - Robert Duffy (favorite albums)
Donewaiting - Wes Flexner (favorite albums)
The Double Read (favorite songs)
The Dreams We Have as Children (top albums)
Drip! (favorite albums)
The Drive-In Bingo (albums)
Drowned in Sound (albums)
Drowned in Sound (pop songs)
Drowned in Sound (songs)
The Dumbing of America (artists' top albums)
The Dumbing of America (top albums)
Dummie Mission (best albums)
Dummy (best songs)
Dusted (contributors' album lists)
Dying for Bad Music (top EPs/singles)
Dyson Sound (favorite albums)

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