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November 4, 2011

Online "Best of 2011" Book Lists (D - J)

For the fourth straight year, I will be aggregating every online "best of 2011" book lists I find in this post. As the lists appear online, I will add them to this master list, updating daily.

Please feel free to leave a comment or e-mail me with a blog, magazine, newspaper, or other online media list I have missed.

Read daily updates to this list.

Revisit the 2010, 2009, 2008, and 2000-2009 (best of the decade) online year-end book list collections.

A - C

dadsbigplan (best ongoing comic series)
The Daily Beast (books you might have missed)
The Daily Green (best cookbooks)
Dan Curtis (best biography and memoir books)
Daniel B. Roberts (best books)
Daniel Darling (favorite books)
Danielle Sucher (best books)
A Daring Adventure (best self development books)
David Lebovitz (best cookbooks)
David Wrote This (top books)
Dawn's Art Site (top books)
Daydreamer to Writer (best books)
Dayton Daily News (best fiction)
Debra's Book Cafe (top books)
A Delightful Home (favorite books)
Designers & Books (notable design books)
Dessert First (baking cookbooks)
Detroit Free Press (Detroit books)
Detroit Metro Times (Detroit books)
Devourer of Books (best books)
Diary of a Bibliophile (favorite books)
Diary of an Eccentric (best books)
Direct Geek (favorite books)
The Dirt (best environmental books)
Discovery News (physics books)
Divanee (best South Asian fiction)
DogEar (top books)
Dog-eared (top YA books)
Domestic Godess (favorite books)
Doug Johnstone (top books)
Drawn - John Martz (favourite books)
Drawn & Quarterly - Jason (top 5)
Dwell in Possibility (favorite books)

E! (top pop culture-minded books)
EarlyWord (books for kids you don't know very well)
EarlyWord (collated spreadsheet of best children's book lists)
Easy Reader (gift books for geeks)
Eat Like a Man (best food and wine books)
The Eater (cookbooks and food books)
Economist (best books)
EcoSalon (best books)
Ed Kurtz (best books)
The Edgars (crime books)
Edgewise (favorite books)
edgylit (best books)
Egypt Independent (authors' favorite books)
Eisner Awards (comics)
Elizabeth Caulfield Felt's Blog (best books)
Ellen Painter Dollar (favorite books)
Elliott's Reading (best books)
Emerging Mummy (favourite books)
eMusic (best books)
Entartete Musik (best books)
The Epic, the Awesome, and the Random (top books)
Epicurious (best cookbooks)
Epist (books)
Eric the Read (best non-fiction books)
Esquire (best books)
Esquire (best cookbooks)
Evansville Courier & Press (best children's picture books)
The Evening Reader (favorite books)
Everett Potter's Travel Report (best travel books)
Everyday Reading (favorite books)
Evolving Economics (best books) (silent film books)
Existential Ennui (best books)
Explorations (best paranormal fantasy books)

Faith Radio (favorite books)
A Fantastical Librarian (favourite books)
Fantasy Book Critic (books)
Fantasy Cafe (favorite books)
FEARnet (best books and comics)
Feeding the Big Guy (best books)
Fei Unraveled (favorite books)
Fiction Award Winners (best books)
Fiction Groupie (best books)
The Field Guide to Parenting (top books for babies)
Film vs. Book (best books)
Financial Times (favourite non-fiction)
Fine Print (favorite books)
Fish in Motion (best books)
The Fix (best political books)
Flaming Culture (best books)
Flavorwire (most criminally overlooked books)
Fledgling (African-American YA and MG novels)
Florida Rattle Tale (best books)
Flyleaf Books (best novel)
For Books' Sake (top fiction)
For Books' Sake (top non-fiction)
For Love and Books (top books)
For Those About to Read (top books)
Forbidden Planet (best comics)
Forbidden Planet (favourite comics)
Fox News (best cookbooks)
Foyles (top fiction)
Franzine Kafka (books)
Fresh Air - Maureen Corrigan (favorite books)
Frisbee (books)
The Frisky (favorite books)
From My Overly Cluttered Desk (favorite books)
Frontier Psychiatrist (best fiction)
Frontier Psychiatrist (best poetry books)
Frontier Psychiatrist (favorite books)
The Fullness of Time in a Flat World (best books)
Fundamentally Reformed (best books)
FutureBook (best book apps)
Futurelab (best books)

Galaxy National Book Awards (books)
GardenDesignOnline (gardening books)
GeekOut (gifts for comic book fans)
George Wiegel (best gardening books)
Georgia Straight (best graphic novels)
A Girl and Her Diary (favorite books)
Girl Seeks Place (top books)
Girlfriends Book Club (favorite books)
Girls Just Reading (top books)
Gizmodo (best iPad cooking app)
Gleebooks Gleaner (books)
The Globalist (top books)
Globe and Mail (architecture books)
Globe and Mail (art books)
Globe and Mail (best books)
Globe and Mail (best Canadian Fiction)
Globe and Mail (best debut fiction)
Globe and Mail (best foreign fiction)
Globe and Mail (best non-fiction)
Globe and Mail (best poetry)
Globe and Mail (children's books)
Globe and Mail (comics and graphic novels)
Globe and Mail (fashion books)
Globe and Mail (film, TV, and theatre books)
Globe and Mail (food, cars, and music books)
Globe and Mail (history books)
Globe and Mail (nature & science books)
Globe and Mail (photography)
GoLocalProv (best books)
GOOD (best books)
Goodreads (favorite books poll)
The Gospel-Driven Church (best books)
GotchaMovies (best books for movie fans)
Gotham Writers Workshop (best-selling books for writers)
Gothamist (NYC booksellers' best books)
GQ (best books)
A Great Work (best books)
The Green Apple Core (best books)
A Green Branch (favorite books)
Green Left (books)
GreenBeanTeenQueen (best books)
GregHorrorShow (books)
The Green Apple Core (best books)
Grey Matters (best food and garden boosk)
Grift Magazine (best books)
The Gripping Saga of the Life of an Amateur Book Collector (top comics)
The Ground Beneath Your Feet (top books)
Guardian (audiobooks)
Guardian (best book apps for children)
Guardian (best paperbacks)
Guardian (biography)
Guardian (books)
Guardian (children's fiction and picture books)
Guardian (cookbooks)
Guardian (economics books)
Guardian (fiction)
Guardian (gardening books)
Guardian (history books)
Guardian (music books)
Guardian (nature books)
Guardian (poetry books)
Guardian (politics books)
Guardian (readers' favorite books)
Guardian (science books)
Guardian (best short story collections)
Guardian (bestselling books)
Guardian (sport books)
Guardian Books podcast (fiction)
The Guardian (Nigeria) (favourite books)
Guilty Conscience (top books)
Guilty Conscience - Nick Quantrill (top books)
Guilty Conscience - Paul D Brazil (top Brit grit novels)

Hampton Roads Virginian-Pilot (gift books)
The Handwritten (top books)
A Happier Place (favorite food books)
The Happy Booker - Maja (favorite books)
Happy Catholic Bookshelf (best books)
Harvard Book Store (books)
The Heart and Mind of Dave Hershey (favorite fiction)
Heather's Musings (top books or series)
Hennepin County (MN) Library (most read books)
Here (best books)
Here in the Lovely Woods (top books)
Here on My Shelf (best books)
Hilarity in Shoes (favorite books)
Hindustan Times (books)
Historical Tapestry (best books)
Holly's 111 in '11 (best books)
Hometown Perch - Stacie (favorite children's books)
The Hopeful Librarian (best books)
Housmans (most popular books)
Houston Chronicle (best books)
Hudson Booksellers (best books)
Huffington Post (best books)
Huffington Post (best cookbooks)
Huffington Post (best food books)
Huffington Post - Greg Olear (gift novels for dads)
Huffington Post - Greg Olear (nonfiction gifts for dads)
Huffington Post - Regina Weinrich (books)
Huffington Post - Roxanne Coady (books)
A Human Capitalist (favorite books)
Hyphen (notable Asian American books)

I Am the Media Maven (top books)
I Devour Books (top books)
I Have Ordinary Addictions (favorite books)
I Heart... (top books)
I Heart Daily (best YA books)
I Hug My Books (best books)
I Prefer Reading (top books)
I Want To Go There (favourite books)
I Write Things. I Read Things. (books)
I Want to Read That (favourite books)
I Write, I Read, I Review (top books)
IB Book Blogging (top books)
iFanboy (best books about comics)
iFanboy (graphic novels and collected comics editions)
iFanboy (most fun comics)
The Ignorant Historian (top books)
Illusory Flowers in an Empty Sky (best books)
Impressions... (LGBT authors' favorite books and authors)
In the Common Hours (favorite books)
Independent (art books)
Independent (audiobooks)
Independent (best books for young readers)
Independent (biography)
Independent (children's books)
Independent (cinema books)
Independent (comedy books)
Independent (commercial books)
Independent (crime & thrillers)
Independent (fiction)
Independent (food books)
Independent (history books)
Independent (history books)
Independent (humour books)
Independent (literary fiction)
Independent (memoirs)
Independent (memoirs)
Independent (music books)
Independent (music books)
Independent (poetry books)
Independent (politics books)
Independent (science and nature books)
Independent (science books)
Independent (sport books)
Independent (travel books)
Independent (travel books)
Indie Reader Houston (best books)
Indigo Teen Blog (top teen books)
Inman News (top books)
Inside Pulse (top Marvel books)
International Association of Culinary Professionals (cookbooks)
io9 (best science fiction and fantasy books)
io9 (best science fiction and fantasy comics)
io9 (best science fiction and fantasy gift books)
io9 (science books)
Irish Times (best foodie books)
Irish Times (favourite books)
Isak (gift guide for people who care about stories)
It's Either Sadness or Euphoria (best books)
Italian New York (top Italian books)
iVillage (best books made into movies)

Jack the Scribbler (top books)
James Beard Award (cookbooks)
January Magazine (best fiction)
Jason Jordan (best and worst books)
Jay Krow (books)
Jaybird's Jottings (favorite books)
Jayme's Book Page (favorite books)
Jbmcfar's Blog (best books)
Jenna Scribbles (top books)
Jenni Laidman (top books)
Jess Witkins' Happiness Project (best books)
Jesus Is for Losers (top books)
Jewish Journal (gift books)
Jezebel (female comics creators)
JJ iReads (favorite books)
jmww (best books)
Joe Friel (favorite books)
Joe, Kristen, Blake, Kallie, and Lexie (top books)
John Cadell's Blog (best books)
John Pearson's Buckets Blog (top books)
Jonathan Crowe (map books)
Josh for Thought (favorite books)
Juniper's Jungle (favourite books)
Junkyard Wisdom (favorite books)
Just Janga (top romance fiction)
Just One More Story (best books for the very youngest readers)
Just One More Story (best children's picture books)
Just William's Luck (books)

K - P

Q - Z

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