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November 4, 2011

Online "Best of 2011" Book Lists (K - P)

For the fourth straight year, I will be aggregating every online "best of 2011" book lists I find in this post. As the lists appear online, I will add them to this master list, updating daily.

Please feel free to leave a comment or e-mail me with a blog, magazine, newspaper, or other online media list I have missed.

Read daily updates to this list.

Revisit the 2010, 2009, 2008, and 2000-2009 (best of the decade) online year-end book list collections.

A - C

D - J

KAMmentary (favorite books)
Kansas City Star (top books)
Karadi Tales Blog (top children's books)
Karen Kincy (best books)
Karin Tome (best books)
Katie's Book Blog (top books)
KDL Weblog (best teen books)
Keary Taylor (top books)
Keren Threlfall (top books)
Kids Book Review (children's books)
KidStyleFile (favourite children's Christmas books)
Kidzworld (top teen/kids books)
The Kind of Face You Hate (best books)
Kingdomview (top books)
Kirkus Reviews (best book apps)
Kirkus Reviews (best children's books)
Kirkus Reviews (best debut fiction)
Kirkus Reviews (best fiction)
Kirkus Reviews (best fiction about love and family)
Kirkus Reviews (best historical fiction)
Kirkus Reviews (best indie books)
Kirkus Reviews (best mysteries)
Kirkus Reviews (best nonfiction)
Kirkus Reviews (best science fiction and fantasy)
Kirkus Reviews (best short story collections)
Kirkus Reviews (best teen books)
Kirkus Reviews (best thrillers)
Kirkus Reviews (cookbooks)
Kirkus Reviews (top book covers)
Kirkus Reviews (top fiction)
The Knights (best and worst comics)
Knitter's Review (knitting books)
The Koala Bear Writer (best books)
The Kojo Nnamdi Show (best books)
Kriti's Blog (best books)

The L Magazine (breakout Brooklyn book people)
The L Magazine (gift books)
La Bloga (best books)
LA Weekly (top books)
Labor Not in Vain (books)
Lady Susan (favorite books)
Largehearted Boy (favorite graphic novels)
Largehearted Boy (favorite nonfiction books)
Largehearted Boy (favorite novels)
Largehearted Boy (favorite short story collections)
Las Cruces Sun News (best books)
Last Seen Wandering Vaguely (favorite books)
The Last Word (favorite books)
Late B(l)oomer (favorite books)
LatinoLA (best Latino books)
Laura Fraser (favorite books)
Lauren Morrill (favorite books)
Le Canape (best books)
Le Grand Prix de la Critique (comics)
Leader Impact (favorite books)
Leadership and Learning (favorite books)
Leading Blog (best leadership books)
Leeswamme's Blog (best books)
The Lemonade Stand (favorite books)
Leon Atkinson (best books)
Lesa's Book Critiques (favorite books)
Leslie's Psyche (favorite books)
Letter Blocks (favorite children's books)
The Librarian Who Doesn't Say "Shhh" (favorite books)
Library Corner (top books)
Library Journal (best acknowledgments)
Library Journal (best art instruction books)
Library Journal (best books)
Library Journal (best business books)
Library Journal (best consumer health books)
Library Journal (best cooking books)
Library Journal (best crafts books)
Library Journal (best do it yourself books)
Library Journal (best e-book romance)
Library Journal (best fiber crafts books)
Library Journal (best graphic novels)
Library Journal (best historical fiction)
Library Journal (best historical fiction)
Library Journal (best interior design books)
Library Journal (best memoirs)
Library Journal (best mystery books)
Library Journal (best parenting books)
Library Journal (best poetry books)
Library Journal (best romance books)
Library Journal (best sci-tech books)
Library Journal (best self-help books)
Library Journal (best SF/fantasy books)
Library Journal (best spiritual living books)
Library Journal (best street lit books)
Library Journal (best thrillers)
Library Journal (best women's fiction)
Library Journal (best YA lit for adults)
Library Journal (more best books)
Life.... Discombobulated (favorite books)
Life, Love, Books, & Great Britain (top books)
Life:Merging (books that induced tears)
Life & Theology (top books)
Life:Merging (best books)
A Light Inside (favorite books)
A Lightly Charmed Life (favorite books)
Lisa's Other Bookshelf (favorite books)
Lissa Writes (best books)
Lists & Grades (worst books)
LitChat (favorite books)
Litchfield Public Library (best books)
Literalab (best Central and Eastern European fiction)
Literary Musings (favorite books)
A Literary Odyssey (favorite books)
Literary Thunder Bay (favourite non-fiction books)
Little Brown Mushroom Blog (top photography books)
Little Known Gems (best non-fiction books)
Little Known Gems (best novels)
The Little Red Reviewer (best books)
Livin' Like a Freebird (top books)
A Living Oak (favorite books)
Living Read Girl (best books)
Livre de Amor (best books)
Liz and Gianna's Adventures in Book Land (best books)
Liz and Gianna's Adventures in Book Land - Liz (books)
London Evening Standard (best books)
Lonely Planet (top travel books)
Long Island Press (best books)
Longreads (top longreads)
Look at OKC (best graphic novels)
Look at OKC (comic book gifts)
Los Angeles Public Library (best adult books)
Los Angeles Public Library (best children's books)
Los Angeles Public Library (best young adult books)
Lovely Little Things (favorite books)
Loving Books (best book covers)
Lucky Number 13 (top books)
Luke Sammons Blog (best books)
Lytherus (books) (top books)
Madeline Dyer (top fantasy books)
Magical Books (best books)
Magnum Photos (book covers)
Malcolm Gladwell (books)
Malibu Sunrise (favourite books)
Management Blog (best business books)
Mandy Santos (best books)
Manitoby (favourite books)
Maphead's Book Blog (favorite books)
Marc Lynch (best books on the Middle East)
Marginal Revolution (best economics books)
Marginal Revolution (best fiction and fiction-related books)
Marginal Revolution (best non-fiction books)
Marie Sullivan Force (favorite books)
Marie's Book Garden (best books)
The Mark (best books)
Marketplace (best business books)
Married. Four Cats. Apartment Full of Books. (best and worst books)
Martha's Vineyard Times (best books)
Maryse's Book Blog (favorite books)
Marysville Library (favorite books)
Matt Compton (favorite books)
Matthew E. May (best business books)
Maxximum Volume Films (top books)
McCombs Today (best business books)
Me in Place (top books)
Me Likes Art (favorite books)
Me, Myself, & Moi (top books)
Meditations of a Teenage Philosopher (favorite books)
Meet the Author. (best books)
Meganne Fabrega (books)
Melodromatic Musings (best books)
Melville House Books (most overlooked books)
Men's Journal (best beer books)
Men's Journal (best nonfiction books)
Metro (best music books)
Miami Herald (favorite books)
Miami Herald (wine books)
Michael Diebert, Writer (books)
Michael Patrick Brady (best books)
Michael Ruhlman (best books)
Mil Gracias (best books)
Milo's Rambles (top books)
Milo's Rambles (top debut books)
Michelle's Musings (top books)
Minneapolis Star Tribune (children's books)
Minneapolis Star Tribune (fiction)
Minneapolis Star Tribune (nonfiction)
MinnPost (best film adaptations)
MinOnline (gift books for magazine lovers)
Miscellaneous Mum (top non-fiction books)
Miscellanies. (books)
Miss Shortskirt (best adult books)
Miss Shortskirt (best middle grade books)
Miss Shortskirt (best YA books)
MissionsOutlook (favorite books)
The Mistake Bank (best books)
Mogo Lounge (best books)
Monica McInerney (favourite books)
Monkey See (best comics)
Montana Votes (best books)
Montreal Gazette (comics)
Montreal Gazette (French-language titles for children and teens)
Montreal Gazette (music books)
Montreal Mirror (books)
Moonbeam Childrens Book Awards (children's books)
Mordicai (best books)
Mosaic Literary Magazine (best books)
Mother Nature Network (best green and environmental books)
Mount Helicon (best books)
Movie Morlocks (favorite film books)
MPBN (books)
Mrs. Loudshoes (best books)
MTV Geek (best comic book writers)
MTV Geek (best manga series)
Musings of a Postmodern Negro (books)
MTV Geek (best ongoing comic books)
MTV Geek (high end comic book gifts)
MTV Geek (manga that ended)
Much Madness Is Divinest Sense (top books) (top books)
Multiversity Comics (best graphic novels)
Murder By the Book (favorite paperbacks)
Muse at Highway Speeds (books)
My Best Friends Are Books (top children's books)
My Book Journey (top awaited 2012 YA books)
My Book Journey (top books)
My Cute Bookshelf (worst books)
My Domestic Life (best books)
My Head Is Full of Books (favorite books)
My Keeper Shelf (top books)
My Life with Boys and Books (favorite books)
My Mom Shops (great kids' books)
My Next Life (favorite YA books)
My Precious (favorite books)
MysteryPeople (top books)

Nate Loucks (favorite books)
National Book Awards (books)
National Book Critics Circle (books)
National Post (best books)
National Post (books)
National Post (cookbooks)
Nerdage (best graphic novels)
Nerdage (comics)
Nerdage (top comic book series)
The Nervous Breakdown (books)
Nervous Breakdown - Sean Beaudoin (best books)
The New Republic (best books)
New Scientist (best science books)
New Statesman (books)
New Straits Times (books)
New Straits Times (Malaysian literature)
New Vintage Leadership (top books)
New York Daily News (best and worst book reviews)
New York Daily News (most beautiful books)
New York Daily News (most overrated books)
New York Magazine (books)
New York Times (antiques books)
New York Times (art books)
New York Times (best books)
New York Times (best illustrated children's books)
New York Times (coffee table books)
New York Times (cookbooks)
New York Times (gardening books)
New York Times (graphic novels)
New York Times (notable books)
New York Times (notable children's books)
New York Times (notable crime books)
New York Times (theater books)
New York Times (travel books)
New York Times - Dwight Garner (top nonfiction books)
New York Times - Janet Maslin (books)
New York Times - Michiko Kakutani (books)
New Yorker (favorite books)
New Zealand Listener (books)
Newcomers in Paradise (best books)
News Virginian (inspiring books)
Newsday (best books to entertain kids)
Newsweek/Daily Beast (writers' favorite books)
Nice Girls Don't Read Naughty Books (authors' top books)
Nice Girls Don't Read Naughty Books (bloggers' top books)
Nice Girls Don't Read Naughty Books (top audiobooks)
Nick Mamatas (books)
Nicole Feldringer (best books)
Nicole's YA Book Haven (top books)
Nijay K Gupta (best books)
Ninja Beaver Studios (best comics)
No Bad Language (books)
No Tells (best poetry books)
Not Rektok Ross (top YA books)
Novel Insights (top books)
Novelicious (best books)
NPR (best American poetry books)
NPR (best biographies)
NPR (best book club books)
NPR (best books)
NPR (best celebrity tell-all books)
NPR (best cookbooks)
NPR (best gift books)
NPR (best historical fiction)
NPR (best music books)
NPR (best novels)
NPR (best science fiction and fantasy)
NPR (graphic novels)
NPR (books that stay with you)
NPR (bookseller recommendations)
NPR (top books for children 9 and up)
NPR (top poems)
NPR (top YA novels)
NPR - Alan Cheuse (best plot-driven fiction)
NPR - Alan Cheuse (best gift books)
NPR - Nancy Pearl (books)

The Oak Log (top books)
Observer (art books)
Observer (psychiatry books)
Observer (quirky books)
Observer (thrillers)
Oh No. Trish Is Thinking Again.
On a Grahampage (best books)
On the Lit Mat (authors' top boos)
Only True Magic (books)
Open Letters Monthly (books)
Opening Lines (books)
Our Books Are Better Than We Are (books)
Our Man in Boston (best books)
Over the Rainbow Books (LGBT books)

Pacific Northwest Booksellers Association (books)
Pagan Spirits (favorite books)
Page 247 (favorite books)
Pages and Pages (favorite books)
Pam's Picks (best books)
Paper Fort (favorite books)
Paper Fort - Tiffany Lee Brown (favorite books)
Paperback Dolls (favorite books)
Paperback Treasures (favorite book covers)
Paperback Treasures (favorite books)
Parents (best children's books)
Paranormal Haven (favorite books)
Paranormal Romance Fanatic (best books)
Paste (best comics)
Parchment and Pen (top books)
Paste (best books)
Pastor Dave Online (best books)
Pastor Kyle Huber (favorite books)
Pastor Steve Weaver's Blog (top books)
PastorTodd78 (top books)
PDN (notable photo books)
Peak Oil News and Message Boards (top peak oil books)
Penguin (best children's books)
Penguin (best fiction)
Penguin (best nonfiction)
Penguin (best paperbacks)
Penguin (best young adult novels)
People (best books)
People (best cookbooks)
The Philly Post (best books) (best books)
Physics World (top books)
Pickle Me This (favourite books)
Picture Book Corner (best children's picture books)
Pioneer Woman (cookbooks)
Poe's Deadly Daughters (favorite books)
The Poetry Foundation (favorite books)
Pop Culture Nerd (favorite books)
The Pounder (top books)
Powell's Books (staff top books)
Press Play (best books)
Pretty Books (top books)
The Progressive (favorite books)
Project Mayhem (debut middle grade books)
The Public Archive (radical black reading)
Publishers Weekly (best books)
Publishers Weekly (best children's fiction)
Publishers Weekly (best children's nonfiction)
Publishers Weekly (best children's picture books)
Publishers Weekly (best comics)
Publishers Weekly (best fiction)
Publishers Weekly (best lifestyle books)
Publishers Weekly (best mystery/thriller)
Publishers Weekly (best nonfiction)
Publishers Weekly (best poetry)
Publishers Weekly (best religion books)
Publishers Weekly (best romance)
Publishers Weekly (best SF/fantasy/horror)
Publishers Weekly (editors' favorite books)
Pulitzer Prize (books)
Punk Domestics (favorite books)
Pure Imagination (favorite books)

Q - Z

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