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November 19, 2012

2012 Year-End Online Music Lists

As "best of 2012" year-end music lists appear online I will aggregate them in this post as I have in past years, updating the list daily.

If you post or see an online 2012 music list on a blog, newspaper, magazine, or other media site that isn't listed, please feel free to e-mail me the link or leave a comment.

Read daily updates to this list.

Revisit the lists for 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009, 2000-2009 (best of the decade lists), 2010, and 2011.

@neddyo (favorite albums)
#1 Hits from Another Planet (top albums)
#SoIndie (best albums)
1146 Miles (favorite songs)
1146 Miles (favorite EPs)
2 U I Bestow (international albums)
2 U I Bestow (top Irish albums)
2 U I Bestow (top music videos) albums)
21st Century Geek (best albums)
[225] (top albums)
28candles (best albums)
28candles (best songs) Magazine (albums)
3 Minus 3 (top running songs)
32ft/sec (top songs)
The 405 (albums)
The 405 (best album artwork)
The 405 (best free mixtapes and albums)
88.3 Southern FM (best albums)

A.V. Club (band names)
A.V. Club (best comedy albums)
A.V. Club (favorite songs)
A.V. Club (holiday albums)
The A.V. Club (celebrities' favorite albums)
A.V. Club (least essential albums)
Abluvion (favorite albums) (top classic rock live albums)
Absolut Noise (favourite albums and songs)
Absolut Noise (favourite albums)
Achis' Reggae Blog (best reggae albums)
Accidental Music (favorite albums) (top albums)
Ad Fontes (favorite albums and songs)
Ad Hoc (favorite songs)
Adam Sherwood's Writings (favorite albums)
Adam's World (top albums)
Addistock Sessions (favourite albums)
Adelaide Now (best albums and songs)
Adventures in Thyme and Spates (top albums)
The Adventures of Dusky Panther (favorite albums)
Adventures of a Loose Wreck (favorite albums)
Adversaria (top gothic/industrial albums)
Aesthetes Anonymous (top albums)
Agunsux (best albums)
Airwaves (top albums)
Album of the Year (albums sorted by aggregated review score)
Alabama Shakes (top albums)
Alankomaat (beste albums)
ALARM (favorite albums)
ALARM Magazine (favorite songs)
Album Review (top albums)
Alcoholic Faith Mission (best albums)
Alfonso X (favorite albums)
Alice at 97.3 (top albums)
All the City Lights (favorite albums)
All the Young Punks (best albums)
All Things Go (top albums)
All Things Go (top music videos)
All Things Go (top remixes)
All Things Go (top songs)
AllMusic (best albums)
Alphabet Bands (albums)
Alphabet Bands (EPs)
Alter the Press (albums)
The Alternative Culture Corner (top songs)
Alternative Press (albums)
The Alternative Review (albums)
altrockchick (favorite albums)
AM Noon PM (top albums)
The Amazing Music Blogspot (best albums)
am New York (best albums)
Amazon MP3 editors (albums)
Amazon (best music)
Amazon MP3 editors (songs)
Amber Waves of Twang (best albums)
American Songwriter (top albums)
American Songwriter (top songs)
Amoeba Music (albums)
ampede2 (albums)
Analog's Anonymous (best albums)
AnAvidOpinion's Blog (best songs)
Andrew Gospe (favorite albums)
Andrew Keenan-Bolger's Blog (best songs)
andrewdsweeney (best albums)
Andy DiGelsomina (top rock/metal albums)
Animal My Soul (favourite albums)
Ann Powers (top songs) (best albums)
Another-Day (best albums)
Another-Rock-Blog (top albums)
Anthony J. Langford (best songs)
Anthony Valadez (top albums)
Antiquiet (best songs)
Antiquiet (top albums)
Antiquiet (top metal albums)
Any Major Dude with Half a Heart (albums)
The Arbitrary Line - Corey (top albums)
The Arbitrary Line - Kyle (albums)
Arizona Republic (best albums)
The Arkansas Traveler (best under-the-radar albums)
Armchair Musician (top albums)
Arousing Sounds (songs)
The Art of Fiction (albums)
Artemis Sere's Xenomorphine (best albums)
Artinfo (top albums)
The Arts Desk (best reissues)
The As-Close-to-Famous-as-I'll-Ever-Get Blog
Asian Junkie (top Korean songs)
Ask Me Anything (favorite songs)
The Aspiring Polymath (favorite songs)
Atlanta Music Scene (favorite songs)
Atlantic City Weekly (best albums)
Audio Muffin (top albums)
Audio Secrecy (albums)
Audiofrail (top metal albums)
Augustus Speaks (top albums)
Aural Eyes (best albums)
Aural Tethers (albums)
Austin Chronicle (music books)
Austin Town Hall (top Austin albums)
Austin Town Hall (top songs)
Austin Vesely (favorite music videos)
Austin Writes Music (favorite albums)
Auto-didact (best albums and songs)
Awake and Open (top songs and videos)
Awkward Sound (best albums)
Awkward Sound (best songs)
The Awl (songs)

Backseat Sandbar (top albums)
Baeble Blog (artists' favorite album lists)
BAGeL Radio (top songs and albums)
Balthazar Music (best songs)
BAM's Blog (top Oklahoma albums)
Banal Leakage (top albums)
The Bark (best albums)
BaropBop (favorite albums)
Barricades Rise (best albums)
Barry Gruff (Irish albums)
Basic_Channel (top albums)
The Bay Bridged (favorite Bay Area songs)
BBC Music (best albums)
BBC Music Blog (best mixtapes)
BBC Radio 1 - Zane Lowe (hottest records)
Bearclaws (top metal albums)
Beardhole Pleasures (albums)
Beards etc. (best metal songs)
Beat Magazine (top albums)
Beat Surrender (best EPs)
Beatpitch (best albums)
Beats, Frames and Life (best albums)
Beats Per Minute (favorite tapes and cassette labels)
Beats Per Minute (top albums)
Beats Per Minute (top EPs)
Beats Per Minute (top music videos)
Beats Per Minute (top songs)
Beaver Times (best albums)
Bedwetting Cosmonaut (best albums)
Bedwetting Cosmonaut (best songs)
Ben E. Kessler (favorite songs)
The Benevolent Solipsist (top albums)
BenSketchingBlog (favorite albums)
Berkeley Place (best Bandcamp EPs and albums)
Berkeley Place (best indie albums)
Best of the Year (best songs)
BET (best songs)
Between (albums)
Between Two Speakers (top albums)
Big Bear and the Hour of Chaos (favorite albums)
The Big City (jazz albums)
The Big T (favourite albums)
Billboard (holiday albums)
Black Metal and Brews (top albums)
The BLACKout Magazine (best albums)
Blah Blah Blah (best remixes)
Blake on Wax (favorite albums)
Blast Beats and Silver Screens (top albums)
The Bleader (favorite albums)
The Bleader (favorite jazz albums)
Bleep (best albums)
Bleep (best artists)
Bleep (best compilations and reissues)
Bleep (best EPs)
Bleep (best labels)
Bleep (best songs)
The Blend (top Irish albums)
BLOG (best songs)
Blog-O-Fun (top albums)
The Blog of Gigs (favorite albums)
Blog on the Tracks (song of the year)
Blog Riley (albums)
A Blog Supreme (top jazz Christmas albums)
Bloody Disgusting (best albums)
Bob Dylan Wrote Propaganda Songs (top albums)
BollySpice (top albums)
Bone Rolling Reviews (albums)
Bonnaroo (staff top albums)
Boogie Woogie Brody (top albums)
The Book of Linda (best albums)
Booming Music Scene (favorite albums)
Booming Music Scene (favorite songs)
Born Under Punches (top albums)
Boston Globe (best albums)
Boston Globe (best albums)
Boston Herald (top songs)
Boston Phoenix (best Boston pop artists)
Boycotting Trends (favourite albums)
Bradley's Almanac (favorite albums and songs)
Brain Pickings (favorite albums)
Brandish (top debut albums)
Brandish (top psychedelic albums)
Brandish (top under the radar singer-songwriter albums) (albums and songs)
The Breakdown with Ben (top albums)
Breakin' Sixpence (favourite songs)
Breaking More Waves (top albums)
Brilliant Nature (favorite albums)
Britticisms (favorite songs)
BroBible (best hip-hop albums)
The Brockett Blog (favorite songs)
Broken Branches (best songs)
Brooklyn Allman (favorite albums)
Brooklyn Hater (albums)
buffaBLOG (staff's best albums and songs)
Bums Logic (best albums)
Bunyip Voodoo (best albums)
A Burdz Eye View (best Scottish albums)
Burgo's Music Blog (best songs)
Burgo's Music Blog (top albums)
Burned All My Notebooks (favorite albums)
The Burning Wreck (albums)
Butchslap (best albums)
Buy This Record? (best albums)
Buzzbands.LA (top albums)
Buzzbands.LA (favorite LA albums)
Buzzfeed (albums you might have missed)
Buzzine (top albums)
BuzzSugar (best rock albums)
BuzzSugar (favorite albums)

C Notes (best jazz albums)
C Notes (top folk albums)
CAC on Funk (top albums)
Cacophemisms (top albums)
Caitlin Can Rock a Todo List (best albums)
Cali Canuck (best albums)
Camisado Mind (top K-Pop albums)
Can You See the Sunset (favorite albums)
Canton Rep (top albums)
Capital Gazette (top albums)
Captain's Dead (favorite albums)
Cargo (albums)
Carl Gregg (best albums)
Carlita Loves Music (top albums)
caseychapmanlists (best albums)
Catfish Vegas (favorite albums)
Caught in the Dreaming (best albums)
Cause = Time (best albums)
CBC Music (top albums)
CBS News (best archival releases)
CBS News (Christmas albums)
Ceci n'est pas un Blog (top albums)
cesspitofsound (favourite albums)
Chapman/Chapman (favorite albums and songs)
Chapter One (top albums)
The Charlatan (best albums)
Charlie Griggs the Writer (top mainstream hip-hop albums)
Chase (top albums)
Chasing Vinyl (best albums)
Cherry Stained Cigarettes (albums)
Chewing Gum for the Ears (favorite albums)
Chicago Sun-Times (best albums)
Chicago Sun-Times (best albums by Chicago artists)
Chicago Sun-Times (best Latin music albums)
Chicago Tribune (top Chicago indie albums)
Chicagoist (favorite albums)
Chill Music Every Day (top albums)
Chline (top albums)
Chris DallaVilla (top albums) (top albums)
Christianity Today (top albums)
Chromewaves (favourite albums)
Chromewaves Radio (favorite albums)
Chromewaves Radio (favorite songs)
Cine-Mac (best albums)
A Cinema of Sunshine (favorite songs)
CitySound Inertia (jazz albums)
Citizen Ghost Town (best albums)
CKTK - CK (top albums)
CKTK - TK (top albums)
Clash (top albums)
A Classic Big Boy - With Cheese (favorite albums)
Classic Rock Magazine (top albums)
Clicky Clicky Music (top albums)
Clicky Clicky Music (top songs)
A Closer Listen (top ambient albums)
A Closer Listen (top electronic albums)
A Closer Listen (top rock and post-rock albums)
Closer to the Truth and Further from the Sky (best albums)
Cloudie Reviews (best albums)
Club Fonograma (best songs)
Clueless in Seattle (top metal albums)
CMT (country Christmas albums)
CMT Edge (favorite Americana albums)
Coastal Burn (favorite albums)
Coins and Culture (best songs)
Columbia Daily Herald (best albums)
Columbus Alive (top albums)
Columbus Music Examiner (top albums)
The Coming Down and the Letting Go (favorite albums)
A Commonplace Book (favorite albums)
Complex (best albums)
Complex (best songs)
Concert Addicts (top albums)
Connected Isolation (best songs)
Consequence of Sound (top albums)
Consequence of Sound (top music videos)
Consequence of Sound (top songs)
Cooking with Satan (best albums)
Cool Music Central (top albums)
Cool Music Central (debut albums)
Coolsville (top albums)
Corsairs Affairs (top albums)
Cosmopolitan (favorite songs)
Cosy Catastrophes (favorite albums)
Cosy Catastrophes (favourite tracks)
The Couch Sessions (best albums)
Country Universe (top albums)
Country Weekly (top albums)
Cover Me (best cover albums)
Cover Me (best cover songs)
Coverfolk (best cover singles)
Coverfolk (best tribute albums and covers collections)
Crack Magazine (top albums)
Crackedhorizon (best albums)
Craig Finn (top albums)
Crashlandapollo (best albums)
Craven Hermit (best albums)
CraveOnline (best albums)
Creamofgold (best albums)
Creative Review (best album covers)
The Crimson White (top albums)
Critical Sam (best albums)
Cubicle Post (favorite albums)
Culture (in Context) (top albums)
Culture Priest (top albums)
Culturemisnomer (top metal albums)
Cyclus Goes K (best albums)

The DaDaDa (favorite albums)
dadrock (jazz albums)
The Daily Beast (best songs)
The Daily Blam! (best and worst music albums)
Daily Dischord (top albums)
Daily Mail (best albums)
The Daily Meh (favorite albums)
The Daily Record (top albums)
Dale-a Gogo (favorite albums)
Damn Fine Tunes (best albums)
Dan Bruno (albums by female artists)
Dancing Astronaut (albums and EPs)
Dancing Astronaut (artists)
Dancing Astronaut (essential mixes)
Dancing Astronaut (top underground artists)
Dani Never Dreams (top albums)
Dark Forces Swing Blind Punches (best jazz albums)
Dauphin (albums)
David Hearts Rock (favorite albums)
Days of Yore (best albums)
Daytrotter (best songs)
DC9 at Night (rap albums)
Dead Horse March (top albums)
DeadBilly's Steaming Pile of Vinyl (favorite albums)
The Death of Enthusiasm (favorite songs)
Decibel (top albums)
Deer Lodge (favorite albums)
Defending Axl Rose (top albums)
Della Grace's Life (top albums)
Dennis Cooper (favorite albums)
Denver Post (top jazz albums)
dereksmusicblog (best box sets)
Dialogue Incorporated (top albums)
Dialogue Incorporated (top songs)
The Diamondback (best albums)
Diaries from a Musical Mind (best albums)
Diesel Reviews the World (top albums) (best albums)
Digiblog (favorite songs)
Digital Spy (top albums)
Dirty.Electro.Sounds (top electro house songs)
Discovery Through Disconnect (favorite albums)
Diverse Hip-Hop (top hip-hop albums)
Divinest Sense (albums)
DOA (albums)
Dog Gone Blog (best albums)
Donewaiting - Wes Flexner (albums)
Don't Count on It Reviews (top EPs)
Don't Talk Loud (best albums)
Dots and Dashes (albums)
Doubtful Sounds (top albums)
Douginstereo's Blog (favorite albums)
Dragon's Gate (top albums)
The Drift Record Shop (albums)
dropnamer (best albums)
Drowned in Sound (favourite albums)
Drowned in Sound (songs)
Drowned in Sound (top albums)
DrunkenWerewolf (best albums)
The Dumbing of America (favorite albums)
The Dumbing of America (musicians' top albums)
Dummy (best labels)
Dummy (best songs)
Dundee Media Corner (top albums)
Dusted (albums)
Dyscyplynary Action (top albums)

Each Note Secure (favorite albums)
Earbuddy (best albums)
Ear Infection (albums)
Ear to the Ground (top songs)
Earbuddy (best songs)
The Early Nerd (top songs)
Earmilk (top albums)
An Earnest Compulsion (best albums)
Earshot (television music supervisors' favorite songs)
East Bay Express - Azeen Ghorayshi (top albums)
East Bay Express - Ellen Cushing (top albums)
East Bay Express - Kathleen Richards (top albums)
East Bay Express - Lenika Cruz (top albums)
East Bay Express - Whitney Phaneuf (top albums)
The Eastern Echo (top albums)
Eaten By Monsters (top albums)
Eaten By Monsters (top songs)
The Echoes Blog (albums)
The Echoes Blog (top songs)
Eclectic Grooves (favorite albums)
Editorial Emissions (top albums)
Edmonton Journal (top albums)
Edward Blake (top albums)
The Eighth Nerve (best albums)
Eirecana (best Irish songs)
Elastic Witch (best albums)
Electric Zoo (top EPs)
Elektrik Soul (best albums)
Elwin's Life (best songs)
Embracing the Mess (favorite albums)
Emma Charleston (albums)
The Empowered Momma (best songs)
The Endless Bummer (best songs)
Engine 145 (top albums)
Engine 145 (best music books)
Enjoy the Static (best albums)
The Entertainment Bureau (top albums)
Entertainment for Dudes (top albums)
Every Day Is a New Day (best albums)
Everybody Taste (best songs)
Everything Ecstatic (best albums)
Everything Hidden Is Suddenly Exposed (top albums)
The Examined Life (top albums)
Exclaim! (best albums)
Exclamation Mark (favorite albums)
expiringsun (favorite albums)
Exploding Slacks (top albums)
The Explosive Generation (favorite albums)
extracreditlifepoints (best albums)
Eyewear (top songs)
Eyes Are Out (top albums)

Facing the Facade (top albums)
FACT (best album covers)
FACT (best albums)
FACT (best music videos)
FACT (best record labels)
FACT (best reissues)
FACT (worst album covers)
The Factual Opinion (top albums)
Faded Glamour (top albums)
Faded Glamour (top songs)
Fake Shore Drive (best Chicago mixtapes)
Fake Shore Drive (best young chop beats)
FAME (top albums)
Familia Wanderlust (top songs)
Fan Manager (top albums)
Farmboy (best songs)
Faronheit (best albums)
Faronheit (best songs)
Fast'n'Bulbous (top albums)
FasterLouder (top metal albums)
Fat Clown (best albums)
FEARnet (top horror-friendly albums)
Feel Something (top albums)
Feeling Fuzzier (top albums)
Female First (best albums)
FensePost (best albums)
FensePost (best EPs)
A Few Thoughts, Here and There (best albums)
Filles Sourires (albums)
Film Punk (best songs)
Filter (top albums)
Final Form (albums)
The Finest Kiss (favorite albums)
The Finest Kiss (best reissues)
The Finest Kiss (top songs)
Fingertips (favorite free and legal song downloads)
First There Was a Knife (top albums)
Fish Records (best albums)
Flatted Third (top albums)
Flavorpill (best albums)
Flavorwire (best dark and weird electronic albums)
Flavorwire (best reissues)
Flavorwire (controversial album covers)
Flavorwire (most relaxing albums)
Flavorwire (most underrated albums)
Flavorwire (music controversies)
fliesonsherbert (top albums)
Flop Eared Mule in Exile (favourite albums)
The Fly (top albums)
FMV Magazine (top albums)
Folk Alley (best folk and Americana albums)
Folkways Magazine (favorite albums)
For the Love of Bass (best songs)
Forbes (best albums)
Forbes - Michele Catalano (best albums)
Forbes (highest paid musicians)
Fort Worth Star-Telegram (best DFW albums)
Forty Paces Backwards (music)
Foursure.Basementthreads (top hip-hop/rap albums)
FourZeroFourSix (best albums)
Frank N Beats (top albums)
Free Form Freakout (favorite albums)
Free Form Freakout (favorite tapes)
Feerock's World (best albums)
Friedmylittlebrain (best songs)
From Jake's Mind (favorite albums)
From Jake's Mind (favorite songs)
From the Corner of E Street and Abbey Road (best albums)
From the Mind of Serg Beret (best songs)
From the Pharmacy of Doctor Spin (best albums)
Frontier Psychiatrist (best debut albums)
Frontier Psychiatrist (best hip-hop albums)
Frontier Psychiatrist (best K-pop videos)
Frontier Psychiatrist (best metal albums)
Frontier Psychiatrist (best psychedelic albums)
Frontier Psychiatrist (best reissues)
Frontier Psychiatrist (top songs)
Frontier Psychiatrist (top albums)
Fuse (best albums)

GAC (top country albums)
Galactictides (favourite albums)
Gary Wright (favorite songs)
The Gatsby Effect (best albums)
Geek Goalie (favorite albums)
Generic Flow (top albums)
Gentleman Bug (top albums)
Gentlewoman of the Road (favorite albums)
Gentrovo Entertainment (top albums)
The Geography Trip (albums)
Ghostgoth (best album covers)
Ghostgoth (best songs)
Giant Step Design (top albums)
Gibson (albums)
Gibson (top rock, metal and instrumental albums)
Giddy Up America (best songs)
Gig City (top Edmonton albums)
Gigwise (music videos)
Gimme Noise (best reissues)
Gimme Noise (best Twin Cities songs)
Gimme Tinnitus (favorite albums)
Gimme Tinnitus (favorite music videos)
Girls Like Giants (best albums)
The Gizzle Review (albums)
Glide Magazine (top albums)
The Glitter Cannon (best songs)
Glitter2Gutter (best albums)
Glitterbots (top albums)
Global Grind (best albums)
A Glorious Epoch (best albums)
Goldbrickers (top albums)
Goldenplec (top Irish albums)
Goldmine (top albums)
Gonna Groove Music Reviews (top albums)
Good Music Is Good Music (favourite albums)
Good Ol' Boys (favorite albums and songs)
Good Rocking Tonight (best albums)
Good to Hear (favorite albums)
Good(ish) Music (top albums)
Good(ish) Music (top mixtapes/EPs)
Gorilla vs. Bear (albums)
Gorilla vs. Bear (best mixes)
Gorilla vs. Bear (music videos)
Gorilla vs. Bear (songs)
The Gospel According to Richard Eric (best albums)
Grayowl Point (top Canadian albums)
Great Apes! (top albums)
The Great Canadian Hip-Hop Blog (favorite songs)
The Great Musicmentaries (best albums)
GregHorror Show (best albums and songs)
Greyskeil Rainbow (favorite songs)
Groove 2U Webradio (top cover songs)
Groove Notes (best jazz albums)
GrumpyRocker (best albums)
Guardian (best classical albums)
Guardian (best jazz albums)
Guardian (best songs)
Guardian (best world and folk music albums)
Guardian (critics' best album lists)
Guardian (music trends)
Guardian Music Blog (jazz albums)
Guardian Music Blog (worst album artwork)
Guerolitomusic (best songs)
Gusto (best albums)

Half-Life Music (favorite albums)
The Hard Data (best albums)
Hard Rockin' Homemaker (favorite albums)
Harry Wolff (top albums)
Harvest Moon Music (top albums)
Has the World Changed or Have I Changed? (best albums)
Hatrock's Critique (best albums)
Hausu Mountain (favorite albums)
He's the Talent (best albums)
Headphone Burn (favorite albums)
Headphone Burn (favorite songs)
Headphone Commute (best albums)
Hear Me Out (top albums)
A Heart Is a Spade (top albums)
Heartbreak Trail (best albums)
HearYa (best albums)
A Hermit's Hobby (top albums)
Heaven Is an Incubator (favorite albums)
Heaven Is an Incubator (favorite albums)
The Heaviest Matter of the Universe (favorite metalish albums)
Heavy and Weird (top songs)
Heavy Planet (top albums)
Hectic But Eclectic (best albums)
Helen Rambles On (albums) (top albums)
HelloGiggles (top songs)
Hi54LOFI (favourite songs)
Hidden Track (top music DVDs/videos)
Higher Ed Music Critics (best albums)
Hip-Hop Takeover (top album covers)
HipHop DX (most important free albums)
HipHop DX (top albums)
Hiplanta (best albums)
Hiplanta (top metal albums)
Hipster Files (best albums)
Hiran Adhia (top albums)
HitFix (best albums)
HMWL (top techno / house tracks)
Holden Richards (top albums) (best albums) (best songs)
Hommeboylife (favorite songs)
Honesty (top albums)
Hope Is What Changes the Fate (best albums)
A Horizontal Myth (favorite albums)
Horn Book (best children's and YA books)
Hot 107.5 (most gifted lyricists)
Houston Calling (favorite albums)
HS Writing (favorite songs)
hubinho (best albums)
Huffington Post (best songs)
Huffington Post (best songs by women)
Hype Machine (top artists, albums, and songs)

I Am Tuned Up (top albums)
I Don't Wanna Grow Up (favorite songs)
I Guess I'm Floating (songs)
I Know You've Come to Take My Music Away (top albums)
I Listen, So You Don't Have To (favorite albums)
I Listen, So You Don't Have To (favorite metal albums)
I Listen, So You Don't Have To (songs)
I Rock Cleveland (albums)
I Still Believe (favorite albums)
I Witness (favorite albums)
I'm Dan F'n Vanderpool (favorite albums)
Id Est Fid (top albums)
Idolator (best albums)
Idolator (EPs)
Idolator (worst album covers)
IICJZII (top albums)
IllustrationISM (top albums)
I'm Just Sayin'... (favorite albums)
imageflood (top albums)
IMDbrian (favorite albums)
Impact (top albums)
Impact (top songs)
Imperfect Women (best albums)
In Jallu's Words (top music videos)
In Jallu's Words (top songs)
In the Hills on My Own (favorite albums)
In the Land of Dragons (best albums)
In the Mix (top songs)
In the Round (best songs)
Independent (best album covers)
Indie Bloops and Bleeps (top albums)
Indie Bloops and Bleeps (top songs)
Indie Folker (best indie folk albums)
Indie for Bunnies (best albums)
Indie Lunchbox (favorite albums)
Indie Moines (top albums)
Indie Music Filter (best music lists)
Indie Music Filter (favourite videos)
Indie Music Filter (top songs)
Indie Rock Cafe (best songs)
Indie Shuffle (best hip hop albums)
Indie Shuffle (top Australian artists and songs)
Indie Sounnd (top albums)
IndiesIndie's Blog (albums)
Indigo (best albums)
Individual Thought Patterns (top hip-hop / R&B albums)
Indy Rock Live (top albums)
Infectious Magazine (best songs)
An Inland Voyage (top albums)
The In(tension)al Life (favorite albums)
Invisible Oranges (top albums)
Irish Examiner (albums)
The Irish Sun (top Irish albums)
Irish Times (albums)
Irish Times (best albums)
It's Grim Up North (top albums)
iWontSTFU (albums)

J.J.D.'s Reviews and Interviews Blog (best albums)
Jamcritic (best albums)
Jason Shadrick (top albums)
Jazzwise (top albums)
jdbrecords (top albums)
Jealous Rage's Blog (top albums)
JEFF the Brotherhood (top albums)
jelguris (top hiphop albums)
Jeph Jacques (favorite albums)
Jetset Dreams (top albums)
jhubner73 (favorite albums)
Jim DeRogatis (top albums)
Jim's Fear (top albums)
The Jivewired Journal (top songs)
jlbotbyl (top songs)
John Cullen (top songs)
John Dorhauer (best albums)
Johnskibeat (top albums)
Jon Wilks (best songs)
Jordan's Blog (best albums)
Joseph A. Lapin (favorite songs)
Josh Blog (best albums)
Josh's (Very Important) Record Blog (top albums)
Joshua Lachkovic (top songs)
Jouljet (favourite albums)
Joy of Speed (favorite albums)
Juice Nothing (top album art)
Juno Plus (top compilations)
Juno Plus (top reissues)
Just a Pop Guy (favorite albums)
Just Another Crappy Opinionated Music Blog (best albums)

KCRW (DJs' top albums)
KDHX (top albums)
Keep It Country Kids (best albums)
Keep It Fast (top albums)
Keeping Score (favorite songs)
Keith Easton (albums)
Kentuckyseven (best albums)
Kevin Yeoh (favorite albums)
Key 103 (best albums)
KiDCHAIR (favorite songs)
Kimchi Kristy (favorite Korean albums)
Kit10Phish Explains It All (best albums)
Known Associates (favorite albums)
Knox Rd (top albums)
KNUE (top Texas songs)
kristininprogress (favorite albums)
KSSU - Aerrow Shapiro (top songs)
Kumar's Blizznog (best albums)
Kyle Bloom (top albums)

The L Magazine (best albums)
The L Magazine (Brooklyn songs)
LA Music Blog (top albums)
LA Music Blog (top hip-hop albums)
LA Music Blog (top non-US albums)
LA Music Blog (top psychedelic albums)
Lambgoat (hardcore and metal albums)
Larkhill Talk (favourite albums)
Las Vegas Weekly (best albums)
Last Year's Girl (top albums)
Last Year's Girl (top songs)
Laura Snapes (albums and tracks)
Le Professeur de Music (top metal albums)
Le Professeur De Musique (top non-metal albums)
Leah Beatty (favorite albums)
Leaked, Peaked, or Tweaked (top albums)
Leaps and Bounds (best albums)
Lefebvre on Media (top albums)
The Lefort Report (best albums)
Lehlioman's Awesome Music Blog (top songs)
Lesbians in My Soup (best albums)
Life After Nirvana (favorite albums)
The Life and Times of Pedro Favre (best albums)
Life By Wandering (best albums)
Life Is Noise (top albums)
Life Is Noise - Axel Carrington (top albums)
The Life of a Brooklyn Tween (best and worst songs)
A Lifetime of Defeats (top albums)
Lights in the Sky (best albums)
Lightsinpairs (best albums)
Lilmissmosher (top albums)
The Liminal (albums)
The Line of Best Fit (albums)
The Line of Best Fit (best Christmas songs)
The Line of Best Fit (best late night show music performances)
The Line of Best Fit (songs)
The Line of Best Fit (best reissues)
Linear Tracking Lives (top albums)
Liquidity Trapped (favorite songs)
LISTEN (best albums)
Listen Before You Buy (best EPs)
Listen Before You Buy (top songs)
Listen Before You Buy (top albums)
Listen to De Lion (albums)
The Litmus Configuration (top albums)
Little by Listen (best albums)
Little by Little (best new artists)
Little by Listen (best songs)
Little Falls Times (top albums)
A Little Moore Information (top albums)
Little White Earbuds (top albums)
Little White Earbuds (top EPs)
Little White Earbuds (top labels)
Little White Earbuds (top overrated songs)
Little White Earbuds (top songs)
Live Music Blog (music)
Lo-Band-Width (top albums)
London on the Inside (best albums)
Long Brit (top albums)
The Long Grant Avenue Night (top albums)
Lord Doom (top albums)
Los Angeles Times (best albums)
Los Angeles Times (best music)
Los Angeles Times (holiday albums)
Lost in Japan (top albums)
Loud Noises (best albums)
Love Is a Lottery (top albums)
Lower Frequencies (best songs)
LSMedia (best albums)
Lucid Culture (best jazz albums)
Luke, I Am Your Father (best albums)
LYFSTYL (best music sites)
LYFSTYL (top EPs and mixtapes)

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