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November 5, 2012

Online "Best of 2012" Book Lists (J - Z)

For the fifth straight year, I will be aggregating every online "best of 2012" book lists I find in this post. As the lists appear online, I will add them to this master list, updating daily.

Please feel free to leave a comment or e-mail me with a blog, magazine, newspaper, or other online media list I have missed.

Daily updates to this list.

Revisit the 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, and 2000-2009 (best of the decade) online year-end book list collections.

A - I

Jacket Copy (authors' favorite books)
Jacob's Blog (favorite books)
Jamey Stegmeier (favorite books)
Jamie, Write Now (best teen books)
January Magazine (best books)
Jason Jordan (best books)
Jeannine Hall Gailey (poetry books)
Jen Ryland/YA Romantics (favorite YA Paranormal and Historical books)
Jen's Book Thoughts (crime fiction's sexiest male authors)
jennIRL (best books)
JerBear Shares (best books)
Jeremy Cooks (favorite books)
Jessy's Book Club (favorite books)
The Jesus Book Girl (top books)
JettisonCocoon (best books)
Jewlicious (favorite books)
Jill Williamson (top YA Christian Books)
Joe England (books)
Joe Klein (best books)
Joe, Kristen, Blake, Kalli and Lexie (best books)
Johann Thorsson (authors' favorite books)
Johann Thorson (best books)
John Green (favorite books)
John Pearson's Buckets Blog (top books)
John Sorrell's Blog (top books)
Jordan Shirkman (best books)
Joseph A. Lapin (favorite books)
Josh Evans (top books)
Joshua P. Simon (top books)
JR Forasteros (top books)
Juicers and Recipes (top juicing books)
Julie's Blog (favorite books)
Julie's Blog (favorite books)
The Junto (favorite books)
Just About Sane (best books)
Just Another Day in Indonesia... (best books)
Just Another Smith (favorite books)
Just Another Story (favorite books)
Just One More Page (best books)
Just William's Luck (books)
Justin Buzzard (best books)
Justin Maurer (best books)
Justin's Book Blog (best books)
Justin's Book Blog (top "new to me" authors)

K-Books (best books)
K-Books (best debut fiction)
K.D. Byers (favorite books)
Kansas City Star (top books)
Karen Edmisten (books)
Karen the Small Press Librarian (authors' favorite small press books)
The Kari AnnAlysis (favorite books)
Kate Forsyth (best books)
Kate's Bookcase (favourite books)
Katie's Book Blog (bloggers' best books)
Kawa i nie tylko... (books)
Keep Going You Fool! (top fiction)
Keeping It Real...Keeping It Relative (best books)
keithroysdon (favorite books)
KellyVision (best paranormal/dystopian YA)
Ketch's Book Nook (best books)
Kevin Young (poetry collections)
Keyboard Contemplations (best books)
khn12 (best books)
Kid Icthus (best books)
The Kind of Face You Hate (best books)
Kinetic Beans (best books)
King County Library System (best books)
The Kirk Report (favorite books)
Kirkus Reviews (best biography books)
Kirkus Reviews (best book apps)
Kirkus Reviews (best children's books)
Kirkus Reviews (best children's books about the arts)
Kirkus Reviews (best children's books for animal lovers)
Kirkus Reviews (best children's fantasy and science fiction books)
Kirkus Reviews (best children's fiction)
Kirkus Reviews (best children's fiction about boys)
Kirkus Reviews (best children's fiction about girls)
Kirkus Reviews (best children's mysteries and thrillers)
Kirkus Reviews (best children's nonfiction)
Kirkus Reviews (best children's picture books)
Kirkus Reviews (best current affairs and sociology books)
Kirkus Reviews (best debut fiction)
Kirkus Reviews (best essay collections and entertainment books)
Kirkus Reviews (best fiction)
Kirkus Reviews (best fiction about love and sex)
Kirkus Reviews (best historical fiction)
Kirkus Reviews (best history books)
Kirkus Reviews (best indie books)
Kirkus Reviews (best memoirs)
Kirkus Reviews (best mysteries)
Kirkus Reviews (best nonfiction)
Kirkus Reviews (best science and nature books)
Kirkus Reviews (best science fiction and fantasy)
Kirkus Reviews (best short story collections)
Kirkus Reviews (best teen books)
Kirkus Reviews (best thrillers)
Kirkus Reviews (best translated books)
Kirkus Reviews (pop-up books)
Kirkus Reviews (top fiction)
Kitchen Food Garden (best cookbooks)
The Koala Bear Writer (best books)
The Kojo Nnamdi Show (best cookbooks)
Kristen Otte (favorite books)
KristiBug (favorite books)
KSL (best books)
KyusiReader (favorite books)

The L Magazine (best books)
The L Magazine (breakout Brooklyn book people)
The L Magazine (Brooklyn authors' favorite books)
LA Art Diary (top art books)
Labour Uncut (best books)
Lady Susan (favorite books)
Lakenheath Old Boys (books)
Lakeside Musing (favorite books)
Lara's Book Club (favorite books)
Largehearted Boy (favorite graphic novels)
Largehearted Boy (favorite nonfiction books)
Largehearted Boy (favorite novels)
Largehearted Boy (favorite short story collections)
Laurel Snyder (best books)
Lauren Morrill (best books)
Learn. Live. Lead. (top books)
Lee's Bookshelf (top books)
Leeswammes' Blog (best books)
The Left Room (favourite books)
Len Berry (top books)
Leonard F. Chikarason (top comics)
Lesa's Book Critiques (favorite books)
Leslie Beslie (books)
Let's Talk of Many Things (best books)
Libereading (best books)
Library Journal (best biography and history)
Library Journal (best business books)
Library Journal (best Christian fiction)
Library Journal (best consumer health books)
Library Journal (best cookbooks)
Library Journal (best DIY books)
Library Journal (best eBook romance)
Library Journal (best graphic novels)
Library Journal (best historical fiction)
Library Journal (best memoirs)
Library Journal (best mysteries)
Library Journal (best poetry books)
Library Journal (best romance)
Library Journal (best science and technology books)
Library Journal (best science fiction and fantasy)
Library Journal (best spiritual living books)
Library Journal (best street lit)
Library Journal (best thrillers)
Library Journal (best women's fiction)
Library Journal (best young adult literature for adults)
Library Journal (staff favorite books)
Library Journal (top books)
Librarye Keeper (top books)
Liesl Shurtliff (top books)
Life Ensues (best books)
Life in Spicyland (favorite books)
Life in the Thumb (favorite books)
Life Is Too Short to Read Bad Books (best books)
Life:Merging (best books)
Life Moves Pretty Fast (top books)
Life of Riles (top books)
A Life of Study (top books)
Life Unexpected (best books)
Lindsay's Library (best books)
Lindy Reads and Reviews (best adult fiction)
Lippenheimer (poetry and non-fiction books)
Lis Les Livres - Read Books! (favorite books)
Lisa Loves Literature (top books)
The Listener (best books)
LitChat (favorite books)
Litchfield Public Library (best books)
Literalab (best books)
A Literary Escape (top books)
Literary Hoarders - Jackie (best audiobooks)
Literary Hoarders - Penny (top audiobooks)
Literary Musings (favorite books)
Literary Pursuits (top books)
Literary Thunder Bay (favourite books)
Literary Thunder Bay (favorite non-fiction)
Lit Nerd (most memorable books)
The Literary Maidens (favorite books)
LitReactor (authors' favorite books)
LitReactor (best books)
LitReactor (best genre books)
Little Atoms (top books)
Little Brown Mushroom (top photobooks)
Little Known Gems (best books)
Little Known Gems (best books on books)
Little Known Gems (best Western novels)
Little Myths (top poetry books)
The Little Red Reviewer (best books)
Living 2 Read (favorite books)
Living Mint Green (favorite books)
Liz and Gianna's Adventures in Book Land (top books)
London and Norfolk Life (top fiction)
Longview Daily News (best books)
Look at OKC (top graphic novels)
Looking Back at Orpheus (top poetry books)
Los Angeles (best books)
Los Angeles Public Library (best children's books)
Los Angeles Public Library (best fiction)
Los Angeles Public Library (best nonfiction books)
Los Angeles Public Library (best teen books)
Los Angeles Times - David L. Ulin (books)
Love, Literature, Art, and Reason (best books)
Love Saves the World (best historical romance novels)
Loving Books (best books)
Luna's Little Library (top books)
The Lupine Librarian (best books)
Lynn's Book Blog (top books) (best books) (best fiction)
The Mad Reviewer (favourite books)
Madame Rubies (top children's and YA books)
Maggie Stiefvater (best books)
Manarchy (best books)
Marche Dimanche (best cookbooks)
Margaret Malloy (favorite books)
Marginal Revolution (favorite fiction)
Marginal Revolution (favorite non-fiction books)
Margo Berendsen (top books)
Maria (in Italy) favorite cookbooks)
Maria's Farm Country Kitchen (best books)
Marie Claire (top books)
Marie's Book Garden (best books)
Marine Corps Nomads (favorite books)
Maris Kreizman (books)
Mark Leslie's Blog (top books)
Marks in the Margin (best books)
Martha's Vineyard Times (Martha's Vineyard books)
Marysville Library Blog (best books)
Matt Compton (favorite books)
Matt Margolis (favorite books)
Matthew J Hellscream Writes (favourite books)
Maxim Jakubowski (top books)
Me and My Big Mouth (books)
Me, Myself and Moi (top books)
Medieval Bookworm (top books)
Melissa Giorgio (best books)
Melissa Living Life (best books)
Memoranda (favourite books)
Memories of a Nonya Kitchen (cookbooks)
Mere Puffery (favorite books)
Meredith Shayne (books)
Mermama (favorite books)
Metaglossia (favorite books)
Metro (top books)
Miami Herald (South Florida authors' favorite books)
Miami Herald (top books)
Michael Brand (best nonfiction books)
Michael Magras's Blog (favorite books)
Michelle and Leslie's Book Picks (top books)
Michelle Mossey (best books)
Michael Patrick Brady (favorite books)
Michael Sullivan (best books for boys)
Middle Class Modern (best books)
Midnight Voltage (best books)
A Mighty Girl (books)
The Migrant Book Club (best books for expats, immigrants and other vagrants)
The Millions (authors' and critics' favorite books)
Mindy Hayes (favorite books)
Minneapolis Star Tribune (biography)
Minneapolis Star Tribune (children's picture books)
Minneapolis Star Tribune (critics' picks)
Minneapolis Star Tribune (fiction)
Minneapolis Star Tribune (graphic novels)
Minneapolis Star Tribune (history books)
Minneapolis Star Tribune (memoir)
Minneapolis Star Tribune (regional Minnesota books)
Minnesota Reads - Christa (books)
Minnesota Reads - Jodi Chromey (favorite books)
Minnesota Reads - LeAnn Suchy (top books)
Minolta White (favorite books)
MissLilac's Reviews, Lists, and Things (top books)
missris (best books)
A Miusmie (best books)
Modern Gypsy (top books)
MomClick (best interior design books)
mommablogsalot (best books)
Money Saving Mom (favorite books)
Montreal Gazette (books)
Moore Teens Unite!!! (favorite books)
Morning Joe (top books)
Mother Jones (favorite cookbooks)
Motherhood Is Feminist (best books)
Mrs. Dragon's Den (best books)
Mrs. Loudshoes (favorite books)
Mrs. Toes (books)
Ms Candyreadsalot (best books)
Muruch (top books)
Muse (best books)
Musings at a Picnic (best books)
My Accidental Muse (best books)
My Best Friends Are Books (best children's picture books)
My Best Friends Are Books (best middle grade fiction)
My Bookish Ways (best books)
My Head Is Full of Books (favorite books)
My Keeper Shelf (best contemporary fiction)
My Library in the Making (best books)
My Life Is a Fairytale That Will Never End (best books)
My Life with Boys and Books (top books)
My Personal Fairytale (favorite books)
My Words Ate Me (best books)
My World (favorite books)
My World in English (best books)
MyHorse Daily (favorite horse books)
MysteryPeople (top mystery books)
Myth-illogical (favorite books)

Naked Sushi (best books)
Nancy Pearl (books)
Narrative (top books)
Nathan Logan (favorite poetry books)
Nathan's Hobby Blog (best books)
The Nation (Pakistan) (books)
National Book Awards (books)
National Outdoor Book Awards (best outdoors books)
National Science Teachers Association (outstanding science trade books for students K-12)
The Natural Capital (best nature books)
Neal Lemery (best books)
Nearly Natural Nicole (favorite books)
Needs More Demons? (favorite books)
The Nemonicon (favourite books)
Nerdy Book Club (children's nonfiction picture books)
Nerdy Book Club (children's picture books)
Never Yet Melted (best books)
The New Dork Review of Books (favorite books)
New Humanist (best books)
New Museum (best books)
New Statesman (books)
New York Daily News (best cookbooks)
New York Daily News (books)
New York Daily News (career books)
New York Observer (books)
New York Times (art books)
New York Times (best bathroom books)
New York Times (best illustrated children's books)
New York Times (books about antiques)
New York Times (coffee table books)
New York Times (cooking books)
New York Times (favorite book covers)
New York Times (gardening books)
New York Times (graphic novels)
New York Times (music books)
New York Times (notable books)
New York Times (notable children's books)
New York Times (top photo books)
New York Times (travel books)
New York Times - Dwight Garner (favorite books)
New York Times - Janet Maslin (favorite books)
New York Times - Michiko Kakutani (favorite books)
New Yorker (best political books)
New Yorker (literary feuds)
New Yorker - James Wood (best books)
New Yorker (contributors' best books)
Newcity Lit (books)
Newsday (best books)
Newsday (best children's books)
The Next Chapter (kids books)
Next Step Editing (best books)
Nick Barron (best books for entrepreneurs and people who want to be)
Nick Bogardus (favorite books)
Nico Jaye (books)
Niki Jabbour (best gardening books)
The Nonfiction Detectives (favorite children's nonfiction books)
The Nonfiction Detectives (top science and math books)
Nori's Closet (best books)
Normblog (books)
Nourished Kitchen (favorite books)
The Novel Approach (best books)
Novel Days (best books)
Novel Ideas (favorite books)
Novel Novice (best YA books)
Novel Seduction (top books)
NPR (best biographies)
NPR (best book club books)
NPR (best books)
NPR (best historical fiction)
NPR (best literary heroines)
NPR (best mysteries)
NPR (best romance)
NPR (best science fiction)
NPR (books for children ages 9 to 14)
NPR (cookbooks)
NPR (eye-catching books)
NPR (indie booksellers' best books)
NPR (under the radar graphic novels)
NPR (short story collections)
NPR (young adult books)
NPR - Heller McAlpin (books)
NPR - Maureen Corrigan (books)

The Oak Log (favorite books)
Observer (books)
Obsidian Bookshelf Blog (best gay romance books)
The Octopus and the Bee (favorite books)
Oh, The Book's You'll Read! (best books)
Oh, for the Love of Books! (best book covers)
Oh So Hearty (top books)
Oh You're So Silent, Jensen (best books)
OK Alison (best books)
The Olly Book Blog (best books)
Omnivoracious (authors' best books)
Omnivoracious (best science fiction and fantasy collections)
Omnivoracious (books for writers)
OmNom Love (best books)
On a Grahampage (best books)
On Journeying with Those in Exile (books)
On Politics (favorite books)
Once More with Geekery (best books)
Once Upon a Dream (favorite books)
One Catholic Life (favorite books)
One Green Planet (best vegan books)
One More Page (best books)
One Page at a Time (top books)
One Story Down (best books)
Only Connect (best books)
Only Connect (favourite adult books)
Only True Magic (best books)
Only True Magic (best books)
Oprah (best books)
The Orange Wit (best books)
Oregonian (favorite vegan cookbooks)
Oregonian (top Northwest books)
OUPblog (best kids books)
OUPblog - Abby Gross (top books)
OUPblog - Cornelia Haase (top books)
OUPblog - Josh Landon (top books)
OUPblog - Rebeca Lane (top books)
Our Book Are Better Than We Are (favorite books)
Outgoing Signals (best and worst books)
Owlhaven (favorite books)

Pagan Spirits (best books)
Page Appropriate (favorite middle grade books)
Page Appropriate (favorite children's picture books)
Page Appropriate (best young adult books)
Page Views (best books)
Page Views (most beautiful books)
Page Views (most disappointing books)
Pages Unbound (best books)
Panorama of a Book Saint (top books)
Paperback Pirate (favorite books)
The Paperback Princess (top books)
Para Days (best books)
Parchment and Pen Blog (best books)
Parents' Choice (children's books)
Parents Magazine (best children's books)
The Parsimonious Princess (favorite cookbooks)
A Passage to Now (best LGBTQ books)
A Passion for Liberty (favorite books)
Paste (best comics)
Paste (best comics collections and reissues)
Paste (favorite books)
Paste (writers and artists' favorite comics)
Pastor Kyle Huber (favorite books)
pastordan (best books)
Patrick J. Holzheimer (top books)
Patti Wagon (books)
Paul D. Brazill (top books)
Pauline Rowson (books)
Pay a Visit (top books)
PDN (notable photo books)
Peace Love Books (top books)
Perfectly Sensible Nonsense (best books)
The Perpetual Bird (best poetry books)
Petites Amourettes (books)
Philip White Books (top books)
The Philosophers Magazine (best books)
Photo-Eye (best books)
The Picture Book Review (top children's picture books)
Pinkindle Reads and Reviews (favorite books)
Pittsburgh Post Gazette (favorite cookbooks)
Plano Teens Connect (best books)
Poetry Magazine (best poetry books)
The Poetry School (favourite poetry books) (notable poetry books)
Poisoned Rationality (top books)
Polished Corner Pillars (best books)
Pop Goes Fiction (favorite books)
Popcorn Reads (favorite books)
PopMatters (music books)
Porter Square Books (food books)
PostNoon (most popular books)
Pratham Books (top children's picture books)
Predator Song, Show Some Surface (top books) (best books for young readers)
Pretty in Fiction (best books)
Prettybooks (top books)
Prinsesa's Anatomy (best books)
The Progressive (best books)
Project To Be Read (top books)
Pub Rants (YA breakout books)
Publishers Lunch - Sarah Weinman (favorite books)
Publishers Weekly (best books)
Publishers Weekly (best children's fiction)
Publishers Weekly (best childrens nonfiction books)
Publishers Weekly (best children's picture books)
Publishers Weekly (best comics and graphic novels)
Publishers Weekly (best fiction)
Publishers Weekly (best lifestyle books)
Publishers Weekly (best mystery/thriller books)
Publishers Weekly (best nonfiction books)
Publishers Weekly (best poetry books)
Publishers Weekly (best religion books)
Publishers Weekly (best romance books)
Publishers Weekly (best science fiction, fantasy, and horror books)
Publishers Weekly (most expensive books)
Publishers Weekly (staff favorite books)
Punk Domestics (best DIY food books)
Pure Imagination (favorite books)
The Pure Mood (top DC Comics books)

Queer Simian Blogging (favourite books)
A Quick Red Fox (favorite books)
Quiet Poetic (top books)
Quieted Waters (favorite books)
Quill and Quire (books for young people)
Quill and Quire (Canadian booksellers' top cookbooks)
Quill and Quire (Canadian booksellers' top fiction)
Quill and Quire (Canadian booksellers' top LGBT books)
Quill and Quire (Canadian booksellers' top non-fiction books)
Quill and Quire (designers' favourite book covers)
Quill and Quire (fiction)
Quill and Quire - Steven Beattie (books)
Quirky Bookworm (best books)
The Quivering Pen (best books)
Quixotic Magpie (favorite books) (best progressive economics books)
Rabid Reads (best books)
Rabid Reads (best werewolf books)
Rabbitin (best books)
Rachel Ann Hanley (favorite books)
Rachel Reads (top "new-to-me" authors)
Radish Reviews (top books)
Rae Gun Ramblings (authors)
Rae Gun Ramblings (best books)
Rainbow Project Committee (best GLBTQ books for children and teens)
Raincoast Books (favourite books)
Ramblings of a Logophile (top books)
Ramblings Rarely Read by Others (favourite YA books)
Random House (best of the best book lists)
Random Jottings (books)
Random Musings of a Bibliophile (favorite children's picture books)
Random Things in Action (top books)
Raquel Martina Martinez (best books on the craft of writing)
RaymondTheInfluential (favourite books)
Read and Written (best books)
Read the World (best books)
Read Your Bookcase (books)
A Reader of Fictions (top books)
A Reader's Place (nonfiction books)
Readerbuzz (best books)
Readers Live a Thousand Lives (best books)
Reading Addict (best books)
Reading Between Classes (top books)
Reading Graphic Novels (best books)
Reading Rants! (top books)
Reading Reality (best books)
Reading with ABC (best books)
Reading with ABC (top "new to me" authors)
Reading, Writing, and the 'Rhythmatic of Life (best books)
Readings (best art and design books)
Readings (best children's picture books)
Readings (best crime fiction)
Readings (best fiction)
Readings (best food and wine books)
Readings (best junior and middle fiction)
Readings (best non-fiction books)
Readings (best young adult books)
Readuponit (best books)
Ready When You Are, C.B. (favorite books)
Reconciliation (top fiction)
Reed Reads Book Reviews (best books)
Reformedish (top books)
Real Style Network (best fashion books)
Rejoice Always (top books)
Reluctant Habits (best fiction)
Responsible Eating and Living (favorite cookbooks)
Retro Chick (unusual books)
Return to Rome (best books)
rfplteens (best teen books)
Rick Bylina (best books)
Riffs and Reviews (best books)
The Road to Emmaus (top books)
Roadkill Rhapsody (best books)
Roald Dahl Funny Prize (funny books for children aged seven to fourteen)
Rob's Blog (best books)
Robbins Library / TEENS (favorite books)
Robert Shenk (favorite books)
Robey Ramblings (favorite books)
Rock Book Show (best rock books)
Romance for Your Heart and Soul (favorite books)
Romance Under the Moonlight (favorite books)
Romantic Historical Lovers (favorite books)
rondowning (top books)
The Root (best books)
Rough Trade (top books)
Route Blog (books)
The Royal Library (favorite books)
Running in Circles (best books)
Running with Tweezers (top cookbooks)

S.J.A. Turney (top novels)
S. Krishna's Books (best books)
Salima Korri (top books)
Salon (book critics' poll)
Salon (graphic novels)
Salon - Laura Miller (best books)
Saltwater Coke (top books)
Samluce (best books)
San Francisco Book Review (best books)
San Francisco Chronicle (books)
San Francisco Chronicle (books)
San Francisco Examiner (notable books)
San Francisco Magazine (authors' favorite Bay Area books)
San Francisco Public Library (favorite books)
San Francisco Silent Film Festival (best film books)
Sana's Scribbles (top books)
Sandusky Register (best books)
Sara McNutt (favorite books)
Sara Moulton (best cookbooks)
Sarah Enni (best books)
Sarah the Librarian (favorite books)
Savor Tonight (favorite cookbooks)
Sawyer Free Library (best books)
Scatterplot (favorite books)
Schaumburg Township District Library (best science books)
The Scholarly Kitchen (best books)
School Library Journal (best adult books for teens)
Schwartzelmer's Blog (best books for business networking)
Sciencegeek (best science books)
SciFi Chick (best books)
Seattle Times (best books)
Seattle Times (best mysteries)
Seattle Times (books on several best book lists)
The Secret Life of a Bookworm (top books)
See-47 (favorite books)
Seeley James (best books)
Senny Dreadful (top books)
A Serious Bunburyist (best cookbooks)
Serious Eats (best non-cookbook food books)
Serious Eats (favorite cookbooks)
Servants of Grace (top books)
Sexy Feminist (best feminist books)
Shannon Yarbrough (best books)
Shari Speaks (best books)
She Is Too Fond of Books (favorite books)
She Reads Novels (best books)
Shearer's Bookshop (best books)
SheKnows (best books for moms)
Shelf Unbound (top books)
Shen Dove Style (favorite books)
Short and Sweet (best books)
Silver Mists (favorite books)
Silver's Reviews (favorite books)
Simply Look Around (best books)
Simplicity (best business books)
A Sista's Journey (best books)
Skinny Mom (favorite cookbooks)
Slate (best books)
Slate (best books)
Slate (overlooked books)
Slate - Dan Kois (favorite books)
Slatebreakers (favorite middle grade books)
Slatebreakers (favorite young adult books)
Slice of Lime (top books)
Smexy Books (favorite books) (top books)
SMU Forum (SMU books)
Snobbery (best books)
So Many Books, So Little Time (top books)
Sojourn in the Shadowlands (top books)
Some of the Wiser (favorite fiction)
Something to Crow About (favorite songs)
SOS Aloha (favorite books)
The Sound of Butterflies (favourite books)
Sounding Plumbline (top books)
South African Literary Awards (South African books)
Specsavers National Book Awards (British books)
The Spectator (Australian books)
The Spectator (books)
Speculative Fiction Junkie (top books)
The Speculative Scotsman (favourite books)
Spin (best music books)
Spinner on Books (best books)
The Spiral (best books)
The Spirit Now! (books)
Spoiled for the Ordinary (top books)
The Sports Bookie (best baseball books)
The Sports Bookshelf (best sports books)
Squeaky Books (top YA books)
St. Louis Post-Dispatch (favorite books)
St. Orberose (best books)
Stacked (mental health books)
Stacy's Books (favorite books)
Standing Firm 4 HIM (top books)
Starmetal Oak Reviews (favourite books)
Stars and Garters (best comics)
Stephanie Pomfrett (favourite books)
Stephen King (favorite books)
Stevereads (best books)
Stirring the Pot (favorite cookbooks)
Stitch Craft Create (best craft books)
Story Carnivores (top books)
The Story Queen (top books)
StompBeast (music books)
Stories of Conflict and Love (favorite books)
Strakul's Thoughts (favorite books)
Stranger Than Writing (top books)
Strategy+Business (best business books)
Stray Thoughts (top books)
streetsofsalem (best bedside books)
Striving Cynic (favorite books)
Student Review (top books on Mormonism)
Super-Terrific (books)
Surroundings (favourite books)
Suzanne McLeod (best books)
Swimming Upstream (best books)
Swimming Upstream (favorite book blogs)

T.S. Bazelli (best books)
Tablet (best kids' books)
Taking Hayek Seriously (best books)
Tales from the Reading Room (best books)
TalkEZY (best books)
Talking Comics! (favorite comic book characters)
Talking Comics - Bobby (top comics)
Talking Comics - Steve (top comics)
TATAL (favorite books)
TBR 313 (favorite books)
tea. books. love. (best books)
Teaching Biology (top environmentalism and climate change books)
Teaching Biology (top evolution books)
Teaching Biology (top historical geology books)
Teaching Biology (best history of science books)
Teaching Biology (top human evolution and anthropology books)
Teaching Biology (top paleontology books)
Teaching Biology (top zoology books)
Team Espinoza (favorite books)
Ted Torres (favorite books)
Teekhapan (top Indian non-fiction books)
Teen Readers' Diary (best books)
Telegraph (best biography)
Telegraph (best books)
Telegraph (best children's books)
Telegraph (best children's picture books)
Telegraph (best e-readers)
Telegraph (best erotica collections)
Telegraph (best fiction)
Telegraph (best food books)
Telegraph (best humour books)
Telegraph (best interior design books)
Telegraph (best music books)
Telegraph (best poetry books)
Telegraph (best political books)
Telegraph (best short story collections)
Telegraph (best sports books)
Telegraph (best US political books)
Telegraph (best walking books)
Telegraph (top YA books)
Ten Cent Notes (favorite YA books)
Ten Cent Notes (most personally impacting books)
Teza's Hortus Magnificum (favourite botanical books)
Thaddeus the Sixth (top books)
Theartblog (gift books)
theGrio (best books)
thereadingexperience (books)
theRibz Memoirs (top books)
Things That Don't Suck (best books)
This Is Actually Happening (favourite books)
This Is My Tumblr (favorite books)
This Journey Is My Own (top books)
The Thought Fox (crime authors' favorite books)
This Translation (favorite books)
Thoroughly Alive (books)
Thrive Personal Fitness (top health and fitness books)
Tim Hein (top fiction)
TIME (top fiction)
TIME (top nonfiction)
The Time for Change (top books)
Time Out New York (best international cookbooks)
Time Out Sydney (top cookbooks)
The Times of India (most talked about authors)
Times-Picayune (New Orleans and Louisiana books)
TNBBC's The Next Best Book Blog (authors' top books)
Toad and Feather (best book covers)
Tony Reinke (top books)
Too Many Posts (favourite books)
The Top Shelf (best books)
Topless Robot (best graphic novels and trade paperbacks) (best books)
Toronto Film Review (film books)
Traveling with T (best books)
Treasures in Heaven (best books)
TresSugar (books)
The Treward Pen (favorite books)
Tricia Goyer (favorite books)
Trinity Renovation (best books)
Trish Writes Books (favorite books)
Truth and Rhetoric (best books)
Turndog Millionaire (best books)
TVNZ (best books)
Twilight Language (top synchromystic books)
Twisting the Lens (favorite books)
Two Heads Together (best books)
Typographical Era (best books)

UKYA (YA books by UK authors)
Under His Wings (favorite books)
Underbelly (best books)
Unforgettable Books (top books)
The "Unputdownable" Book Club (favourite books)
The Unreliable Nraiter (top books)
Untitled*Untitled (favorite books)
Urban Farm Junkie (favorite books for foodies)
USA Today (books)
USA Today (top graphic novels)

Vahshatedil's Blog (best books)
Valley Girl (best books)
Vampire Book Club (best books)
Vancouver Sun (graphic novels)
Vanity Fair (best books)
Vapour Trails (best books)
The Vegetarian Ninja Librarian's Weblog (best books)
VeggieGirl (favorite cookbooks)
VegNews (top vegan books)
ventureadlaxre (best books)
Veronica Sullivan (favourite books)
Victoria H. Smith (best books)
Village Books (favorite books)
The Virtual Growlery (top books)
VN Made (best cookbooks)
Vodka Cranberry Clooney (best books)
Vogue (top books)
Vol. 1 Brooklyn - Daniel Roberts (favorite fiction)
Vol. 1 Brooklyn - Jen Vafidis (favorite new books)
Vol. 1 Brooklyn - Michele Filgate (best books)
Vol. 1 Brooklyn - Nick Curley (best books)
Vol. 1 Brooklyn - Tobias Carroll (best non-2012 books)
Vol. 1 Brooklyn - Tobias Carroll (favorite new books)
Vulpes Libres (favorite books)
Vulture - Kathryn Schultz (top books)

Wade Thomas Byington (best books)
Wall Street Journal (art books)
Wall Street Journal (biography books)
Wall Street Journal (business books)
Wall Street Journal (children's books)
Wall Street Journal (drinking books)
Wall Street Journal (e-readers)
Wall Street Journal (food books)
Wall Street Journal (history books)
Wall Street Journal (military history books)
Wall Street Journal (mysteries)
Wall Street Journal (photography books)
Wall Street Journal (science books)
Wall Street Journal (science books)
Wanton Creation (top books)
Warm French Onion Soup (favorite books)
Washington Post (best audiobooks)
Washington Post (best books)
Washington Post (best kids books)
Washington Post (book news)
Washington Post (design books)
Washington Post (notable fiction)
Washington Post (notable nonfiction books)
Washington Post (top graphic novels and comics)
We Heart YA (favorite books)
The Weekly Sift (books)
The Well Read Fish (favorite books)
The Well-Read Redhead (best books)
The Well-Read Wife (best books)
The Well-Read Wife (best memoirs)
Wendy on the Web (best books)
What Am I Reading? (favourite books)
What I Write (favorite books)
What Mark Read (best books)
What She Read... (top books)
What's New in Books at CVL (favorite books)
Whatever You Can Still Betray (best books)
The Wheeler Centre (best books)
White Noise of Everyday Life (best books)
whnbstihwsoft (top books)
Who's Your Mama (top books)
WhoWhatWear (best coffee table books)
Why a Librarian? (best books)
Wild and Precious (favorite children's books)
Wild Heart Book Reviews (best books)
wildpeculiarjoy (top books)
William C. Morris Award (books for young adults by previously unpublished authors)
William Dalrymple (best India-related books)
Winter at Bluebell Cottage (favorite books)
The Wired Jester (best books)
...Wishin Good Luck (best books)
Wit and Wisdom of an Engineer (best books)
Wolf Majick (best books)
A Woman, a Wife, A Mom (favorite books)
Word and Film (best book-to-film adaptations)
Word Sharpeners (favorite books)
Word Spelunking (best books)
Words Escape Me (best books)
Words from Ms. Wise (best books)
Words, Pages, and Books (favorite books)
Work in Progress (FSG staff favorite books)
World Fantasy Awards (fantasy books)
Word-Whores (favorite books)
Words on Paper (favorite books)
Worldly Obsessions (best books)
Wren Doloro (best books)
Write Club (best books)
The (Writer's) Waiting Room (best books)
Writerly Rejects (best books)
Writers' Chasm (favorite books)
Writers Write (best books)
Writing and Illustrating (books)
Writing as a Sacred Path (best writing and spirituality books)
Writing from the Tub (top books)
Wuthering Expectations (best books)

YA Book Nerd (books for teens)
YA Book Reads (top books)
YA Librarian Tales (favorite books)
Yarns (favorite books)
Yes I Am (top books)
Yoga Journal (yoga books)
Young Adult Books - What We're Reading Now (best middle grade and YA books)
Young Adult Pageturners (top books)
Young at Heart (favorite books)
Young People's Pavilion (best children's picture books)
Yummy Books (favorite books)
Yummy Inspirations (best books)

Zoe's Book Reviews (favorite books)
Zoey's Paw (favorite books)
Zola Books (book recommendations from indie booksellers)

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