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November 4, 2013

Online "Best of 2013" Book Lists

The Largehearted Boy List of Online 'Best of 2013' Book Lists

For the sixth straight year, I am aggregating every online "best of 2013" book list I find in this post. As the lists appear online, I will add them to this master list, updating daily.

Please feel free to leave a comment or e-mail me with a blog, magazine, newspaper, or other online media list I have missed.

Daily updates to this list.

Revisit the 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, and 2000-2009 (best of the decade) online year-end book list collections.

154 Hidden Court (favorite books)
2bitmonkey (best books)
27gen (top books)
40 Forever (top books)
5 Second Rule (cookbooks)
52 Book Reviews (best back list books)
702 ABC Sydney (best books)

The A.V. Club (best books)
The A.V. Club (best comics and graphic novels)
The A.V. Club (best mainstream and superhero comics)
Aardvarchaeology (best books) (best contemporary literature books) (great science books) (top books)
Accounting Today (books for accountants)
Adafruit Industries (books for young engineers)
Adam Christopher (books) (graphic novels)
Affirmaison (best books)
Afraid of the Dork (top books)
After the Final Chapters (favourite books)
The Agony Column (best books)
Air and Space (best aviation and space-themed books for young readers)
The Airship (best books)
Albright Memorial Library (favorite books)
Aleksandra's Corner (best books)
Aleteia (favorite books)
Alex in Leeds (books)
Alex Ross (notable music books)
Alfred Lives Here (best books)
Alison Mercer (favourite books)
All Manner of Thing (favourite books)
All Things New (top books)
Allen Smith Family in Peru (most impacting books)
Alpha Reader (favorite books)
Always Lost in Stories (top books)
AMACOM Books Blog (best books)
Amanda's Nose in a Book (top books) (best books) (top books)
American Book Awards (books)
America Magazine (best books)
Ames Public Library (best books)
Ancestors of Gods (favorite fiction)
Ancestors of Gods (favorite non-fiction books)
andrewjpeterswrites (best books)
Angela's Anxious Life (best books)
Anis Shivani (best books)
Anita Loves Books (favorite books)
Anita's Edge (favorite books)
Anjali Enjeti (best books)
Anna Reads (books)
Anne Boleyn: From Queen to History (top books)
Anthony Bourdain (favorite books)
Apocalypse Reads (best books)
Apple (best books)
Arabic Literature (in English) (Arab authors' favorite books)
Architectural Concepts Podcast (top books)
Are We There Yeti? favorite books)
Arizona Daily Star (best books)
An Armchair by the Sea (best books)
Asheville Citizen-Times (best western North Carolina literature)
The Aspen Institute (favorite books)
Associated Press (best food books)
Asylum (books)
At the Garage (best books)
Atlanta Journal-Constitution (food books)
Atlanta Magazine (best books)
Atlanta Parent (best books)
The Atlantic (best books)
The Atlantic (best food books)
AudioFile (best audiobooks)
Austenprose (best Jane Austen-inspired books)
Austin Chronicle (favorite books)
The Avenue (favorite books)

B.O.O.K.L.I.F.E. (best books)
The Baby Seal Book Club (best and worst books)
Badass Book Reviews (best mystery, romance, and historicals)
Badass Book Reviews (best paranormal romance)
Badass Book Reviews (best urban fantasy)
Badass Book Reviews (best YA and NA Fantasy, paranormal, and science fiction)
The Balanced Wife (favorite books)
Baltimore Magazine (best books)
Baltimore Sun (favorite books)
Band of Thebes (writers' best LBGT books)
Banned Books Week (most challenged books)
Barnes and Noble (best new books)
Barry Graham (favorite books)
Based on the Novel (top books)
Basingstone Book Reviews (top books)
Bay State Reader's Advisory (favorite books)
BBC (top books)
Beattie's Cookbook and Food and Wine Blog (favourite cookbooks)
Beatties Cookbook and Food and Wine Blog (favourite New Zealand cookbooks)
BeEmbraced (best fiction)
Beauty Crumbs (favourite books)
Bellingham Herald (best children's books)
Berkeley Place (top comic book reissues)
Berkeley Place (top comic books)
Berkeleyside (best books)
Bermudaonion's Weblog (favorite books)
The Bernel Zone (top comics)
Best Fantasy Books Blog (worst books)
Beth Christopher (favorite books)
Beth Fish Reads best adult books)
Beth Fish Reads (best audiobooks)
Beth Matthews (best books)
Better Now (top startup books)
Bewitched Bookworm (favorite books)
Beyond the Pale (top books)
Beyond Unknowing (books)
BeyondChron (favorite books)
bhavin's mind grapes (favorite books)
A Bibliophile at Home (favorite books)
Bibliophilic Blather (favorite books)
Bibliographic Monologues (best books)
Bibliophiliac (best books)
Big Blue Circus (favorite fiction)
BigSpud (best cookbooks)
Bill Gates (top books)
Biographile (best biographies and memoirs)
Biographile (year in biography)
The Birdbooker Report (best bird books)
Bite the Book (top books)
Bits and Pieces (top books)
bklynbiblio (books)
Black by Popular Demand (favorite books)
Blackwell's (books)
Blindstyle (top books)
The Blog of David Meldrum (books)
Blogging Theologically (best books)
BlogHer (favorite books)
BloodBuzzed (best books)
Bloody Disgusting (top comics)
The Blushing Reader (best books)
BOLO Books (top books)
Bonnie Hearn Hill's Book Club (best books)
Book Addicted Blonde (top books)
Book Around the Corner (favourite books)
The Book Catapult (notable books)
The Book Club (top books)
Book Den (favorite books)
The Book Diaries (best children's picture books)
The Book Doctors (best books)
The Book Goddess (top books)
Book Hooked Blog (best faith-based books)
Book Light Graveyard (favorite books)
The Book Lovers (top books)
Book Nomad (top books)
The Book Nympho (best books)
The Book Plank (best books)
Book Riot (contributors' best books)
Book Riot (favorite book covers)
Book Riot (funniest books)
Book Riot (readers' favorite books)
The Book Room (top books)
The Book Smuggler (book lists by authors and bloggers)
Book Snob (best books)
The Book Vixen (favorite books)
Book Whispers (top books)
The Book Worm (top books)
Book-A-Day (best books)
Bookalicious (best books)
The Bookbag (romantic novels)
The Bookbag (top autobiographies and biographies)
The Bookbag (top crime novels)
The Bookbag (top general fiction)
The Bookbag (top history books)
The Bookbag (top literary fiction)
The Bookbag (top teen books)
Bookeywookey (favorite books)
Bookish (best business books)
Bookish (best novels)
Bookish (best science fiction and fantasy books)
Bookish (best sports books)
Bookish (best young adult books)
Bookish (books)
Bookish (under the radar books)
A Bookish Affair (best books)
Bookish Notions (best books)
Booklist (top arts books)
Booklist (top arts books for youth)
Booklist (top biographies)
Booklist (top biographies for youth)
Booklist (top business books)
Booklist (top crime fiction books)
Booklist (top crime fiction books for youth)
Booklist (top crime fiction audiobooks)
Booklist (top debut novels)
Booklist (top food books)
Booklist (top horror fiction)
Booklist (top literary travel books)
Booklist (top romance fiction)
Booklist (top romance fiction for youth)
Booklist (top science fiction / fantasy books)
Booklist (top science fiction / fantasy books for youth)
Booklist (top sports books for youth)
Booklog for Charlotte (favorite books)
Bookmark Your Dreams (top books)
BookPage (best book covers)
BookPage (best book titles)
BookPage (best books)
BookPage (best mysteries and thrillers)
BookPage (favorite cookbooks)
BookPage (creepiest books)
BookPeople (favorite cookbooks)
BookPeople (top books)
Bookrageous (favorite books)
Bookreporter (reviewers' favorite books)
Books and Culture (favorite books)
Books and Movies (best contemporary fiction)
Books and Movies (favorite nonfiction)
Books and Movies (favorite speculative fiction)
Books and Movies (favorite YA fiction)
Books and Nooks (best books)
Books Around the Corner (favourite books)
Books As You Know It (best books)
Books from Boxes (best books)
Books in the Spotlight (favorite books)
Books Speak Volumes (best backlist books)
Books Speak Volumes (best books)
Books to the Ceiling (best books)
Books to the Sky (top cookbooks)
booksaremyfavouriteandbest (top books)
Bookshelf Fantasies (best books)
BookSpin (favorite books)
Bookworld (best fiction)
Bookworld (best kids books)
Bookworld (best non-fiction)
Bookworld (best teen and young adult books)
Bookworm Blues (favorite books)
Bosco's Going Down (best books)
Boston Bibliophile (fun books)
Boston Globe (best books about New England)
Boston Globe (best chapter books)
Boston Globe (best crime fiction)
Boston Globe (best fiction)
Boston Globe (best picture books)
Boston Globe (best poetry books)
Boston Globe (best sports books)
Boston Globe (best young adult books)
Boston Globe (most underrated fiction)
Boston Globe (top nonfiction)
Boswell Book Company (best books)
Brain Pickings (best psychology and philosophy books)
Brandilyn Reviews Books (best books)
Brain Pickings (best books)
A Brain Scientist's Take on Writing (favourite books)
Branden's Blog (favorite books)
Breathing Words (top books)
Brian Keene (top books) (best books)
Bridget of Arabia (best books)
British Comic Awards (comics and graphic novel)
The British Fantasy Awards (fantasy books)
Broadway Books World (top books)
Brooke Reviews (best books)
The Brooklyn Baker (cookbooks for beginning bakers)
Brooklyn Based (notable music books)
The Brooklyn Quarterly (best books)
The Brooklyn Rail (best art books)
BT (books)
Business Insider (best sports books)
Businessweek (best books)
Bustle (best books)
Bustle (best food books)
Buttontapper Press (best books)
BuzzFeed (awesomely designed books)
BuzzFeed (best Australian books)
BuzzFeed (best children's books)
BuzzFeed (best cookbooks)
BuzzFeed (best YA books)
BuzzFeed (books)
BuzzFeed (books for music lovers)
BuzzFeed (greatest fantasy books)
BuzzFeed (greatest science fiction books)
BuzzFeed (nonfiction and memoir)
BuzzSugar (books)

Cakes, Tea, and Dreams (favorite cookbooks)
Calgary Herald (best cookbooks)
Canadian Children's Literature Awards (children's books)
Candace's Book Blog (favorite books)
Caponomics (best books)
The Captive Reader (top books)
Cara Bristol (best books)
Carina's Books (best books)
Carl A. Zimring (best books)
Carly Watters (best books)
Carmie's Cozy Conifer Cabin (favorite books)
Carolyn Harris (royal history books)
Case of the Missing Cheerios (favorite books)
The Casual Optimist (book covers)
Cate's Book Nut Hut (top children's books)
Catholic World Report (best books)
Caught Between the Pages (top books)
Cavalcade of Awesome (best books)
CBC Books (best mysteries)
CBCA Tasmania Blog (best books)
Cedricj's Blog (favorite books) (top books)
Chamber Four (best books)
Changed by the Gospel (favorite books)
Chapters Indigo (favourite books)
Charlie Pownall (top communications books)
Chatelaine (best books)
Chicago Book Review (best books)
Chicago Tribune (best books)
Chicago Tribune (best cookbooks)
Chick Lit Is Not Dead (favorite books)
Chick with Books (best books)
Chicken Spaghetti (list of children's book lists)
Chick Lit Reviews and News (top books)
The Children's Book Review (best books for kids)
Choose to Trust (favorite books)
Chosen for Grace (favorite books)
Christian Chick's Thoughts (best books)
Christian Lorentzen (best novels)
Christchurch City Libraries (best books)
Christchurch Kids Blog (best children's books)
Christian Post (best books)
Christian Science Monitor (best fiction books)
Christian Science Monitor (best nonfiction books)
Church Executive (top books)
Cicely Loves Books (best books)
Cinjoella (favorite books)
Circles Under Streetlights (books)
City of Books (best books)
City of Tongues (best books)
City Pulse (best books)
Civil War Memory (best books)
Clarissa's Blog (best books)
Classroom as Microcosm (top books)
Cleo's Literary Reviews (favorite books)
Cleveland Plain Dealer (best fiction and nonfiction)
The Cloakroom at Victoria Station (favorite books)
Co.Design (best design books)
Cocktail Party Physics (best physics books)
Cocktails and Books (best books)
Coffee Talk with Erin (top books)
Coldfront (top poetry books)
Collateral Bloggage (favorite books)
Colleen Duggan (favorite books)
Colombia Politics (favourite Colombian books)
The Colorado Independent (books)
Colum McCann (favorite books)
Columbus Dispatch (best children's books)
Columbus Dispatch (top books)
Comic Book Daily (best comics)
The Comic Book Reader (top comic books)
Comic Book Resources (top comics)
Comic Riffs (top superhero comics) (comics)
Comics Should Be Good! (top comic book storylines)
Compass Book Ratings (best books)
Complex (best books)
The Compulsive Reader (favorite books)
Confessions of an Avid Reader (favorite books)
The Conscious Cat (best cat books)
Contra Costa Times (best Bay Area books)
Conversations Book Club (books for young readers)
Conversations Book Club (top fiction)
Conversations Book Club (top non-fiction)
Cook's Reviews (favorite books)
The Cookbook Store (best cookbooks)
Cookies and Crafts (top books)
Cool Mom Picks (best family cookbooks)
CoolAge (best books)
Corey Redekop (top books)
Corporate Renegade (best books)
Corrie Anne (favorite books)
Corsets, Cutlasses, and Candlesticks (favorite books)
Cosmic Coincidence (favorite books)
Cosmopolitan (best books)
Cosy Catastrophes (favourite books)
Counter-Currents Publishing (favorite books)
CounterPunch (books)
Country Life (best military history books)
The Cowboy and the Vampire (best books)
Cozy in Texas (favorite books)
Crave (comic creators' best comics)
Creative Loafing Charlotte (best books)
The Credible Hulk (top new comic series)
Credo Magazine (favorite books)
Crime Fiction Lover (top books)
The Crime Writers' Chronicle (favourite books)
The Cripplegate (favorite books)
Critical Margins (best books)
Critical Theory (critical theory books)
Critically Yours (best books)
The Critiquing Critica (best books)
Crux Sola (best books)
Cugle (best science fiction books)
Curled Up with a Good Book and a Cup of Tea (best books)
Cuyahoga County Public Library (favorite books)
CWoznicki Think Out Loud (top books)

Daily Beast (authors' favorite books)
Daily Beast (best coffee table books)
A Daily Dose of Architecture (favorite books)
DailyFinance (best books)
Daily Kos (favorite audiobooks)
Daily Kos (best books)
Daily Kos (top books)
Daily Mail (columnists' favorite books)
Daily Mail (food books)
Daily Mayo (best books)
DailyCandy (best books)
Dallas Voice (books)
Dan Kois (favorite books)
Dan Pontefract (favourite books)
A Dance to the Books of Time (best books)
Daniel B. Roberts (best books)
Dave Lordan (books)
David Baldacci (favorite books)
Dawn of Books (top books)
Days of Speed and Slow Time Mondays (favorite books)
Dazed Digital (best indie books)
De Todo (best books)
Dead Good (best books)
Dear Author (best books)
Deathday Letters (favorite books)
Deb Perelman (favorite books)
Deep South Magazine (top southern cookbooks)
Defense One (top national security books)
Delia Ephron (favorite books)
Delighting in the Simple Things (top books)
Delivering Grace (best books)
Dennis Cooper (favorite fiction)
Design and Architecture (books)
Design Republic (favorite design books)
A Design So Vast (books)
Designers and Books (notable design books)
DeSmitten Design Blog (books)
The Desperate Pastor Blog (best books)
Detroit Free Press (best Michigan books)
Devourer of Books (best books)
Diane Estrella (favorite books)
Diary of an Eccentric (best books)
A Different Place (best books)
Digital Journal (top atheist books)
The Dirt (best books)
The DN (graphic novels)
Doctor Camden (best books)
Doing It the Open Way (best books)
The Domain for Truth (top books)
Don't Mind the Mess (best books)
Dreamland Book Blog (top books)
Drinkhacker (best books)
dustinbagby (favorite books)

Early Nerd Special (best books)
EarlyWord (best books lists)
EarlyWord (spreadsheet of aggregated books on major adult fiction and adult nonfiction lists)
East Bay Express (best books)
Eat Your Books (best cookboks)
Eater (essential cookbooks)
Eater (list of cookbook lists)
Eccentric Azalea (best books)
Ecco Qua Press (best books)
The Economist (books)
Edible Ireland (Irish cookbooks)
Edible Perspective (cookbooks)
EditorialEyes Book Blog (favourite books)
Edwina Dunn (top books)
Electronic Frontier Foundation (favorite books)
Eleventh Stack (favorite books)
Elizabeth Avedon (top books)
Elizabeth Caulfield Felt (best books)
Elizabeth Esther (best books)
Elizabeth Gilbert (favorite books)
An Elusive Hero (favorite books)
Emily Giffin (best books)
Emily McFarlan Miller (favorite books)
Emily's Crammed Bookshelf (best books)
Emily's Crammed Bookshelf (best books in series)
Emphatic Hands (best books)
Enact (top books)
Engine 145 (best music books)
Entertainment Realm (favorite books)
Eric Shanfield (best books)
Erotica for the Big Brain (best books)
ESPN (baseball books)
Eugene Fischer (favorite books)
Every Square Inch (favorite books)
Everyday Reading (favorite books)
Evolving Economics (best books)
Exclaim! (gift books)
Existential Ennui (best books)
Expedictionary (favorite books)
Eyes on Him (favorite books)

Fabulously Girly Book Blog (best books)
Falling Books (best books)
Falling in Love with Romance (best books)
Fantastic Finds (top teen books)
A Fantastical Librarian (favourite books)
A Fantastical Librarian (favorite debuts)
Farm Lane Books Blog (favourite books)
Fashion Weekly Toronto (best books)
FEARnet (best horror fiction)
Feedbooks (favorite books)
Felicia Day (favorite books)
Ferret with a Strobe Light (best books)
Feminist Fairy Tales (best books)
Fiction Fascination (best books)
The Fiction Femme Fatale (favorite books)
Fiction is so Overrated (books)
Fiction Vixen (favorite books)
Fictious Delicious (top books)
[FIKT]shun (top books)
Fill Your Bookshelf (favorite books)
Financial Advisor (best books)
Financial Times (books)
Fine Dining Lovers (food books)
First Instinct (favourite books)
Firstpost (best nonfiction books)
The Fix (best political books)
Flavorwire (best book covers)
Flavorwire (best debut novels)
Flavorwire (best gift books)
Flavorwire (best nonfiction)
Flavorwire (best poetry collections)
Flavorwire (best short story collections)
Flavorwire (favorite novels)
Flavorwire (staff favorite books)
Flickering Myth (top comics)
Flood of Books, etc. (best books)
Flowering Minds (best children's picture books)
The Fluid Thrill (best books)
Follow the Thread (favourite books)
A Foodie Bibliophile in Wanderlust (favorite books)
For What It's Worth (favorite books)
Forbes (best nonfiction books)
Forbes (career and self-help books)
Forbes (offbeat gift books)
Forbes - David Shaywitz (favorite books)
Forbidden Planet (authors' favorite books and comics)
Foreign Affairs (best international relations books)
Forest of Reading Evergreen Award (best Canadian fiction and non-fiction)
Forever Young Adult (favorite books)
Fortune (business books)
Fountains of Home (best books)
From L.A. to LA (top books)
Franzen Comes Alive (best books)
Frontier Psychiatrist (best books)
FrontiersLA (books)
Fruitbearers (top books)
The Frugal Chariot (favorite books)
FSG (favorite books)
Full Stop (best books)
The Functional Art (favorite books)
The Futurist (top books) (best books)

Galavanting Girl Books (best books)
Galey's Books (best books)
Gamma Squad (best comic books)
The Geek Girl Project (top books)
George R.R. Martin (favorite books)
George Saunders (favorite books)
Georgia Straight (favourite books)
The Giraffe Life (top books)
Girl Knows Books (favorite books)
Girl!Reporter (best books)
Girls Heart Books (favourite books)
Gizmodo (best books)
The Globalist (top books)
Globe and Mail (authors' favourite books)
Globe and Mail (best books)
Globe and Mail (top business books)
Globe and Mail (best Canadian fiction)
Globe and Mail (best Canadian non-fiction)
Globe and Mail (best comics)
Globe and Mail (best cookbooks)
Globe and Mail (best crime books)
Globe and Mail (best international fiction)
Globe and Mail (best international non-fiction)
Globe and Mail (best kids books)
Globe and Mail (best poetry collections)
Globe and Mail (best young adult books)
Globe and Mail (top books)
The Gluten-Free Girl (best cookbooks for kids)
Go Small, Think Big, and Be Happy (best books)
Gone Bookserk (best books)
GOOD (best books)
Good Food (favorite cookbooks)
Good Golly Miss Holly (top books)
Good Housekeeping (best books)
Goodreads (best fantasy books)
Goodreads (best fiction)
Goodreads (best food books and cookbooks)
Goodreads (best graphic novels and comics)
Goodreads (best historical fiction)
Goodreads (best history and biography)
Goodreads (best horror books)
Goodreads (best humor books)
Goodreads (best memoir and autobiography)
Goodreads (best mystery and thriller books)
Goodreads (best nonfiction books)
Goodreads (best paranormal fantasy books)
Goodreads (best poetry)
Goodreads (best romance books)
Goodreads (best science fiction books)
The Gospel Coalition (best books)
The Gospel-Driven Church (best books)
Gotham Gal (best books)
Gourmet Traveler (best cookbooks)
GQ (best books)
GQ UK (best sports books)
Grace Full Mama (favorite books)
Great Falls Tribune (Montana's best books)
Great New Books (best books)
Great Thoughts (top books)
Greater Good (favorite books)
Greatist (best cookbooks)
Green Vegan Living (favorite cookbooks)
Greeneville News (best books)
GregHorrorShow (books)
Guardian (best African fiction)
Guardian (best children's literature)
Guardian (best crime and thrillers)
Guardian (best drink books)
Guardian (best fiction)
Guardian (best food books)
Guardian (best grammar books)
Guardian (best language books)
Guardian (best literary spats)
Guardian (best memoirs)
Guardian (best music books)
Guardian (best nature books)
Guardian (best paperback books)
Guardian (best poetry books)
Guardian (best politics books)
Guardian (best science fiction)
Guardian (best sports books)
Guardian (graphic novels)
Guardian (top celebrity memoirs)
Guardian (writers' and critics' best books)
Guardian First Book Award (debut novels)
Guernica (editors' favorite books)
Guy M. Williams (favorite books)
Gwarlingo (favorite art, photography, film and design books)

Halifax Reader (best books)
Hannah Cynthia Lane (best books)
Happy. Pretty. Sweet. (favorite books)
Harriet the Blog (contributor lists of favorite poetry books)
Harrisburg Magazine (favorite fiction)
The Harrison Review (best books)
Hartford Courant (best books by Connecticut authors)
Hedgie and Moonshot Love to Read (best books)
Heart Harmony Communications (top books)
Heavenly Happy (top books)
Heeb (books)
Helene Wecker (favorite books)
HelloGiggles (favorite YA books)
Helping Writers Become Authors (favorite books)
Her Pursuit of Sunshine (best books)
Herald Scotland (best books)
Herald Scotland (staffers' favorite books)
Here and Now (favorite cookbooks)
Hers for the Reading (best books)
High Plains Book Awards (books set in the High Plains)
Highbrow Magazine (best books)
Hindustan Times (best books)
History Today (books)
The Hollywood Reporter (best-looking books)
Homemaking Through the Church Year (favorite books)
Horn Books (children's books)
Hosemaster of Wine (best wine books)
Hot Tub Blog Machine (favorite books)
The House Next Door (best film-studies books)
Howdy YAL! (top books)
HTMLGIANT - Janice Lee (favorite books)
HTMLGIANT (nonfiction)
The Hub (challenged or banned books)
Hudson Booksellers (best books)
Huffington Post (best art books)
Huffington Post (best books)
Huffington Post (best children's picture books)
Huffington Post (best e-book singles)
Huffington Post (best film books)
Huffington Post (best food books)
Huffington Post (cookbooks)
Huffington Post (food, wine, and spirits books)
Huffington Post (religion books)
Huffington Post (top young adult books)
Huffington Post (best political science books)
Huffington Post - Michael Glitz (favorite books)
A Human View (top books)
Hungry for Good Books (best books)
Hungry for Good Books? (best mysteries and thrillers)
Hypable (best books)
The Hyper House (favorite books)
Hyperallergic (best art books)

I Am Juju! (favorite books)
i am violette (top YA books)
I Believe in Story (top books)
I Love That Film (best books)
I Read Encyclopedias for Fun (best books)
Idaho Book and Author Awards (books by Idaho authors)
Impose (best books)
Impressions (favorite books)
Impressions in Ink (favorite fiction)
The In-Between Place (top books)
In Media Res (best books)
In the Bookcase (favorite books)
In the Way (favorite books)
Ina Garten (favorite books)
Inc. (best books for entrepreneurs)
Inc. (most inspirational business books)
Independent (best art books)
Independent (best book box sets)
The Independent (best books)
Independent (best celebrity books)
Independent (best children's books)
Independent (best comedy books)
Independent (best crime books)
Independent (best essay collections)
Independent (best fiction)
Independent (best fiction in translation)
Independent (best food books)
Independent (best illustrated children's books)
Independent (best music books)
Independent (best poetry collections)
Independent (best politics books)
Independent (best science books)
Independent (best sport books)
Independent (best war books)
Indy Rock Live (top books)
infinitefreetime (top books)
Inklined (top books)
Inkyandperky (top books)
Inside the Book with Belinda Isley (best book)
Institute for Critical Animal Studies (top animal liberation books)
Into the Fray (favorite books)
io9 (best science fiction and fantasy books)
Iowa Public Radio (children's books)
Irish Independent (best books)
Irish Post (best sports books)
Irish Times (top food books)
Irish Times (best music books)
Irish Times (top non-fiction books)
It's a Wonderful Bookworld (best books)
It's All About Books (favorite books)
It's Either Sadness or Euphoria (favorite books)
Ivory Owl Reviews (best books)

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