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November 3, 2014

Online "Best Books of 2014" Lists (M - Z)

The Largehearted Boy List of Online 'Best of 2014' Book Lists

For the seventh straight year, I am aggregating every online "best of 2014" book list I find in this post. As the lists appear online, I will add them to this master list, updating daily.

Please feel free to leave a comment or e-mail me with a blog, magazine, newspaper, or other online media list I have missed.

Daily updates to this list.

Revisit previous years' lists from 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, and 2000-2009 (best of the decade) online year-end book list collections.


Mabel's Fables (favourite children's picture books) (best books)
Mad Rantings of Andrew's Mom (best cookbooks)
Maggie Madly Writing (top books)
The Maine Edge (favorite books)
Maisonneuve (best books)
Make Wealth History (books)
Making All Things New (top books)
Mandi Lynn (favorite books)
Marginal Revolution (best fiction)
Marginal Revolution (best non-fiction books)
Margo Berendsen (favorite books)
Maria's Farm Country Kitchen (best books for women)
Marie's Book Garden (best books)
Maris Kreizman (favorite books)
Mark Wilson Books (top books)
Martha's Vineyard Times (Martha's Vineyard books)
Mary E. Demuth (best books)
Matt Compton (favorite books)
Matt Cutts (favorite books)
Maureen Corrigan (best books)
McKenzie Lynn Tozan (favorite books)
McMillan Speed (best books)
McNally Jackson (favorite fiction)
McNally Jackson (customers' best books) pieces (best books)
Megan Likes Books (top books)
Melanie Surani (favorite books)
Melody and Words (best books)
Melissa Firman (best books)
Men Who Stare at Books (coolest sports books)
Meralei (favourite books)
Miami Herald (best books)
Michael Magras's Blog (favorite books)
Michelle Mossey (favorite books)
Microsoft Partner Network (favorite books)
Midday (best books)
Midlife Mixtape (favorite music books)
The Midnight Garden (favorite books)
The Migrationist (favorite immigration books)
The Mikest Mike (best books)
Mil Gracias (favorite books)
Milford Daily News (favorite books)
Millionsofthem (favorite books)
A Mind for Madness (favorite books)
Mind Meld (best books)
Ministry in Medellin (top books)
Minneapolis Star Tribune (best wine books)
Minneapolis Star Tribune (critics' favorite books)
Minnesota Public Radio (best books)
Mirabile Dictu (favorite books)
Mississippi Business Journal (favorite books)
Mom 2.0 Summit (best books)
Moment (best books)
Monergism (best Christian books)
Money Saving Mom (favorite books)
Montreal Gazette (best books)
Montreal Times (favorite books)
The Mookse and the Gripes (favorite books)
Moore to the Point (best books)
Morning Edition (best cookbooks)
Morning Edition - Nancy Pearl (under-the-radar books)
Mosaic (best books)
Mother Jones (best books)
Mother Jones (best cookbooks)
Mother Jones (best food books)
Mother Nature Network (best conservation photography books)
Mr. Brian's Picture Book Picks (favorite children's picture books)
Ms. Magazine (feminist books)
Murder by the Book (favorite books)
A Musical Feast (favorite books)
My Central Jersey (favorite knitting books)
My Fashion Obsessed Look Book (favorite books)
My Little Heart Melodies (best books)
My Manuscript and Me (best books)
My So-Called Blog (favorite books)
My Thoughts...Literally! (top books)
My Words Are Arrows (best books)
Mybookacademy (favorite books)
mymybooks (top books)
myRepublica (best books)
Myriads of Thoughts (favorite books)
Mystery Sequels (favourite books)
Mythili G. Rao (favorite books)

Nashville Scene (favorite books)
National Book Awards (books by American authors)
National Journal (best political books)
National Outdoor Book Awards (books about the outdoors)
National Post (best food books)
National Post (best kids books)
National Post (extreme books)
National Post (top books)
National Review Online (books)
NBC News (Asian America books)
NBC News (top science and tech books)
Nelson Lowhim (best books)
Nerdist (comics)
Nerdophiles (favorite books)
Nerdy Girl Writes (top books)
Never Knowingly Underwhelmed (top books)
Never Stop Reading (best books)
New America (best books)
New Statesman (favourite books)
New York Daily News (best books)
New York Observer (best books)
New York Post (books)
New York Public Library (best books for teens)
New York Times (best book covers)
New York Times (best illustrated children's books)
New York Times (poetry books)
New York Times (best wine books)
New York Times (critics' favorite books)
New York Times (notable books)
New York Times (notable children's books)
New York Times (reviewers' best books)
New York Times (top books)
New Yorker (best books)
New Yorker (best photo books)
New Yorker - James Wood (favorite books)
New Zealand Listener (best books)
Newry Times (best gift books)
News from Hobbiton (best books)
News from Nowhere (books)
Newsday (best books)
Newsday (best cookbooks)
Newsweek (favorite books)
Next Step Editing (best books)
Newsweek (favorite books)
NHPR (best books)
The Nonfiction Detectives (best nonfiction books)
North Dallas Gazette (best books)
North Shore News (best books)
Not Quite Perfect (favorite books)
Not Unlike a Trumpet (New Zealand music books)
Not Without My Bowler Hat (best books)
Note and Query (books)
Notes from the Conquistadork (best and worst books)
Nourished Kitchen (favorite whole foods cookbooks)
Nouvella (favorite books)
Novel Novice (best middle grade books)
Novel Novice (best YA books)
Novel Rambles (favorite books)
NPR (best books)
Nutrition Diva (best nutrition tips)

O Magazine (best books)
Observer (best architecture books)
Observer (best art books)
Observer (best biographies)
Observer (best fiction)
Observer (best food books)
Observer (best history books)
Observer (best photography books)
Observer (best psychology books)
Observer (best thrillers)
Observer (books of the year)
Obsidian Wings (best books)
Off-Season Commish (non-fiction books)
Off the Page (best books)
ohshesaidso (top books)
OK Comics (top graphic novels)
On Point (favorite books)
On Our Minds (best books)
One Grain of Sand (top books)
One Hungry Mama (best cookbooks for families)
Onecreativescientist (best books)
Only One Life (best books)
Oregonian (top northwest books)
Orion Book Award (books that deepen the reader’s connection to the natural world)
Orlando Weekly (Florida-centric books)
Otago Daily Times (books)
Our Man in Boston (best books)
OurDailyRead (best books)
Out (favorite books)
Overdrive (best books)
The Overstuffed Bookcase (top books)
The Oxen of the Sun (top books)
The Oxford Culture Review (best books)

Pages and Tales (top books)
Pagesofjulia (best books)
Panels (best comics by women)
Paper (best books)
Papersol (favorite books)
Parents (best children's books)
Paste (best comics)
Paul Gold (favorite books)
Paul Gravett (best graphic novels)
PBS (cookbooks)
Pegasus Book Exchange (favorite books)
Peloton (must-read cycling books)
Penguin Random House (best "best books of 2014" lists)
People (best books)
People Like Books (best and worst books)
The Perks of Being Jess (books)
The Perpetual Page-Turner (best books)
The Perpetual Page-Turner (top books)
Persephone Magazine (favorite books)
Persona Paper (best books)
PetaPixel (photo books)
Petit Texas Mama (favorite books)
Phantasmic Reads (best books)
Philadelphia Review of Books (best poetry books)
Phillipine Inquirer (best books)
phlaura (favorite books)
Photo-Eye (photobooks)
Physics World (top physics books)
Pickle Me This (favourite children's picture books)
Pima County Public Library (best book lists)
Pink Heels Pink Truck (favorite books)
Pints and Cupcakes (best books)
The Pitch (favorite books)
Place Memory (top books)
The Planetary Society (space-themed books for kids)
Planetizen (top books)
Playboy (best books)
Please Feed the Bookworm (best books)
Politics and Prose (top books)
Ponderings on a Faith Journey (best books)
Pop-topia (best mystery/thriller novels)
Popcorn Reading (best books)
PopCrush (best young adult books)
Popmatic Podcast (best books)
PopMatters (best fiction)
PopMatters (best nonfiction books)
PopSugar (best books for women)
PopSugar (best YA books)
PopSugar (female authors' favorite books)
PopSugar (most essential cookbooks)
Portraits, Etc. (best books)
Postcards from Asia (best books)
Powell's Books (best cookbooks)
Powell's Books (best fiction)
The Power of Story (top books)
Prima (best books)
Princess Nebraska (favorite books)
Print (comics and cartoon books)
The Prodigal Thought (top books)
Propagandaphotos (best photobooks)
Providence Community Library (best books)
Providence Journal (top books)
Psychobabble (best books)
The Public Archive (top books on Haiti)
Publishers Weekly (authors' favorite books)
Publishers Weekly (best books)
Publishers Weekly (best comics)
Publishers Weekly (best fiction)
Publishers Weekly (best lifestyle books)
Publishers Weekly (best middle grade books)
Publishers Weekly (best nonfiction)
Publishers Weekly (best picture books)
Publishers Weekly (best poetry)
Publishers Weekly (best religion books)
Publishers Weekly (best romance books)
Publishers Weekly (best science fiction, fantasy, and horror)
Publishers Weekly (best young adult books)
Publishers Weekly (staff favorite books)
Publishthings (top books)
Pumpjack Press (best books)

Quadrapheme (best books)
Quartz (best Indian political books)
Quartz (most popular books on Twitter)
Quebec Writers Federation Awards (books by Quebec writers)
Quicksilver Reads (best books)
Quill and Quire (books)
Quill and Quire (designers' favourite book covers)
Quill and Quire (kidlit books)
Quinn's Book Nook (top audiobooks)
The Quivering Pen (best books)
The Quivering Pen (best first lines)
The Qwillery (best books)

Rabid Reads (best books)
A Rainey Day (best books)
Raleigh News and Observer (books)
The Ramble (favorite books)
Rancho Reubidoux (top books)
Rdella Training (best fitness books)
Read a Latte (best books)
Read Her Like an Open Book (favorite books)
Read It or Weep (top books)
Read Me Deadly (best books)
Read, Write, Bake, Sleep (top books)
The Reader Bee (top books)
The Reader Lines (best series)
A Reader's Place (favorite books)
A Reader's Place (favorite nonfiction books)
Readers' Salon (top children's picture books)
The Reading Agency (favourite books)
Reading Is Bliss (books)
Reading Is My Treasure (best books)
Reading Is Not the Challenge (top books)
Reading Matters (favourite books)
The Reading Outlaw (best books)
Reading Reality (best books)
The Reading Room (best books)
The Reading Room (best nonfiction)
Reading Today (best children's picture books)
Reading with Tea (top books)
Readings (best art and design books)
Readings (best crime books)
Readings (best fiction books)
Readings (best food and garden books)
Readings (best junior fiction books)
Readings (best middle fiction books)
Readings (best non-fiction books)
Readings (best young adult books)
Readings (books by women)
Readings (books for ethical and socially responsible shoppers)
Readings (books for kids and teens)
Readings (books for your parents)
Readings (books for your significant other)
Readings (Christmas books)
Readings (debut Australian books)
Readings (favourite book covers)
Readings - Chris Gordon (foodie trend books)
Readings - Emily Gale (young adult books)
Readings - Jason Austin (books)
Real Simple (best books)
Reality Lapse (favorite books)
The Rec Room (top comics)
Red Brick Reads (best books)
Red Hot Books (favorite books)
Red Is a Flavor (favorite books)
Refinery29 (best books)
Reflections Along the Way (favorite books)
Reformedish (best books)
Remodelista (books for architects)
Renaissance Learning (most popular books for students)
Resource (best photography books)
Return to Seasons (best sailing and cruising books)
Reviews in a Pinch (top books)
Revo Literature (best books)
Richmond Times - Doug Childers (best books)
Richmond Times - Jay Strafford (best books)
Ringo the Cat (favorite books)
River City Reading (best books)
River City Reading (best books you might have missed)
Robin's Books (best books)
Robot6 (favorite comics)
The Rock-It Show (best books and series)
Rolling Stone (best music books)
The Root (best fiction by black authors)
The Root (best nonfiction books by black authors)
Roxane Gay (favorite books)
The Royal Society Young People’s Book Prize (best books that communicate science to young people)
RPM (top biblical counseling books)
RT Book Reviews (editors' best books)
RTE (books)
Running Conversations (favorite books)
Running with Tweezers (favorite cookbooks)
Russia Direct (best books about Russia)
Ryan Eckerson (favorite books)

S. Krishna's Books (best fiction)
S. Krishna's Books (best nonfiction books)
Saints and Trees (favorite books)
Salisbury Post (best books)
Salon (best graphic novels)
Salon (critics' favorite books)
Sam Luce (best books)
Samantha Smith (top books)
Samaustinwriter (favorite books)
San Francisco Chronicle (best science fiction and fantasy books)
San Francisco Chronicle (top books)
San Francisco Chronicle (writers' favorite books)
Sandusky Register (favorite books)
Sarah Laurence (favorite books)
Sarah Says Read (best books)
Sarah's Book Shelves (best books)
Sarah's Bookish Blog (top books)
The Savvy Reader (best books)
The Scholarly Kitchen (best books)
School Library Journal (best books)
School Library Journal (best children's nonfiction books)
School Library Journal (best middle school books)
School Library Journal (best picture books)
School Library Journal (best young adult books)
School Library Journal (top Latino books)
School Library Journal (wildest children's books)
School Library Journal - Amanda MacGregor (top books)
Science Friday (best science books)
Science of Us (favorite books about psychology)
SCMP (books)
Scott Banwart's Blog (favorite books)
Scott Mills (best books)
Scott Sjoblom (top books)
Scott Whitmore (best books) (best book covers)
SDAV Reads (best books)
Sean Gladding (best children's books)
Sean Gladding (best non-fiction books)
Seasons of Humility (favorite books)
Seattle Times (best books)
The Second Sentence (top books)
The Seconds Move On (favourite books)
Seeking the Welfare (top books) (best books for aging and caregiving)
Sequential Tart (best books)
A Serious Bunburyist (best cookbooks)
Shane McLean (top books)
Shape (best cookbooks)
Shari Speaks (best books)
She Likes Purple (favorite books)
Shelf Awareness (best books)
Shelf Life (favorite books)
Shelley's Blog (favourite books)
Sheri Dacon (favorite books)
Sherri Nicolds (top books)
Sheryl's Booklist (top books)
Signs of Life (favorite books)
The Silver of His Fining (favorite books)
The Sisterhood (best children's books)
The Skinny (literary books)
Slashfilm (best graphic novels)
Slashfilm (best movie and TV books)
Slate (best books)
Slate (best lines)
Slate (historical coffee-table books)
Slate (overlooked books)
Slate - Dan Kois (favorite books)
Small Business Trends (best management and productivity books)
Smexy Books (favorite books)
Smutsonian (favorite books)
Social Media Marketing Blog (top link building books)
Socks and Books (favourite books)
Some Type of Artist (top books)
Soul Munchies (top books)
The Sound (overlooked books)
Sources of Insight (best books)
Southfield Library Reads (favorite science fiction and fantasy books)
The Spark (best books)
Speaking Volumes (best books)
Speck of Awesome (books)
Specsavers National Book Awards (books)
The Spectator (best loo books)
The Speculative Scotsman (best books)
Speed of Light (favorite books)
Spencer Daily Reporter (favorite books)
Spirituality and Practice (best spiritual books)
Splitsider (best comedy books)
Spontaneity Review (books)
St. Louis Post-Dispatch (best books)
The Stacks (art books)
The Stanford Daily (best books)
The Starlight Shelves (top books)
Starman Cinema Down on Mockingbird Lane (top comic books)
Stay and Watch the Stars (top books)
Step Into Fiction (top books)
Stephanie Brook Trout (books)
Stephen J. Bedard (best books)
Stevereads (best books)
A Still Magnolia (best books)
Still Unfinished (top books)
The Stillwater Gazette (best books)
Stone Soup for Five (best books)
Story and Somnomancy (top books)
Strakul's Thoughts (favorite books)
Strand (best books)
Strategy+Business (best business books)
Stuff (top books)
Styling You (top books)
Stylist (best books)
Sublunar Reflections (top books)
Surgabukuku (favorite books)
Sun Bookshop (top books)
The Sweet Science (best books on boxing)
Sydney Morning Herald (Australian writers' favorite books)
Sydney Morning Herald (best books)

Tablet (best Jewish children's books)
Take Me Away (top books)
Taking It One Page at a Time (top books)
Tales of the Grotesque and Dungeonesque (best books)
Tara Hanks (best books)
Tasting Table (best cookbooks)
Tasting Table (best spirits books)
Teaching Biology (top science books)
Teaching for Change (best books)
Telegraph (best biographies)
Telegraph (best children's books)
Telegraph (best cookbooks)
Telegraph (best books)
The Telegraph (best children's books)
Telegraph (best cookbooks)
Telegraph (best history and war books)
Telegraph (best novels and short story collections)
Telegraph (best photography and arts books)
Telegraph (best politics books)
Telegraph (best travel books)
Telegraph (best young adult books)
Telegraph - Gaby Wood (best books)
Teleread (best books)
Tenderness on the Block (best parenting books)
Teri Harman (best books)
Tested (favorite coffee table books)
Thelordbaelish's Blog (top books)
There Ought To Be a Place To Go (best books)
theRibz* (top books)
Thin Places (favorite books)
Things I Can't Say (books)
A Thinking Reed (favorite books)
Thinking Through Our Fingers - Erin (favorite books)
Thinking Through Our Fingers - Elaine (favorite books)
This Mortal Life (favorite books)
Thoughts on Pop (top books)
The Thugbrarian Review (top books)
Time (best business books)
Time (best fiction)
Time (best nonfiction books)
Time Out New York (best books)
Time Out Shanghai (best Chinese books)
Time (best photobooks)
Times Higher Education (best books)
Times Literary Supplement (books)
Tin House (non-fiction books)
Tin House (poetry collections)
TJ's Musing (favorite books)
Today's Parent (best children's picture books)
Toffee Coffee Ramblings (top books)
Tom Williams (top books)
Tomy Wilkerson (top books)
Tony Reinke (best books) (readers' favorite books) (reviewers' best books)
Toronto Public Library (best books)
Toronto Public Library (top books for kids under five)
A Traveler's Library (best books)
Traveling with T (favorite books)
Treading Lightly (top books)
Tri-County Times (best books)
The Trinidad Guardian (favourite books)
Turntable Kitchen (favorite cookbooks)
Twirling Pages (best books)
Two Dudes in an Attic (favorite books)

Un Passagio (favorite books)
The Uncanny Book-Club (best books)
Unequally Yoked (best books)
The Uniqueness of Being (favorite books)
United Healthcare (best books for food lovers)
Untitled*United (favorite books)
Updated Priors (favorite books)
Urban Farm Junkie (great foodie books)
Urban Moms (best cookbooks)
USA Today (favorite books)

V for Vegan (top vegan cookbooks)
V Is for Veronica (favourite books)
Valerie Cole Reads (favorite books)
Vampire Book Club (best books)
Vancouver Sun (best comics)
Vanity Fair (best books) (best vegan cookbooks)
Ventureadlaxre (best books)
Verbicide (top books)
Veritas Et Lux (best books)
The View from the Punt (best books)
Vijaya Bodach (best books)
Village Voice (best books)
Violet Femmes (favorite books)
Vogue (best books)
Vol. 1 Brooklyn - Jen Vafdis (favorite books)
Vox (best books)
Vulture (best books)

Wake County Libraries (best books lists by librarians)
Wall Street Journal (art books)
Wall Street Journal (biographies)
Wall Street Journal (children's books)
Wall Street Journal (civil war books)
Wall Street Journal (design books)
Wall Street Journal (fashion books)
Wall Street Journal (food books)
Wall Street Journal (leadership books)
Wall Street Journal (nature books)
Wall Street Journal (photography books)
Wall Street Journal (reference books)
Wall Street Journal (science books)
Walterblog (favourite books)
The Wannabes (best books)
Washington Post (best audiobooks)
Washington Post (best books)
Washington Post (best comedy books)
Washington Post (best cookbooks)
Washington Post (best Middle East political science books)
Washington Post (best romance novels)
Washington Post (best science fiction and fantasy books)
Washington Post (best thrillers)
Washington Post (literary news)
Washington Post (notable nonfiction books)
Washington Post (top fiction)
Washington Post (top graphic novels)
Washington Post - Jonathan Yardley (best books)
Watch.Connect.Read. (lists of children's books lists)
Watch This Space (best books)
Watcha Reading (best books)
Watchable/Readable/Loveable (best books)
Waterstones (best books)
Waterstones (authors' favorite books)
We the People (best books)
A Wealth of Common Sense (best books)
The Week (best books)
The Week UK (best business books)
The Weekly Creative (top books)
Well + Good (best health and wellness books)
The Well-Read Redhead (best cookbooks)
Wendy on the Web (best books)
West Linn Public Library (best books)
What Johnny's Reading, Listening and Watching Today (best books)
What Red Read (best books)
What We Do All Day (children's books)
What's Beyond Forks? (best books)
Where Stephanie Reads (best books)
The Whimsy Bookworm (top young adult books)
The White Unicorn (favorite books)
Whitefish Bay Public Library (favorite books)
Wickedly Crazy Awesome Life (favorite books)
Wilberforce Initiative (best books)
Will Swardstrom (top books)
William Gibson (favorite books)
Windy Teha (top books)
Wired (best books made into films)
Wired (best science books)
Wizards and Rockets (best and worst books)
Wood Library Teen Scene (top teen books)
Woman's Day (best books)
Word of Mouth (best overlooked books)
Wordery (top independent books)
WordNerdy (favorite books)
Words in the Kitchen (books)
Words of Mystery (favourite books)
Wordsmithonia (favorite books)
Worship Matters (favorite books)
Write Note Reviews (top Australian books)
The Write Slice (top books)
Writer of Wrongs (debut books)
Writer of Wrongs (favorite fantasy books)
WrittenBySime (best books)

Y-Von Adventures (best books)
YA Crush (best books)
YA Interrobang (top books)
YA Romantics (best books)
YA Romantics (best fantasy, science fiction, and paranormal books)
YA? Why Not? (best books)
Yahoo (best books for garden lovers)
YALSA (young adult and teen books)
Yellow Dog Bookshop (top books)
YFS Magazine (top startup, small business and entrepreneurship books)
You've Gotta Read This! (best audiobooks)
Young Restless Reformed Blog (best books)

The Zen Leaf (top books)
Zocalo Public Square (best books)
Zoe's Life (best books)
Zoom Street (favorite books)

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