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November 2, 2015

Online "Best of 2015" Book Lists

The Largehearted Boy List of Online 'Best of 2015' Book Lists

For the eighth straight year, I am aggregating every online year-end book list I find in this post. As the lists appear online, I will add them to this master list, updating daily.

Please feel free to leave a comment or e-mail me with a blog, magazine, newspaper, or other online media list I have missed.

Daily updates to this list.

Revisit previous years' collections of year-end book lists: 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, and 2000-2009 (best of the decade).

Online Year-end "Best of 2015" Book Lists:

#LoveBooks (best books)
/ Data / Universe (best books)

100 Pages an Hour (best books)
3 Quarks Daily (favorite books)
49th Shelf (big Canadian books)
49th Shelf (favourite picture books)
800-CEO-READ (business books)

a-n (best photo books)
A.K.Andrew Writer's Notebook (favorite books)
The A.V. Club (favorite books)
The A.V. Club (favorite graphic novels, one shots, and archives)
The A.V. Club (favorite ongoing and serial comics)
ABC (top science books)
AbeBooks (most expensive books)
Adam Marek (favourite books)
adebayoadegbite (top books)
Adventurous Kate (favorite books)
Africa Is a Country (books)
Agùntáṣǫólò (books)
Air and Space Magazine (best children's books)
Ajoobacats Blog (best books) (best books)
Alaska Dispatch News (favorite Alaska books)
Alex Ross (notable music books)
Alexandra Jamieson (top mind and body books)
Alice's Book World (favorite books)
Alice's Wonderland (best books)
All of These Prompts (favorite books)
All the Bright Books (best books)
Alohamora (best books)
Along the Way Home (best books)
Also Ran Again (favorite books)
The Alligator's Mouth (children's board books)
The Alligator's Mouth (children's comics and graphic novels)
The Alligator's Mouth (children's picturebooks)
The Alligator's Mouth (early reader books)
The Alligator's Mouth (junior reader books)
The Alligator's Mouth (children's nonfiction and gift books)
The Alligator's Mouth (teen books)
ALPHA reader (favourite books)
Amanda Peet (favorite books)
Amazon (best arts and photography books)
Amazon (best audiobooks)
Amazon (best biographies and memoirs)
Amazon (best books)
Amazon (best business and investing books)
Amazon (best children's books)
Amazon (best comics and graphic novels)
Amazon (best cookbooks, food and wine books)
Amazon (best crafts, hobby, and home books)
Amazon (best debut books)
Amazon (best fashion books)
Amazon (best Kindle singles)
Amazon (best gift books)
Amazon (best history books)
Amazon (best humor and entertainment books)
Amazon (best literature and fiction)
Amazon (best mysteries and thrillers)
Amazon (best nonfiction)
Amazon (best romance books)
Amazon (best science books)
Amazon (best science fiction and fantasy books)
Amazon (best sports and outdoors books)
Amazon (best young adult books)
Amazon (bestselling books) (best books) (bestselling books)
Amber L. Carter (best books)
American Library Association (notable books)
Ames Public Library (best juvenile nonfiction)
amNewYork (best NYC books)
Amy Cuddy (favorite books)
Amy Elizabeth (favourite books)
(A)My Space (best books)
An American in the Cotswalds (top books)
Anna Loves... (top books)
Andrew Batson (best books)
Andrew Carnegie Medals (books)
Andrew Stevens (top books)
Angie's Book Blog (favorite couples in books)
The Angriest (best science fiction comics)
Angus and Robertson Bookworld (best books)
Anorak Magazine (favorite picture books)
Anthony Doerr (favorite books)
The Antick Musings of G.B.H. Hornswoggler, Gent. (favorite books)
ANZ LitLovers LitBlog (best books)
Aoife Lennon (favourite books)
April DaVila (best books)
Aprille Legacy (favourite books)
The Aquila Report (favorite books)
The Araliya Bookshelf (best books)
Architectural Digest (best architecture and design books)
Architectural Digest (best design history books)
Architectural Digest (best gardening books)
Arctic Books (best book covers)
Arctic Books (best books)
Arkansas Online (books)
An Armchair by the Sea (top books)
The Art of Manliness (best books)
The Artery (best books)
The Asian Writer (writers' favorite books)
Ask Men (best books)
Asking the Wrong Questions (best books)
Associated Press (best coffee table books)
Associated Press (best food books)
Asylum (books)
Atlanta Parent (best children's books)
The Atlantic (best books)
The Atlantic (best food books)
Audobon (best bird books)
Austenprose (best Austenesque & Jane Austen era books)
The Australian (best books)
Australian Book Review (best books)
Australian Financial Review (best books)
Autostraddle (top queer and feminist books)
Aziz Ansari (favorite books)

Babyology (top baby books)
Backchatting Books (top books)
A Backwards Story (best books)
Bainbridge Island Review (top gift books)
Baltimore City Paper (top Baltimore books)
Baltimore City Paper (top non-Baltimore books)
Baltimore Magazine (best books)
Bang Bang Books (underrated YA books)
Bank Street (best children's books)
Barda Book Talk (best historical novels)
Barda Book Talk (favorite YA books)
Barel Karsan (best books)
Barnes and Noble (best books)
Barnes and Noble (best nonfiction)
Barnes and Noble (best science fiction and fantasy books)
Barnes and Noble (best young adult books)
Barnes and Noble (overlooked science fiction and fantasy books)
Basketball for Coaches (best books)
The Bathroom Monologues (favorite books)
Bay Area Bites (food books)
Bay State Reader's Advisory (favorite books)
The Bayside Journal (must-read books)
BBC Culture - Jane Ciabattari (best books)
Bea's Book Nook (best books)
Beattie's Book Blog (best books)
Beautiful Hope (favorite fiction)
Becca Reads Romance (favorite books)
Becky Bedbug (top books)
Bent Country (top books)
Berkeleyside (best books)
A Beautiful Fiction (best books)
Becker's Hospital Review (CEOs' favorite books)
Being Catholic....Really (books)
Bend Source (top books)
Beneath the Crust (top books)
BermudaOnion's Weblog (favorite adult books)
BermudaOnion's Weblog (favorite children's books)
Beth Fish Reads (best books)
Beth's Book-Nook Blog (favorite books)
Bethan Likes (top books)
The Biblio Sanctum (best books)
Bibliodaze (best and worst books)
Bibliognome (top books)
Bibliomaniac (best books)
The Biblioracle (choice books)
Bibliophilekid (top books)
Bibliotropic (best science fiction and fantasy books)
Big City Bookworm (top books)
Big Spud (favourite cookbooks)
Bill Gates (best books)
Bio Break (favorite books)
Birmingham Mail (best kids' books)
Bitter Tea and Mystery (favorite books)
bklynbiblio (books)
Blabbering About Books (top books)
Blackwell's (books of the year)
Blah Blah Blahg (books)
Blastr (best sci-fi, fantasy, and horror comics)
Blog on the Tracks (best and worst music books)
The Bloggers' Bookshop (favourite books)
Blogging Theologically (favorite books)
Blogging Theologically (most meh-tastic books)
Blogging Through the Fourth Dimension (YA books)
Bloodbuzzed (best books)
Bloomberg Business (best books)
Blooming Twig (best books)
Blouin ArtInfo (art-related books)
Blue Jay Books (favorite books)
Bon Appetit (favorite cookbooks)
The Book Addicts Guide (top books)
Book and Biscuit (best secret Santa books)
The Book Banner (best books)
The Book Belles (best books)
A Book Bore in Timbuktu (favorite books)
The Book Bosses (favourite books)
The Book Castle (best books)
The Book Cellar (top YA books)
The Book Chook (children's books)
Book Depository (best books)
Book Hooked Blog (best young adult books)
The Book Igloo (top books)
The Book Kat (top books)
The Book Nympho (best books)
The Book Plank (best books)
Book Riot (best books)
Book Riot (best books you might have missed)
Book Riot (favorite audiobooks)
Book Riot (favorite literary TED talks)
Book Riot (readers poll best books)
Book Scents (best books)
The Book Shopper (best books)
The Book Smugglers (authors' favorite book lists)
The Book Whisperer (top books)
Book-Bosomed Book Blog (best books)
The Bookbag (top books for confident readers)
The Bookbag (top books for teens)
The Bookbag (top general fiction)
The Bookbag (top history books)
The Bookbag (top literary fiction)
The Bookbag (top picture books)
The BookBag (top women's fiction)
BookBrowse (best movies based on books)
Bookbrowse (top nonfiction books)
BookBrowse (top young adult books)
BookCulture - 112th St. (best books)
BookCulture - Broadway (best books)
BookCulture - Columbus (best books)
Booking in Heels (top books)
Bookish Friendship (top books)
Bookish Muggle (best books)
BookLife (best books)
A Booklion's Hideaway (best books)
Booklist (adult books)
Booklist (adult books for young adults)
Booklist (books for youth)
Booklist (audiobooks for adults)
Booklist (audiobooks for youth)
Booklist (top arts books)
Booklist (top arts books on audio)
Booklist (top arts books for youth)
Booklist (top biographies)
Booklist (top biographies and memoirs on audio)
Booklist (top biographies for youth)
Booklist (top books)
Booklist (top books on sustainability)
Booklist (top books on sustainability for youth)
Booklist (top business books)
Booklist (top crime fiction audiobooks)
Booklist (top crime fiction for youth)
Booklist (debut novels)
Booklist (debut novels for youth)
Booklist (debut novels on audio)
Booklist (top food books)
Booklist (top graphic novels)
Booklist (top historical fiction)
Booklist (top historical fiction for youth)
Booklist (top historical fiction on audio)
Booklist (top horror books)
Booklist (top literary travel books)
Booklist (top multicultural fiction for youth)
Booklist (top multicultural fiction on audio)
Booklist (top multicultural nonfiction)
Booklist (top multicultural nonfiction for youth)
Booklist (top romance fiction)
Booklist (top romance fiction for youth)
Booklist (top series nonfiction)
Booklist (top SF/fantasy books)
Booklist (top SF/fantasy/horror books for youth)
Booklist (top sports books)
Booklist (top sports books for youth)
Booklist (top women's fiction)
Booklist (top women's fiction on audio)
The Booklist Reader (favorite children's and YA books)
Booklover Book Reviews (best books)
Bookmarked (favourite books)
BookPage (best book covers)
BookPage (best books)
BookPage (best books)
BookPage (best children's and YA books)
BookPage (best mysteries and thrillers)
BookPage (best romances)
BookPage (best short story collections)
BookPage (creepiest books)
BookPage (favorite cookbooks)
BookPage - Jill Ratzan (best YA books)
BookPeople (best books)
Bookpushers (best books)
The Bookraider18 (best books)
Books a Million (best kids books)
Books and Cleverness (best books)
Books and Pieces (top books)
Booksarica (best books)
Books Baking and Blogging (best books)
Books of Amber (best books)
Books for Her (top books)
Books for Keeps (children's books)
Books in Bloom (favorite picture books)
Books in the Spotlight (top books)
Books Live (best cookbooks)
Books Live (top books)
Books Live (top books)
Books Please (favourite books)
Books: Publishing, Reading, Writing (favorite books)
The Books, the Art and Me (top books)
Books to the Tea (top books)
booksbybritt (favorite books)
booksbylynnmurphy (best and worst books)
Booksellers at Laurelwood (favorite books)
Bookshelf Reflections (top YA books)
The Bookshop (books)
BookTrib (best books)
Bookworm (best books)
Bookworm Blues (best books)
The Bord Gáis Energy Irish Book Awards (Irish books)
Boston Globe (best books)
Boston Review (top poems)
Boswell and Books (favorite books)
The Bottle Imp (the best Scottish books)
bottlerocketscience (best books)
The Bowery Boys (best New York City history books)
Boys in Our Books - Kristie (books)
Brad Flurry (top books)
Brain Curry (best books)
Brain Pickings (best art books)
Brain Pickings (best books)
Brain Pickings (best children's books)
Brain Pickings (best science books)
Brandon D. Smith (favorite books)
Brett McCracken (favorite books)
Brian Kaylor (top books)
Brian Keene (top books)
Brian M. Lacey (fiction)
Brian M. Lucey (nonfiction books)
Bright Digital Media (most prominent business books)
BritCrime (authors' favorite books)
British Comic Awards (British comics)
Broke and Bookish (best books)
Brooklyn Lindsey (best books)
Brooklyn Magazine (best best book lists)
Brooklyn Magazine (best cookbooks)
The Brown Bookshelf (best books)
Brown Girl Reading (favorite books)
Browsing Bookshelves (best books)
The Bucket List (best books)
Buffer (most-read books)
Bundt Lust (top cookbooks)
Business Book Awards (most influential business books)
Business News Daily (entrepreneurs' favorite business books)
Business of Fashion (best fashion books)
Bustle (best fiction)
Bustle (best fashion and beauty books)
Bustle (best nonfiction)
Bustle (best sex-positive books)
Bustle (best YA book covers)
Bustle (favorite books)
Bustle (most controversial books)
Bustle (YA fiction authors)
Butterflies of the Imagination (best books)
Buy Me Coffee (top books)
BuzzFeed (best Australian books)
BuzzFeed (best fantasy books)
BuzzFeed (best fiction)
BuzzFeed (best literary debuts)
BuzzFeed (best non-fiction books)
BuzzFeed (best picture books)
BuzzFeed (best poetry books)
BuzzFeed (best science fiction books)
BuzzFeed (best YA books)
BuzzFeed (funniest tweets about books)
BuzzFeed (great music books)
BuzzFeed (most beautiful book covers)
BuzzFeed (most beautifully illustrated children's books)
By the Book (best historical novels)

Caitstiel's World (best books)
Cakes, Tea, and Dreams (favorite books)
Calico Skies (favourite books)
Canadian Children's Book Centre Awards (Canadian children's books)
Canandaigua Academy Library (best YA fiction)
Candace Bushnell (favorite books)
Capitol Hill Seattle Blog (best books)
Captivated Reader (best books)
The Captive Reader (top books)
Cara Bristol (best books)
Carl Gregg (best books)
Carlos Lozada (memorable books)
Carly Simon (favorite books)
Carpe Librum (favourite books)
Carpe Librum (books)
Carrie Willard (favorite books)
Cascadia Weekly (notable nature books)
Casual Kitchen (favorite books)
The Casual Optimist (notable book covers)
Cat Wisdom (top cat books)
The Catholic World Report (best books)
Catiecan (books)
Cavalcade of Awesome (books)
Cavman Considers (best books)
CBC Books (best Canadian fiction)
CBC Books (best graphica)
CBC Books (best international nonfiction)
CBC Books (best poetry)
CBS Philly (favorite books)
Celeste Ng (best books)
Center for the Study for Multicultural Children’s Literature (best multicultural books) (top books)
Chantelleisms (best fiction)
Chaos and Cocoa (best books)
Chapman/Chapman (favorite books)
Cheyanne Young (favorite books)
Chicago Public Library (best books)
Chicago Reader (books)
Chicago Book Review (Chicago literati's favorite books)
Chicago Tribune (best books)
Chicago Tribune (best books for pet lovers)
Chicken Spaghetti (list of year-end children's book lists)
Chicken Spaghetti - Norman (best books)
Children's Books Daily (best middle grade books)
Chloe Metzger (favorite books)
The Chocolate Lady's Book Reviews (favorite books)
Chrissi Reads (best books)
Christa Lawler (best books)
Christchurch City Libraries (children's and young adult books)
Christchurch City Libraries (best kids and YA books)
Christchurch City Libraries (best fiction)
Christian Science Monitor (best fiction)
Christianity Today (books)
Christianity Today (best ministry books)
Christie's (best art books)
Christine Hennesey (best books)
Chronicle-Herald (best cookbooks)
Cinthia Ritchie (favorite books)
City A.M. (best business books)
City A.M. (top business books)
Civil Eats (best food and farm books)
Civil War Monitor (favorite Civil War books)
Civilian (best books)
Civilized (best cannabis books)
Claire Coughlan (books)
Claire Fuller (top books)
Claire Hennesey (favourite YA books)
Claire Lordon Design (favorite picture books)
Classroom as Microcosm (favorite books)
Cleaver Magazine (best YA books)
Clutch (top books by black women)
CNBC - Brian Sullivan (favorite books)
Coffee, Classics, and Craziness (best books)
Columbus Dispatch (favorite books)
Comic Book Resources (best comic book covers)
Commonweal (best books)
Commonweal (top books)
The Compulsive Reader (favorite books)
Conde Nast Traveler (best traveler books)
Confessions (best books)
Confessions of a Book Addict (best books)
Confessions of a Readaholic (best books)
Confessions of a Science Librarian (year-end lists of science books)
Confessions of an Imperfect Life (best books)
The Conical Glass (favorite books)
Conscience Books (favorite books)
Consumed by Books (favorite books)
Conveniently Green (favorite books)
Convergence (favorite books)
The Conversationalist (favourite books)
Conversations Book Club (most inspirational books)
Conversations Magazine (most inspirational books)
Cook.Can.Read. (favorite books)
Cooking with Amy (general purpose cookbooks)
Cooking with Amy (unusual cookbooks)
Cool Mom Picks (best children's books)
Cosmos (top illustrated science books)
CosmosTheInLost (nop non-fiction books)
CounterPunch (best books)
Cover to Cover (top books)
Cozy in Texas (favorite books)
Cranberry Tea Time (favorite books)
Crave (best photo books)
Crazy for YA (favorite books)
The Creators Project (favourite Australian photo books)
Creative Bloq (best graphic design books)
Creative Bloq (most inspirational art books)
Creative Bloq (top typography books)
Crime Fiction Lover (top books)
Critics at Large (favourite books)
CrossMap (best books)
Cryptoscatology (best comic books)
Crystal Collier (top books)
Culture of Imagination (top books)
Cultured Vultures (top books)
CultureLab (best books)
Curiouser and Curiouser (best books)

D.L. Roberts Dwells (favourite books) (best books)
The Daily Beast (best big idea books)
The Daily Beast (best biographies)
The Daily Beast (best cookbooks)
The Daily Beast (best children's books)
The Daily Beast (best coffee table books)
The Daily Beast (best fiction)
The Daily Beast (best fine art books)
Daily Bites (best books)
Daily Express (best books)
Daily Express (books)
Daily Mail (best books)
Daily Makeover (beauty books)
The Daily Meal (best cookbooks)
Daily O (favourite children's books)
Dana Square (best books)
Daniel Ogle (top books)
Dark Faerie Tales (best book covers)
Dark Faerie Tales (top books)
Dash/House (top books)
Datusdream (biggest book surprises)
David Dubrow (top horr
Daughter of Parchment and Paper (top books)or books)
David Litchfield Illustration (best picture books)
David McCullough (favorite books)
David Spade (favorite books)
Dear Author (favorite books)
Debbie Macomber (favorite books)
The Debutante Ball - Louise (favorite debuts)
Decanter (best wine books)
Dee's Library (top books)
Deliberate Reader (favorite books)
Den of Geek (top books)
Denver Post (best fiction)
Denver Post (best nonfiction)
Derek Beaulieu (most engaging books)
Deseret News (best books)
Deseret News (most influential religion books)
Design Observer - Michael Bierut (best books)
Desiring God (top books)
Dessert First (best baking cookbooks)
The Destiny of One (top books)
Detroit News (best Detroit books)
Diamonds in the Library (best books)
Diana Gabaldon (favorite books)
Diary of an Eccentric (favorite books)
Didact's Reach (best books)
Difficult Run (best books)
Dining with Dostoevsky (books)
The Dirigible Plum (top picture books)
The Dirt (best books)
Disco Demolition Night (books)
Distracted by Books (top books)
Divulge and Indulge (favorite books)
Do Some Damage (favorite books)
Doing Dewey (favorite books)
Don't Mind the Mess (best books)
Don Winslow (favorite books)
Dover Public Library (favorite books)
Dr. Ruth (favorite books)
Drew Barrymore (favorite books)
Drink. Dine. Discover. (favorite books)
Drink Spirits (cocktail and spirits books)
The Drinks Business (top wine books)
Dropout Nation (top books)
Drunken Dragon Reviews (top books)
Duluth News Tribune (favorite beer books)
Duly Noted (best books)
Dustin Illingworth (top books)
The Dusty Bookcase (best books)
Dwell Church Blog (favorite books)

E Is for Erin (top books)
Earlyword (spreadsheet of children's and YA books listed on major lists)
EarlyWord (spreadsheet of books mentioned in major year-end fiction lists)
Eat Chic Chicago (best healthy cookbooks)
Eat the Love (best cookbooks)
Eat Your Books (aggregated best cookbooks)
Eater (best cookbooks)
Eater of Books (best books)
Echoes (top books)
The Economist (best books)
The Economist (best books)
Edwardsville Public Library (favorite books)
Electric Literature (best nonfiction books)
Elegant Themes (best web design books)
Elizabeth Avedon (best photography books)
Elizabeth Gilbert (favorite books)
Elizabeth Willse (best books)
ELLE (best books written by women)
ELLE (books for holiday travel)
ELLE UK (best books)
Ellen DeGeneres (favorite books)
Elora Nicole (favorite books)
Emily Liebert (top books)
Emily X.R. Pan (favorite books)
EmilyBooks (books)
Energy Institute at HAAS (energy books)
Englewood Review of Books (best books)
Entertainment Weekly (best music books)
Entertainment Weekly (books for armchair travelers)
Entertainment Weekly (books for history lovers)
Entertainment Weekly (books for pop culture fans)
Entertainment Weekly (teen books)
Entropy (best comics and graphic novels)
Entropy (best fiction)
Entropy (best nonfiction books)
Entropy (best presses, magazines, publishers, and journals)
The Epic, the Awesome, and the Random (best books)
Eric Forbes (favorite books)
Erik Larson (favorite books)
Esquire (best detective novels)
Essential Kids (best children's picture books)
Estella's Revenge (favorite books)
Esther Cepeda (best books that are diverse, but not about diversity)
Evie Bookish (best books) (best books)
Examiner (best books on singers, bands, and songwriters)
Examiner (best young adult books)
Existential Ennui (best books)
Expressive Human (favorite books)
The Eye (favorite books)

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