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November 2, 2015

Online "Best of 2015" Book Lists (O - Z)

The Largehearted Boy List of Online 'Best of 2015' Book Lists

For the eighth straight year, I am aggregating every online year-end book list I find in this post. As the lists appear online, I will add them to this master list, updating daily.

Please feel free to leave a comment or e-mail me with a blog, magazine, newspaper, or other online media list I have missed.

Daily updates to this list.

Revisit previous years' collections of year-end book lists: 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, and 2000-2009 (best of the decade).

Online Year-end "Best of 2015" Book Lists:

A - E

F - N

Observer (best food books)
OC Weekly (best Mexican-themed books)
The Occult Museum (most haunting books)
The Odyssey (best books)
Odyssey (self-help books)
Of Pitch and Page (best soccer books)
Of Stacks and Cups (favorite books)
Official Crate Music (best record books)
OhFlowerchild (favorite books)
Old Books by Dead Guys (top books)
Olives for Dinner (vegan cookbooks)
Omaha World-Herald (best books)
On Point with Tom Ashbrook (best books)
Once Upon a Time (favorite Christmas board books)
One Bite at a Time (best books)
One Lit Chick - Jennifer (best and worst books)
One Lit Chick - Lara (best and worst books)
One Man Trying... (top books)
The Online Photographer (top books)
Oprah (favorite books)
OR Books (favorite books)
Oregonian (best Northwest books)
The Oregonian (top vegan cookbooks)
An Organised Pile of Mess (favorite books)
Orlando Weekly (top books)
Ottawa Citizen (best books)
Ottawa Citizen (best cookbooks)
Our Books Are Better Than We Are (books)
Outlandish Lit (best books)
Outlandish Lit (best comics)
Outta Mind Outta Site (favorite books)
Overdrive (best books)
The Overstuffed Bookcase (best books)
Oxford Mail (top cookbooks)

Pages & Pages (books of the year)
Panels (best comics)
Paper, Pen, and No Plan (best books)
Parade (best books for tweens)
Parchment Girl (best books)
Parents (best children's books)
Paris Review (favorite books)
Paris Review (staff favorite books)
Parkersburg News and Sentinel (best books)
Parmenionbooks (favorite books)
Passing Time (best books)
Paste (best comic books)
Paste (best cookbooks)
Paste (best fiction)
Paste (best nonfiction books)
Paste (best YA books)
Paste (small press and self-published comics)
Patheos (best atheist books)
Paul Gold (favorite books)
Paul Miller (books)
Pen to Paper (favourite books)
People (best books)
The Pearl Post (top young adult books)
The Perfect Spot (top food and drink spot)
The Perfectionist Pen (books)
Perpetual Page-Turner (favorite books)
Pharrel Williams (favorite books)
PhD Talk (best books)
The Philadelphia Sun (best black books)
Philippa Lodge (best books)
Philippine Daily Inquirer (best books)
Photo-Eye Blog (best books)
Pickle Me This (best books)
Pints and Cupcakes (best books)
Pioneer Post (top books by Minnesota authors)
Pixelated Geek (best books)
Planandread (top books)
The Planetary Society (children's books about space)
Playing by the Book (favourite books)
Plymouth Public Library (children's library)
Poetry Foundation (staff book picks)
Poetry School (poetry books)
Proliterature (best books)
Politics and Prose (favorite books)
Ponderings on a Faith Journey (top religious books)
The Pool (best books)
Pop-Break (best comic books)
Pop-Topia (top mystery/thriller novels)
PopCrunch (best young adult books)
PopDose (music books)
Popsugar (love and sex books)
Popsugar (sweetest, sexiest books)
Portland Mercury (Portland Literati's favorite books)
Portmanteau Suitcase (best books)
Postcards from La-La Land (favorite books)
Powell's (books)
Powell's (best cookbooks)
Powell's (best fiction)
Powell's (best kids' books)
Powell's (best nonfiction)
Powell's (best sci-fi/fantasy books)
Powell's (best YA books)
Powell's (favorite cookbooks)
Pratham Books (top books)
Prime Minister's Literary Awards (Australian books)
PRINT (best design books)
Proctor's Postings (favorite books)
Prof KRG (favorite non-fiction books)
Progressive Geographies (top academic books)
Project Eve Moms (best picture books)
Prospect (must-read books)
Providence Church (favorite books)
The Psychology of Everyday Life (favourite books)
Pub Crawl (best MG & YA books)
The Public Archive (books)
Publishers Weekly (authors' favorite books)
Publishers Weekly (best books)
Publishers Weekly (best comics)
Publishers Weekly (best fiction)
Publishers Weekly (best lifestyle books)
Publishers Weekly (best middle grade books)
Publishers Weekly (best mystery/fiction books)
Publishers Weekly (best nonfiction books)
Publishers Weekly (best picture books)
Publishers Weekly (best poetry books)
Publishers Weekly (best religion books)
Publishers Weekly (best romance books)
Publishers Weekly (best SF/fantasy/horror books)
Publishers Weekly (best young adult books)
Publishers Weekly (bestselling cookbooks)
Publishing Perspectives - Chris Navratil (top books)
Publishing Perspectives - Dennis Abrams (top books)
Publishing Perspectives - Ed Nawotka (top books)
Publishing Perspectives - Jaroslaw Adamowski (top books)
Publishing perspectives - Mark Piesing (top books)
Publishing Perspectives - Olivia Snaije (best books)
Pulp Curry (top books)
Punk Domestics (best DIY books)
PureWow (best books)

Quebec Writers Federation Awards (books by Quebec authors)
Queen Anne Boleyn (top books)
Quill and Quire (books of the year)
Quirky Bookworm (best books)
The Quintessential Man (best books)
The Quivering Pen (best book covers)
The Quivering Pen (best first lines)
The Quivering Pen (best poetry books)
The Quivering Pen (best short story collections)
The Qwillery (top books)

The Rachael Way (favorite books)
Rachel Ann Hanley (favorite books)
Rachel Jeffries (top books)
Rachel McRae (favorite fiction books)
The Racy Lit Reader (top books)
Raising Arizona Kids (best books for children and teens)
Raleigh News and Observer (best children's books)
Rambling Reads (top books)
Ramblings from This Chick (best books)
Ramblings of a Marine Wife (favorite books)
Random Things in Action (best books)
Randy Kraft (best books)
Ravenous Reader (best books)
Read All the Things! (top books)
Read Breathe Relax (best books)
Read Her Like an Open Book (favorite books)
Read It or Weep (staff top books lists)
Read. Read. Read. (top books)
Read It or Weep (mystery books)
Read This Instead (best books)
Read. Write. Ramble. (top books)
Read. Write. Repeat (best books)
The Reader Bee (best books)
Readers in Wonderland (best books)
The Reader's Room (top books)
The Reading Fangirl (top books)
Reading in Bed (best books)
Reading in the Garden (favorite books)
Reading Is My Superpower (best Amish fiction)
Reading Is My Superpower (best contemporary fiction)
Reading Is My Superpower (best historical fiction)
Reading Is My Superpower (best mystery/suspense)
Reading Is My Superpower (best nonfiction)
Reading on a Rainy Day (favorite books)
Reading Public Library (best books lists)
Reading Rachel (favorite books)
Reading Rainstorm (favorite books)
Reading Reality (best books)
The Reading Room (best books)
Reading Teen (best books)
Reading the Markets (best books)
Reading with ABC (best books)
Readings (best art and design books)
Readings (best book covers)
Readings (best cookbooks)
Readings (best crime books)
Readings (best fiction books)
Readings (best middle fiction books)
Readings (best non-fiction books)
Readings (best young adult books)
Readings (young adult books by Australian authors)
Readings - Nina Kenwood (books) (best sex-work books)
Rebecca Bradley (top non-crime books)
Red (best children's books)
Red Dirt Report (favorite books)
Red Hair and Freckles (best books)
Red Tent Sisters (best sex books)
Refinery29 (best diverse YA books)
Reinventing K-12 Education (best books)
The Relentless Reader (books)
Relevant (top books)
Reluctant Habits (best books)
Remodelista (best cookbooks)
Rhode Island Public Radio (favorite books)
Richmond Times-Dispatch - Doug Childers (favorite books)
Richmond Times-Dispatch - Jay Strafford (favorite books)
Rick Riordan (favorite books)
Ringo the Cat (favorite book)
River City Reading (best books)
River City Reading (best books you might have missed)
RLB, INK. (favorite books)
Roberta's Literary Ramblings (best books)
rochemamabolo (top books)
Rocket City Mom (best children's books)
Rolling Stone (best music books)
Romance Dish (favorite books)
Romantic Historical Reviews (best books)
The Root (top nonfiction books)
Rose Water and Orange Blossoms (favorite cookbooks)
Rosie (favourite books)
Rouquine Reads (best books)
Roxane Gay (best books)
RPM (top biblical counseling books)
RT Book Reviews (editors' best book lists)
RTE TEN (top books)
Running with Tweezers (favorite cookbooks)
Russia Beyond the Headlines (Russian books)
Russia Direct (best books about Russia)
Ruth Reichl (favorite books)
Ryan Holiday (best books)

SaintPetersBlog (favorite books)
Salisbury Post (best books)
Salon (best comics)
Salt Lake Tribune (Utah Books)
Sam Luce (top books)
Sam Stolton (top books)
Sam Storms (best books)
San Antonio Current (best books)
San Francisco Chronicle (books)
San Francisco Chronicle (best books)
San Francisco Chronicle (writers' favorite books)
San Francisco Chronicle (top cookbooks)
San Jose Mercury News (books for middle school readers)
San Jose Mercury News (books for younger readers)
Sarah Bessey (favourite books)
Sarah Horrocks (favorite comics)
Sarah Webb (children's books)
Sarah Webb (best children's and YA books)
Sarah Laurence (best YA books)
The Sarah Story (best books)
Sarah Vowell (favorite books)
Sarah Weinman (favorite books not published in 2015)
Sarah's Book Shelves (best books)
Saskatoon Morning (favorite books)
Savidge Reads (books)
Savvy Verse and Wit (best books)
Schnitzel 'n' Noodles (favourite books)
The Scholarly Kitchen (chefs' favorite books)
School Library Journal (best adult books for teens)
School Library Journal (best middle grade books)
School Library Journal (best nonfiction books)
School Library Journal (best picture books)
School Library Journal (best young adult books)
School Library Journal (top audiobooks)
School Library Journal (top book apps)
School Library Journal (top graphic novels)
School Library Journal (top Latino books)
Sci-Fi Fan Letter (best books)
Science Friday (best science books)
Scientific American (best books for dog lovers)
Scientific American (best books for cat lovers)
Science News (favorite books)
The Scotsman (best travel books)
Scott McNulty (favorite books)
Scottish Poetry Library (books)
Screengrab in Exile (favorite books)
Scribbles and Wanderlust (top books)
Sea, Earth, Sky (top books)
Seattle Times (best books)
The Seconds Move On (favourite books)
Selina Kray (best books)
A Serious Bunburyist (best cookbooks)
Servants of Grace (best books)
SF Signal (best science fiction and fantasy books)
Shaquille O'Neal (favorite books)
Shai Coggins (best books)
Shallowreader (favourite books)
She's Got Books on Her Mind (favorite books)
Shelf Awareness (best books)
Shelf-Employed (favorite books)
Shelf Pleasure (top books)
Shots (favourite books)
Signature Reads (best narrative nonfiction)
Silent Seasons (best books)
Silvia Patriche (best books)
Simple Bites (favourite Canadian cookbooks)
Simple Bites (favourite international cookbooks)
The Simple Pastor (books)
Simply Book Love (top books)
Sincerely Stacy (best books)
Sky Blue Pink Design (favorite books)
Skye's Book Blog (best books)
Skye's Scribblings (best books)
Slate (best audiobooks)
Slate (best lines)
Slate (best photography books)
Slate (overlooked books)
Slaughterhouse 90210 (favorite books)
Smart Football (favorite books)
Smexy Books (favorite books)
Smidgens, Snippets, and Bits (best books)
Smiling Shelves (best books)
Smithsonian (best history books)
Snuggly Oranges (best books)
So Read Your Books, But Stay Out Late (best books)
So What Faith (top books)
Socially Awkward Bookworm (best books)
Sophisticated Dorkiness (favorite fiction)
Soul Talk (top books)
Soundview (best business books)
Southern California Independent Booksellers Book Awards (best southern California books)
Southern Ohio Pastors Coalition (best books)
The Spectator (best and most overrated books)
The Spectator (top loo books)
Speed of Light (favorite books)
Spinoff - Ashleigh Young (best books)
The Spinoff - David Larsen (best books)
Spinoff - Guy Somerset (best books)
The Spinoff - Linda Burgess (best books)
Spinoff - Peter Simpson (best books)
The Spinoff - Rachael King (best books)
The Spinoff - Ruth Nichol (best books)
The Spinoff - Stephen Stratford (best books)
Spinoff - Thom Shackleford (best books)
Splitsider (best comedy books)
Sports Biblio (notable sports books)
Sports World News (sports books)
Squiggles and Scribbles (best picture books)
St. Louis Jewish Light (best Hanukkah books for children)
St. Louis Post-Dispatch (best books)
St. Louis Post-Dispatch (booksellers' best books)
St. Louis Public Library (best kids' books)
St. Paul Pioneer Press (cookbooks by Twin Cities authors)
Stacey Alesi (best books)
Stainless Steel Droppings (favorite books)
Starcat's Corner (best books)
StarTouch (best fiction books)
StarTouch (best nonfiction books)
Steamboat Today (best environmental books)
Steph Post (books)
Steph's Book Blog (favorite books)
Stephanie Burgis (best middle grade novels)
Steve Forbes (favourite books)
Steven J. Fowler (top books)
Stevereads (best reprints)
A Still Magnolia (best books)
StoneSoup (favourite cookbooks)
Stories for Coffee (favorite books)
Storytime Sisters (amazing books)
Straits Times (economics books)
Strakul's Thoughts (favorite books)
The Strand Magazine (top books)
Strategy + Business (best business books)
Stray Thoughts (favorite books)
Strong Towns (favorite books)
Struggle Forever! (favorite books)
Stuff (books)
The Stuff of Life (top books)
Stuff That Needs Saying (top books)
StyleCaster (best books)
Suheyla-Nur (books)
Suncoast's Book Reviews (best books)
Sunday Express (best books)
Sunday Guardian (most popular books)
Sunday Times (best fiction)
Sunday Times Food Weekly Cookbook Awards (best South African cookbooks)
Sunset (best wine books)
Superior Spider-Talk (best Spider-man books)
Supremacy and Survival (best books)
Susie Wilde (best children's books)
Sweet Mornings (favorite books)
Sweet Peach (best cookbooks)
The Sweetest Digs (best DIY and design books)
Swide (top cookbooks)
Sydney Morning Herald (best-looking books)
Sydney Morning Herald (writers' favorite books)
Symmetry (physics books)

Tablet (best Jewish children's books) (best books)
Take Me Away... (favorite books)
Talk Birth (top book)
Tampa Bay Times (favorite books)
Tampa Tribune (children's books)
TATAL (best books)
Tattooed Pages (favorite books)
TD Canadian Children's Literature Award (Canadian children's books)
Tea, Trains, and YA (best books)
Teabears and Co. (best books)
Teaching Authors (favorite YA books)
Teaching Biology (lists of science books)
Teaching for Change (favorite books)
Team Rock (best books)
Tech Insider (books that defined 2015)
Tech Story (best books)
Techonomy (best digital health books) (best YA books)
Teen Librarian Toolbox (favorite YA books)
Teen Services Underground (sleeper books)
Teen Vogue (best books every fashion girl should have)
Telegraph (best art photography books)
Telegraph (best books)
Telegraph (best books)
Telegraph (best books for the armchair traveller)
Telegraph (best children's books)
Telegraph (best colouring books for adults)
Telegraph (best crime books)
Telegraph (best current affairs books)
Telegraph (best gardening books)
Telegraph (best history books)
Telegraph (best science books)
Telegraph (best World War history books)
Telegraph (best young adult books)
TeleRead - Joanna (best books)
Ten Inch Heroine (best books)
Teodora Kostova (favorite books)
Terry Tyler Book Reviews (top books)
Texas Library Association (multilingual books)
Texas Standard (top books by Texans)
thebooksage (top books)
thelibraryofliz (anticipated 2016 books)
thelilynotepad (best books)
theloggingroad (best and worst photobooks)
theRibz* (favourite books)
Third Place Books (favorite books)
This Is Africa (African fiction)
This Translation (top books)
The Thousander Club (best books)
Tigerlily (favourite books)
Time (top fiction)
Time (top nonfiction)
Time (top YA books)
Time Out New York (best books)
Time Present and Past (great books)
Time's Flow Stemmed (books)
Times Higher Education (best books)
Times Higher Education (favourite books)
Tin House (best fiction)
Tin House (best nonfiction)
Tin House (best poetry books)
TNBBC's The Next Best Book Blog (top books)
To the Best of Our Knowledge (best books)
The Toast (best books you didn't read)
Tom Savage (top books)
Tony DiCostanzo (influential books)
Tony Reinke (best books)
Tony's Reading List (best books) (best books) (top comics)
Toronto Star (best booze books)
Toronto Star - Heather Malick (favourite books)
Totally Graced (best books)
Traditional Cooking School (top traditional cookbooks)
Trains (notable railroad books)
Trashionista (best books)
Tri-City News (best children's books)
Tripping the Write Fantastic (books)
Tristan Foster (top books)
Tumbling Into Wonderland (best books)
Tweens Read Too (favorite books)
Two Chicks on Books (best books)

Un Passaggio (favorite books)
A Universe in Words (favourite books)
Unleashing Readers (favorite books)
The Upcoming (best books)
Urban Gyal (top books written by black women)
Urbandale Public Library (best book club books)
USA Today (best food and drink books)

Vampire Book Club (best books)
Vancouver Sun (baking cookbooks)
Vancouver Sun (best books)
Vancouver Sun (best British Columbia books)
Vanity Fair (best books)
Varnam (best books)
Veritas Et Lux (top books)
Victoria Times Colonist (favourite picture books)
Victorian Premier’s Literary Awards (books by Australian writers)
Vikki Vansickle (favourite books)
Village Voice (favorite books)
Virago (books)
vitcavage (favorite books)
Vogue (best books)
Vogue (fashion art books)
Vol. 1 Brooklyn - Gabino Iglesias (favorite books)
Vol. 1 Brooklyn - Jen Vafidis (favorite books)
Vol. 1 Brooklyn - Mairead Case (favorite books)
Vol. 1 Brooklyn - Sean Doyle (favorite books)
Vol. 1 Brooklyn - Tobias Carroll (favorite books)
Vonze's Reader Blog (best books)
The Volta (books)
Vox (best comic books)
Vulture (best art books)
Vulture (best books)
Vulture (best comic books)
Vulture (best graphic novels)

W Magazine (best art books)
Wall Street Journal (best books)
Wall Street Journal (best books for art lovers)
Wall Street Journal (best books for cocktail lovers)
Wall Street Journal (best books for film lovers)
Wall Street Journal (best books for history buffs)
Wall Street Journal (best books for photography lovers)
Wall Street Journal (best books for science lovers)
Wall Street Journal (best books on retirement living)
Wall Street Journal (best books to give children)
Wall Street Journal (best children's books)
Wall Street Journal (best fashion books)
Wall Street Journal (CIOs' favorite books)
Walterblog (favourite books)
Wanderlust and Words (favourite books)
The Warsaw That I Saw Was Not an Eyesore (books)
Washington Blade (books)
Washington Post (best audiobooks)
Washington Post (best books)
Washington Post (best children's books)
Washington Post (best cookbooks)
Washington Post (best graphic novels)
Washington Post (best mystery books and thrillers)
Washington Post (best poetry collection)
Washington Post (best romance novels)
Washington Post (best science fiction and fantasy books)
Washington Post (notable fiction)
Washington Post (notable nonfiction)
Waterstones (books of the year)
Waterstones (best crime books)
Waterstones (best fantasy books)
Waterstones (fiction)
We Are Book Punks (best books)
The Week (best bestselling books)
The Week (best books)
The Week (best fiction)
The Week (best nonfiction)
Wendy C. Ortiz (favorite books)
Weird Fiction Review (weird fiction)
Well and Good (best health and wellness books)
The Well-Read Redhead (best books)
Wendy Bartlett (favorite books)
Wendy Christopher (top writing books)
Westender (best Vancouver books)
Western Morning News (best books)
What We Do All Day (favorite children's book)
What Will She Read Next? (best kids books)
Whitefish Bay Public Library (best books)
Wicked Local Arlington (best books)
Windy Teha (favorite books)
Wit and Sin (top boos)
Wittywordplay (top books)
Wordynerdy (favorite books)
A Wheezy Life of Words and Coffee (favourite books)
Will Read for Feels (best books)
WIRED (best books)
The Word Stew Review (favourite books)
Worldly Saints (books)
Words in the Kitchen Sink (favorite books)
World Fantasy Awards (fantasy books)
World Literature Today (notable books in translation)
World of Tea (tea books)
World Travel Guide (best books)
Worldofbooks.X (top books)
Wrapped Up in Books (favorite young adult books)
Wrestles With Words (best books)
Write Club (best books)
A Writer's Life (books)
The Writing Hufflepuff (top books)
Writing Mysterious as a Cat (best books)

YA Romantics (favorite YA fantasy)
YA Romantics (favorite YA mysteries and thrillers)
YA Romantics (favorite YA realistic fiction)
YA Romantics (favorite YA science fiction and dystopian books)
YABC (best books)
YALSA The Hub (top teen books)
YATOPIA (best books)
The Yellow Socks (books)
Yes! Magazine (non-fiction books)
YFS Magazine (top business books)
You, Me, and a Cup of Tea (best books)
The Young Folks (best books)
Young Restless Reformed Blog (top books)
Young Wife's Guide (favorite books)
Young, Wild, and Tidy (top books)
Youth Ki Awaaz (books)

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