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November 2, 2015

Online "Best of 2015" Book Lists (F - N)

The Largehearted Boy List of Online 'Best of 2015' Book Lists

For the eighth straight year, I am aggregating every online year-end book list I find in this post. As the lists appear online, I will add them to this master list, updating daily.

Please feel free to leave a comment or e-mail me with a blog, magazine, newspaper, or other online media list I have missed.

Daily updates to this list.

Revisit previous years' collections of year-end book lists: 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, and 2000-2009 (best of the decade).

Online Year-end "Best of 2015" Book Lists:

A - E

Fabbookreviews (best picture books, children's fiction, and graphic novels)
Fader (authors' favorite books)
Faith Notes (best books)
The Family Savvy (favorite books)
The Fandom (best YA books)
Fantasy Book Lane (top science fiction and fantasy books)
Fantasy Cafe (favorite books)
Fast Company (best business and productivity books)
Fauquier County Public Library (favorite books)
The Federalist (notable books)
Fernando Sdrigotti (best books)
Fiction Advocate (best books)
Field Trips in Fiber (favorite books)
Fiktshun (best books)
Financial Times (best books)
Fire and Air (top books)
The First Book Blog (favorite books)
Flavorwire (best books by academic publishers)
Flavorwire (best independent press books)
Flavorwire (best nonfiction books)
Flavorwire (best poetry books)
Flavorwire (must-read books about art)
Flavorwire (staffers' favorite books)
Flavorwire (worthwhile books you might have missed)
The Flawless Foundation (inspirational books)
Flickering Myth (top comic books)
Florence in Print (best books)
Food and Wine (best wine books)
Food Tank (favorite books)
A Foodie Bibliophile in Wanderlust (favorite books)
For Love of Carrots (best books)
Forbes (best business books)
Forbes (best new career books)
Forbes (must-read brain books)
Forbes (top creative leadership books)
Forbidden Planet (comics writers and artists' best comics lists)
Foreign Affairs (best books)
Fort Worth Star-Telegram (best and worst books)
Fortune (books that changed CEOs' minds)
Fortune (books that changed minds)
Fountains of Home (favourite books)
Fourth and Sycamore (favorite books)
The Fox Hole (favorite books)
Frakking Shiny (best books)
Frank Bures (favorite books)
Fresh from the... (favorite books)
Fresh New England (best New England cookbooks)
The Frisky (books)
From a Woman's POV (best books)
The Frugal Chariot (favorite books)
FSG (favorite books)
FSG Originals (authors' favorite books)
Full Stop (best books)
Fur Everywhere (best cat books)

Gabino Iglesias (books)
Galleywampus (favorite books)
garprice (top books)
Gawker (best books)
The Gazette (best books)
Gear Patrol (best books)
Geek Galaxy (favorite books)
GeekDad (best books)
GeekDad (books)
Geeks and Lattes (best books)
Geeky Chic (best books)
generationgbooks (best books)
George Wiegel (favorite gardening books)
Georgia Straight (books)
Gerry Hassan (favourite books)
Gillian Flynn (favorite books)
The Gilmore Guide to Books (favorite books)
Girl Knows Books (favorite books)
The Girl Next Door (best books)
Girl!Reporter (best books)
Gizmodo (science books)
Glamour (best books)
Glasgow Herald (best books)
Global Possibilities (best landscape architecture books)
The Globalist (best books on global issues)
Globe and Mail (best books)
Globe and Mail (best cookbooks)
Glorified Love Letters (favorite books)
Glorious Treats (favorite cookbooks)
The Gnoming Librarian (best books)
Good Ereader (best ebooks)
Good Food (best cookbooks)
Goodreads (best books)
Goodreads (best Goodreads debut author)
Goodreads (best fantasy)
Goodreads (best fiction)
Goodreads (best food and cookbooks)
Goodreads (best graphic novels and comics)
Goodreads (best historical fiction)
Goodreads (best history and biography)
Goodreads (best horror)
Goodreads (best humor)
Goodreads (best memoir and biography)
Goodreads (best middle-grade and children's)
Goodreads (best mystery and thriller)
Goodreads (best nonfiction)
Goodreads (best picture books)
Goodreads (best poetry)
Goodreads (best romance)
Goodreads (best science and technology)
Goodreads (best science fiction)
Goodreads (best young adult fantasy and science fiction)
Goodreads (best young adult fiction)
GoodtoKnow (best cookbooks)
The Gospel Coalition - Erik Raymond (favorite books)
The Gospel Coalition - Kevin DeYoung (top books)
The Gospel Coalition - Trevin Wax (best books) (top books)
Gourmet Chick (best cookbooks)
GQ (best graphic novels)
GQ (favorite books)
Gr8 Big World (best culinary books)
Gransnet (best children's books)
Great Books for Kids (children's books)
Great Thoughts (top books)
Great Thoughts - Kristy Harvey (top books)
Greater Good (favorite books)
Green Carnation Prize (best books by LGBT writers)
Guardian (best architecture books)
Guardian (best art books)
Guardian (best Australian books)
Guardian (best biographies)
Guardian (best biography and memoir books)
Guardian (best books)
Guardian (best books)
Guardian (best celebrity memoirs)
Guardian (best children's books)
Guardian (best crime and thriller books)
Guardian (best drink books)
Guardian (best fiction)
Guardian (best food books)
Guardian (best gardening books)
Guardian (best graphic books)
Guardian (best history books)
Guardian (best music books)
Guardian (best nature books)
Guardian (best paperbacks)
Guardian (best photography books)
Guardian (best poetry books)
Guardian (best politics books)
Guardian (best science books)
Guardian (best science fiction and fantasy books)
Guardian (best sports books)
Guardian (best stocking-filler books)
Guardian - Stephen Curry (books)
Guardian Children's Fiction Prize (children's fiction)
Gun in Act One (top YA books)

H Anthony Hildebrand (favourite books)
HAF (most-mentioned photography books on year-end lists)
Halcyon Realms (favorite art books)
The Halifax Reader (best book lists)
Hannah Witton (favourite books)
The Happy Foodie (cookbooks)
Happy Indulgence (top books)
Happy. Pretty. Sweet. (favorite books)
The Happy Reader (best books)
Harper's Bazaar (best books)
Hauspanther (best books for cat lovers)
Haute Living (best fashion books)
Heavy Metal Otaku (top books)
Hello, I'm Finch (best books)
HelloBee (best books)
Her Campus - Helsinki (top books) (best books)
Here and Now (best cookbooks)
Here and Now (gift books)
Hey Library Girl! (favorite books)
Highbrow Magazine (best books)
Hike2Forty and Beyond (favorite books)
Hindustan Times (best Indian fiction)
The Hippo (best books)
History Buffs (history books)
History Today (historians' best books)
Hollywood Housewife (best books)
Hopeless Book Addict (top contemporary books)
The Horn Book (children's holiday books)
Horror Underground (top books)
Horrorgasms (top horror books)
Hot Listens (best audiobooks)
Houston Chronicle (notable books)
How Does She (best picture books you didn't hear about)
Hudson Booksellers (best books)
Huffington Post (best art books)
Huffington Post (best books for the BBQ lover)
Huffington Post (best cookbooks)
Huffington Post (best fiction books)
Huffington Post (best film books)
Huffington Post (best picture books)
Huffington Post (top YA books)
Huffington Post Canada (best books)
Huffington Post (nonfiction books you might have missed)
The Humbled Homemaker (best books)
Hungry for Good Books? (best books)
Hypable (best books)

I Is Who I Is (favorite books)
I Keep Having Dreams (favourite books)
I Prefer Books (favourite books)
I Wish I Lived in a Library (best books)
I'll Tumble for YA (best books)
iCriticalTheory (favorite books)
Idea Magazine (best books)
Idealog (design books)
If It Happened Yesterday, It's History (most important history books)
Imagination Is Greater Than Detail (best books)
Imagination Soup (best chapter books)
Imagination Soup (best children's board books)
Imagination Soup (best children's nonfiction books)
Imagination Soup (favorite children's picture books)
Impressions (favorite books and authors)
Impressions Notebook (favorite books)
In Media Res (best books)
In Sonnet's Kitchen (favorite books)
Inc. (best business books)
Inc. (best sales books)
Inc. (top leadership books)
Inc. (top marketing books)
Inc. (top motivational books)
Inc. (top start your own business books)
Inconnu (favorite books)
Independent (best art books)
Independent (best biographies)
Independent (best biographies and memoirs)
Independent (best books)
Independent (best books for babies)
Independent (best crime books)
Independent (best economics books)
Independent (best fantasy novels)
Independent (best fashion books)
Independent (best food and drink books)
Independent (best gift books for gamers)
Independent (best graphic novels)
Independent (best history books)
Independent (best nature books)
Independent (top poetry books)
Independent (best science books)
Independent (best sports books)
Independent (best translated fiction)
Independent (best travel books)
Independent (best young adult fiction)
Independent (literary fiction)
Independent (paperbacks)
Independent (top debut fiction)
Independent (top fiction)
Independent (top short stories)
Independent Weekly (best Triangle books)
India Today (top food books)
Indian Nerve (best books)
Indie Reader (best self-published books)
Indigo (best books)
Inklings Bookshop (favorite books)
Intentional By Grace (favorite books)
The Interrobang (top comedy books)
Into Your Will (favorite books)
io9 (best comics and graphic novels)
io9 (best science fiction and fantasy books)
Irish Country Magazine (best books)
Irish Examiner (best books)
Irish Examiner (comics)
Irish Independent (books)
Irish Independent (favourite books)
Irish Independent (writers' favorite books)
Irish Left Review (fiction and photography books)
Irish Times (best cookbooks)
Irish Times (business books)
Irish Post (Irish books)
Irish Times (best music books)
Irish Times (best non-fiction books)
Irish Times (favourite children's books)
Irish Times (writers' favorite books)
Irish Times - Eileen Battersby (books)
It's Either Sadness or Euphoria (best books)
Ivy Book Bindings (top books)

J-TWO-O (favorite books)
J.M. Snyder (best books)
Jackie Cangro (gift books)
Jackson Clarion-Ledger (best Mississippi books)
Jackson Pearce (top non-fiction books)
Jacques Pepin (favorite books)
Jaffareadstoo... (favourite books)
James Reads Books (favorite books)
Jamieson Wolf (best books)
Janet Lee (books)
Japan Times (best books on Japan)
Japan Times (books)
Jason Swett (favorite books) (favorite books)
Jaybird's Jottings (books)
Jeff Kinney (favorite books)
Jeff VanderMeer (favorite books)
Jeffe Kennedy (most memorable books)
Jefferson Bethke (favorite books)
Jefferson County Public Library (children's books about monsters)
Jeffrey Welch's Blog (favorite dog-themed books)
Jenkem (skateboarding books)
Jennifer M Eaton (best novels)
Jenny in Neverland (best books)
Jess Hearts Books (favourite books)
Jesse Eisenberg (favorite books)
Jesse M. Payne (favorite books)
Jessica Knauss (best books)
Jesus in Love Blog (top LGBTQ Christian books)
Jewish Journal (Chanukah books)
Jezebel (best books)
Joanna Walsh (best books)
Joanna Walsh (top books)
Joanne Ganley (favourite books)
John Kay (favorite books)
John Pearson's Buckets Blog (top books)
Johnson County Library (best books for kids and teens)
Jonathan Crowe (map books) (top books)
Joshua James Amberson (top books and zines)
The Journal (favourite books)
Journey to Ambeth (top books)
JP O'Malley (top books)
Judd Apatow (favorite books)
JudithDCollinsMustReads (top books)
The Junto (favorite books)
Just Like the Number (favorite fiction)

K. Thomas Khan (top books)
Kansas City Star (best children's books)
Kansas City Star (best collections of short stories and essays)
Kansas City Star (best fiction)
Kansas City Star (best graphic novels, children's, and young adult books)
Kansas City Star (best memoirs)
Kansas City Star (best nonfiction)
Kansas City Star (best poetry books)
Kansas City Star - Brian Burnes (best books)
Kaplan University - Tutor Chrissine (top books)
Karan Goel (best books)
Karis Church (most significant books)
Kate Forsyth (best books)
Kate Mulgrew (favorite books)
Kate's Book Life (best books)
Kate McIntyre (best books)
Kathryn McCade (top books)
katieblogslife (favourite books)
The Katy (favorite books)
Katy Waldman (favorite books)
Ken Ligunas (best books)
Kevin Wojo's Blog (top books)
Keyframe (biggest film books)
Kings River Life (best books)
Kirkus (best autobiography)
Kirkus (best book club fiction)
Kirkus (best books about significant figures in the arts and humanities)
Kirkus (best debut fiction)
Kirkus (best fiction)
Kirkus (best fiction in translation)
Kirkus (best funny teen books)
Kirkus (best historical fiction)
Kirkus (best history books)
Kirkus (best informational picture books)
Kirkus (best international picture books)
Kirkus (best international teen books)
Kirkus (best literary fiction)
Kirkus (best middle-grade books)
Kirkus (best middle-grade books that celebrate difference and diversity)
Kirkus (best middle-grade graphic novels)
Kirkus (best middle-grade historical fiction)
Kirkus (best middle-grade nonfiction)
Kirkus (best middle-grade poetry)
Kirkus (best middle-grade realistic fiction)
Kirkus (best middle-grade science fiction and fantasy)
Kirkus (best mysteries and thrillers)
Kirkus (best nature and travel books)
Kirkus (best nonfiction books)
Kirkus (best nonfiction books for lit nerds)
Kirkus (nest nonfiction for music lovers)
Kirkus (best nonfiction for politically engaged readers)
Kirkus (best nonfiction page-turners)
Kirkus (best nonfiction to provoke heated debate)
Kirkus (best picture books)
Kirkus (best picture books about family)
Kirkus (best picture books about friendship)
Kirkus (best picture books featuring minority characters)
Kirkus (best picture books for animal lovers)
Kirkus (best picture books for the sense-of-wonder shelf)
Kirkus (best popular fiction)
Kirkus (best romance novels)
Kirkus (best science books)
Kirkus (best science fiction and fantasy)
Kirkus (best self-published books)
Kirkus (best story collections)
Kirkus (best teen books)
Kirkus (best teen books for an adrenaline rush)
Kirkus (best teen books with voices that will haunt you)
Kirkus (best teen historical fiction)
Kirkus (best teen nonfiction)
Kirkus (best teen romances)
Kirkus (best teen science fiction and fantasy)
Kitchen Frolic (favourite cookbooks and food books)
Kitsap Sun (nonfiction books)
Kitten a Go-Go (best books)
KMUW - Chris Heim (best music books)
KMUW - Jedd Bedouin (best music books)
Kobo Writing Life (best read books)
Kristen Hatton (favorite books)
KSL (best gift books)
Kubikel Romance (favorite books)
Kultunews (best books)
Kunal Nayyar (favorite books)
Kyra Maya Phillips (favourite books)

LA Weekly (best books by L.A. authors)
The LadyKillers (favorite books)
Larael's Blog (top books)
Largehearted Boy (favorite food and drink books)
Largehearted Boy (favorite nonfiction)
Largehearted Boy (favorite novels)
Largehearted Boy (favorite short story collections)
Laser Time (favorite comics)
The Latchkey Mom (favorite books)
Latina Book Club (books)
Laura Fraser (favorite books)
Laura Miller (best books)
Laura Tarro (books)
Laura's Reviews (top books)
Lauren James (favourite books)
Lavende and Lemonade (best cookbooks)
Lawrence Public Library (best books)
Lazygamer (best comic books)
lcarslibrarian (top books)
Leading Blog (best leadership books)
Learn This Phase (favourite books)
Learnerator (best AP biology review books)
Learnerator (best AP calculus books)
Learnerator (best AP European history books)
Learnerator (best AP psychology books)
Learnerator (best AP US history books)
The Left Room (favourite books)
Lena Dunham (favorite books)
Lesa's Book Critiques (favorite books)
Let's Talk About Books (favourite books)
A Letdown Squid (favorite novels)
Levi Hunt (best comics)
Liberty Hardy (books)
Librarian Shipwreck (favorite books)
Librairie Drawn and Quarterly - Alyssa (favorite books)
Librairie Drawn and Quarterly - Chantale (favorite books)
Librairie Drawn and Quarterly - Daphne (favorite books)
Librairie Drawn and Quarterly - Helen (books)
Librairie Drawn and Quarterly - Kate (favorite books)
Librairie Drawn and Quarterly - Kira (favorite books)
Librairie Drawn and Quarterly - Saelan (favorite books)
Library Journal (best books)
Library Journal (best books for dudes)
Library Journal (best cookbooks)
Library Journal (best core nonfiction)
Library Journal (best crafts and DIY books)
Library Journal (best e-originals)
Library Journal (best genre nonfiction)
Library Journal (best graphic novels)
Library Journal (best poetry books)
Library Journal (best religion and spirituality books)
Library Journal (best romance books)
Library Journal (best self-published e-books)
The Library of Michigan (Michigan notable books)
Lien Public Relations (favorite books)
Life and Other Disasters (top books)
Life Your Way (favorite books)
lifesfinewhine (favorite books)
The Lifelong Bookworm (best books)
Lili's Reflections (best books)
Lincoln Journal Star (books)
Lindsay's Library (best books)
Lisa J. Schultz (favorite books)
Lisa's Yarns (best books)
Lit Slave (favorite books)
The Literary Guild (best books)
Literary Hub (best books)
Literary Hub (best poetry debuts)
Literary Hub (bookseller's best books)
Literary Hub (best overlooked books)
Literary Hub (essay collections)
Literary Hub (overlooked books by women)
Literary Hub (overlooked novels by women of color)
Literary Marie (top books)
A Literary Mind (top books)
The Literary Omnivore (top books)
LitReactor (best books)
The Little Caboose Blog (best books)
Little Family Adventure (best books for foodies)
The Little Red Reviewer (best books)
Littsburgh (favorite books)
Littsburgh (booksellers' favorite books)
Living Read Girl (best books)
Liz Gooster (best business books)
London Evening Standard (best art and design books)
London Evening Standard (best books)
London Evening Standard (best cookbooks)
London Evening Standard (best cookery books)
London Evening Standard (best crime fiction)
London Evening Standard (best film books)
London Evening Standard (best gardening books)
London Evening Standard (best music books)
London Evening Standard (best photography books)
London Review Bookshop (poetry books) (best Broadway and theatre books)
Lone Star Literary Life (Texas books for younger readers)
Longreads (under-recognized books)
Longview Daily News (top books)
Los Angeles Magazine (favorite books)
Los Angeles Times (books)
Los Angeles Times (favorite cookbooks)
LouiseLovesBooks (top books)
Love Bytes (best books)
Lucie's List (best kids' books)
Luna Luna - Joanna C. Valente (books)
Lutheran Confessions (best books)

Madh Mama (best books)
Madison Magazine (cookbooks)
Magic Fiction Since Potter (books)
Make Wealth History (books)
Make Your Own Fairy Tale (best books)
Making All Things New (favorite books)
Mama Mia (favorite books)
Manila Traveler and Bookworm (books)
Marcus Samuelsson (favorite books)
Marginal Revolution (best fiction)
Marginal Revolution (best non-fiction)
Marie Claire (top book club books)
Marin Mommies (best kids books)
Mark Lawrence (books)
The Mary Sue (books)
Mary Whipple (favorite books)
Mary-Louise Parker (favorite books)
Maryse's Book Blog (favorite books)
Mashable (favorite books)
Massive Sway (books)
Material Witness (books)
Matt Lietzen (top books)
Matthew Bright (favourite books)
Maureen Corrigan (best books)
Maya Rodale (favorite books)
Maybe Matilda (favorite books)
McNally Jackson (hidden gem books)
Mecanism (top books)
Memoranda (favourite books)
Men's Journal (best books)
Menswear Style (fashion books)
Mental Floss (smart gift books)
MeReader (best books)
Mermaid Vision Books (books)
Metro (best books)
Miami New Times (best books)
Micah Wimmer (favorite nonfiction books)
Michael Magras (favorite books)
Michael Strahan (favorite books)
Michelle Cleaves (favourite books)
Midlife Mixtape (music books)
Midnight Book Girl (best books)
The Midnight Garden (favorite books)
A Mighty Girl (books)
The Migrationist (favorite immigration books)
Mikayla Brie (favorite books)
Mil Gracias (favorite books)
Military Times (books)
The Millions (year in reading)
A Mind for Madness (best books)
A Mind for Madness (best books)
Mindy Kaling (favorite books)
Minneapolis Star Tribune (best wine books)
Minneapolis Star Tribune (critics' favorite books)
Minnesota Public Radio (best children's and middle grade books)
Minnesota Public Radio (best fiction)
Minnesota Public Radio (best young adult books)
Minnesota Public Radio (top nonfiction)
Minnesota Public Radio (best science fiction and fantasy books)
Mirabile Dictu (best books)
Miranda (favorite books)
MIS Asia (best books for IT leaders)
Mischief Managed (favorite books)
Mishi Reads (favorite books)
Miss Daydreamer's Place (best books)
Miss Dinky (top cook books)
MixedUpSayDee (favorite books)
Mockingbird (top theology books)
Modern Mrs. Darcy (favorite fiction)
Modern Mrs. Darcy (favorite nonfiction books)
Modern Parents Messy Kids (best books)
Molly's Musings (best books)
Mom 2.0 Summit (best books)
Mom in the City (best books for elementary school boys)
Momma Data (best parenting books) (best books)
Morganaene (top books)
Mosaic (best books)
Mostly Consolation (best books)
Mountain Xpress (Asheville young adult and middle grade books)
Mr. Everyday Dollar (best books)
Mr Staveley's Blog (books)
Ms. (top feminist books)
Multnomah County Library (best books)
Mums' Days (best books)
Munchies (favorite cookbooks)
Muruch (best books)
MusicalPoem (best books)
Musings from Neville's Navel (top books)
Musings of a Young Londoner (fiction)
Musings of a Young Londoner (non-fiction)
Must Use Bigger Elephants (best science fiction and fantasy book covers)
My Custard Pie (cookbooks)
My Glorious Adventures (best books)
My List of Imaginary Friends (favorite books)
My Little Happy Ever After (favorite books)
My Thoughts...Literally! (favorite books)
My Two Hats (favorite books)
Mystic Tales (favorite books)

N Magazine (best books)
NabouReviews (favourite books)
Nadaness in Motion (top books)
Nancie McDermott (best cookbooks)
Nancy Pearl
Nashville Book Worm (best books)
Nathan Lane (favorite books)
National Post (best books)
National Post (best cookbooks)
NationSwell (most inspiring books)
Natural News (most important books that have been vilified, attacked or outright censored)
Nature (top books)
NBC News (Latino books)
NBC News (notable science and tech books)
NCTE Children's Book Awards (children's books)
National Outdoor Book Awards (outdoor writing)
National Science Teachers Association (outstanding science trade books for students K–12)
Nelson Lowhim (best books)
Nerdist (favorite books)
NerdMuch (top fantasy novels)
Nerdy Book Club (YA fiction)
Never Imitate (books)
Never Stop Reading (notable books)
The New Daily (best sports books)
New Republic (year in literary backlash)
New Scientist (best books)
New Statesman (best children's books)
New Statesman (books of the year)
New York Business Journal (business books)
New York Observer (best music books)
New York Post (favorite books)
New York Public Library - Elisa Garcia (favorite books)
New York Times (baking books)
New York Times (best book covers)
New York Times (best books)
New York Times (best illustrated children's books)
New York Times (best photo books)
New York Times (best poetry books)
New York Times (critics' top books)
New York Times (notable books)
New York Times (notable children's books)
New Yorker (best books of poems, about poems, or tangentially Related to poems)
New Yorker (books)
The New Yorker (poems)
The New Yorker - James Wood (books)
New Zealand Gardener (gardening books)
New Zealand Listener (best books) (favorite books)
Newsday (best books)
Newsweek (best and worst books)
Newsweek (international nonfiction books)
Newsday (best children's books)
The Next Chapter (mystery books)
Nicholas Sparks (favorite books)
Nikki the Knack (favourite books)
Nishita's Rants and Raves (best books)
Nithin Bekal (favorite books)
NME (best music books)
Nomadic Matt (best travel books)
Nomadreader (best fiction)
The Nonfiction Detectives (best nonfiction books)
Nori's Closet (best books)
Norman Lear (favorite books)
Northern Crime (top crime books)
Not My Typewriter (favorite books)
Nourishing My Scholar (favorite books)
Novel Novice (best middle grade books)
The Novel Orange (favorite books)
Novels and Necklaces (favorite books)
NOW Toronto (top books)
NPR Books (books)
NPR Books (cookbooks)
Nurse Fancy Pants (books)
The NutHouse Five (books)
The Nutmeg Iluminado (best books)

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