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November 1, 2016

Online "Best of 2016" Book Lists

The Largehearted Boy List of Online 'Best of 2016' Book Lists

For the ninth straight year, I am aggregating every online year-end book list I find in this post. As the lists appear online, I will add them to this master list, updating daily.

Please feel free to leave a comment or e-mail me with a blog, magazine, newspaper, or other online media list I have missed.

Daily updates to the master list of online "best books of 2016 lists.

Revisit previous years' collections of year-end book lists: 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, and 2000-2009 (best of the decade).

Online Year-end "Best of 2016" Book Lists:

#AmReading (best music books)

100 Scope Notes (top books)
19 Acres (books)
3:AM - Andrew Gallix (top books)
3:AM - Dustin Illingworth (best books)
3:AM - Eley Williams (best books)
3:AM - Fernando Sdrigotti (top books)
3:AM - Hestia Peppe (best books)
3:AM Magazine - Mark de Silva (best books)
3:AM - Richard Marshall (best books)
3:AM - Steven J. Fowler (top books)
3:AM - Tristan Foster (top books)
4teenreaders (best books)
52 Insights (top books)

A. C. Wise (favorite novels, collections, and anthologies)
A.J. Juliani (best books for teachers and learners)
The A.V. Club (favorite books)
The A.V. Club (best comics)
Aardvarcheology (best books)
ABC Online (top science books)
AbeBooks (most expensive books)
Accidental Shelf-Browsing (top books)
Addicted to Happily Ever After (best books)
Adoptabookaus (favourite contemporary books)
Adoptabookaus (favourite fantasy books)
Adoptabookaus (favourite thriller/horror books)
Adventures in Polishland (best books)
Adventures of a Bibliophile (top books)
Adventurous Kate (favorite books)
AFR Weekend (best books)
African Book Addict (top books)
Afterbutterflyrain (favourite books)
The Age (Australian authors' favourite books)
The Age (books)
Ahram Online (top books)
Air & Space (best aviation- and space-themed books for young readers)
AJ Waines (top books)
Alba and Her Secrets (favorite books)
Alive and Narrating (favorite books)
All About Douae (favorite books)
Alliterative Anxieties (favorite fiction)
Alohamora Open a Book (best children's book)
Alpha Reader (favourite books)
Already & Not Yet (best books)
Altoona Mirror (favorite books)
Always & Forever Reading (top books)
Always Doing (favorite books)
Amazon (best arts and photography books)
Amazon (best biographies and memoirs)
Amazon (best books)
Amazon (best business and leadership books)
Amazon (celebrity picks)
Amazon (best children's books)
Amazon (best comics and graphic novels)
Amazon (best cooking, food and wine books)
Amazon (best history books)
Amazon (best humor and entertainment books)
Amazon (best literature and fiction)
Amazon (best mysteries and thrillers)
Amazon (best nonfiction)
Amazon (best romance books)
Amazon (best science books)
Amazon (best science fiction and fantasy books)
Amazon (best young adult books)
Amazon (bestselling books)
Amelia Stevenson (favourite books)
America (best books)
American Photo (best photography books)
amNewYork (best New York books)
Amy Laurens (best books)
Ana's Attic (top books)
AndPop (best YA books)
Andrew Moran (favourite books)
Andrew Wille (books)
Ann's Reading Corner (favorite books)
Anna's Book Blog (favorite books)
Annabel Smith (top books)
Annie Rim (favorite books)
Another Angry Woman (favourite books)
Anti-Dismal (interesting economics books)
The Antick Musings of G.B.H. Hornswoggler, Gent. (favorite books)
ANZ LitLovers LitBlog (best Australian and New Zealand books)
Art and Soul (favorite books)
The Artery (poetry books with a Boston connection)
Artfulreader (best books)
Artnet News (favorite art books)
As the Crowe Flies (And Reads) (best books)
As Told by Sissy (favorite books)
Ashland Gazette (top books)
Ask a Manager (books)
The Aspen Institute (best books)
Astoria Bookshop (best books for young readers and picture books)
Atlanta Journal Constitution (best cookbooks)
The Atlantic (best books)
Audible (best audiobooks)
Audiofile Magazine (best audiobooks)
Aunt Agatha's (best books)
Austin Chronicle - Jay Trachtenberg (top books)
Austin Chronicle - Joe O'Connell (top books)
Austin Chronicle - Rosalind Faires (top books)
Australian Book Review (books of the year)
Australian Financial Review (coffee table books)
The Automatic Cat (best books)
Avon Romance - Elle (favorite books)
Avon Romance (top books)
The Awkward Book Blogger (top books)
Awkward Heather (favorite books)

Bag Full of Books (top books)
Bajira! (top books)
The Baked Scribe (best books)
Baldwin Library (best books)
Baltimore Magazine (best books by Baltimore authors)
Baltimore Sun (Baltimore-linked books)
The Bandwagon - David
The Bandwagon - James (favourite books)
The Bandwagon - Vikki
Bank Street (best children's books)
Barbara Copperthwaite (best books)
Barnes and Noble (best books for young readers)
Barnes and Noble (best picture books)
Barnes and Noble (best science fiction and fantasy books)
Barnes and Noble (best young adult books)
BBC Culture (best books)
Be Obscure Clearly (top books)
Bear Books (best book covers)
Beauty and the Bean Boots (favorite books)
Beauty Is a Sleeping Cat (best books)

Believer (best books)
Becky's Book Reviews (best books)
Belle Can Read (favorite books)
Benedictine University (top leadership books)
Berkeley Heights Public Library (most checked out books)
Berkeleyside (best books)
Best Fantasy Books (best fantasy books)
Best Thrillers (best thrillers)
Beth's Corner (favorite books)
The Bewitched Bibliomaniac (best books)
Beyond Chron (top books)
Beyond the Pages and Words (best and worst books)
Bibliobroads (best books)
Bibliophile Book Club (best books)
Bibliophile by the Sea (favorite books)
Bibliotrope (top books)
Big Blue Circus (favorite books)
Big Comic Page - Andrew (best comics)
Big Comic Page - Ceej (best comics)
Bildungsroman (best books)
The Bimulous Bookshelf (books)
Bioteaching (top arthropod books)
Bioteaching (top botany books)
Bioteaching (top climate change books)
Bioteaching (top ecology books)
Bioteaching (top environmentalism books)
Bioteaching (top evolution books)
Bioteaching (top geology books)
Bioteaching (top historical geology books)
Bioteaching (top history of science books)
Bioteaching (top human biology books)
Bioteaching (top invertebrate zoology books)
Bioteaching (top paleontology books)
Bioteaching (best philosophy of science books)
Bioteaching (top phlyogenetics books)
Bioteaching (top vertebrate book)
Bioteaching (top zoology books)
Bill Gates (best books)
BioLogos (favorite books)
The Birdbooker Report (best bird books)
Birdie Bookworm (best books)
Bitch Media (best books)
Blake Butler (favorite books)
Blastr (best comic book artists)
Blog of a Bookaholic (favorite books)
Blogging Theologically (best books)
The Blondissima (cookbooks)
Bloomberg (best books)
Bloomberg (best business books)
Bloomberg (history books)
BluChickenNinja (favourite books)
Bob on Books (best books)
Boing Boing (books)
BOLO Books (top books)
BOMB (writers' favorite books)
Bon Appetit (best cookbooks)
The Book Academy (best books)
Book Babble (best books)
Book Beat (favorite books)
Book Chase (top fiction)
Book Fifty (best books)
The Book Ramblings (favorite books)
The Book Raven (loveliest Books)
Book Riot (best books)
Book Riot (best books from outside the USA)
Book Riot (best comic covers)
Book Riot (best comics)
Book Riot (comic artists)
Book Riot (favorite literary TED talks)
Book Riot (favorite under the radar books)
Book Riot (favourite book covers)
Book Riot (notable indie press books)
Book Savant (best books)
Book Scrolling (best books)
The Book Shopper (best book lists)
The Book Smugglers (authors' and bloggers' favorite books)
The Book Smugglers (top books)
Book Snob (books of the year)
Book Stop Corner (best books)
Books and Fiction (top books)
Book Tales (favorite books)
The Book Whisperer (top books)
Book Whispers (best books)
A Bookaholic Swede (top books)
The Bookbag (top children's non-fiction books)
The Bookbag (top general fiction)
The Bookbag (top historical fiction)
The Bookbag (top literary fiction)
The Bookbag (top non-fiction books)
The Bookbag (top teen books)
The Bookbag (top women's fiction books)
Bookbub (breakthrough books)
The Bookbag (top non-fiction books)
Bookchickdi (most compelling books)
Booked on a Feeling (top books)
BookerTalk (books)
Bookish (best books)
The Bookish Baker (favorite books)
Booklist (top arts books)
Booklist (top arts books for youth)
Booklist (top biographies)
Booklist (top biographies on audio)
Booklist (top biographies for youth)
Booklist (top business books)
Booklist (top crafts and gardening books)
Booklist (top crime fiction for youth)
Booklist (top first novels)
Booklist (top food books)
Booklist (top graphic novels)
Booklist (top graphic novels for youth)
Booklist (top historical fiction)
Booklist (top historical fiction for youth)
Booklist (top horror fiction)
Booklist (top humorous fiction)
Booklist (top humorous fiction for youth)
Booklist (top literary travel books)
Booklist (top multicultural fiction for youth)
Booklist (top multicultural nonfiction)
Booklist (top multicultural nonfiction for youth)
Booklist (top project books for youth)
Booklist (top religion and spirituality books)
Booklist (top romance fiction)
Booklist (top romance debuts)
Booklist (top romance fiction for youth)
Booklist (top series nonfiction)
Booklist (top SF/fantasy)
Booklist (top SF/fantasy/horror for youth)
Booklist (top short story collections for youth)
Booklist (top sports books for youth)
Booklist (top sports fiction)
Booklist (top women's fiction)
Booklist (top women's fiction on audio)
Booklog for Charlotte (best books)
Booknet Canada (favourite books)
BookPage (best book titles)
BookPage (best cookbooks)
BookPage (best mysteries and thrillers)
The BookPal Blog (best health books)
The BookPal Blog (best religion books)
Books and Chocolate (top books)
Books and Cooks (favorite books)
Books and Culture (favorite books)
Books and Hot Tea (top books)
Books and Palettes (favorite books)
Books I Think You Should Read (best books)
Books Over All (top books)
Booksaremyfavouriteandbest (books on multiple "best books" lists)
Bookshelves and Paperbacks (top books)
books-to-get-lost-in (top books)
booksaremyfavouriteandbest (best books)
BooksPlease (favourite books)
Bookspoils (favorite novels)
Booktech Blogger (books)
The Booktrail (top books)
Booktrust (new Christmas picture books)
Bookworm Blues (best books)
The Bookworm Central (favorite books)
The Bookworm Chronicles (top books)
The Bookworm of Edwards (best books)
Bookwormette (best books)
Bookworms and Fangirls (favorite books)
Boomerang Books (best books)
Bord Gáis Energy Irish Book Awards (Irish books)
Boston Globe (best books)
Boston Globe (best cookbooks)
Boston Parents (best books for kids)
Boston Public Library (most borrowed books)
Boston Public Library (top picture books)
Boswell Bookstore (top books)
The Bottle Imp (best Scottish books)
Bourbon & Brown Sugar (best cookbooks)
Brain Pickings (best children's books)
Brain Pickings (best science books)
Brain Pickings (favorite books)
Brian Fanelli (best books)
Brian G.Hedges (favorite books)
Brian Kaylor (top books)
Brianna (top books)
Bright Horizons (children's books)
Brilliantly Bookish (favourite books)
Britfic (favourite books)
British Book Design & Production Awards (British books)
Brittany's Book Rambles (favorite books)
Brittle Paper (favorite books by African writers)
Broke by Books (best books)
The Brooklyn Rail (art books)
Brown Dog Solutions (favorite books)
Buchshelf (best economics books)
Buffalo News (best sports books)
Buffer (favorite books)
BundtLust (top cookbooks)
Bustle (best debut novels)
Bustle (most important new books)
Bustle (most underrated young adult books)
Button Panels (top comics)
BuzzFeed (best fiction books)
BuzzFeed (best literary debuts)
BuzzFeed (best non-fiction books)
BuzzFeed (best poetry books)
BuzzFeed (best short fiction)
BuzzFeed (best YA books)
BuzzFeed (book covers)
BuzzFeed (books by Indian authors)
BuzzFeed (hottest romance books)
BuzzFeed (YA books)

Caitstiel's World (favourite books)
Canberra Times (best books)
The Captive Reader (top books)
Carina's Books (best books)
Carnegie Library (best books for babies)
Carolina Bento (top books)
Caroline County Public Library (favorite books)
Carrie Willard (favorite books)
Caryn, The Book Whisperer (best books)
Castle in the Clouds (favorite books)
Casual Spectator (favorite sports books)
Cat Wisdom 101 (top cat books)
CBC (best books for young readers)
CBC (best Canadian nonfiction books)
CBC (Canadian authors' favourite books)
CBC (underrated Canadian novels)
CBC News (books by Canadian indigenous authors)
CBTNuggets (top CBTN certification exam books)
Challies (best Christian books)
Challies (top books)
Charged Affairs (best foreign affairs books)
Charr's New Chapter (favourite books)
Chicago Public Library (best books)
Chicago Review of Books (best fiction)
Chicago Magazine (best books about Chicago)
Chicago Review of Books (best nonfiction)
Chicago Review of Books (best poetry books)
Chicago Tribune (best books)
Chicago Tribune (best cookbooks)
Chicago Tribune (best poetry books)
Chicago Tribune (books)
Chick Lit Central (favorite books)
Chicken Spaghetti (favorite books)
Chicken Spaghetti -Norman (best books)
Chocolate Pages (top books)
Chris Norbury (best books)
Christ and Pop Culture (best children's books)
Christchurch City Libraries (best and worst children's books)
Christchurch City Libraries (staff picks)
The Christian Revolution (top books)
Christian Science Monitor (best nonfiction books)
Christian Today (top books)
The Chronicles of Danielle (favorite books)
Church Grammar (favorite books)
Civil Eats (best farm and farm books)
CK's Reading Corner (top books)
CKNY (best cookbooks)
Claire in DC (top books)
Classic Boat (best sailing-related boats)
Classical Carousel (top books)
Classroom as Microcosm (top books)
Cleveland Plain Dealer (wine books)
Climb Every Mountain (favorite books)
The Coil (best books)
College News (best books)
Colorful Book Reviews (top books)
Colours of Us (best multicultural middle grade novels)
Colours of Us (best multicultural picture books)
Comicosity (best graphic novels)
The Compulsive Reader (favorite books)
Confessions of a Mommyholic (best books)
Confessions of a Science Librarian (best science books lists)
Connecticut Post (best motivational books)
Conscious Cat (top cat books)
Conservative Book Club (top conservative books)
Conveniently Green (best books)
Conversations Magazine (top fiction)
Conversations Magazine (top non-fiction books)
Cookie's Days (best books)
Cool Mom Eats (best cookbooks)
Cool Mom Picks (top kids music books)
Cool of the Wild (best outdoor adventure books)
Cosmos (top illustrated science books)
A Country Boy Can Surmise (favorite books)
Country of Quinn (best books)
Court of Nerds (top books)
A Court of Tales (best books)
Crave (best art books)
Crave (best photography books)
Crime Fiction Lover (top books)
Crime Watch (best books)
Crimepieces (top crime books)
Criminal Element (best books)
CrossMap (best books)
Crosswalk (top books)
Crux Sola (best books)
Cryptozoonews (best cryptozoology books)
CSMCL (best books)
Cult of Mac (best tech books)
Cultivated (top books)
Culture Type (best black art books)
Cultured Vultures (best books)
Cultured Vultures (most underrated books)
Cup of Tea with That Book, Please (best books)

daeandwrite (best books)
Daily Bulldog (top books)
The Daily Dot (best cookbooks)
Daily Express (best books)
Daily Mail (best books)
Daily Missoulian (best books)
Daily Press (best books)
Dallas Voice (books)
Dallas Voice (best books)
DAM Architectural Book Award (architecture books)
Dan Goldin (favorite books)
Dan's Papers (top Hamptons beach reads)
Daniel H. Pink (favorite books)
Danna Is a Dork (books)
Dark Dates (best books)
Dark Faerie Tales (top books)
Dark Hollows Press (best books)
A Dash of Ash (favorite books)
DASHHOUSE (best books)
Datsudream (book surprises)
Dave Ballantine (best books)
Dawn of Books (best books)
Dayton Daily News (favorite fiction)
Dayton Daily News (best non-fiction books)
Dead Good (authors' best crime novels)
Debbish (favourite books)
Debra Brown (favourite books)
The Debutante Ball - Jenni L. Walsh (must-read books)
Decanter (best wine books)
Delicate Eternity (favourite books)
Delivering Grace (best books)
Denise Wakeman (best business books)
Denver Post (best fiction books)
Derek Beaulieu (most engaging books)
Dessert First (best baking cookbooks)
The Destiny of One (top books)
Detroit News (top decor books)
Dianne's Vegan Kitchen (vegan cookbooks)
Diary of an Arts Pastor (top art & faith books)
Diary of an Eccentric (best books)
Digg (top books)
The Dirigible Plum (favorite nonfiction picture books)
The Dirt (best books)
Divine World of Books (favourite books)
dNa (most intriguing books)
The DNA Exchange (genetics books)
The Domain for Truth (best books)
Don't Mind the Mess (best books)
Dori Zinn (favorite books)
Doug Johnstone (top books)
Dreamland Book Blog (top books)
Drink Coffee and Read Books (best books)
Drizzle & Hurricane Books (favorite books)
Dumbbells & Dragons (best books)
The Duquesne Duke (best books)
Durham Herald-Sun (best books)
Dusie (best Canadian poetry books)
dw2 (best books)

Early to Rise (best books)
EarlyWord (XLS link) (spreadsheet of fiction and poetry books on major lists)
The East Hampton Star (best books)
The Economist (books)
East Bay Express (rad books for children)
Ear Chic Chicago (best healthy cookbooks)
Eat the Love (favorite cookbooks)
Eat Your Books (best cookbooks)
Edmonton Journal (best books by Edmonton authors)
Edwardsville Public Library (favorite books)
Electric Literature (best book covers)
Electric Literature (best novels)
Electric Literature (best short story collections)
Eli to the nth (top books)
Elizabeth Blackwell (favorite books)
Elle (most important books)
Elsbeth J. Magilton (favorite books)
Emma the Book Lover (best books)
Emma Etc (favourite books)
EmmaLouise (favourite books)
Endor Express (Star Wars books)
Englewood Review of Books (best books)
The Englishist (top books)
Entertainment Weekly (best books)
Entertainment Weekly (best comics)
Entertainment Weekly (best YA books)
Entertainment Weekly (worst books)
Entropy (best comics and graphic novels)
Entropy (best fiction)
Entropy (best nonfiction books)
Entropy (best poetry books and collections)
Entropy (best presses, magazines, publishers, journals)
Epicurious (best cookbooks)
eric forbes’s book addict’s guide to good books (favourite books)
ESPNcricinfo (best cricket books)
Esquire (best books)
Ethical Elephant (most popular vegan cookbooks)
Evansville Courier & Press (books)
Eve Tushnet (best books)
Everett Public Library (best adult fiction and graphic novels)
Everett Public Library (best children's fiction and picture books)
Everett Public Library (best young adult fiction and graphic novels)
Everett Public Library (best young adult and children's nonfiction)
Everyday Reading (best books)
Excerpts from the Book I'll Never Write (best books)
Exotic and Irrational Entertainment (best books)

Faith Gateway (favorite books for kids)
Faithcounts (most awesome books)
The Fandom (best YA books)
fangirlfashionista (best and wrst books)
Fantasy Cafe (favorite books)
Farnam Street (best books)
Fast Company (best business books)
FastCoDesign (best designed design books)
Fatherly (best kids' books)
The Federalist (best books)
Feld Thoughts (favorite books)
Feminist Texan Reads (favorite fiction)
Feminist Writers Festival (best feminist books)
Fiction Advocate (best books)
Fiction Advocate (best books)
Fiction Book Review (favorite books)
The Fictional Reader (favourite books)
Financial Times (best book lists)
Financial Times (best books for data geeks)
Financial Times (best cocktail books)
Financial Times (books)
Fine Books & Collections (best books)
Fionadranesblog's Blog (top books)
FirstBook (favorite books)
Five Books - Diane Coyle (best economics books)
Five Books - Baillie Gifford (best non-fiction books)
Five Books - Nigel Warburton (best philosophy books)
Flavorwire (best books)
The Flying Fiona (best books)
Food & Wine (best cookbooks)
Food for Fitness (top health, fitness, and nutrition books)
Food Republic (favorite cookbooks)
Food52 (notable cookbooks)
Forbes (best books about birds and birding)
Forbes (best business books)
Forbes (best graphic literature)
Forbes (best sports books for business)
Forbes (top technology books)
Forbes (must-read brain books)
Forbes - Steve Denning (books)
Forbidden Planet (top books)
Foreign Affairs (best books)
Forever Young Adult (favorite books)
Fort Dodge Public Library (best books)
Fortune (best beer books)
Fortune (favorite books)
Forward (cookbooks)
FourFourTwo (best soccer books)
Fourth & Sycamore (favorite books)
Fourth Street Review (notable books)
Frankly Speaking (books)
Freadom Library (top books)
Freddiereads (favorite books) (best books)
Fritinancy (books)
A Frolic Through Fiction (favourite books)
FSG (favorite books)
Full Stop (best books)

Gabby the Dauntless Warlock (favourite books)
GAlexandra (best cookbooks for millenials)
Gamespot (best comics)
GastroGays (best cookbooks)
Gcaptain (best nautical books)
GeekDad (best books)
The Generalist (cult books)
Gentleman Trucker (best books)
Geographical (books of the year)
Gerry Hassan (favourite books)
Get Booked (surprise favorite books)
Girl Plus Books (favorite books)
Girl with the Red Hair (best books)
GirlXOXO (books)
Ginger Nuts of Horror (best books)
Girl Who Reads (favorite books)
A Girl Who Reads (top books)
Glamour (best books)
Glamour (top books)
Global Health Now (best global health books)
Globe and Mail (best books)
Globe and Mail (best business books)
Globetrotting Theologian (most influential books)
The Glorious Outsiders (best books)
Good Food (best cookbooks)
Goodreads (best children's picture books)
Goodreads (best fantasy books)
Goodreads (best fiction)
Goodreads (best food books and cookbooks)
Goodreads (best graphic novels and comics)
Goodreads (best historical fiction)
Goodreads (best history and biography)
Goodreads (best horror books)
Goodreads (best humor books)
Goodreads (best memoir and autobiography)
Goodreads (best middle grade and children's books)
Goodreads (best mystery and thriller books)
Goodreads (best nonfiction books)
Goodreads (best poetry collections)
Goodreads (best romance books)
Goodreads (best science and technology books)
Goodreads (best science fiction books)
Goodreads (best young adult fantasy books)
Goodreads (best young adult fiction)
Google Play (authors' favorite books)
The Gospel Coalition (top books)
Gourmet Traveller (best cookbooks)
GQ (best books)
Grace Covers Me (favorite books)
Graham Downs (favourite books)
Gravity Leadership (books)
Great Apes! (books)
Great New Books (favorite books)
Greater Good (favorite books)
Greater Park Hill Community (best books)
GreenBiz (best sustainability books)
Greenish Bookshelf (best books)
guanyinmiao's musings (favourite books)
Guardian (best architecture books)
Guardian (Australian authors' favourite books)
Guardian (best biography and autobiography books)
Guardian (best books)
Guardian (best books)
Guardian (best books on drink)
Guardian (best books on food)
Guardian (best children's books)
Guardian (best comic books)
Guardian (best crime fiction)
Guardian (best fiction)
Guardian (best gardening books)
Guardian (best history books)
Guardian (best music books)
Guardian (best nature books)
Guardian (best paperbacks)
Guardian (best photography books)
Guardian (best politics books)
Guardian (best SF and fantasy books)
Guardian (best sports books)
Guardian (best stocking stuffer books)
Guardian (books you may have missed)
Guardian (favourite cookbooks)
Guardian (indie publishers' best books)
Guardian (publishers' best books)
Guardian (scientists' favourite books)
Guardian (top travel books)

Haaretz (best Israeli, Middle Eastern and Jewish cookbooks)
Halcyon Realms (favorite art books)
Hamilton Spectator (top superhero comics)
Hane Scott (best books)
Hanna's Books and Bananas (favourite books)
Happy Ever After (best queer books)
Happy Indulgence (top books)
Harper's Bazaar (best books)
Head in Her Books (favourite books)
Health (best healthy cookbooks)
Heavenali (books)
Hello Giggles (best books)
Hello Giggles (best boos by women)
Helping Writers Become Authors (top books)
Her Story Arc (best feminist books)
Herald Scotland (writers' favourite books)
Here & Now (favorite cookbooks)
Hira Amjad (best books)
History Today (best history books) (best celebrity books)
Hollywood Reporter (best comics)
Honest Cooking (favorite cookbooks)
Hopelessly Devoted Bibliophile (top books)
The Horn Book (best books)
The Horror Fiction Review (top books)
Houstonia (top books)
How Sweet It Is (favorite cookbooks)
HSP (books)
Hub & Spoke (favourite books)
Hudson Booksellers (best books)
Hudson Institute (best books)
Huffington Post (best fiction)
Huffington Post (best film books)
Huffington Post (best history books by women)
Huffington Post (best memoirs)
Huffington Post (best picture books)
Huffington Post (best self-published books)
Huffington Post (notable books on black women's history)
Hypergraphia (favorite books)
Hyphen (favorite fiction)
Hyphen (favorite poetry books)

I'd Rather Be Reading (favourite books)
ICPE Mission Singapore (favorite books)
Ido Green (favorite books)
If the Book Will Be Too Difficult (top books)
IGN (best comics)
Image (best books)
Imaginary Book Club (best books)
Imagination Soup (best children's chapter books)
Imagination Soup (best nonfiction children's books)
Imagination Soup (exciting board books)
Imani Vision (top books)
In Becky's Head (favourite non-fiction books)
In Becky's Head (favourite fiction)
In Media Res (best books)
In So Many Words . . . (favorite books)
Inc. (best books for entrepreneurs)
Inc. (best books for entrepreneurs and small business owners)
Inc. (best books on innovation and creativity)
Inc. (best books on sales and marketing)
Inc. (best motivational books)
Inc. (best personal finance books)
Inc. (best sales and marketing books)
Independent (best LGBT-inclusive books for kids and young adults)
Independent Weekly (best books) (best fitness books)
Indigo Chapters (best books)
Indigo Chapters (best teen books) (must read books)
Inspire Montana (best books)
InStyle (best books)
The Interrobang (best books authored by comedians)
io9 (best moments in comics)
Iowa Public Radio (best books to give)
Iowa Public Radio (best children's books to give)
Irish Examiner (top cookbooks)
Irish Examiner (top music books)
Irish Independent (history books)
Irish Sun (best books)
Irish Times (best cookbooks)
Irish Times (best crime fiction)
Irish Times (best Irish language fiction and nonfiction books)
Irish Times (best picturebooks)
Irish Times (best sports books)
Irish Times (books)
Irish Times (favourite books)
Irish Times (favourite children's and YA books)
Isaac Jeffries (top books)
It's a Mad Mad World (top books)
It's All About Books (top books)
It's Tara Leigh (favorite books)
izzylambwriter (best books)

J.C. Hart (books)
Jade's Bookshelf (top books)
James Everington (favourite books)
James Hendicott (best books)
Jamie Leroy (books)
Jamieson Wolf (best books)
Japan Times (best books about Japan)
Jean Bedford (favourite books)
Jeff Gravens (favorite books)
Jenifer Metzger (favorite books)
Jenn's Bookshelves (best books)
Jennifer Jacobson (empowering books for modern working women)
Jennifer King (favorite books)
Jenni Catron (best books)
Jess Hearts Books (top books)
Jewlicious (best book covers)
JMWW - Michael B. Tager (best books)
Jo Linsdell (best books)
John Pearson's Buckets Blog (top books)
Jon-Ryan Maloney (favorite books)
Jonathan Hunt (top kids books)
jonathanhockey (books)
Joykluver (top books)
Joyfully Retired (favorite books)
JP O'Malley (favorite books)
The Junto (favorite books)
Just Love (top book)
Justagirlwithabookdream (favourite books)
Justin Buzzard (best books)

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