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November 30, 2017

Essential and Interesting 2017 Year-End Music Lists

The Largehearted Boy List of Essential and Interesting 2017 Year-End Music Lists

I will aggregate essential and most interesting "best of 2017" year-end music lists as I have for the past nine years, and update this post regularly.

See also: Largehearted Boy's Online "Best Books of 2017".

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The 405 (top albums)
The A.V. Club (best albums)
The A.V. Club (year in band names)
All the Young Punks (best albums)
Alt.Latino (top Latin albums)
Alternative Press (best songs)
American Songwriter (top albums)
Aquarium Drunkard (favorite reissues)
Aquarium Drunkard (music)
Atlanta Music Scene (Christmas albums)
The Atlantic (best albums)
The Atlantic (greatest songs)
AXS (best Americana albums)
Baeble (most inspiring politically-charged songs)
Baeble (top albums)
Bandcamp (best albums)
Bandcamp (best punk albums)
Bandcamp (best electronic albums)
BBC6 Music (top albums)
Berkeley Place (best albums)
Berkeley Place (best cover songs)
Billboard (best K-pop songs)
Billboard (top albums)
Bitter Southerner (best Southern albums)
The Boot (top Americana, alt-country, bluegrass, and folk albums)
Brides (best wedding songs)
The Boot (underrated country albums)
BrooklynVegan (great metal albums you may have missed)
BrooklynVegan (musicians' top album lists)
CBC Music (best Canadian songs)
CBC Music (best Canadian albums)
Complex (best albums)
Complex (best songs)
Consequence of Sound (top albums)
Consequence of Sound (top songs)
Cover Me (best cover and tribute albums)
Cover Me (best cover songs)
Creative Loafing Atlanta (best Atlanta albums)
Crying All the Way to the Chip Shop (albums)
Cultured Vultures (worst pop songs)
The Current (top songs)
Dazed (best albums)
Dazed (best K-pop songs)
Deceptive Cadence (top classical albums)
Decibel (overlooked albums)
Decibel (top albums)
Digital Journal (top Christmas albums)
Double J (best albums)
Drowned in Sound (albums)
Edgar Wright (best songs)
Entertainment Weekly (best albums)
Esquire (best songs)
Esquire UK (best albums)
Exclaim! (best music lists)
FACT (best albums)
The Fader (best songs)
Fakaza (best South African albums)
Felix (most disappointing albums)
Flagpole (favorite Athens albums)
The Florentine (top Tuscany albums)
Fluxblog (songs)
Fuse (best songs)
Galway Advertiser (best Galway songs)
Game Skinny (best songs from games)
Gimme Tinnitus (best albums)
Gimme Tinnitus (favorite songs)
Glide Magazine (best albums)
Gorilla vs. Bear (favorite albums)
Gorilla vs. Bear (favorite songs)
GreenLeft Weekly (best political albums)
Guardian (best classical albums)
Guardian (best music books)
Guardian (top pop albums)
Guardian (top songs)
Guitar World (best roots albums)
Harper's Bazaar (best new Christmas songs)
Independent (best albums)
Independent (top rock & metal albums)
Invisible Oranges (staff top albums lists)
Jazzwise (top jazz albums)
Kathmandu Tribune (best Nepali songs)
KCRW (best albums)
KCRW (best songs)
Kerrang! (top albums)
The Key (top albums)
KQED (best Bay Area albums)
Loud and Quiet (albums)
Metacritic (best albums)
Metacritic (best debut albums)
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (best Milwaukee albums)
Milwaukee Record (best Milwaukee albums)
Mixmag (top albums)
MOJO (top albums)
Nashville Scene (top albums)
New York Daily News (best albums)
New York Times (best albums)
New York Times (best songs)
New Yorker (best albums) (best New Jersey albums)
NME (best debut albums)
NME (top songs)
Noisey (best albums)
Noisey (best songs)
NOW (best Toronto albums)
NPR Music (best albums)
NPR Music (best songs)
NPR Music - Ann Powers (top underheard albums)
NPR Music - Bob Boilen (top albums)
NPR Music - Bob Boilen (top songs)
NPR Music - Nate Chinen (top albums)
NPR Music - Robin Hilton (top albums)
NPR Music - Stephen Thompson (top albums)
Okayafrica (best Nigerian songs)
Okayafrica (best songs)
Okayafrica (best South African hip-hop songs)
The Daily Oklahoman (favorite Oklahoma albums)
Oregon Daily Herald (songs that defined 2017)
Overblown (top Japanese albums)
Pandora (most thumbed-up songs)
Paper (top songs to soundtrack your sex life)
Paste (best album covers)
Paste (best new artists)
Paste (boxed sets and deluxe reissues)
Paste (best albums)
Paste (best songs)
Philadelphia Inquirer (best albums)
Philadelphia Inquirer (best albums from Philadelphians)
Philadelphia Inquirer (best country & roots albums)
Philadelphia Inquirer (best songs)
Pigeons and Planes (best songs)
Pitchfork (best albums)
Pitchfork (best band merch gifts)
Pitchfork (best experimental albums)
Pitchfork (best rap albums)
Pitchfork (best rock albums)
Pitchfork (protest songs)
Pitchfork (top songs)
PopCrush (best albums)
PopCrush (best songs)
PopMatters (best music lists)
Post-Trash (best albums)
Post-Trash (guest album lists)
Post-Trash (staff's best albums)
Pretty Much Amazing (best albums)
Pretty Much Amazing (best songs)
Prog Sphere (best albums)
Pulse (best Ghanaian albums)
Q (top albums)
The Quietus (albums)
The Quietus (best electronic music albums)
The Quietus (best French albums)
The Quietus (best jazz albums)
The Quietus (best metal albums)
The Quietus (best psych-rock albums)
The Quietus (best R&B albums)
The Quietus (best reissues)
The Quietus (best songs)
The Quietus - Noel Gardner (best albums)
RadioX (best deluxe vinyl box sets)
Revolver (best albums)
Revue (West Michigan's best local albums)
The Ringer (best albums)
The Ringer (best songs)
Rolling Stone (best albums)
Rolling Stone (best box sets)
Rolling Stone (best country albums)
Rolling Stone (best country songs)
Rolling Stone (best EDM and electronic albums)
Rolling Stone (best metal albums)
Rolling Stone (best music books)
Rolling Stone (best music documentaries)
Rolling Stone (best pop albums)
Rolling Stone (best prog reissues)
Rolling Stone (best reissues)
Rolling Stone (best songs)
Rolling Stone (great albums you probably didn't hear)
Rolling Stone - Rob Sheffield (top albums)
Rolling Stone - Rob Sheffield (top songs)
Rough Trade (top albums)
Routes & Branches (favorite albums)
Said the Gramophone (best songs)
Salon (best new and reissued Christmas albums)
Seventeen (best Christmas songs)
Shazam (most Shazamed songs)
The Skinny (top albums)
Slant (best albums)
Sound Opinions (best albums)
SPIN (best albums)
SPIN (favorite overlooked albums)
Spotify (most popular albums and songs)
Stereophile (top jazz albums)
Stereogum (best albums)
Stereogum (best jazz albums)
Stereogum (best new bands)
Stereogum (best rap albums)
Stereogum (favorite songs)
Stereogum (great EPs)
Stereogum (juiciest music beefs)
Stereogum (memorable music tweets)
Stereogum (music books)
Stereogum (noteworthy movie soundtracks)
Stereogum (top pop songs)
The Stranger (top Seattle and National albums)
TIME (best albums)
TIME (best songs)
Time Out London (best songs)
The Times (best albums)
Treble (best electronic albums)
Treble (best hip-hop albums)
Treble (best metal albums)
Treble (best songs)
Treble (overlooked albums)
Treble (top albums)
Ultimate Classic Rock (top songs)
Uncut (top albums)
Uproxx (best rap songs)
Uproxx (best songs)
USA Today (favorite albums)
Vanity Fair (best pop songs)
Variety (best boxed sets)
Variety (best uses of music in film)
The Vinyl Factory (best music books)
The Vinyl Factory (favourite albums)
Vinyl Me, Please (most overlooked albums)
Vulture (best albums)
Vulture (best rap albums)
The Week UK (best albums)
The Wild Honey Pie (top albums)
The Wild Honey Pie (top songs)
World Cafe - Talia Schlanger (albums)
You Know I Got Soul (top R&B albums)

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