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October 27, 2018

Online "Best of 2018" Book Lists

For the eleventh straight year, I am aggregating every online year-end book list I find in this post. As the lists appear online, I will add them to this master list, updating daily.

Please feel free to e-mail me with a blog, magazine, newspaper, or other online list I have missed.

Daily updates to the master list of online "best books of 2018" lists.

See also: Largehearted Boy's list of essential and interesting 2018 music lists.

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Online "Best of 2018" Book Lists:

10 Daily (best books)
2 Women, So Many Books (top books)
3 Quarks Daily (best books)
52 Insights (favourite non-fiction books)
9Marks (best books for pastors)

The A.V. Club (best comics)
The A.V. Club (favorite books)
Across the Bookiverse (best books)
Acquadimore Books (best books)
Adrik Kemp (best books)
The Advocate (best coffee table books)
The Advocate (best epicurous books)
The Advocate (best LGBTQ novels)
The Advocate (best LGBTQ graphic novels)
The Advocate (best queer history & biographies)
Advocate (best YA books)
The Advocate - Danny Heitman (books)
AEI (best books)
African Arguments (must-read African books)
Ahram Online (best Egyptian books)
Air & Space (best children's books)
AK Reads + Writes (best books)
Akron Beacon Journal (best Akron books)
Al-Fanar Media (notable books from and about the Arab world)
Albertine (favorite children's books)
Alpha Reader (favourite books)
Alyssa Cole (best romance novels)
Amazon (best books)
Amazon (best art and photography books)
Amazon (best biographies and memoirs)
Amazon (best business and leadership books)
Amazon (best children's books)
Amazon (best comics and graphic novels)
Amazon (best cookbook, food, and wine books)
Amazon (best history books)
Amazon (best humor and entertainment books)
Amazon (best literature and fiction)
Amazon (best mysteries and thrillers)
Amazon (best nonfiction)
Amazon (best romance books)
Amazon (best science books)
Amazon (best science fiction and fantasy)
Amazon (best young adult books)
Amazon Book Review (celebrities' favorite book lists)
The American Conservative (best books)
American Indians in Children's Literature (best books)
American Indian Youth Literature Award (best books by and about Native Americans)
The American Interest (best books)
The American Interest (favorite books)
Américas Award (children’s and young adult books that portray Latin America, the Caribbean, or Latinos in the United States)
amNewYork (best books)
Anchorage Daily News (favorite books)
The Ancient Gaming Noob (books)
Andrew Kissling (top books)
Andrew Merle (top business books)
Another Long Weekend (best books)
Anyaconda (top books)
ANZ LitLovers LitBlog (best Australian and New Zealand books)
AppleInsider (best books about Apple)
Arab American Book Awards (best books by and about Arab Americans)
Arcadia on Books (best books)
The Archive (best history books)
Ars Technica (best space books for kids)
The Art of Reading (favorite books)
The ARTery (best books that ask what it means to be free)
The Arts Desk (global fiction)
ArtsHub (must-read books)
Ashleigh Online (top books)
Asian/Pacific American Award for Literature (books about Asian/Pacific Americans and their heritage)
Astoria Bookshop (best books)
At the Stroke of the Pen (notable books)
Atlanta Journal Constitution (best Southern books)
Atlanta Journal-Constitution (cookbooks)
Atlantic (best books)
Atlantic (best cookbooks)
Atticus Review (best microfiction)
The AU Review (best books)
Auburn Avenue (best books)
Aun Abdi (top books)
Austenprose (favorite books)
Austin Chronicle (best books for American road tripping)
Austin Chronicle (top books for heroine addicts)
Austin Chronicle (top books that make the past present)
Austin360 (Austin author's favorite books)
Australian Financial Review (best books)
Australian Family Therapists’ Award (children's books)
Autostraddle (best feminist books)
Autostraddle (best LGBT books)
Autostraddle (best witchy, astrological, or otherwise woo books)

The Babylon Bee (top books)
Background Extra (favorite books)
The Bad Mommy Diaries (best books)
Baltimore Magazine (favorite Baltimore books)
Banner (favorite books)
Barack Obama (favorite books)
Barbara Vortman (books)
The Bark (best books about dogs)
Barnes and Noble (best books)
Barnes and Noble (best horror books)
Barnes and Noble (favorite science fiction & fantasy books)
Batchelder Award (children's books in translation)
Bay Area Reporter (best books)
BBC Culture (best books)
Beat (best food books)
A Beautiful Plate (favorite cookbooks)
Beauty Is a Sleeping Cat (best books)
Berkeley Place (best comic books)
Berkeleyside (best books)
Berkeleyside (best books by Berkeley authors)
The Berkshire Eagle (great Berkshire County books)
Beth Barron (top books)
Beth Fish Reads (best books)
Bethany Peck (favorite books)
Better Leaders Better Schools (favorite books)
Between the Lines (favourite books)
Beverly Has Read (top books)
Beverly Public Library (favorite books)
BFF with the Chef (top cookbooks)
Biblical Counseling Foundation (top Biblical counseling books)
Big Blue Circus (favorite books)
The Big Issue (best books)
The Big Issue (best books)
The Big Issue (best kids books)
Bill Gates (books)
Billboard (best music books)
The Birdbooker Report (best bird books)
Black Perspectives (best black history books)
Blackout (best books)
The [Blank] Garden (essay collections and memoirs)
Bloody Disgusting (best books for horror fans)
Bloomberg (best books)
Bloomberg Quint (favourite nonfiction books)
The Bluegrass Situation (best music books)
BN Teen Blog (best YA books)
BN Teen Blog (YA authors' favorite books)
Bon Appetit (cookbooks and books)
The Book Bratz (favorite books)
The Book Decoder (best mystery, crime, and thriller books)
Book Depository (best books)
Book Geeks Anonymous (favorite books)
The Book Pilgrim (favorite books)
Book Riot (best book covers)
Book Riot (best books)
Book Riot (best comedy books)
Book Riot (best cookbooks)
Book Riot (best epigraphs)
Book Riot (best food books)
Book Riot (great essay collections)
Book Riot (best queer books)
Book Riot (children's books)
The Book Shopper (best books)
Bookapotamus (top books)
Bookbrowse (top books)
BookBub (biggest book club books)
BookClubbish (best books)
Bookforum (authors' favorite books)
Bookidote (best and worst poetry books)
Bookish Laura (favourite books)
Booklist (top arts books)
Booklist (top arts books for youth)
Booklist (top biographies)
Booklist (top biographies for youth)
Booklist (top biographies on audio)
Booklist (top book-group books)
Booklist (top crafts and gardening books)
Booklist (top crime fiction audiobooks)
Booklist (top diverse nonfiction)
Booklist (top diverse fiction for older and middle graders)
Booklist (top diverse nonfiction for older and middle graders)
Booklist (top diverse novels on audio)
Booklist (top diverse picture books)
Booklist (top first novels)
Booklist (top first novels for youth)
Booklist (top first novels on audio)
Booklist (top food books)
Booklist (top graphic novels)
Booklist (top graphic novels for teens)
Booklist (top graphic novels for youth)
Booklist (top historical fiction)
Booklist (top historical fiction for youth)
Booklist (top horror)
Booklist (top literary travel books)
Booklist (top project books for youth)
Booklist (top reference books)
Booklist (top reference for your circulating collection)
Booklist (top religion & spirituality books)
Booklist (top religion & spirituality books for youth)
Booklist (top romance debuts)
Booklist (top romance fiction)
Booklist (top romance fiction for youth)
Booklist (top series nonfiction)
Booklist (top SF/Fantasy)
Booklist (top SF/fantasy and horror for youth)
Booklist (top sports books for youth)
Booklist (top sports nonfiction)
Booklist (top women's fiction)
Booklist (top women's fiction on audio)
Booklist (top YA books for adults)
BookMarks (best-reviewed science fiction and fantasy)
BookMarks (best-reviewed essay collections)
BookMarks (best reviewed graphic literature)
BookMarks (best reviewed books in translation)
BookMarks (best reviewed mystery, crime, and thriller books)
BookMarks (best reviewed poetry books)
BookMarks (best-reviewed memoir and biography)
BookMarks (best-reviewed nonfiction)
BookMarks (best-reviewed short story collections)
BookPage (best book covers)
BookPage (best children's books)
BookPage (best fiction & nonfiction books)
BookPage (best romance books)
BookPage (best science fiction and fantasy)
BookPage (best young adult books)
BookReviewsByBetsy (best books)
Books & Blends (top books)
Books Are My Bag Readers Awards (books)
Books for Her (best books)
Books. Libraries. Also, cats. (best books)
Bookshelf (best books about books)
The Bookshelf Corner (best manga)
Bookshelves & Paperbacks (top books)
Books Real When Shared (top books)
The Bookworm Chronicles (best books)
bookwormmuse (top standalone books)
BooksZoosandParentingToo (best books)
Boston Globe (best cookbooks)
Boston Globe (best kids books)
Boston Globe (books) (best books)
Bradley Babendir (best books)
Brain Pickings (favorite books)
Brain Pickings (loveliest children's books)
Brandon Colbert (best books)
Brazos Bookstore -Mark (top books)
Break Point (staff favorite books)
Brett McCracken (favorite books)
Bri's Book Nook (top books)
Brightly (middle grade books)
Brightly (must-read picture books)
Brit + Co (best books)
Brit + Co (best feminist fiction)
Brittle Paper (African books)
Broadly (best books)
Broken Teepee (best books)
Brontë Babe Blog (best Brontë books)
Brooklyn Based (best books)
Bug Bug (top books)
Business Insider (best books)
Bustle (best fiction books)
Bustle (best nonfiction books)
Bustle (best true crime books)
Bustle (best young adult books)
Bustle (books you may have overlooked)
Bustle (debut novels)
Bustle (editors' best books)
Bustle (YA authors' favorite YA books)
BuzzFeed (best books)
BuzzFeed (best fiction)
BuzzFeed (best nonfiction books)
BuzzFeed (best YA books)
BuzzFeed (most beautiful book covers)
BuzzFeed (queer YA books)
By Melissa (top books)

The Calico Books (top books)
Canadian Geographic (favourite books)
Canton Public Library (best kids' books)
CardsChat (best poker books)
CareBears Blog (favourite books) (best caregiver books)
Carla Daisy (favorite books)
Carly Mitchell (top books)
Carnegie Library (best books for babies)
Carti Cu Colti (books)
Casey the Canadian Lesbrarian (best queer books)
Cat Rose (best books)
Catholic Culture (best books)
Catholic Herald (best books)
Catholic Herald (best spiritual books)
Catholic World Report (favorite books)
Cats & Tea (best books)
CBC (best books)
CBC (best Canadian fiction)
CBC (best Canadian nonfiction)
CBC (best Canadian comics)
CBC (best Canadian poetry books)
CBC (best Canadian YA and children's literature)
CBC (best international fiction)
CCBC (favourite books)
Celebrate Science (favorite STEM books)
Chai and Chacha (top books)
Changed by Him (favorite books)
Channels Book Club (best Nigerian fiction books)
Chaos & Carry-ons (favorite books)
Chatelaine (best books)
Chicago Public Library (best board books)
Chicago Public Library (best books)
Chicago Public Library (best children's fiction for older readers)
Chicago Public Library (best children's fiction for younger readers)
Chicago Public Library (best children's informational books for older readers)
Chicago Public Library (best children's informational books for younger readers)
Chicago Public Library (best picture books)
Chicago Public Library (best teen fiction)
Chicago Public Library (best teen graphic novels and manga)
Chicago Public Library (best teen nonfiction)
Chicago Public Library (top books)
Chicago Review of Books (best books)
Chicago Review of Books (best books about climate change)
Chicago Review of Books (best fantasy books)
Chicago Review of Books (best horror nonfiction books)
Chicago Review of Books (best nonfiction books)
Chicago Review of Books (best poetry books)
Chicago Review of Books (best science fiction books)
Chicago Tribune (best books)
Chicago Tribune (best children's books)
Chicago Tribune (best poetry collections)
Chicago Tribune (favorite cookbooks)
Chicago Tribune - Heidi Stevens (best books)
Chicago Tribune - Stephen L. Carter (favorite books)
Chief Executive (best books for business)
Children’s Africana Book Awards (best children’s and young adult books on Africa)
Children's Book Review (best board books)
Chris Reining (best books)
Christian Chick's Thoughts (best books)
Christian Science Monitor (best fiction)
Christianity Today (notable Christian books)
Cincinnati City Beat (notable Cincinnati-area books)
City of Tongues (best books)
CityPulse (best Michigan-inspired books)
Claire Fuller (top books)
Clash (best music books)
Cliches & Coffee (top books)
Code Switch (books)
Coffee, Classics, and Craziness (awesome books)
The Cole Bin (favorite books)
Colin Pantall (best books)
The College Crowd Digs Me (favorite books)
The Colorado Independent (best books)
Comeback (best comic books)
Common Sense Media (best teen and tween books)
The Conscious Cat (top cat books)
Contemplative Nostalgia (best books)
The Conversation (best books)
Conversations Book Club (best fiction books)
Cool Material (best books)
Cool Material (best cookbooks)
The Copper Boom (favourite books)
Coretta Scott King Book Awards (best books by African American authors and illustrators of books for children and young adults that demonstrate an appreciation of African American culture and universal human values)
Corey Breier (best books)
The Corner Shelf (favorite books)
Cornflakegirl's Musings (favorite books)
Cosmopolitan (best books)
Counter-Currents Publishing (best books)
Counter-Currents Publishing (favorite books)
Counterpunch (best books)
Counterpunch (essential journalism books)
Country Life (best books)
Country Living (best cookbooks)
The Courage It Takes (best young adult books)
Cozy in Texas (favorite books)
Craft Knife (favorite books)
Crazy for YA (best books)
Creative Bloq (favorite children's books)
Credible Target (books)
Crime Fiction Lover (best book lists)
CrimeReads (best book covers)
CrimeReads (best crime and mystery debuts)
CrimeReads (best crime novels)
CrimeReads (best espionage fiction)
CrimeReads (favorite crime books)
Critically Touched (great pop-culture books)
Crosswalk (best books)
Crux (great books)
CSMCL (best books)
Cult of Mac (tech books)
Cultured Vultures (best books)
Cultured Vultures (best books)
Culture Whisperer (favourite books)
Curbed (books on design, cities, and more)
The Cut (best health and science books)
Cyclocross (best books on cyclocross, cycling, and bikes)

The Daily Cardinal (best books)
The Daily Chrenk (best books)
A Daily Dose of Architecture (best books)
Daily Mail (best books on musicians)
Daily Mail - Craig Brown (favorite books)
The Daily Signal (top conservative books)
Daily Trust (best books)
Dallas Morning News - Chris Vognar (top books)
Dan Murray-Serter (books)
Dandelion Chandelier (best books)
Daniel Disney (must-have sales books)
Darius Foroux (best books)
Dashhouse (favorite books)
Datebook (best books)
The Day (best children's books)
Debtor to Grace (top books)
Deedi Reads (favorite books)
Deep Dish (best books)
Delicious (top food books)
Delish (best cookbooks)
Den of Geek (best books)
Den of Geek (best comics)
Den of Geek (best fiction books)
Den of Geek (books for geeks)
Desperate Reader (favorite books)
Develop to Deploy (top books)
Didact's Reach (best books)
Digital Journal (top children's books)
Diligent Candy (top books)
The Dirt (best books)
The Dish (cookbooks)
Do Lectures (must-read books)
Dollhouse Park Conservatory & Imaginarium (best books)
The Dolly Gray Children's Literature Award (authors, illustrators, and publishers of high quality fictional and biographical children, intermediate, and young adult books that appropriately portray individuals with developmental disabilities)
Dominic Jericho (top books)
Double Skinny Macchiato (favorite books)
Downwind of Grace (best books)
The Duckbill Blog (favorite children's books)
The Duckbill Blog (favourite children's books)
Duluth News Tribune (best books)
Dwell (best design books)

East Hampton Star (best books)
East Idaho Business Journal (favorite books)
Eater (books for food lovers)
Econogal (favorite books)
The Edge of the Precipice (favorite books)
Edmonton Journal (favourite books)
Electric Literature (best nonfiction books)
Elemental Cooks & Books (top books)
Eleonore Schönmaier (best books)
Eligible Magazine (great feminist books)
Elisa Gabbert (books)
Elizabeth Avedon Journal (best photography books)
ELLE (best books)
ELLE (best feminist books)
Elle Australia (best books)
Elle Australia (best true crime books)
Elsbeth J. Magiton (favorite books)
emaNate80 (favourite books)
EmCreates (top books)
Emily P. Freeman (top books)
Emma's Book Blog (best books)
Engrossed in a Good Book (best books)
eNotes (best books)
Entertainment Weekly (best books)
Entertainment Weekly (best debut novels)
Entertainment Weekly (best YA books)
Entrepreneur (best books for entrepreneurs)
Entropy (best fiction books)
Entropy (favorite poems published online)
Entropy (best poetry books and collections)
Entropy (best nonfiction)
Environment Award for Children’s Literature (ecological books that inspire Australian children)
Epic Reads (books you might've missed)
Epic Reads (underrated YA books)
Epicurious (best cookbooks)
Escaping in Paper (top books)
Escaping Plato's Cave (best nonfiction books)
Espresso Coco (favorite science fiction books)
Essence (favorite books by black women)
Essentially a Nerd (diverse literary award lists)
Evening Standard (best art books)
Evening Standard (best books for film fans)
Evening Standard (best children's books)
Evening Standard (best cookbooks)
Evening Standard (best crime books)
Evening Standard (best gardening books)
Evening Standard (best tech books)
Ever the Reader (favorite books)
Everyday Reading (best books)
Exclaim! (music books)
Ezra Jack Keats Award (emerging talent in the field of children’s books)

Fallen Star Stories (best books)
FanFest News (must-have books)
Fansided (top comic books)
Fantasy Cafe (favorite books)
Farnam Street (recommended reading)
Fast Company (best books on tech)
Fast Company (best business books)
Fatherly (best books about sex and marriage)
Fatherly (best children's books)
The Federalist (favorite books)
Feminist Press (best books)
Feyi Fawehinmi (books)
Fi's Bibliophiles (favourite books)
The Fictionfox (favorite books)
Fiammetta Rocco (best nonfiction books)
The Fictional Chef (best books)
Film Companion (top books on cinema)
Financial Times (best architecture books)
Financial Times (best arts and photography books)
Financial Times (best books)
Financial Times (best business books)
Financial Times (best children's books)
Financial Times (best classical music books)
Financial Times (best young adult show)
Financial Times (best economics books)
Financial Times (best fiction)
Financial Times (best fiction in translation)
Financial Times (best film books)
Financial Times (best food and drink books)
Financial Times (best history books)
Financial Times (best house and home books)
Financial Times (best literary non-fiction)
Financial Times (best picture books)
Financial Times (best poetry books)
Financial Times (best politics books)
Financial Times (best pop books)
Financial Times (best science books)
Financial Times (best science fiction books)
Financial Time (best sport books)
Financial Times (best style books)
Financial Times (best technology books)
Financial Times (best thrillers)
Financial Times (best travel books)
Financial Times (best wellness books)
Financial Times (best young adult books)
Financial Times (readers' best books)
First Things (best books)
Five Books (best children's books)
Five Books (best comics)
Five Books (best economics books)
Five Books (best history books)
Five Books (best music books)
Five Books (best philosophy books)
Five Weeks (best science books)
Flavorwire (best books)
Fodor's Travel (best books)
Folio (best books for print lovers)
Food Network (best cookbooks)
Food52 (favorite cookbooks)
For Puck's Sake (favorite witchy books)
Forbes (best books about birds and birding)
Forbes (best cannabis books)
Forbes (best graphic novels)
Forbes (best money and investing books)
Forbes (must-read brain books)
Forbes (tech CEOs' favorite books)
Forgot Second Breakfast (favorite books)
Forward (best cookbooks)
Forward (notable Jewish books)
Francesco D'Alessio (best non-fiction books)
From Fat to...Fabulous (favorite books)
From Our Bookshelf (favorite books)
FSG (favorite books)
Fully Booked (best books)

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