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October 24, 2020

Online "Best of 2020" Book Lists

For the thirteenth straight year, I am aggregating every online year-end book list I find in this post. As the lists appear online, I will add them to this master list, updating regularly.

Please feel free to e-mail me with a blog, magazine, newspaper, or other online list I have missed.

Daily updates to the master list of online "best books of 2020" lists. (to be posted soon)

See also: Largehearted Boy's list of essential and interesting 2020 music lists (to be posted soon)

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Online "Best of 2020" Book Lists:

@james_reads_books (best books)

2 Women, So Many Books (favorite books)
9 Marks (best books for pastors)

The A.V. Club (best comics)
The A.V. Club (favorite books)
ABC (best books)
AbeBooks (most expensive books sold)
Action Books (favorite books in translation)
Addi Boykin (favorite books)
Adventures of a Bibliophile (books)
Adventurous Kate (favorite books)
AEI (best books)
Aesthetic Distance (favorite books)
African Arguments (top African books)
Air & Space (best children's books)
Air Mail (best books)
A K H I L N A N D A (best books)
Akron Beacon Journal (best northeast Ohio books)
Al Jazeera (best books by African writers)
Al Roker (favorite books)
Alex Good (books)
Alice Oseman (favourite books)
Alicia's Book Blog (top books)
Alison Ann Burns (books)
All About the Scrub Life (favorite books)
All Booked Bailey (best books)
All Dragons Read (favorite books)
All the Happy Little Things (favourite books)
AllRecipes (best cookbooks)
ALSC Blog (favorite books)
Amazon (best books)
Amazon (best biographies and memoirs)
Amazon (best business and leadership books)
Amazon (best children's books)
Amazon (best cookbooks and food and wine books)
Amazon (best history books)
Amazon (best literature and fiction)
Amazon (best mystery, thriller, and suspense books)
Amazon (best nonfiction books)
Amazon (best romance books)
Amazon (best science books)
Amazon (best science fiction and fantasy books)
Amazon (best teen and young adult books)
Amelia Is Literate (favorite books)
American Indians in Children's Literature (best books)
Amoize (best books)
Amy J. McGee (favorite books)
Amy Leigh Reads (favourite books)
Analytics India (top books on AI)
The Ancient Gaming Noob (books)
Andrew Blackman (best books)
Andrew Wille (books)
Angela Saini (favourite books)
Angry Angel Books (top books)
Ann M. Martin (favorite books)
AnOther (most visually arresting photo books)
Anxious Nachos (favourite books)
Apartment Therapy (best books)
Arab America (best Arab American books)
Archived by Christine (favorite books)
Are You There God? It's Me, Juanita (children's books)
Art in Fiction (artsy novels)
ARTnews (top art books)
Arts Council of Northern Ireland (best books)
ArtsHub (best children's books)
Asking the Wrong Questions (best books)
Atlanta Journal-Constitution (best Southern books)
Atlanta Journal-Constitution (cookbooks)
Atlantic (best books)
Attitude (best LGBTQ books)
Auburn Citizen (most compelling books) (best new audiobooks)
Audiofile (best nonfiction books)
Aura Libraries (best books)
Austin Chronicle (top books that struck a literary or musical chord)
Austin Chronicle (top books to read as everything falls apart)
Australian Financial Review (best books)
Australian Financial Review (best wine, spirits and boozy books)
Autostraddle (best queer books)
AYO (best books)

Babygaga (best sensory baby books)
Banshee Boardwalk (favorite books)
Barack Obama (best books)
Bark (best dog books)
Barnes and Noble (best art/design books)
Barnes and Noble (best biographies)
Barnes and Noble (best books)
Barnes and Noble (best business books)
Barnes and Noble (best classics and criticism)
Barnes and Noble (best cookbooks)
Barnes and Noble (best current affairs books)
Barnes and Noble (best fiction)
Barnes and Noble (best health & wellness books)
Barnes and Noble (best history books)
Barnes and Noble (best humor books)
Barnes and Noble (best home and garden books)
Barnes and Noble (best medicine books)
Barnes and Noble (best movies and TV books))
Barnes and Noble (best mysteries and thrillers)
Barnes and Noble (best nature and wildlife books)
Barnes and Noble (best personal growth books)
Barnes and Noble (best pet books)
Barnes and Noble (best philosophy books)
Barnes and Noble (best picture books)
Barnes and Noble (best poetry books)
Barnes and Noble (best psychology books)
Barnes and Noble (best puzzles and games books)
Barnes and Noble (best )religion books
Barnes and Noble (best romance books)
Barnes and Noble (best science books)
Barnes and Noble (best self transformation books)
Barnes and Noble (best science fiction and fantasy)
Barnes and Noble (best social science books)
Barnes and Noble (best sports books)
Barnes and Noble (best theater and drama books)
Barnes and Noble (best travel books)
Barnes and Noble (best true crime books)
Barnes and Noble (best young adult books)
Barnes and Noble (best young adult science fiction and fantasy)
Barnes and Noble (best young reader books)
Bay State Reader's Advisory (top books)
BBC Culture (best books)
BBC Good Food (best cookbooks)
BBC Science Focus (best books)
BBC Science Focus (best maths books)
BBC Science Focus (best space and astronomy books)
BBC Science Focus (best wildlife and nature books)
BBC Science Focus (best quiz and puzzle books)
Bear Books (best books)
The Beat (best comics)
Beautifully Bookish Bethany (favorite books)
Becoming Reborn (best books)
Beer52 (best beer books)
Behavioral Scientist (notable books)
Belfast Telegraph (best books)
Ben Davidson (top pen and sword books)
Berkeleyside (favorite books)
Bernardine Evaristo (favourite books)
Best Classic Bands (best music books)
Bethany Henry (best books)
Bethany Peck (favorite books)
Better (best cookbooks)
Between Kingdoms (best books)
Between the Shelves (top books)
Beyond the Bookends (best books)
BFI (best film books)
Biblical Reasoning (favorite books)
Bibliomavens (top books)
Big Think (best science and technology books)
Bill Gates (books)
Bionic Book Worm (top books)
Birch Tree (favorite books)
Birmingham Mom Collective (best books)
Bishop Family Farms (top books)
Bit About Books (favorite middle grade books)
Bit About Books (Canadian middle-grade books)
Bit About Books (middle grade books)
Bixby (top books)
Black Perspectives (best Black history books)
Bloomberg (best books)
Bloomberg (best nonfiction books)
Bob on Books (best books)
Bob Vila (best gardening books)
Bob Woodward (favorite books)
Bobby Powers (favorite books)
The Bobsphere (top books)
Body + Soul (best self-help books)
Bog Myrtle & Peat (books)
BOMB (small press books)
Bon Appetit (cookbooks)
The Book and Beauty Blog (best books)
Book and Film Globe (best books)
A Book Apart (favorite books)
Book Authority (best history books)
The Book Decoder (best books)
Book Den (favorite books)
Book Dragonism (best books)
The Book Lovers' Sanctuary (favourite books)
Book Marks (best-reviewed essay collections)
Book Marks (best-reviewed memoir and biography)
Book Marks (best-reviewed science fiction, fantasy, and horror books)
Book Marks (best-reviewed short story collections)
Book Nation by Jen (best books)
The Book Nook (favorite books)
A Book Owl's Corner (favorite books)
Book Riot (best book covers)
Book Riot (best books)
Book Riot (best children's books)
Book Riot (best epigraphs)
Book Riot (best personalized children's books)
Book Riot (best positive thinking books)
Book Riot (best post-apocalyptic books)
Book Riot (books by African women of color)
Book Riot (horror novels)
Book Riot (must-read picture books)
Book Riot (novels with complicated female characters)
Book Riot (short story collections by Asian authors)
Book Scrolling (aggregated book lists by genre)
The Book Slut (best books)
The Book Stop (top books)
The Book Was Better (top books)
BookBrowse (best books)
BookCauldron (best books)
Bookclubz (best books)
BookCulture (books)
Bookishly Rebecca (books)
Booklist (top amazing audiobooks for young adults)
Booklist (top arts books)
Booklist (top arts books for youth)
Booklist (top biographies)
Booklist (top biographies for youth)
Booklist (top book-group audiobooks)
Booklist (top book-group books)
Booklist (top books)
Booklist (top books on the environment & sustainability)
Booklist (top books on the environment & sustainability for youth)
Booklist (top cookbooks)
Booklist (top crime fiction)
Booklist (top crime fiction audiobooks)
Booklist (top first novels)
Booklist (top first novels for youth)
Booklist (top first novels on audio)
Booklist (top graphic novels)
Booklist (top graphic novels for teens)
Booklist (top graphic novels for youth)
Booklist (top health and wellness books)
Booklist (top health and wellness books for youth)
Booklist (top historical fiction)
Booklist (top historical fiction for youth)
Booklist (top historical fiction on audio for youth)
Booklist (top memoirs)
Booklist (top middle grade fiction on audio)
Booklists (top mysteries for youth)
Booklist (top reference books)
Booklist (top romance debuts)
Booklist (top romance fiction for youth)
Booklist (top sci-tech books)
Booklist (top sci-tech books for youth)
Booklist (top science fiction, fantasy, and horror books)
Booklist (top science fiction, fantasy, and horror debuts)
Booklist (top science fiction, fantasy, and horror for youth)
Booklist (top series nonfiction)
Booklist (top sports books)
Booklist (top women's fiction)
Booklist Queen (best thriller books)
Booklist Queen (top books)
Booklover Book Reviews (best books)
Bookmunch (books)
Booknet Canada (most-loaned Canadian authored books)
BookPage (best art and design books)
BookPage (best cat books)
BookPage (best fiction)
BookPage (best food and drink books)
BookPage (best memoirs)
BookPage (best middle grade)
BookPage (best mystery & suspense)
BookPage (best nature books)
BookPage (best nonfiction)
BookPage (best picture books)
BookPage (best poetry collections)
BookPage (best romance)
BookPage (best science fiction and fantasy)
BookPage (best short story collections)
BookPage (best young adult)
BookPage (most delightful books)
Books Are Our Superpower (best books)
Books for Keeps (children's books)
Books-A-Million (top fiction)
Books-A-Million (top non-fiction books)
Books and Elena (books)
Books Are Our Superpower (best books)
Books, Bones, and Buffy (best books)
Books, Movies, Reviews! Oh, My! (favorite books)
Books on the Go (best books)
Books Real When Shared (favourite books)
Books With Chaima (best books)
Bookshop Santa Cruz (best cookbooks)
Bookshop Santa Cruz (best fiction)
Bookshop Santa Cruz (best kids books)
Bookshop Santa Cruz (best nonfiction)
Bookstacked (best YA books)
Booktopia (best books lists)
The Bookworm of Edwards (best books)
Boove (influential business marketing books) (best books)
Born To Listen (best music books)
The Boston Advisor (favorite books)
Boston Business Journal (must-read business books)
Boston Globe (best books)
Boston Globe (best books of local experts)
Boston Globe (best cookbooks)
Boston Public Library (best books)
Boswell Book Company (favorite books)
Brain Pickings (favorite books)
The Bridge Chronicle (books)
Brightly (best books for babies and toddlers)
Brightly (best picture books ages 3-5)
Brightly (best books for kids ages 6-8)
Brittle Paper (notable African books)
Broadsheet (best Australian cookbooks)
Brooklyn Based (favorite books)
Brooklyn Rail (best art books)
Bug Bug Book Reviews (favorite books)
Bustle (best books)
Bustle (best books by women of colour)
Bustle (best short story collections)
The Buzz Magazines (best books)
BuzzFeed (authors' favorite books)
BuzzFeed (best books)
BuzzFeed (best cookbooks)
BuzzFeed (best romance novels)
BuzzFeed (best YA books)
BuzzFeed (books)
BuzzFeed (books indie booksellers were grateful for)
BuzzFeed (opening sentences)
BuzzFeed (photo books)
BuzzFeed News (best books)
By My Pen (top books)
Byron's Babbles (favorite books)

Cal's Reading Corner (best books)
Caleb Friedrich (best books)
California African American Museum (best books)
Calvert Journal (best Eastern European books)
The Canadian (best cookbooks)
Canton Public Library (best books)
The Captive Reader (top books)
Carl Gregg (best books)
Carnegie Scholars (best books)
Carolyn Astfalk (favorite books)
Cassie Watson (favourite books)
The Catholic World Report (best books)
Cato Institute (books)
CBC Books (best Canadian comics)
CBC Books (best Canadian fiction)
CBC Books (best Canadian non-fiction)
CBC Books (best Canadian picture books)
CBC Books (best Canadian poetry collections)
CBC Books (sci-fi, speculative fiction, fantasy and horror books)
CBC Books (best Canadian YA and middle-grade books)
CBC Books (New Brunswick books)
CBR (best indie comics)
Celebrate Science (favorite STEM books)
Center for Ethical Leadership (favorite books)
CEVR (best books) (books)
Challies (top books)
The Changeling Diaries (top books)
Chasing Faery Tales (best books)
Chatelaine (indie booksellers' best books)
Chelsea Mueller (books)
Cheryl Strayed (favorite books) (favorite books)
Chicago Public Library (best books)
Chicago Public Library (best board books))

Chicago Public Library (best fiction for older readers)
Chicago Public Library (best fiction for younger readers)
Chicago Public Library (best informational books for older readers)
Chicago Public Library (best informational books for younger readers)
Chicago Public Library (best libros en espaƱol: )
Chicago Public Library (best picture books)
Chicago Public Library (best teen fiction)
Chicago Public Library (best teen graphic novels and manga)
Chicago Public Library (best teen nonfiction)
Chicago Reader (best Chicago books)
Chicago Review of Books (books in translation)
Chicago Review of Books (small press story collections)v
Chicago Tribune (best books)
Chicago Tribune (best books)
Chicago Tribune (Chicago books and authors)
The Children's Book Review (best new children's Christmas books)
The Children's Book Review (best new children's Hanukkah books)
Children's Choice Book Awards (children's books)
Chosen Family Adventures (top books)
Chris Colfer (favorite books)
Chris Packham (favourite books)
Christian Science Monitor (best fiction)
Christian Science Monitor (best nonfiction)
Christian Science Monitor (best World War II books)
City A.M. (best books)
City of Tongues (best books)
Civil War Memory (best Civil War books)
Civilian (best books)
CJR the Brit (best books)
Claire's Reads and Reviews (favourite books)
A Classic Film Blog (film books)
Clea Shearer and Joanna Teplin (favorite books)
Cleveland Plain-Dealer (books by Cleveland authors)
Cleveland Plain-Dealer (cooking, beer, wine, recipe books)
Cleveland Plain-Dealer (sports books)
CLIF (best books)
Clint Schnekloth (top books)
Cody Glen Barnhart (favorite books)
Coffee with Keri (top books)
The College Crowd Digs Me (favorite books)
Colours of Us (best multicultural middle grade books)
Colours of Us (best multicultural picture books)
Comic Book Club (best comics)
Comic Frontline (best comic books)
Communist Party USA (excellent books)
Compulsive Overreader (best books)
Confessions of a Science Librarian (science book lists)
Connecticut in Style (best books)
The Conscious Cat (best cat books)
The Contenders (top books)
The Corvalis Advocate (top books)
Cosmopolitan (best books)
Counterfire (books)
Counterpunch (best books)
The Courage It Takes (best children's books)
The Courier (best books)
Courtney Lynn (favorite sports books)
Craftalicious (favorite books)
Creating This Life (favorite books)
Cressida McLaughlin (favourite books)
CrimeReads (best book lists)
Criminal Element (best books)
The Crossing (best books)
CSMCL (best books)
Cult of Mac (best tech books)
Cultured Vultures (best books)
Cupcakes and Machetes (best books)
Curious (most memorable books)
Customer Thermometer (best business books)
Cyn's Workshop (best books)
Cynthia Thurlow (favorite books)

A Daily Dose of Architecture Books (best architecture books)
The Daily Utah Chronicle (favorite books)
Dallas Morning News (favorite baking cookbooks)
Dancing in Irreverance (best books)
Dandelion Chandelier (best coffee table books)
Dark Heart Books (best books)
Data Driven Investor (best business books)
Daughters of Peverell (favorite books)
Dav Pilkey (favorite books)
Dave DeSelm (best books)
David Rosenstein (best biography/memoir)
David Rosenstein (best history books)
David Rosenstein (best non-fiction)
David Wright (favorite books)
Debbie Macomber (favorite books)
Debutiful (best debut books)
Delish (best cookbooks for kids)
Den of Geek (best books)
Den of Geek (best comics)
Den of Geek (best non-Western and POC fantasy books)
Den of Geek (books for Geeks)
Den of Geek (top space operas)
Dennis Cooper (favorite books)
Derek Beaulieu (most engaging books)
Design5sixty4 (favorite books)
Desperate Reader (best books)
Detroit Free Press (best books)
Devan Smiles (top books)
Didn't I Just Feed You? (cookbooks)
Digis Mak (best books)
Digital Camera World (best photography books)
The Digital Fix (books)
dinipandareads (best books)
Diplomatic Courier (best books)
Distractify (top fiction books)
Dizzie Jo (top books)
Doctors Post (favorite public health and health care books)
The Dogington Post (best dog books)
Dolce Bellezza (best books)
Dolly Parton (favorite books)
Domestika (top photography books)
Don't Mind Our Mess (favorite books)
Dork Side of the Force (best Star Wars books)
Downwind of Grace (best books)
Dr. Mani's Blog (best books)
Dreadpennies USA (best books)
Duff Goldman (favorite books)
Duke University Press (best books)
Dusk Angel Reads (top books)

E! Online (buzziest books)
The Eagles' Vine (best books)
East City Bookshop (favorite books)
East Hampton Star (best books)
Easy Life Secrets (favourite books)
Eat Your Books (aggregated cookbook lists)
Eater (best food in fiction)
EatNorth (favourite Canadian culinary books)
Econogal (best books)
Economic Times (best books)
The Economist (books)
Edmonton Journal (best Edmonton books)
EdTech and Student Affairs (best books)
Eerdlings (outstanding picture books with great values)
eglobalis (best customer & employee experience design books)
Electric Literature (best book covers)
Electric Literature (favorite nonfiction books)
Electric Literature (favorite novels)
Electric Literature (favorite story collections)
Electric Literature (small press books you might have missed)
Elephant (essential art books)
Elizabeth Reads Books (best books)
Elle's Book Blog (best books)
ellesbellesnotebook (favourite books)
Emily Crall (top books)
Emma Straub (favorite books)
Emmanuel Acho (favorite books)
The End of the World Review (notable books)
Englewood Review of Books (beautiful books)
Englewood Review of Books (theology books)
Entertainingly Nerdy (best books)
Entertainment Weekly (best books)
Entertainment Weekly (best comics)
Entrepreneur's Handbook (best business books)
Epic Reads (best science fiction and fantasy books)
Epicurious (best cookbooks)
Erie Reader (top books)
Esot-eric (best books)
Essence (best books by Black authors)
Espresso Coco (crime books and thrillers)
Esquire (best books)
Esquire (best cookbooks)
The Eternal Blogger (top books)
Eva Chen (favorite books)
Evening Standard (best art and photography books)
Evening Standard (best books)
Evening Standard (best music books)
Evening Standard (editor's must-read books)
Everyday Lynn (top books)
The Everymom (best books)
Exclaim! (best music books)
Explore Literature (best books) (best Irish-authored books)

Fact + Fiction (favorite books)
Fairbanks Daily News-Miner (best Alaska books)
Fairly Southern (best books)
FaithLife (Christian books)
FallenStar Stories (top middle-grade books)
Fahrenheit (best science books)
Family Education (best baby name books)
Family Education (best pregnancy books)
Family Vacation Critic (favorite children's books)
Fantastic Book Dragon (favourite books)
Faraway Galaxy (favorite books)
Feather Factor (favorite books)
The Federalist (notable books)
Female Hemingway (favorite books)
The Feminist Shop (best feminist books)
Fiendfully Reading (favourite books)
Fiercely Marie (favorite books)
Financial Times (best architecture and design books)
Financial Times (best audiobooks)
Financial Times (best business books)
Financial Times (best children's and young adult books)
Financial Times (best classical music books)
Financial Times (best crime books)
Financial Times (best economics books)
Financial Times (best environment books)
Financial Times (best fiction)
Financial Times (best fiction in translation)
Financial Times (best food and drink books)
Financial Times (best history books)
Financial Times (best literary non-fiction)
Financial Times (best poetry books)
Financial Times (best politics books)
Financial Times (best pop music books)
Financial Times best science books)
Financial Times (best science fiction)
Financial Times (best style books)
Financial Times (best technology books)
Financial Times (best thrillers)
Financial Times (best travel books)
Financial Times (best visual arts books)
Financial Times (critics' best book lists)
Financial Times (readers' best books)
Financial Times and McKinsey's annual Best Business Book of the Year award (best business books)
First Things (books)
FiveBooks (best art books)
FiveBooks (best audiobooks)
FiveBooks (best China books)
FiveBooks (best cookbooks)
FiveBooks (best crime fiction)
FiveBooks (best economics books)
FiveBooks (best mysteries)
FiveBooks (best nature books)
FiveBooks (best nonfiction books)
FiveBooks (best philosophy books)
Five Books (best politics books)
FiveBooks (best self help books)
FiveBooks (favourite novels)
Florence Given (favourite books)
Flower (favorite books)
Food & Wine (best cookbooks)
The Foodie Diaries (best books)
Foodsguy (best Dutch oven cookbooks)
Fooduzzi (favorite books)
The Football Faithful (best football books)
For Reading Addicts (scariest books)
Forbes (best art books)
Forbes (best cookbooks)
Forbes (best higher education books)
Forbes (best travel books)
Forbes (best YA books)
Forbes - Moira Forbes (best books)
Forbes - Tom Teicholz (best books)
Foreign Affairs (best books)
Forever Young Adult (best books)
Fortune (best books)
Fortune (best business books)
Free-Lance Star (best books)
Fresh Cooky (best cookbooks)
From a Pastor's Heart (top books)
From Gnome to Goliath (best books)
Full Stop (best books)
Functional Path Training (top books)
funfandomblog (top books)

Garden & Gun (best cookbooks for southerners)
Geek Girl Authority (favorite books)
Gena McCown (favorite leadership books)
Gentleman's Journal (best books)
Geographical (best history of place books)
Geographical (best nature, climate, and environment books)
Geographical (best travel books)
Get Booked (top books)
The Gilmore Guide to Books (best books)
Gina Homolka (favorite books)
Ginny Kaczmarek (favorite books)
Girl in the Page (top books)
Glasgow Times (best books by Glasgow authors)
Glitter Guide (favorite books)
Globe and Mail (favourite books)
Good Housekeeping (best books)
Good Housekeeping UK (best books)
Good Men Project (best books)
GoodFood (best cookbooks)
Goodreads (best debut novels)
Goodreads (best fantasy)
Goodreads (best fiction)
Goodreads (best food and cookbooks)
Goodreads (best graphic novels & comics)
Goodreads (best historical fiction)
Goodreads (best history & biography)
Goodreads (best horror)
Goodreads (best humor)
Goodreads (best memoir & autobiography)
Goodreads (best middle-grade and children's)
Goodreads (best mystery & thrillers)
Goodreads (best nonfiction)
Goodreads (best picture books)
Goodreads (best poetry)
Goodreads (best romance)
Goodreads (best science & technology)
Goodreads (best science fiction)
Goodreads (best young adult fantasy)
Goodreads (best young adult fiction)
Goop (best books)
Gospel Relevance (best books)
Gourmet Traveller (best cookbooks)
GQ (best coffee table books)
Graf-Martin Communications (favorite novels)
Grand (best books)
Greater Good (favorite books)
Greater Good (favorite books for educators)
Greater Good (favorite parenting books)
Greenville Journal (best books)

The Growth Equation (best books for growth and well-being)
Guardian (best art books)
Guardian (authors' best books)
Guardian (best Australian books)
Guardian (best autobiography and memoirs)
Guardian (best books about ideas)
Guardian (best books by indie publishers)
Guardian (best children's books)
Guardian (best children's and teen books)
Guardian (best cookbooks and food writing)
Guardian (best crime and thrillers)
Guardian (best fiction)
Guardian (best graphic novels and comics)
Guardian (best nature books)
Guardian (best poetry books)
Guardian (best politics books)
Guardian (best science books)
Guardian (best science fiction and fantasy books)
Guardian (best sports books)
Guardian (best stocking filler books)
Guardian (booksellers' best books)
Guardian (great food books)
Guilty Pleasure Book Reviews (best books)

(H - Z)

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