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December 29, 2020

"Best Books of 2020" Lists Update - December 29th

For the thirteenth straight year, I am aggregating every online year-end book list I find. As the lists appear online, I will add them to the master list, updating regularly.

Please feel free to e-mail me with a blog, magazine, newspaper, or other online list I have missed.

Daily updates to the master list of online "best books of 2020" lists.

See also: Largehearted Boy's list of essential and interesting 2020 music lists.

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Today's Addition to the List of Online "Best of 2020" Book Lists:

Akron Beacon Journal (best northeast Ohio books)
Al Jazeera (best books by African writers)
Amoize (best books)
Atlantic (best books)
The Book and Beauty Blog (best books)
Book Nation by Jen (best books)
The Book Slut (best books)
Bookmunch (books)
Books Real When Shared (favourite books)
The Bridge Chronicle (books)
Bustle (best books)
BuzzFeed (best romance novels)
Chasing Faery Tales (best books)
Cheryl Strayed (favorite books)
Communist Party USA (excellent books)
Counterfire (books)
Courtney Lynn (favorite sports books)
Craftalicious (favorite books)
Creating This Life (favorite books)
Cynthia Thurlow (favorite books)
David Rosenstein (best biography/memoir)
David Rosenstein (best history books)
David Rosenstein (best non-fiction)
Den of Geek (best comics)
The Digital Fix (books)
Doctors Post (favorite public health and health care books)
Dreadpennies USA (best books)
Eat Your Books (aggregated cookbook lists)
Economic Times (best books)
ellesbellesnotebook (favourite books)
Emily Crall (top books)
Essence (best books by Black authors)
Explore Literature (best books)
Fairbanks Daily News-Miner (best Alaska books)
Feather Factor (favorite books)
FiveBooks (best nature books)
The Football Faithful (best football books)
Forbes - Tom Teicholz (best books)
Free-Lance Star (best books)
Goop (best books)
Guilty Pleasure Book Reviews (best books)
Hadassah (top books)
Helping Writers Become Authors (best books)
Highbrow (best books)
The Hindu (top fiction
The Hindu (top non-fiction)
HuffPost (best books)
Hyperallergic (favorite poetry books)
Iain Dale (top books)
Inertia Wins! (best books)
Isaac Jeffries (top books)
Isabella Deutsch (books)
Ivar Hagendoorn (favorite books)
The Juggernaut (best books)
Just Anothr Dreaming Girl (favourite books)
Ken Folett (favorite books)
Keys Weekly (books)
The Knowing (best books)
Life in the Spacious Place (top books)
Lisa Notes... (favorite books)
Lyndsey Croal (top books)
Main Street Books (best books)
MamaMia (books written by Australian women)
Mark Manson (favorite books)
Mint (books)
Mrs. Brown's Books (best books)
myVeronaNJ (best books)
NicoleHendersonReads (favourite books)
Nina Munteanu Writing Coach (best books) (best books)
No Film School (best books on Hollywood)
On Milwaukee (great books)
ONTD (best books)
The Pequonnock Iluminado (best books)
The Print (best books)
Quite Simply Miranda (best books)
Rachel A. Dawson (favorite books)
Rachel Sandell (best books)
The Reading Addict (top books)
Reformation Heritage Books (best books)
Reformation21 (top books)
Regency Reader (favorite books)
Remezcla (best books by Latin or Latin American authors)
Robyn Conley Downs (best books)
Schaeffers Ghost (best books)
Seren (top books)
SFF Book Reviews (favorite books)
Shea Lennon (favorite books)
Shreve Memorial Library (favorite books)
Simple Thread (favorite books)
SJP Books (best books)
Southwest Word Fiesta (best books)
The Spaces (favourite architecture and design books)
Stephanie Shaul (favorite books)
Stephen Bradford Long (top books)
Tampa Bay Times (favorite books)
Taunton Daily Gazette (books)
Teaspoon of Nose (best fiction books)
Texas Monthly (Texas books)
Things Above Us (favorite books)
Thought Perfect (top books)
Titiaan Palazzi Blog (best books)
Todd Henson Photography (favorite books)
Track of Words (best books)
Venture Beat (favorite books)
The Virginian-Pilot (best mystery books)
Vogue (best books)
Wall Street Journal (CFOs' favorite books)
Washington Post (best food books)
Wear She Blossoms (best books)
Well + Good (best food books)
What's On (best books)
The Wire (notable books)
WIRED UK (best science and tech books)
WorkDesign Magazine (favorite books)
The Young Folks (top books)

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