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October 17, 2022

Online "Best of 2022" Book Lists (J - Z)

For the fifteenth straight year, I am aggregating every online year-end book list I find in this post. As the lists appear online, I will add them to this master list, updating regularly.

Please feel free to e-mail me with a magazine, newspaper, or other online list I have missed.

Daily updates to the master list of online "best books of 2022" lists.

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Online "Best of 2022" Book Lists:

A - I

J. Eric Smith (best books)
J. Kingston Pierce (favorite true crime books)
Jack Yang (top books)
Jacobin (best books)
Jake Jamison (best books)
James White (favorite books)
Jamsu Dreams (best adult contemporary books)
Jamsu Dreams (best fantasy)
Janina Ramirez (favourite books)
Jason Diamond (books)
Jeeves Reads (favorite music books)
Jeffrey Reads (best books)
Jeisson Florez (best books)
Jennie Reads (best books)
Jeremi Richardson (favorite books)
Jersey Digs (best books about New Jersey)
Jesus Musings (favorite books)
Jezebel (best books)
Jillian the Bookish Butterfly Blog (top new authors)
Jim Napier (favorite crime books)
Jim Thomsen (favorite crime fiction)
Jo's Book Blog (favorite books)
Joe Romeo (favorite books)
Jolynn Friesen (top books)
Joseph Coelho (favourite books)
Joseph Mallozzi (top books)
Joyana Peters (best historical fiction)
Joyfully Jay (best book covers)
juanzqui (best art books)
Junkyard Wisdom (best books)
Juno Dawson (favourite books)
Just a Dream (best books)
Just Imagine (favourite books)

Kansas City Library (best books)
Karissa Reads Books (best fiction)
Kate Macdonald (books)
Kate Quinn (top books)
Kathryn Books (favorite books)
Katie Couric (best books)
KCRW (best books)
Keep It Glam (best Christmas romance books)
Keeping Up With The Penguins (best books)
Ken Honeywell (best books)
Kevin Burton Smith (favorite crime fiction)
Kevin DeYoung (top books)
Kevin's Corner (favorite books)
KHiller Books (top books)
Kim Hays (best books)
Kirkus (best beginning readers books)
Kirkus (best biographies)
Kirkus (best board books)
Kirkus (best book club fiction)
Kirkus (best books about Black life in America)
Kirkus (best current affairs books)
Kirkus (best debut fiction)
Kirkus (best difficult but necessary reads)
Kirkus (best fiction)
Kirkus (best fiction in translation)
Kirkus (best fictional families)
Kirkus (best fictional voices)
Kirkus (best graphic middle-grade books)
Kirkus (best historical fiction)
Kirkus (best indie books)
Kirkus (best memoirs)
Kirkus (best middle-grade activist books)
Kirkus (best middle-grade adventures books)
Kirkus (best graphic middle-grade books)
Kirkus (best middle-grade family stories books)
Kirkus (best middle-grade fantasy books)
Kirkus (best middle-grade fiction)
Kirkus (best middle-grade friendship stories books)
Kirkus (best middle-grade historical fiction)
Kirkus (best middle-grade nature books)
Kirkus (best middle-grade nonfiction books)
Kirkus (best multicultural books)
Kirkus (best mysteries & thrillers)
Kirkus (best nature & environment books)
Kirkus (best nonfiction)
Kirkus (best nonfiction picture books)
Kirkus (best picture books)
Kirkus (best picture books biographies)
Kirkus (best picture books about families)
Kirkus (best picture books about nature)
Kirkus (best picture books for adults)
Kirkus (best picture books that celebrate families)
Kirkus (best picture books to inspire budding artists)
Kirkus (best picture books to spark conversations)
Kirkus (best romance)
Kirkus (best science & medicine books)
Kirkus (best science fiction & fantasy)
Kirkus (best short fiction)
Kirkus (best teen & YA coming-of-age novels)
Kirkus (best teen & YA fantasy & science fiction)
Kirkus (best teen & YA fiction)
Kirkus (best teen & YA graphic literature)
Kirkus (best teen & YA historical fiction)
Kirkus (best teen & YA horror)
Kirkus (best teen & YA mystery & thriller books)
Kirkus (best teen & YA nonfiction)
Kirkus (best teen & YA novels about family)
Kirkus (best teen & YA poetry & verse books)
Kirkus (best teen & YA romance)
Kirkus (best U.S. history books)
Kirkus (best world history books)
Kirkus (favorite middle-grade books)
Kirkus (funniest picture books)
Kirkus (most empowering picture books)
Kirkus - L.D. Lapinski (best books)
Kirkus - Linda Sarsour (best middle-grade books)
Kitchn (best cookbooks for the pop culture obsessed)
Kitty Kat's (top books)
KJ Charles (best books) (best books)
Krista Marie Beggan (top books for creatives)
Kristin Noller (favorite books)
Kymberli Briggs (favorite books)

L.A. Taco (favorite books about Los Angeles)
Largehearted Boy (favorite nonfiction books)
Largehearted Boy (favorite novels)
Largehearted Boy (favorite poetry collections)
Largehearted Boy (favorite short fiction collections)
Lau's Book Diary (favorite books)
Laura Halls (best books)
Lazy Susan (best gardening books)
Legal Nomads (best books)
Leonora Teale (top middle grade books)
Lesa's Book Critiques (favorite books)
Leslie's Bookcase (favorite books)
Let's Eat Cake (best baking cookbooks)
Let's Eat Cake (best cocktail books)
Let's Talk Picture Books (favorite picture books)
LGBTQ Nation (top books)
Librairie Drawn & Quarterly -Benjamin (favorite books)
Librairie Drawn & Quarterly - Bridget (favourite books)
Librairie Drawn & Quarterly - Chantal (favourite books)
Librairie Drawn & Quarterly - Emma (best books)
Librairie Drawn & Quarterly - Jules (best books)
Librairie Drawn & Quarterly - Leïka (favorite books)
Librairie Drawn & Quarterly - Liz (aka Hanorah) (favourite books)
Librairie Drawn & Quarterly - Mari (favourite books)
Librairie Drawn & Quarterly - Mélina (favorite books)
Librairie Drawn & Quarterly - Rafael (favorite books)
Librairie Drawn & Quarterly - Reid (favourite books)
Library Journal (best arts & humanities books)
Library Journal (best cookbooks)
Library Journal (best crime fiction)
Library Journal (best graphic novels)
Library Journal (best horror)
Library Journal (best literary fiction)
Library Journal (best memoirs)
Library Journal (best poetry collections)
Library Journal (best pop fiction)
Library Journal (best romance)
Library Journal (best science & technology books)
Library Journal (best science fiction & fantasy)
Library Journal (best short story collections)
Library Journal (best social sciences books)
Library Journal (best world literature)
Life and Faith (top books)
A Life in Books (books)
Lifehacker (best cookbooks)
Lifehacker (best fitness books)
Lindenhurst Memorial Library (best books)
Lindsey's Library (top books)
Linghams Bookshop (best books)
The List (best romance books)
The List (best women's fiction)
The List (best YA books)
Literary Hub (best book covers)
Literary Hub (best book reviews)
Literary Hub (best cookbooks)
Literary Hub (best literary adaptations)
Literary Hub (best old books)
Literary Hub (favorite books)
Literary Hub (notable literary deaths)
Literary Mama (best books on parenthood)
Literary Treats (top books)
LitReactor (best books)
Live and Deadly (top books)
Lonesome Reader (top books)
Los Angeles Public Library (best books)
Los Angeles Public Library (favorite books)
Los Angeles Review of Books (best books)
Los Angeles Review of Books (best books)
Los Angeles Review of Books (L.A. booksellers' favorite books)
Los Angeles Times (best books)
Los Angeles Times (best cookbooks)
Los Angeles Times - Bethanne Patrick (best books)
Los Angeles Times - Jessica Ferri (best books)
Los Angeles Times - Mark Athitakis (best books)
Los Angeles Times - Mary Ann Gwinn (best books)
Los Angeles Times (best fiction books)
Los Angeles Times (best nonfiction books)
Louder (best music books)
Louder Than War (best music books)
Love & Renovations (best books)
A Love So True (best romance books)
LoveReading (books of the year)
Loyola University Chicago Libraries - Jackie (favorite books)
Lucia's Fiction (favorite books)
Lydia Schodfield (top books)

Maddy (best books)
Maggie O'Farrell (favourite books)
Maine Crime Writers (best books)
Mal Warwick (best books)
Management Today (best leadership books)
Mani's Book Corner (favourite books)
Margery Bayne (top books)
Marginal Revoloution (best non-fiction books)
The Marginalian (favorite books)
Marie Reads Books (best books)
Marina Hyde (favourite books)
Marlboro Free Library (most checked out fiction)
The Mary Sue (best comics & graphic novels)
The Mary Sue (best YA novels)
Mashable (best mental health books)
Mashed (best vegan cookbooks)
Material Witness (favourite fiction)
Material Witness (favourite non-fiction)
Maximum Fun (best books)
Maybe I'll Become a Farmer (top books) (best medieval books)
Megan Zalkan (favorite books)
Mental Floss (best books)
Meriam Library (favorite books) (best books)
Mick Cannon (favorite books)
Mid-Continent Public Library (great picture books)
Mike Casey (favorite books)
Millie Abecassis (favorite books)
The Millions (literary deaths)
Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel (best books)
Mindful (best mindfulness books)
The Miramichi Reader (best children's books)
Miss Demeanors (favorite books)
MLMILLERWRITES / MLMillerFrights (best books)
Modern Mrs. Darcy (favorite books)
Mom Junction (top books on single parenting)
Mommy Evolution (best books for toddlers)
Montrose Press (favorite books)
Moore English (best books)
More Enigma Than Dogma (books)
more&misc (favorite books)
The Morgan PawPrint (favorite books)
Morning Star (best books)
Mosaic (best books)
Mr. Brian's Picture Book Picks (favorite graphic novels)
Mr. Brian's Picture Book Picks (favorite middle grade novels)
Mr. Brian's Picture Books (favorite picture books)
Mother Jones (books we needed)
Ms. (best books)
Multiversity Comics (comics)
Mutually Inclusive (top picture books)
My Life as Kayla (favorite books)
My Weekly (favourite books)
My World of Books (favorite non-SFF fiction)
mychestnutreadingtree (favorite books)
MyCustomer (best customer experience, data and design books)

Nathaniel Bastin (best marketing & business books)
National Post (best cookbooks)
The Naughty Book Box (best reverse harems)
NBC News (best LGBTQ books)
Necessary Fiction (books)
Neil Sowerby (favourite books)
Nerdette (best novels)
neverimitate (books)
New College of Florida (favorite books)
New Lines Magazine (best books)
New Scientist (best non-fiction books)
New Statesman (best books)
New Statesman (best books)
New Statesman (best children's books)
New Statesman (best children's books)
New Statesman (best photography books)
New Statesman (best poetry books)
The New Statesman (books of the year)
New Statesman (books of the year)
New York Amsterdam News (best Black books)
New York Post (best books)
New York Post (best books)
New York Public Library (best books)
New York Public Library (best books for adults)
New York Public Library (best books for kids)
New York Public Library (best books for teens)
New York Times (best art books)
New York Times (best audiobooks)
New York Times (best books)
New York Times (best books on wine & whiskey)
New York Times (best children's books)
New York Times (best California books)
New York Times (best cookbooks)
New York Times (best historical fiction)
New York Times (best poetry collections)
New York Times (best romance)
New York Times (best science fiction & fantasy books)
New York Times (best thrillers)
New York Times (best true crime books)
New York Times (critics' favorite books)
New York Times (notable books)
New York Times (readers' favorite books)
New York Times/New York Public Library (best illustrated children's books)
New Yorker (best books)
The New Yorker (reread books)
New Zealand Herald (best books)
Newsweek (staffers' best books)
Next Big Idea Club (best finance books)
The Next Big Idea Club (favorite books)
The Next Big Idea Club (top business books)
The Next Big Idea Club (top creativity books)
The Next Big Idea Club (top happiness books)
The Next Big Idea Club (top leadership books)
The Next Big Idea Club (best productivity books)
Next Big Idea Club (best psychology books)
Next Big Idea Club (top science books)
Nichols Library (most popular fiction books)
Nik Darga (favourite books)
NK News (best North Korea books)
Nomadic Matt (best books)
The Non-Obvious Insights Blog (best non-fiction books)
Norbert Hires (read-worthy books)
Novel Suspects (best crime fiction)
Novel Visits (best books)
NPR Books (best books)
NPR Books (favorite coffee table and art books)
NPR Books (notable books)
NPR Books - Maureen Corrigan (best books)
NPR Books (dance books)
NSTA (top science trade books for K-12 students)

Observations from a simple life (favorite books)
Observer (best children's books)
Old Testament Allusions (favorite books)
Oliver Bullough (favourite books)
Omnivore Books (favorite cookbooks)
On My Canvas (favorite books)
One More Page Books (best fiction)
One More Page Books (best middle grade)
One More Page Books (best mysteries)
One More Page Books (best nonfiction & poetry)
One More Page Books (best picture books))
One More Page Books (best romance)
One More Page Books (best science fiction & fantasy)
One More Page Books (best young adult)
OODALoop (best technology, security, & business books)
Ope's Opinions (favorite books)
Open Country Mag (notable books)
Open Mike (top books)
Oprah Daily (favorite books)
Oprah Daily (top fantasy books)
The Orangutan Librarian (top books)
orbific (favourite books)
Otakukart (best books)
Ottawa Public Library (best books)
Outside (best books)
Owlcrate (favorite books)
Oxygen (best true crime books)

P.S. Hoffman (best fantasy books)
Pajaba (best books)
Paper Beats World (favorite books)
Paper Beats World (top horror books)
Paper, Ink, & Lizard (best books)
Papercraft Alex (favorite books)
Parent Map (best books for kids)
Parker Klein (best books)
Paste (best comics)
Paste (best fantasy books)
Paste (best horror books)
Paste (best novels)
Paste (best young adult books)
Penny Zang (best books)
The Pensive Quill (books)
People (best books)
People Matters (must-read books)
Perhaps, Maybe Not (best romance books)
PEZ (best cycling books)
Philadelphia Inquirer (best books)
Philippe Sands (favourite books)
Phoenix Public Library (best books)
Photo-Eye (favorite photobooks)
Picture Book Perfect (top books)
Pitchfork (best music books)
Planetizen (top urban planning books)
Poets & Writers (critics' best books)
The Point (top books)
Polygon (best comics)
Polygon (best fantasy books)
Pop Cult - Ariana (favorite comics)
Pop Cult - Seth (favorite books)
PopMatters (best books)
Popsugar (best holiday romance books)
PopSugar (best YA books)
PopSugar (mystery books)
The Portalist (best sci-fi & fantasy books)
Portland Mercury (favorite books)
Pow's Book Nook (best books)
Powder & Page (best books)
Powell's (best audiobooks)
Powell's (best debut books)
Powell's (best fiction)
Powell's (best kids' and young adult books)
Powell's Books (best nonfiction books)
Powell's (best sci-fi, fantasy, horror, graphic novels)
Practical Ecommerce (favorite books)
Precisoh (best books)
Presidential History Geeks (best POTUS books)
Prismatic Prospects (books)
The Progressive (favorite books)
Progressive Geographies (favourite academic books)
Prole Art Threat (best books)
Prospect (fiction books)
psnews (best books)
Public Books (books)
Publishers Weekly (best book lists for children)
Publishers Weekly (top books)
Publishers Weekly (top comics)
Publishers Weekly (top fiction)
Publishers Weekly (top lifestyle books)
Publishers Weekly (top middle-grade books)
Publishers Weekly (top nonfiction books)
Publishers Weekly (top nonfiction)
Publishers Weekly (top picture books)
Publishers Weekly (top poetry book)
Publishers Weekly (top religion books)
Publishers Weekly (top science fiction/fantasy/horror books)
Publishers Weekly (top young adult books)
The Punk Theory (favorite books)
Purdue University College of Education (best children's books)

Quail Ridge Books (best adult genre fiction)
Quail Ridge Books (best adult literary fiction)
Queerty (best LGBT books)
Quill & Quire (favourite books for young readers)
The Quill To Live (best science fiction & fantasy books)
Quirky Cat's Fat Stacks (best books)

Rabih Alameddine (best short books)
The Race (motosport books)
Radhika's Reading Retreat (best books)
RAIN4THEDAY (best books)
Ralph Kootker (best books)
Read & Wright (favorite books)
Read Between the Wines (best books)
Read It or Weep - Megan (top books)
Read It Or Weep - Shannon (top books)
Read, Reflect, Write, and Share. (favorite books)
Reader's Digest (best books)
Readers Be Advised (top children's books)
The Reading Circle (favorite middle grade books)
The Reading Circle (favorite picture books)
The Reading Lists (best fiction books)
The Reading Lists (best non-fiction books)
Reading Matters (favourite books)
Reading Reality (best books)
Readings (best Australian fiction)
Readings (best young adult fantasy & science fiction)
Readings (booksellers' favourite books)
Readings (best international fiction)
Readings (best junior & middle fiction)
Readings (best nonfiction)
Readings (best picture books)
Readings (favourite books about nature and sustainability for kids)
Readings (favourite children's graphic novels)
Readings (must-read Australian debut fiction)
Readings (fantasy & science fiction)
Readings (great music books)
Readings (international debut fiction)
Readings (non-fiction favourites for children)
Readings (sustainability books)
Readings (translated fiction)
Readings (young adult debuts)
Readings (young adult LGBTQIA+ books)
Readings - Dani Solomon (funny books)
Readings Teen Advisory Board (favourite books)
Real Simple (best coffee table books)
Real Clear Science (top physics books)
Realms of My Mind (best SFF books)
Red (best books)
Red Dot Reads (favorite books)
Red's Bookish Boones (top books)
Reed My Life (best books)
The Regal Writer (favorite books)
Religion News Service (best books)
Remodelista (favorite cookbooks)
RevDem (top rule of law books)
The Revelator (favorite books)
The Reverend Richard Coles (favourite books)
Richelle Hofer (favorite books)
Right On, Kids! (best children's books)
Riveted (best books)
Riveted (favorite books)
RNZ (best books)
Rob Williams (favorite books)
The Robb Report (best cookbooks)
Robb Report (best menswear books)
Robin Leeann (best books)
The Rocketship Bookshop (favourite picture books)
Roiss' Conclusions (favourite books)
Roll Call (Capitol Hill insiders' favorite books)
Rolling Stone (best music books)
The Root (best Black nonfiction)
Roots & Cook (best cookbooks)
RouteNote (best music books)
RTE (best Irish children's books)
The Rumpus (most beautiful books)
Ryan Holiday (best books)

S.G. Baker (very good books)
Saara El-Arifi (favourite books)
SAL/ON (best books)
Salon (favorite books)
San Diego Gay and Lesbian News (best lesbian-themed books)
San Francisco Chronicle (best cookbooks)
San Francisco Chronicle (favorite fiction, poetry and nonfiction books)
San Francisco Public Library (top adult fiction)
San Francisco Standard (best books by Bay Area authors)
San Pedro Scoop (favorite books)
Santa Barbara Independent (top books)
Santa Barbara Independent (favorite books)
Sarah Jules (top books)
Sarah's Bookshelves (best books)
Sarah's Bookshelves (best debut books)
Saveur (best cookbooks)
Saveur (best cookbooks)
The Scandal of Reading (favorite books)
Scary Books (best books)
The Scholarly Kitchen (chefs' best books)
The Scholarly Kitchen (chefs' best books)
The Scholarly Kitchen (chefs' best books)
School Library Journal (best book covers)
School Library Journal (best chapter books)
School Library Journal (best graphic novels)
School Library Journal (best middle grade books)
School Library Journal (best kids' nonfiction books)
School Library Journal (best picture books)
School Library Journal (best kids' poetry books)
School Library Journal (best young adult books)
School Library Journal (editors' best book quotes)
School Library Journal (editors' favorite books)
Science (best books)
Science for All (best science picture books)
Science News (best science books)
Scotsman (essential outdoors books)
Screenrant (best comics)
Scribd (best books)
Seasoned with Grace (top books)
Seattle Times (best books)
Self (best books)
Sentranced Jem (favorite romance books)
Serious Eats (best cookbooks)
Sharing Horizons (favorite books)
Shaun Klee (favorite books)
Shawn Paterson (top books)
Sheffield College News (best books)
Sheila Jenne (best books)
Shelf Awareness (best adult books)
Shelf Awareness (best children's & YA books)
SheReads (best books)
The Shift with Sam Baker (favourite books)
SHOTS (favourite books)
Simon Engel (favorite books)
Simon Reid (favourite books)
Simple Bites (favourite cookbooks)
SixColors (favorite books)
Sixty + Me (favorite books)
The Skinny (favourite books)
SL.MAN (best sports books) (reviewers' best books)
Slate (best audiobooks)
Slate (best books)
Slate - Dan Kois (best books)
Slate (best true crime books)
Slate - Laura Miller (best books)
SmexyBooks (best books)
Smithsonian Magazine (best books about food)
Smithsonian Magazine (best books about travel)
Smithsonian Magazine (best children's books)
Smithsonian Magazine (best history books)
Smithsonian Magazine (best photography books)
Smithsonian Magazine (best science books)
Smithsonian Scholars (favorite books)
Some Thoughts... (books)
South China Morning Post (best running books)
South Florida Sun Sentinel (best mystery books)
Southern Living (favorite cookbooks)
Spectator (best cookbooks)
Spectator (gardening books)
Spectator (reviewers' best books)
Spectrum Culture (best books)
Speedy Reader (favorite children's books)
Spike Gelato (top books)
SPIN (music books)
Sports Collectors Digest (best baseball books)
Sports Illustrated (best sports books)
The Spruce Eats (best new cookbooks)
St. Louis Post-Dispatch (best St. Louis books)
St. Louis Public Radio (librarians' favorite books)
The Stacks (best books)
Starfish Medical (favorite books)
Stephen Miller (favorite crime fiction)
Still Life, With Cracker Crumbs... (favorite books)
A Stop at Willoughby (favorite books)
Strong Towns (best books)
Stuff (best books)
Stylist (best books)
Subtext Books (favorite books)
The Suburban (best books)
The Sunday Times (best paperback books)
The Sunday Times (notable poetry books)
Susan Fish Writes (best books)
Swim Press (favourite books)
Symmetry (physics books)

Tablet (best Jewish children's books)
Talking About Books (best books)
Tasting Table (best cookbooks)
Tattered Cover Book Store (best books)
TCL (favorite books)
TechCrunch (best books)
TechCrunch (startup founders' best books)
TechCrunch (venture capitalists' best books)
Telegraph (best biographies)
Telegraph (best books)
Telegraph (best British politics books)
Telegraph (best celebrity biographies)
Telegraph (best children's books)
Telegraph (best crime novels)
Telegraph (best fiction)
Telegraph (best foreign affairs books)
Telegraph (best history books)
Telegraph (best music books)
Telegraph (best poetry books)
Telegraph (best psychology & sociology books)
Telegraph (best royal biographies)
Telegraph (best science books)
Telegraph (best travel photography books)
Texas Observer (best Texas books)
That's Not My Age (best books)
TheArtsSTL (notable books)
Them (favorite LGBTQ+ books)
Theology in Practice (top books)
theSkimm (best books)
Third Place Books (top books)
Thomas Halliday (favourite books)
Thoughts Words Action (best books)
ThriftBooks (best books)
Tibi David (best books)
TIME (best fiction)
TIME (best nonfiction books)
TIME (must-read books)
The Times (best fiction)
The Times (best food books)
The Times (best gardening books)
The Times (best historical fiction)
The Times (best History books)
The Times (best law books)
The Times (best literary non-fiction books)
The Times (best poetry books)
The Times (best political and current affairs books)
The Times (best sports books)
The Times (critics' favourite books)
The Times (writers' favourite books)
Times Literary Supplement (contributors' favourite books)
Timeular (best productivity books)
tinybeans (best new preschool books)
TOAST (best books)
Tolstoy Therapy (best books)
Tom Stevenson (best books)
Tomy Wilkerson (top books)
Tony Gentry (favorite books)
Tony Wrighton (best books for biohacking, health and feeling good)
Topeka & Shawnee County Public Library (best books)
Tor Nightfire (best horror collections & anthologies)
Tor Nightfire (creepiest themed anthologies) (best books)
Toronto Star (top historical fiction, graphic novel & horror books) (best young adult science fiction, fantasy, and horror)
Track of Words (best SFF books)
Travel and Leisure (best travel coffee table books)
Travel Pulse (best travel pulse)
Tulsa City-County Library (librarians' favorite books)
TwoNightStands (favorite picture books)

Unabridged Bookstore (favorite books)
University School of Nashville (best books)
Unseen Library (favourite books)
The Unseen Library (favourite debut books)
USA Today (best books)

Vanity Fair (best books)
Variety (best music books)
The Vermont Bookshop (favorite books)
Vermont Librarians (favorite books)
Via Negativa (favorite poetry books)
VICE (best cookbooks)
The View from Main Street (top books)
Viget (favorite books)
Virgin Radio UK (favourite music books)
Virginia Living (favorite books)
Vox (best books)
Vulture (best books)
Vulture (best fantasy books)
Vulture (best memoirs)

Wall Street Journal (best books)
Wall Street Journal (best books about aging & retirement)
Wall Street Journal (best gift books)
Wall Street Journal (best mystery)
Wall Street Journal (best politics books)
Wall Street Journal (best science fiction & fantasy)
Wall Street Journal (favorite books)
Wall Street Journal (writers' favorite books)
The Walrus (Canadian authors' favorite books)
The Wandering Writer (favorite books)
Wanderlust (must-read books)
Wanderlust (best travel books)
Warhawke's Vault (best books)
Washington Independent Review of Books (favorite books)
Washington Post (best audiobooks)
Washington Post (best books)
Washington Post (best children's & YA books)
Washington Post (best feel-good books)
Washington Post (best fiction)
Washington Post (best graphic novels)
Washington Post (best nonfiction books)
Washington Post (best poetry collections)
Washington Post (best romance novels)
Washington Post (best science fiction & fantasy novels)
Washington Post (best thrillers & mystery novels)
Washington Post (best wine books)
Washington Post (TikTok stars' favorite books)
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