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January 5, 2021

"Best Books of 2020" Lists Update - January 5th

For the thirteenth straight year, I am aggregating every online year-end book list I find. As the lists appear online, I will add them to the master list, updating regularly.

Please feel free to e-mail me with a blog, magazine, newspaper, or other online list I have missed.

Daily updates to the master list of online "best books of 2020" lists.

See also: Largehearted Boy's list of essential and interesting 2020 music lists.

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Today's Addition to the List of Online "Best of 2020" Book Lists:

2 Women, So Many Books (favorite books)
The A.V. Club (best comics)
Action Books (favorite books in translation)
Alicia's Book Blog (top books)
Alison Ann Burns (books)
All Booked Bailey (best books)
All Dragons Read (favorite books)
ALSC Blog (favorite books)
Amelia Is Literate (favorite books)
Amy Leigh Reads (favourite books)
Andrew Blackman (best books)
Andrew Wille (books)
Anxious Nachos (favourite books)
Arab America (best Arab American books)
Are You There God? It's Me, Juanita (children's books)
Asking the Wrong Questions (best books)
Attitude (best LGBTQ books)
Bay State Reader's Advisory (top books)
Becoming Reborn (best books)
Bethany Peck (favorite books)
Between the Shelves (top books)
Bionic Book Worm (top books)
Bishop Family Farms (top books)
Bobby Powers (favorite books)
Book Den (favorite books)
Book Dragonism (best books)
BookPage (most delightful books)
The Book Lovers' Sanctuary (favourite books)
A Book Owl's Corner (favorite books)
Books, Bones, and Buffy (best books)
Books With Chaima (best books)
Bookstacked (best YA books)
Born To Listen (best music books)
Bug Bug Book Reviews (favorite books)
Bustle (best books by women of colour)
BuzzFeed (books)
Byron's Babbles (favorite books)
Cal's Reading Corner (best books)
Canton Public Library (best books)
The Captive Reader (top books)
Caleb Friedrich (best books)
Carl Gregg (best books)
Carolyn Astfalk (favorite books)
Cassie Watson (favourite books)
Chosen Family Adventures (top books)
Civilian (best books)
A Classic Film Blog (film books)
CLIF (best books)
Comic Book Club (best comics)
Compulsive Overreader (best books)
Counterpunch (best books)
Cupcakes and Machetes (best books)
Cyn's Workshop (best books)
The Daily Utah Chronicle (favorite books)
Data Driven Investor (best business books)
Dave DeSelm (best books)
Desperate Reader (best books)
Digital Camera World (best photography books)
dinipandareads (best books)
Dizzie Jo (top books)
Dolce Bellezza (best books)
Dork Side of the Force (best Star Wars books)
Downwind of Grace (best books)
Dusk Angel Reads (top books)
East Hampton Star (best books)
Eater (best food in fiction)
Edmonton Journal (best Edmonton books)
EdTech and Student Affairs (best books)
Entertainment Weekly (best comics)
The Eternal Blogger (top books)
Everyday Lynn (top books)
The Everymom (best books)
Fairly Southern (best books)
FanFiAddict (top books)
Faraway Galaxy (favorite books)
Fahrenheit (best science books)
Forbes (best YA books)
From a Pastor's Heart (top books)
From Gnome to Goliath (best books)
Full Stop (best books)
Functional Path Training (top books)
funfandomblog (top books)
Get Booked (top books)
The Gilmore Guide to Books (best books)
Girl in the Page (top books)
Glasgow Times (best books by Glasgow authors)
Grimdark (best SFF books)
Halifax Public Libraries (best books)
Helen M Collins (favourite fiction books)
Hijabi Librarians (favorite books)
Home Sweet Houser (best books)
Homegrown Learners (favorite books)
Hoosier Times (best books)
Hopewell's Public Library of Life (favorite books)
Hot Press (books)
Houston Style Magazine (best books)
I'd Rather Be at the Beach (best books)
InsideHook (best books)
Introverted Reader (top books)
Jackson's (best painting books)
Jacques Corby-Tuech (favourite books)
Jess Runs (favorite books)
jessejane306 (favorite books)
Journey Through Yoga (top books)
Jules Buono (best books)
Kalimac's Corner (books)
Kat Clay (best books)
Kristin Kraves Books (favourite books)
Lala's Book Reviews (favorite books)
The Last Book On The Left (favourite books)
Laura Grace Weldon (favorite books)
Lavish Literature (favourite books)
Leader Rising (top books)
Leah Libresco (favorite books)
Librarian Shipwreck (favorite books)
Librarian Style (favorite books)
Library Comrade (favorite books)
Library of Clean Reads (favorite books)
Life of a Female Bibliophile (top books)
Lifehacker (books that broke through the noise)
LifeSavvy (best books based on true stories)
Lilbeeā€™s_reads (favorite books)
Literary Hub (best books you might have missed)
Living with Laura (best books)
Lonesome Reader (top books)
Los Angeles Magazine (best books about Los Angeles)
Los Angeles Public Library (favorite books)
Los Angeles Times (Trump books)
Lucky To Be in First (favorite books)
Luggage and Literature (favorite books)
Made To Give Life (best books)
mary st. benedict (nonfiction books)
Maya's Book Nook (favorite diverse books)
Michael Connelly (favorite books)
MillersTime (favorite books)
The Mind of Andre (top books)
Mockingbird (top theology books)
Mongabay (notable books on conservation and the environment)
The Moonlight Library (favourite books)
Narrative Paradise (favorite books)
New York Theater (theater books)
Nick Lafferty (best books)
Nidhi Mathur (best books)
The Novel Caudron (top books)
Nut Free Nerd (best books)
Ole Begemann (favorite books)
One Degree to Another (best books)
Our Exceptional Tribe (favorite books)
OutSmart (best books)
Owasso Library (best books)
Pasatiempo (best books)
Patrick Whitehurst (top books)
Peaceful Reader (favorite books)
PEPIJN VAN DIJK (best books)
Phoebes Randoms (best books)
Please Read It To Me (best books)
A Quintillion Words (top books)
Reading in the Wildwood (favorite books)
Reading Matters (favourite books)
Reading, Teaching, Learning (favorite books)
Robbins and Fox Library (best books)
The Rooted Reader (top books)
Ruby Rae Reads (favourite books)
Rudree Chatterjee (favourite books)
Ruth Ware (favorite books)
Schoolhouse Living (favorite books)
Scribbles and Wanderlust (top books)
Set the Tape (top books)
The Simple Dollar (best personal finance books)
Sravanthi Meka (best books)
The Stacks (best books)
Stacy Alesi (best books)
Stacy's Books (favorite books)
Stuck in a Book (top books)
Stuff That Needs Saying (top books)
Suburban Turmoil (best books)
Summit Daily (favorite books)
Super Fit Dad (top books)
TBR, ETC. (favorite books)
Thrive Global (best books)
Truffle's Literary Wonders (best books)
The Unseen Library (favourite books)
Vogue (best books)
Weird Zeal (top books)
Wandy Zook (favorite books)
Willamette Week (best books)

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