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January 2, 2022

"Best Books of 2021" Lists Update - January 2nd

For the fourteenth straight year, I am aggregating every online year-end book list I find in this post. As the lists appear online, I will add them to this master list, updating regularly.

Please feel free to e-mail me with a magazine, newspaper, or other online list I have missed.

Previous daily updates to the master list of online "best books of 2021" lists.

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Today's updates to the Online "Best of 2021" Book Lists:

2 Women, So Many Books (favorite books)
Adam Grant (favorite books)
Adventures of a Bibliophile (favorite books)
Afrocritik (notable African books)
AIGA Eye on Design (best design books)
Amy Leigh Reads (favourite books)
Anchorage Daily News (favorite books from the North)
Andrew Blackman (best books)
Angel Reads (best books)
Annie Windholz (best books)
Anthony Avina (top books)
Atlantic (best books)
Austens and Alcotts (best books)
Autostraddle (best witchy books)
The Bashful Bookworm (best books)
Before We Go Blog (best books)
Berkeleyside (best books)
BET (best books)
Bibliolifestyle (best books)
Black Book Lady (top books)
Bloody Flicks (essential books)
Bluestocking Review (best books)
The Book Diva's Reads (best books)
Book Fever (favorite books)
The Book Lover's Sanctuary (best books)
The Bookish Libra (favorite books)
Booklover Book Reviews (best books)
Books & Books (favorite book)
Books, Please (best books)
Books With Wings (favorite books)
booksaremyfavoriteandbest (best books)
Bookstacked (best YA books)
A Bookworm Paradise (favorite books)
The Bookwyrm's Hoard (best books)
Brian Heys (top books)
Brin's Book Blog (best books)
Bullfrag (best books)
Carl Gregg (best books)
Carpe Librum (top books)
CBS News (notable LGBTQ books)
Chicago Reader (best Chicago books)
Cincinatti Business Courier (favorite books)
CNN Style (best books)
Compulsive Readers (top books)
The Conscious Cat (top cat books)
Coveteur (best books)
Crime Fiction Lover (top books)
The Current (best music books)
The Daily Coach (favorite books)
Dandelion Chandelier (best new novels and non-fiction books)
Daniel Stalter (favorite books)
Distractify (best young adult books)
Double Skinny Macchiatto (top books)
Echoes of Em (best books)
Edinburgh Library (favourite books)
Eli Whitney Museum (best books)
emandherbooks (top books)
Emily P. Freeman (best books)
The Everygirl (favourite books)
Fairbanks Daily News-Minor (favorite Alaska books)
Fansided (best sports books)
Flying Off the Bookshelf (favorite books)
Forbes (best business books)
Full Circle Endurance (top nonfiction books)
Full Stop (best books)
Gail Marie (favorite books)
Geek Girl Authority (best sci-fi books)
The Gilmore Guide to Books (best books)
Glamour (best books)
Glasgow Times (best books)
Greatest Escapist (top books)
GrimDARK (best dark SFF)
Helping Writers Become Authors (top books)
Herrick District Library - Miss Aaryn (favorite picture books)
Highbrow Magazine (best books)
The Hill (top political books)
The Hindu (top fiction)
Hindustan Times (favourite books)
Hip Latina (best books)
History from a Woman's Perspective (favorite books)
Hooked on Bookz (top books)
Iain Dale (top books)
Ian Sales (best books)
iHorror (top horror books)
In Media Res (top books)
The Interrobang (best books authored by a comedian)
James Petzke (best books)
Jamie Ivey (best books)
Jerusalem Post (best books)
Jill's Book Blog (best books)
Julia Lawrinson (best books)
Kobo (best books)
Krystal Proffitt (best books)
The Last Book on the Left (best books)
Leah's Books (best books)
Lesa's Book Critiques (best books)
Let's Talk Picture Books (favorite picture books)
Lexlingua (favorite books)
Life of a Female Bibliophile (top books)
Literary Hub (biggest literary stories)
Literary Sara (best books)
Little Corner Reads (top books)
Lydia Scoch (best books)
Lynn Rossy (best mindfulness books)
MamaMia (top books)
Man of Many (best books)
Mark Bould (top books)
Material Witness (favourite books)
Megan Morrone (best books)
A Midwife Nation (favorite books)
Molly Sews (best books)
Mrs. Brown's Books (best books)
Musings by Madison (top books)
Mutually Inclusive (top picture books)
Neil Soni (best books)
The New Arab (best books by Arab authors)
NPR (favorite food books)
NPR (favorite history books)
Obsolete 29 (favorite books)
OK Sarah (best books)
One Mom's Musings (favorite books)
Opportunity Synonym (best books)
An Oregon Cottage (best books)
Owen Biesel (favorite books)
Owl Crate (favorite books)
Pajiba (best books)
Parade (best books)
Patricia Cornwell (favorite books)
Portland Monthly (best Oregon books)
Product Lessons (favorite books)
Progressive Geographies (top academic books)
Random Things Through My Letterbox (top books)
Reaction (best books)
Read Bake Create (best books)
Reading Matters (favourite books)
Reading Teacher Writes (best books)
Reckon South (best books from the south)
Retrology (top books)
Rolling Stone (best music books)
Sahana Sateesh Shenoy (best books)
Saltwire (top books)
San Francisco Chronicle (best books for young adults)
Sara Meadows (favorite books)
Scary Mommy (favorite books)
Schaeffers Ghost (best books)
Science Friday (best science books)
ScreenRant (best Marvel comic books)
Seattle Times (favorite books)
The Secret Life of Bea (top books)
She Reads Novels (favourite novels)
Shondaland (best LGBTQIA+ -authored books)
Sophie Roell (best nonfiction books)
The Spines (best books)
Sprinkling of Health (favorite books)
Steph's Story Space (best books)
The Story of Our Lives (top books)
Suburban Turmoil (favorite books)
Susan Rigetti (favorite books)
Stylist (best books)
SyFy Wire (best comics)
Tampa Bay Times (best books)
Teaspoon of Nose (best books)
That Artsy Reader Girl (best books)
Theology Pathfinder (favorite books)
Think Global Health (best books)
This Black Girl Reads (top books)
Tidbits of Care (best books)
Tolle Lege (best books)
Tundra Books (best teen books)
Turn Another Page (best books)
Uncut (best music books)
Unseen Library (favourite books)
Unwinnable (best books)
The Vail Voice (favorite books)
Vibes of India (top books)
Voice (top books)
Wall Street Journal (favorite books)
The Washington Gardener (top garden books)
Washington Informer (best books)
We Got This Covered (best books)
A Wealth of Common Sense (best books)
Willow in Winter (favourite books)
Wordfoolery (favourite books)
Writer Girls Book Reviews (best books)
Writer's Bone (best books)

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