Shorties (An Excerpt from Erica Berry’s New Book, Quasi on the Band’s Discography, and more)

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Erica Berry talked to The Rumpus about her new book, Wolfish.

I didn’t just want to say, “Here’s what dominant Western narratives say about the wolf, let’s discard those and focus on the animal.” I wanted to ask: “Well, what does it mean that we’ve carried that symbolism so long?” What stories can we tell a young child about how to keep themself safe if we’re not going to say, “Here’s the big bad wolf; don’t talk to them in the woods?”

Sam Coomes and Janet Weiss discussed Quasi’s discography with Bandcamp Daily.

eBook on sale for $1.99 today:

Wylding Hall by Elizabeth Hand

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The Happy Isles of Oceania by Paul Theroux
The Human Condition by Michael Chabon
Pity the Reader by Kurt Vonnegut

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Writing Fiction by Janet Burroway

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Iris DeMent discussed her new album with All Things Considered.

“I really believe that I have been given an ability to deliver my songs,” says the folk and country singer-songwriter Iris DeMent from her home in Iowa City, Iowa. “Not everybody’s going to get them, but there’s people that get them – and they need them.”

Rebecca Makkai recommended books that take place in boarding schools at The Week.

Shondaland interviewed Makkai.

Paste recapped February’s best albums.

Electric Literature shared a new comic by Arwen Donahue.

Stream a new song by Feeble Little Horse. shared an excerpt from Josh Riedel’s novel Please Report Your Bug Here.

The Creative Independent interviewed singer and producer Channel Tres.

…when you’re making music, you’re in the future a lot of the time, you don’t know what you’re making, what it’s going to do. I make beats in five minutes that have been somebody’s favorite song on their album and I looked at it as, “Oh this is trash,” but I played it for an artist and they loved it, and I got a placement.

Publishers Weekly examined how booksellers are responding to book bans.

The members of Silkworm reflected on the 20th anniversary of the band’s album Italian Platinum at PopMatters.

Vol. 1 Brooklyn interviewed Robert Kloss about his two newly reissued novels, The Woman Who Lived Amongst the Cannibals and A Light No More.

Stream a new song by Lanterns on the Lake.

Lee Chang-Dong talked to the New Yorker about his story in this week’s issue.

Stream a new song by Josh Ritter.

Literary Hub shared an excerpt from Aaron J. Leonard’s book Whole World in an Uproar: Music, Rebellion and Repression – 1955-1972.

Stream a new song by Daughter.

Stream a new song by Slow Pulp.

Stream a new song by Heather Woods Broderick.

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