Shorties (An Excerpt from Siddhartha Deb’s New Novel, New Music from Claud, and more)

Daily book & music news & links shared an excerpt from Siddhartha Deb’s novel The Light at the End of the World.

Stream a new song by Claud.

eBook on sale for $2.99 today:

Claudius the God by Robert Graves

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May’s eBook deals

The A.V. Club ranked the greatest movie soundtracks.

The Guardian recommended entry points into the books of Kazuo Ishiguro.

Stream a new Blonde Redhead song.

Book Riot and Literary Hub recommended the week’s best new books.

Papi Juice shared a Pride playlist at Interview.

Megan Abbott discussed her new novel Beware the Woman with Shondaland.

“In some ways, Beware the Woman is as much about Jacy’s mom and Jed’s dad as it is about Jacy and Jed, and maybe how our origin families never really fully release control,” Abbott says. “There’s something so chilling about being in a marriage, and this other person [or other people] is there, looming.”

Stream a new song by Kristin Hersh.

Paste profiled singer-songwriter Jess Williamson.

“Really, what a song is about is the melody, the voice and the lyrics. And everything else should just be in service of those things.”

Sarah Cypher recommended Arab and Arab diasporic novels about storytelling at Electric Literature.

Stream a new song by Diners.

The Kirkus podcast and Literary Hub interviewed author Luis Alberto Urrea.

The Creative Independent interviewed musician Fenne Liy.

…my first record was self-released due to the fact that nobody wanted to sign me. That actually turned out to be a really cool thing that gave me a sense of independence that is still useful now that I’m not independent.

Theodore McCombs discussed his story collection Uranians with Our Culture.

I think I’ve always been attracted to science writing: there’s a lot of beauty to be had in understanding how the world works and the elegance of the laws and principles behind our experiences today. I started as a math major in college, and so I’ve always been attracted to symmetry and the flow of a mathematical proof. It seems there’s a lot to be done poetically and aesthetically in teasing that out.

Stream new music from Hinako Omori.

Julia Langbein talked to Electric Literature about her novel American Mermaid.

Bandcamp Daily delved into the discography of Japan’s Galaxy Train record label.

Mona Simpson discussed her new novel with First Draft.

Stream a new song by Alaska Reid.

Amelia Possanza discussed her memoir Lesbian Love Story with Shondaland.

Possanza shared an essay about the book at Literary Hub.

Alexis Petridis rec0nsidered Malcolm McLaren’s Duck Rock album on its 40th anniversary at the Guardian.

As the album turns 40 – an event commemorated with a lavish reissue, complete with a second album of outtakes – Duck Rock feels incredibly ahead of its time. Its sleeve is decorated with designs by Keith Haring, whose work is an immediately recognisable pop cultural fixture today, but was almost unknown in 1982 unless you were keeping a very close eye on the New York street art scene. McLaren’s vocals are definitely an acquired taste – either weirdly energising or just plain annoying – but Duck Rock undeniably seemed to predict the way people consume pop music in the 21st century.

The Quietus also reexamined the album.

Stream a new song by Oceanator.

DEVO “Whip It” action figures!

Stream a new song by Population II.

Stereogum interviewed Joe Casey and Greg Ahee of Protomartyr.

Stepping beyond Protomartyr’s commonly pigeonholed status as a “Detroit band,” Casey and Ahee share insights on the Midwest as a whole in recent years. “There’s an ethos that a lot of Midwestern artists have: doing as much as you can with these minimal resources,” Ahee says. Casey zeroes in on that last part especially; dreaming of a better world out here, he says, fails by design because it has to be done “through the rules and rigors of capitalism.” It’s only fitting that Casey then adds, “Failure is a common theme in Protomartyr songs.”

Stream a new Middle Kids song.

Stream a new song by Helena Deland.

Stream a new song by Patio.

Stream a new song by the Natvral.

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