Shorties (Remembering Cormac McCarthy, New Music by OSEES, and more)

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Lincoln Michel, Rob Doyle, and Jim Ruland remembered Cormac McCarthy.

Stream a new song by OSEES.

eBooks on sale for $1.99 today:

Ways to Disappear by Idra Novey

Your House Will Pay by Steph Cha

eBooks on sale for $2.99 today:

Call Them by Their True Names by Rebecca Solnit

The Open Curtain by Brian Evenson

Shakey: Neil Young’s Biography by Jimmy McDonough

A Sport and a Pastime by James Salter

eBook on sale for $3.49 today:

Sidewalks by Valeria Luiselli

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The Rumpus shared a new comic by EG Shields.

Fluxblog’s Matthew Perpetua talked playlists with Margaret’s Newsletter.

The Cut shared an essay from Natalie Beach’s collection Adult Drama.

Stream a new song by Vagabon.

Ada Zhang recommended short story collections that draw from setting to build characters at Electric Literature.

Paste profiled Hand Habits’ Meg Duffy.

Norman Erikson Pasaribu discussed his short story collection Happy Stories, Mostly with Shondaland.

I have written poetry since I was very small. So, it’s usual for me to obsess on how things sound. When I was rereading this collection nonstop to find room [for] improvement, I realized that these stories talked about the liminal area where we queers had no idea if we were being accepted or completely rejected. And how fleeting our moments of joy are. And how close the word “hampir” was to “vampir.”

Stream a new song by Natural Wonder Beauty Concept.

The Creative Independent interviewed poet Jenny Sadre-Orafai.

Writing, for me, is about getting quiet. It’s not about trying to have the answers. It’s just about listening. One of the prompts I give to my students is to eavesdrop on a conversation and use that as a seed. It’s a way of getting outside of ourselves and finding another way in. There’s nothing wrong with sitting down and saying, “Okay, I’m going to write a poem about heartbreak.” But I think that if we start from our own experience, there’s no wonder or realization. That’s what excites me most about poetry that I read—the organic ways ideas unfurl.

Jónsi talked to NPR Music about the new Sigur Ros album.

The New York Times recommended the week’s best new books.

Stream a new song by Tim Kinsella & Jenny Pulse.

Literary Hub shared writing by Deborah Willis on writing about climate change.

Our Culture listed the best albums of the year so far.

HEAT shared two stories by Alena Lodkina.

Stream new music by JJUUJJUU.

The Maris Review interviewed cartoonist Mattie Lubchansky.

Bandcamp Daily explored the Welsh-language DIY music scene.

Charlotte Gill talked to Shondaland about her memoir Almost Brown.

Stream a new song by Peggy Gou.

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