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Shane McCrae discussed his new memoir, Pulling the Chariot of the Sun (one of the year’s most powerful books), with the New York Times Magazine.

Some people go through the worst in life, and it destroys them; others, no less beset, see it move through them. “Some people think that I am troublingly optimistic,” McCrae told me back in his office. “I don’t know if that’s true. But it’s rather more that I tend to believe, for reasons I can’t fully explain, the good, or at least the least-complicated version that would fall on the side of good.”

Ludwig Göransson discussed his score for Oppenheimer with Vulture.

What Chris really wanted was to capture Oppenheimer’s persona and his neurotic behavior and his character. I think there was something with the unease of the violin, the fretless instrument, how you can go from the most romantic, beautiful tone and, based on the performance, change in a split second to something neurotic and heart-wrenching. So that was something that we experimented with a lot in the beginning: how to take a traditional horror sound and turn that into a more romantic sound, and then go between those two different soundscapes.

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Sarah Rose Etter wrote about writing her new novel at Electric Literature.

If you can write a novel without suffering, my hat is off to you. For me, the work is deeply driven by a desperation to understand the world around me.

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Tara Westover talked books and reading with the New York Times.

I like to be surprised by the characters — the discovery that the angel is not so angelic, the devil not so depraved. Being surprised by people is one of the great pleasures and great pains of life.

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Julian Barnes talked teaching with Keen On.

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